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Republicans Embrace Strategy of Trying to Gaslight the Nation Instead of Legislating | The Smirking Chimp

While Pelosi and House Democrats are trying to do the work of the people and keep the nation moving forward into the 21st century, Trump and McConnell’s Republicans are trying to rocket us back to the 19th.

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Liar, liar, the bush is on fire

Thankfully, The Guardian gave space to ecologist Graeme Redfearn to fact-check Barnaby’s claims and – surprise, surprise – they are false.

We were duped, but Blair, Bush and Howard got their invasion. The take-away lesson that they and other politicians learned was that you can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time. To this day, John Howard has defended his decision and Australia’s role in the destruction of Iraq and Tony Blair has always stopped far short of admitting his deception.

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Americans (and others) duped by fake news and tweets

Most recent news on the U.S. economy has been upbeat and triumphant but the reality, as Alan Austin reports, is different.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP’S ceaseless bragging about the U.S. economy being “the best in the World and in our Country’s history” has gained traction.

Many “news” outlets spruik record jobs, record economic growth, record government revenue, record stock market levels and a record economy overall. Sounds like extraordinary boom times for the USA.

The reality is virtually the opposite. When Trump won office, America’s economy ranked 23rd in the world and 15th in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). That’s the club of 36 wealthy developed capitalist economies.

Today, the U.S. economy ranks outside the world’s top 40 and outside the OECD’s top 20. That is almost certainly its lowest ranking ever.

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It is better to be informed by the truth than be controlled by lies – » The Australian Independent Media Network

My thought for the day

Do you shape the truth for the sake of good impression? On the other hand, do you tell the truth even if it may tear down the view people may have off you? Alternatively, do you simply use the contrivance of omission and create another lie. I can only conclude that there is always pain in truth but there is no harm in it. ( John Lord)

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The spoils and blame have been apportioned. The Morrison government is back! Let’s prepare | First Dog on the Moon | Opinion | The Guardian

Screenshot_2019-06-06 The spoils and blame have been apportioned The Morrison government is back Let's prepare First Dog on[...].pngThere is no point pretending it is going to be OK it is not going to be OK

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Bolton Is Spinning Israeli ‘Intelligence’ to Push for War Against Iran | The Smirking Chimp

America’s history of entering wars since Vietnam has been based on lies (ODT)

Bolton presented his threat and the deployments as a response to alleged intelligence about a possible Iranian attack on U.S. targets in the Middle East. But what has emerged indicates that the alleged intelligence does not actually reflect any dramatic new information or analysis from the U.S. intelligence community. Instead, it has all the hallmarks of a highly political case concocted by Bolton.

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Inside Melissa Price’s decision to approve Adani’s groundwater plan – Analysis & Opinion – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Aerial photo of trucks on the ground at Adani's Carmichael coal mine site in central Queensland.

The Government lied on the back of the CSIRO’s scientific denials. Politics over land care. (ODT)

Adani’s key water management plan for its coal mine in Queensland was so flawed its outcomes were unreliable, scientists from the CSIRO warned federal Environment Minister Melissa Price’s department.

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Senior bureaucrats send a message to the Government and the Opposition – Politics – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Contrary to Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton the advice given to the ALP and the Government wasn’t that indicated by either of them or by the Murdoch Press. They in fact twisted the truth a polite way of saying the GOVRENMENT LIED. and intentionally SKEWED and MANIPULATED THE POLLS (ODT)

The political significance of his interventions are twofold — the first is that it makes clear the security establishment does not believe the legislative changes, of themselves, will spark a wave of new boat arrivals.

The second is that, just as Mr Lewis and Mr Pezzullo were sending a clear message to the Government to stop using their advice for political purposes, they are sending a message to Labor — as the alternative new government — that as long as they maintain a tough rhetorical and policy line on border protection, there is no reason to believe that Labor in government is a risk to border policy.

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Government prepares to remove 300 refugees from Manus Island and Nauru in first wave of transfers

Which of the men runs on the amoral belief the” end justifies the means”  and pretends he’s a Christian.It isn’t the leader of the ALP that trashe the Hippocratic Oath doctors take as being a threat that turns medical practitioners into activists and a national threat.

Scott Morrison saw how media enabled of community division and fueled the Cronulla Riots in 2005 and he immediately took it to his local branch of the Party and encouraged the use of  ethnic and racial division to raise the fear-meter in order to garner votes. While his rejected the Morrison tactic Tony Abbott haf no qualms in holding back and we’ve seen it applied time and time again. Yes it’s  back again now in full force. These good Christians family men like Morrison, Corman and Abbott have began calling the Asylum Seekers “Rapists” “Pedophiles” and worse for the simple purpose of garnering desperate votes.

With the help of Ch9 and News Corp and 2GB their PR machines ready to put profit before reality we have seen the  campaign of fear hate begin where hope of “political gain ought not justify the immoral means” being applied to asylum seekers as if they were cockroaches by our current LNP government. A legacy encouraged by Scott Morrison as far back as 2005 (ODT)


Labor workplace relations spokesman Brendan O’Connor said the Prime Minister had chosen to “misrepresent the truth” and “lie to the Australian people” in an attempt to gain political advantage when he should be safeguarding the national interest.

“Most remarkably and outrageously, we’ve seen him announce the opening of Christmas Island. Well if this wasn’t the biggest advertisement to people smugglers, I don’t know what is,” he said.

“To open up a taxpayer funded motel in Christmas Island to basically advertise to people smugglers in the region that indeed business is back – that is a desperate act.”

Former prime minister Tony Abbott said the Labor rules would mean people could “get on a boat, get to Nauru, get sick and get to Australia” – making no mention of the fact the new law did not apply to new boat arrivals.

Labor legal affairs spokesman Mark Dreyfus said Mr Morrison had chosen to “endorse lies”.

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Donald Trump wants a border wall. The El Chapo verdict shows why it won’t work – Donald Trump’s America – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

A man in tracksuit pants and a polo shirt is held by soldiers who have bound his hands.

The ‘”illegals ” Morrison clamour’s about come through legal point’s of entry. Australia’s migrant criminals came here legally (ODT)

One witness described how Guzman filled cans of jalapenos with cocaine, stacked them on the back of commercial tractor-trailers and drove through legal points of entry, no questions asked.

The cartel took larger loads, though less frequently, by rail and sea. Sometimes operatives transported millions in cash.

In other words, the Sinaloa’s narcotics were not snuck through the so-called “soft spots” that Mr Trump describes. They weren’t taking advantage of a lack of concrete wall or steel-slat fence. They were going through legal points of entry.

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You don’t build trust by telling lies – » The Australian Independent Media Network

It shows that “Australia’s emissions for the year to March 2018 were 1.9 per cent below emissions in 2000.” That is a long way from the 5% reduction we committed to.

It also shows that “Emissions for the year to March 2018 increased 1.3 per cent” continuing the rising trend ever since they dumped carbon pricing.

Scott Morrison has recently assured us that Australia would meet its 26-percent emissions reduction target by 2030 “in a canter“. He is offering absolutely no proof of how and no policy to achieve it. Apparently, it will just happen of its own accord due to “improved technology.”

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After What Trump did to Iran and Canada, why Should N Korea trust Talks with Him?


The Iran deal in particular was closely negotiated over the course of years. Iran gave up 90% of its nuclear enrichment program in return for an end to economic sanctions. While the other member states of the UN Security Council did lift UNSC sanctions, the Republican-controlled Congress not only did not lift unilateral US sanctions but actually slapped more on.

Or take Canada. As I wrote on Friday:

Trump also repeatedly insists that the US runs a large trade deficit with Canada, importing more goods from that country than it sells to its northern neighbor. Those in the US who make that argument are typically counting third party goods imported into the US through Canada, which Ottawa considers an unfair accounting. The fact is that the US-Canada trade is almost equal, and if you count both goods and services, it is the US that runs the surplus.

After What Trump did to Iran and Canada, why Should N Korea trust Talks with Him?

Donald Trump reimbursed Cohen for $130k payment to porn star: Giuliani

US President Donald Trump’s new lawyer Rudy Giuliani says the President repaid his personal lawyer Michael Cohen for a $US130,000 ($179,000) payment to porn star Stormy Daniels.
Trump reimbursed the money paid to porn star Stormy Daniels, according to Giuliani

Trump had told reporters that he was not aware of the payment and that he didn’t know where Cohen had gotten the money.

Giuliani made the revelation during an appearance on Fox News’ Hannity.

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Day to Day Politics: Don’t they realise we woke up to them ages ago? – » The Australian Independent Media Network


To see the Australian cricketer Cameron Bancroft looking as though he was fiddling with the crown jewels when he was actually tampering with the ball wasn’t just a bad look for Australian cricket, but also an inditement of just how much public and private morality has slipped in our country. Call it ethics if you want l, or boil it down to cheating or better still, call it plain old-fashioned lying. Like rust it has now permeated itself into all facets of society. Or maybe we have just inherited another of America’s worst traits.


For the last 10 years or so deceit or lying in politics has reached outrageous proportions. The contempt with which politicians treat us is so perfunctory that they believe we actually believe them. Now we are not talking about little white lies … we are talking about whoppers. You know the ones that leave you breathtakingly open-mouthed for there unconscionable audacity.

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The Truth is the Truth no matter even if nobody believes it. A Lie is a Lie even if everyone believes it.

Image result for Image of media salesman

 Research shows us lies are quicker to spread via media and last longer than any truth. If the reverse were true Andrew Bolt would be jobless and Trump wouldn’t be President. It’s what won Tony Abbott an election.

Bolt’s promise “step inside my tent”


Murdoch’s Hannity down under claims to be talking to ordinary Aussies



Is Victoria really in the middle of a massive teenage crime wave?| The science doesn’t bear out Andrew Bolt’s bigotry

Young people running riot on the streets, teenagers creating chaos in the justice system, a premier who wants to be seen acting tough – there’s a lot going on, but what’s the truth about youth crime and punishment?

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The FBI isn’t indicting Hillary Clinton over the Clinton Foundation, but Fox News wants you to think it is – Salon.com

The Trump campaign has no problem with the false reports, since they’re helping him VIDEO

Source: The FBI isn’t indicting Hillary Clinton over the Clinton Foundation, but Fox News wants you to think it is – Salon.com

Who’s to blame for demise of the Australian economy – » The Australian Independent Media Network

By Mark Clifford A picture tells a thousand words, so I’ll let the attached graph do all the talking. Briefly, the graph is based on ABS data on ‘hours worked in Australia’ from the first day of the Rudd term and up to March 2016. It clearly indicates that the demise of the Australian economy…

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Abbott: Master of lies, damned lies and statistics – » The Australian Independent Media Network

“There were three gradations of inveracity – there were lies, there were damned lies, and there were statistics” (Arthur Balfour, 1892) You may have noticed that Abbott and other members of the front bench regularly throw around numbers and statistics to back up what they’re saying. Numbers and statistics are quantifiable, so when they are used, they…

Source: Abbott: Master of lies, damned lies and statistics – » The Australian Independent Media Network

O’Reilly Parrots Anti-Tax Group’s False Claim That Obama Raised Taxes 442 Times : Murdoch Media

Bill O'Reilly: Pity The Poor Rich Man


Fox News host Bill O’Reilly parroted a previously debunked claim that President Obama raised taxes more than 442 times since taking office — a claim rated “Mostly False” by PolitiFact in 2014.

During the April 20 edition of Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly pointed to federal tax revenue to dismiss political rhetoric on income inequality, lamenting the tax rates of “Americans earning more than $400,000” and noting that “the U.S. has the highest tax rate on business in the world.” O’Reilly complained that President Obama has imposed “punishing taxation,” claiming that “since taking office, President Obama has proposed a whopping 442 tax increases” and asking, “how much more can the government take from the affluent without crashing the entire free market economy?”:

But O’Reilly’s claim that Obama raised taxes comes from Americans for Tax Reform, a conservative anti-tax group headed by Grover Norquist, and was rated as “Mostly False” by PolitiFact in 2014. According to PolitiFact, Americans for Tax Reform “overstate[d] the total number by a significant amount,” noting that “removing duplicates eliminates about 159 of the proposals” and “failed to account for other tax cuts that are part of Obama’s record, including nearly $220 billion in tax cuts that were part of the federal stimulus.”

Rupert Murdoch’s Media Empire Pushes Baseless Conspiracy Theory That Google “Controls The White House” Fox News, Wall Street Journal, And New York Post Mimic Murdoch By Attacking Google


Three of Rupert Murdoch’s largest and most powerful news outlets promoted baseless conspiracy theories that Google is using its alleged “close ties” with the Obama administration to receive favorable treatment and to push its policy agenda. Murdoch has a long history of attacking Google.

On March 24, News Corp’s Wall Street Journal reported on the purportedly close ties between the Obama administration and Google after discovering that Google employees have visited the White House multiple times since President Obama took office. The piece went on to allege that Google used its ties with the White House to get favorable action from a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) antitrust probe into the company.

The New York Post (News Corp) went further on March 28 in an article titled “Google controls what we buy, the news we read – and Obama’s policies.” The article speculated that Google has used its influence and financial contributions to the Obama administration to receive favors including net neutrality regulation, favorable FTC action, and contracts to fix the Affordable Care Act’s website. The piece speculated on “what’s coming next: politically filtered information.”

21st Century Fox’s Fox News echoed the New York Post during the March 30 edition of Fox & Friends, with co-host Clayton Morris claiming “the same search engine that controls our news also controls the White House.” During the show, Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo claimed that Google was “being investigated, the president dropped it — net neutrality — Google wanted the president to go that way.” Bartiromo also speculated on whether Google was “editing” the news “to make it more favorable for the president.”

But the Wall Street Journal admitted that the “FTC closed its investigation after Google agreed to make voluntary changes to its business practices.” And the FTC pushed back critically to the Journal‘s piece, writing:

The article suggests that a series of disparate and unrelated meetings involving FTC officials and executive branch officials or Google representatives somehow affected the Commission’s decision to close the search investigation in early 2013. Not a single fact is offered to substantiate this misleading narrative.

Rupert Murdoch, head of both News Corp and Twenty-First Century Fox, has a history of attacking Google. Murdoch has accused Google of being “piracy leaders,” and in 2009 found himself in a war of words against Google and threatened to block his content from the search engine.

Goodwill letters to asylum seekers on Nauru returned unopened “I can confirm that they are arriving and are being distributed to transferees by the service provider [Transfield Services]. This is a work in progress given that letters continue to arrive. When a department lies

Returned mail from Nauru

Goodwill letters to asylum seekers on Nauru returned unopened | Australia news | The Guardian.

Andrew Bolt: Muslims should sack top Mufti Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed | Herald Sun: This is the Murdoch, News Corp that’s crying for the “Freedom of Speech” not Andrew Bolt. The Corprate dog that wants to grab more territory of influence.When down do what Scott Morrison suggested use the Muslims.


The Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed. Picture David Moir

Andrew Bolt: Muslims should sack top Mufti Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed | Herald Sun.

French Television Show Eviscerates Fox News | Crooks and Liars: Murdoch’s Newscorp, Charlie was irreverent Fox News simply lies.

French News interviews people in Paris at the end of this keep watching. Charlie Hebdo was irreverent but Fox simply lies

French Television Show Eviscerates Fox News | Crooks and Liars.

Tony Abbott urges Victorian premier-elect Daniel Andrews to break his promise on East West Link: He not only lies but encourages others to do so he simply misses all points on any moral compass.

Daniel Andrews

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has urged Victorian premier-elect Daniel Andrews to break his promise to scrap the East West Link.

Mr Andrews has started his first week as the leader of a newly elected Labor Government after a convincing win at the weekend.

Labor is on track to win at least 47 seats in the election, enough to have a majority in the 88-seat Parliament, and Mr Andrews will be sworn in later this week when vote counting is finalised.

Mr Andrews said Mr Abbott tried to convince him to go ahead with the project.

“He invited me to break my commitment on East West and I indicated to him that I would not be doing that,” Mr Andrews said.

“We then talked about the many other infrastructure projects that we’ve laid out the opportunities to partner with him on his commitment to the Australian community that he would be an infrastructure PM.

“We’ve agreed to meet face to face.”

Mr Abbott said the Federal Government was still “absolutely committed to East West Link” and he hoped Mr Andrews would have a “change of heart” on the project.

“He is sticking by what he said during the election but obviously he is now in the process of getting his feet under the desk, consulting with public servants,” Mr Abbott said.

“No doubt he will be talking to the Government’s lawyers about the contracts that have been signed so let’s wait and see what happens.”

Mr Andrews said he had sought advice about releasing documents about the toll road project and said he planned to have a discussion with the consortium building the project soon.

Daniel Andrews to do list:

  • Release East West Link contracts and business case
  • Introduce the Back To Work Act to Parliament
  • Increase funding to TAFE in the current financial year
  • Set up royal commission into family violence
  • End pay dispute with paramedics
  • Seek resignations of Ambulance Victoria board and reappoint a new board
  • Conduct an audit of hospital beds, headed by former AMA Victorian president Doug Travis

“I have a clear mandate, our team has a clear mandate to end the secrecy on this project and I will deliver in full on the commitment I’ve made,” he said.

Mr Andrews met with state department heads on Sunday and spoke with his New South Wales counterpart Mike Baird about medical cannabis and defence jobs.

Mr Andrews said Parliament would be back to work before Christmas, beginning with the Back to Work Act.

“Pay-roll tax credits for all employers who take on a young person, take on a retrenched worker, take on a long term unemployed Victorian,” he said.

“There are then a raft of other things in that package, things like the premier’s job and investment panel, the regional jobs fund, Start Up Victoria, which is all about the translation of research into the important commercial opportunities that our state desperately needs.”

Mr Andrews said he would also get to work establishing a royal commission on family violence.

“This is going to happen, because more the same policy will mean more the same tragedy, I am convince of that, the data tells you that and I have met with too many people who have lived with the pain of family violence to be in any doubt about that,” he said.

Micro parties could make negotiations difficult: Antony Green

The make-up of the Upper House is likely to be challenging for the new Labor Government.

There could be as many as 11 cross-benchers, made up of the Greens and various other minor parties.

ABC election analyst Antony Green said it was going to be difficult for the new government.

“At this stage there are five Greens elected and six other parties, a collection of the Shooters Party, the DLP and the Sex Party, denying each side of politics a clear run at the Upper House,” he said.

“Labor could end up with as few as 13 seats.

“You could get an unwieldy number of cross-benchers to pass legislation or the Government will have to deal with the Opposition, so it’s going to be a very difficult life for whoever leads the Labor Party in the Upper House.”

Liberals to find new leader, Nationals ponder future

The defeated Denis Napthine said he fully intended to serve a full term in Parliament, after announcing he would step down as leader of the Coalition following the party’s loss.

Dr Napthine has represented the seats of Portland, and later South-West Coast, for a combined total of more than 25 years.

He was one of a few Liberal MPs to increase the margin in their seat.

“They’ve voted for me, they fully expect that I will continue to serve as the Member for South-West Coast, and that’s what I’ll do,” he said.

Former planning minister Matthew Guy and the former treasurer Michael O’Brien were considered the front runners for the Liberal leadership, with a ballot expected to be held in the coming days.

Peter Ryan, who was the leader of the Nationals, announced today that he was stepping down.

Earlier, he said the Nationals would hold talks with the Liberal Party over the future of the Coalition and whether it would continue

The Nationals face the possibility of losing party status if they do not win 11 seats.

Mr Ryan said the immediate concerns were Monday’s pre-poll counting for the seats of Shepparton and Morwell.

Vote counting continues in a number of seats

Sue Lang from the Victorian Electoral Commission said it would continue to sort through pre-poll, absent and provisional votes on Monday.

She said it was still too early to call some seats, with close counts for the two-candidate preferred vote.

“There are still eight seats that have a very slim margin in the two candidate preferred area,” she said.

“There’s 49 to 50 per cent range, and those districts include Bentleigh, Frankston, Morwell, Shepparton, Richmond, Prahran, Ripon and possibly Melbourne.”

Gough Whitlam and the Rupert Murdoch memory hole. For Bolt’s Never to be seen Archive by a senior Exec of News Corp

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With Gough Whitlam’s legacy now being reconsidered and debated, one thing the Australian media are not prepared to discuss is the role of Rupert Murdoch in his dismissal, writes Rodney E. Lever.

WITH THE SAD PASSING of former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam this week, it is interesting to recall how his illustrious record has been besmirched and distorted over the years – even in recent years – and how certain elements involved in his dismissal have been removed from view — and placed down the memory hole.

Last year, for instance, I saw the two episodes of the ABC’s documentary about the Whitlam era, called Whitlam: the Power and the Passion.

Having been closely involved at that time, I was amazed at Australia’s national broadcaster’s either incompetence or deliberate burying of the truth.

The ABC reeled out all the false allegations thrown at the Whitlam Government by Rupert Murdoch’s newspapers at the time, with no evidence whatsoever to back them up. It simply repeated ugly and untrue stories from The Australian — stories that have been since been shown to be contrived, exaggerated and false.

Did they mention that John Howard was one of the busy bee Liberals who secretly brought Khemlani to Australia and took him to a Canberra hotel with his two suitcases of records of supposed dealings with the Whitlam Government. After long days and nights sifting through the papers, Howard and his colleagues found nothing – absolutely nothing – which could be held detrimentally against Whitlam and his government?

No. There was no mention of that. Nor have I seen any mention of this in the welter of articles about Whitlam and his dismissal this week.

This is just one part of the concerted misinformation campaign carried out by the Murdoch press at the behest of a furious, jilted, Rupert Murdoch in 1975.

In 1975, Rupert Murdoch came back from England, where he had just purchased The News of the World. He came expressly to destroy a government which, three years earlier, he had helped to elect.

Murdoch had hated Menzies. He also hated McMahon, who was in the pocket of the Packers.

He campaigned for Whitlam in 1972, with all the emerging power of his newspapers and expected rewards in return.

From Whitlam, he got nothing back, not even condescension, for Whitlam certainly had at least the same level of personal ego as Rupert Murdoch — perhaps even more.

Miffed by Whitlam’s failure to reward him for his support in the election and Whitlam’s failure to accept the Murdoch view on how to run the country, Rupert began his ugly, ruthless campaign to bring Whitlam down. It was the most savage attack on an elected government in the history of this country — with the possible exception of the attacks on Julia Gillard and Labor’s reforms in the last term of Parliament.

Joan Evatt recalls this vicious propaganda campaign:

In the early stages of the campaign, there had been criticisms from highly regarded journalists about their copy being so altered that their stories bore no resemblance to articles that had been filed. Placement was pushed back, headlines were deemed by them as scurrilous and not reflective of the content, and so the outraged allegations of not just media bias, but direct editorial interference, precipitated a strike of journalists.

Denis Cryle in a 2008 book outlined journalists’ complaints:

…the deliberate and careless slanting of headlines, seemingly blatant imbalance in news presentation, political censorship and, more occasionally, distortion of copy from senior specialist journalists, the political management of news and features, the stifling of dissident and even palatably impartial opinion in the papers’ columns…

In the Murdoch Papers, Dr Martin Hirst detailed some firsthand accounts of the overt anti-Whitlam pro-Liberal bias of the Murdoch press, including by former Murdoch employee Alan Yates:

Alan Yates was a third-year cadet on the Daily Mirror and recalls the dismissal ‘shocked the entire newsroom’. Yates was on the AJA House Committee and says that while Murdoch was not necessarily in the newsroom, ‘his editors and his chiefs of staff were certainly involved in day-to-day selection of editorial content’. Alan Yates has said that he felt powerless as a ‘junior reporter’, but remembered his copy being altered to favour the Liberal Party’s viewpoint:

‘When questioning the chiefs of staff and chief sub-editor about this I was clearly told that that was the editorial line, the editorial people had thought that it was a stronger angle. Therefore I was left not too many options to go.’

Murdoch’s journalists rebelled at the vicious campaign and many resigned from the company in disgust

Alas, I was not among them. I was the senior executive of News Corp in Queensland and the lone breadwinner for my family and the father of six children, all at a critical stage of their education. I felt unable to walk away from my job so easily as some of the other journalists. But the events of those days brought me to consider resignation at a more appropriate time.

The mainstream media, by ignoring this sad episode, are touching up historical events to make them more palatable to certain current actors — specifically Rupert Murdoch. By doing so, they tarnish the Whitlam legacy and mislead the Australian people.

In effect, the mainstream media are sending Rupert Murdoch’s – and its own – role in the premature downfall of Gough Whitlam down Australia’s growing memory hole, thereby doing the Australian people a manifest disservice.

Deliberate dismantling of Australia’s Communications systems is a transparent campaign to deliver Rupert Murdoch a monopoly. Not a National Broad Band

Malcolm Turnbull’s NNBN (NOT National Broadband Network)

I THOUGHT I DID THE RESEARCH before making the “tree change” decision to move to North Eastern Tassie. The perky Telstra salesperson, desperate to sell me an internet package. “NBN isn’t coming to your area.”

“Uh, no. There are areas where the NBN isn’t yet but will be, but your area isn’t one of them.”

“So, you’re telling me that we can’t ever be connected to the NBN?”

“Yes.” A moment’s pause, then the salesperson perked up. “I can sell you a mobile wireless package though.”

“You mean the wireless card? There’s no mobile phone coverage in this town, won’t I need that for a wireless card thingy?”

Oh, um….let me just check with my supervisor.”

There was now music in my ear.

After a lengthy pause, she returned. Her voice was distinctly less hopeful. “No, wireless isn’t appropriate. We can offer you dial-up.”

Prime Minister Abbott may think the internet is just a fad and, indeed, he is on record as saying the NBN is essentially a video entertainment system” and that25 megs is going to be enough, more than enough, for the average household”. However, whatever his idiosyncratic personal views, the reality is that Australians increasingly rely on high speed access to the internet — not only for leisure, but also for work.

Emails, job search websites like SEEK, distance learning, Centrelink and so on are all online necessities, not luxuries.

To add insult to injury, last week it was revealed that ABC2 may be taken off free-to-air on our National Broadcaster and put on iView. I’m sure my three year old daughter will as delighted to hear that Peppa Pig will now only be available to her by piracy or DVD in the future as I am that I won’t be able to watch excellent satirical programme The Roast anymore.

The Coalition government has consistently and deliberately misled Australian voters and taxpayers in the area of Communications since September 2013, slashing services they vowed personally to preserve.

I will be officially complaining to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman about the false advertising by satellite providers who cannot provide the service promised.

I fervently hope there will be a Federal ICAC into the deliberate dismantling of Australia’s Communications systems in a transparent campaign to deliver Rupert Murdoch a monopoly.

That’s not a debt disaster — THIS is a debt disaster: Joe and Tony’s big con

We can take that as the level for which Labor must accept responsibility. It sounds pretty high, but is only a small percentage of the nation’s gross income – just 11.3% of GDP – and extremely low when compared with other developed countries.

Two weeks ago the Final Budget Outcome revealed the actual debt level reached by 30 June 2014. This was $202.46 billion, more than $24 billion – or 13.7% – higher than forecast had the previous Government continued in power.

The data released yesterday shows that in July, debt increased from $202.46 billion to $208.15 billion. It jumped again in August to $217.55 billion. So the total increase above the level Labor left last year is now $39.45 billion ($217.55 less $178.10) — up an extraordinary 22.1%.

Now, 13 months after Abbott gained office, the interest bill is $283 million a week.

Are there any signs this situation is likely to turn around in the near future?

No. None whatsoever.

Revenue from wages is below expectations and commodity prices are falling — both of which will reduce tax revenue.

The Government has failed to get its budget through the Senate and remains unable – fortunately for the nation’s disadvantaged – to cut the outlays on pensions and benefits it wants to slash.

All pre-election commitments to ‘balance the books, live within our means and return the budget to surplus as quickly as possible’ are now clearly evident for what they were all along — tawdry lies. Lies, regrettably, that Australia’s craven, captured mass media could be relied upon to amplify.

They were baseless slanders against the previous administration made merely to discredit, destroy and replace it.

If there is no debt or deficit crisis now – and there isn’t – then there was certainly no calamity a year ago when Labor’s projected debt was $39 billion below the level today.

The facts are clear and ‒ unlike the Government and our mainstream media ‒ the figures don’t lie. Furthermore Hockey accuses the opposition for not helping to pay for the war by blocking his budget. Abbott says the war is affordable not to worry.