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ABC’s ‘Murdochracy’ creep no accident

Supposing the Morrison Government wanted to turn successive failures to destroy the ABC’s credibility into a success story, it could not do better than make significant Murdoch appointments to the ABC board, writes Paul Begley.

Source: ABC’s ‘Murdochracy’ creep no accident

Did the Morrison government try to suppress voting in the Northern Territory? | Australian election 2022 | The Guardian

Did they restrict voting?

In October 2021, the Coalition introduced a bill to require the electoral commission to ask voters for identification.

Turnout in Lingiari is down from 73.70% in 2016, to 72.85% in 2019, to 66.8% in 2022 (although this may increase slightly as final declaration votes are counted).


While some criticism of the Coalition’s attempted voter ID bill is justified,

Source: Did the Morrison government try to suppress voting in the Northern Territory? | Australian election 2022 | The Guardian

The Coalition didn’t do much on nuclear energy while in office. Why are they talking about it now? | Nuclear power | The Guardian

Hinkley Point C nuclear plant under construction in the UK

The con: Is the delay. It is in and money to be made in distracting the transition to a more rapid closure of the fossil fuel industry even if the case for renewable clean energy has been proved. If you can’t beat the argument’s direction of progress then delay it for as long as possible. Just as the LNP, IPA and Murdoch are a coalition for the defense of fossil fuels and will now continue to be, while declaring they are on board with reducing emissions and profiting from their efforts.

the Institute of Public Affairs, a rightwing group with a history of climate science denial that is supported by fossil fuel and mining interests, released what it described as polling showing people were open to the idea of nuclear energy. News Corp newspapers ran its arguments uncritically.

Why does the case for nuclear energy persist?

There is an assumption by some people, including Coalition MPs, that renewable energy cannot do the job, despite the expert advice that says otherwise. These critiques rarely address that advice head on.

But there is also a long history of nuclear energy being used as a delaying tactic for acting on climate change in Australia, including by fossil fuel interests.

Source: The Coalition didn’t do much on nuclear energy while in office. Why are they talking about it now? | Nuclear power | The Guardian

Kill off the AAT, it’s stacked with Morrison’s Liberal mates, no longer credible – Michael West

AAT, Administrative Appeals Tribunal

Australia’s Shame – AG Michaela Cash took lessons from the Steve Bannon playbook. Control the Bureaucracy. Wasn’t that Lenin’s playbook?

Just before ousted Prime Minister Scott Morrison called the election, his Attorney-General Michaelia Cash stacked the Administrative Appeals Tribunal with a host of Liberal Party mates. Political appointments are out of control and the AAT needs to be killed off, writes Greg Barns SC.

Source: Kill off the AAT, it’s stacked with Morrison’s Liberal mates, no longer credible – Michael West

Student visas: Little more than unsponsored work permits

What we inherited from the LNP

The current high approval rate for offshore VET sector student applications from Nepal could raise more risk of colleges focused on selling “work visas” rather than education, writes Dr Abul Rizvi.

MOST AUSTRALIANS would be surprised that over the last two months, Nepal was Australia’s leading source of overseas students, overtaking both China and India.

Source: Student visas: Little more than unsponsored work permits

Border force broke with recent convention when it sent election-day release about boat arrival | Australian immigration and asylum | The Guardian

The Australian Border Force logo

Busted!! The LNP strategy of putting LNP supporters in charge of Government Departments is straight out of the Steve Bannon, American GOP  Republican and Leninist strategies. The LNP was intent on dismantling the Public Service and has been doing it for the past 13 years.

Agency’s statement, which triggered last-minute scare campaign from Liberals, prompts increasing questions about its independence

Australian Border Force did not issue press releases about any of the five boat interceptions it made in the four years prior to its controversial election-day announcement that a vessel had been detected near Christmas Island, prompting further questions about the political independence of the agency.

The ABF is investigating its election-day conduct, which the acting prime minister, Richard Marles, has described as a “disgrace”.

The agency issued a press release as voting was under way, warning of the interception of an asylum-seeker boat off Christmas Island, precipitating a last-minute scare campaign warning voters to maintain border security by voting Liberal.

Source: Border force broke with recent convention when it sent election-day release about boat arrival | Australian immigration and asylum | The Guardian

LNP ‘Values’ and Their Actions: A Comparison

Conslusion: You are What You Do

Political parties are free to say what they like, but it is their actions that define them. No amount of flowery rhetoric can hide the true nature of a political party, which is defined by its policies. The current Australian government may have flowery rhetoric in its beliefs, but, as I hope I have shown here, their actions and policies tell a different story.

The AIM NetworkNews and Politics

Election 2022: Liberal MP Alan Tudge in disclosure breach over Melbourne house | — Australia’s leading news site

The controversy comes as questions continue to surround a $500,000 payout given to his former mistress and press secretary Rachelle Miller by the Federal Government. Picture: ABC/Four Corners

No to ICAC

EXCLUSIVE Education Minister Alan Tudge has admitted he forgot to disclose to parliament that he had transferred ownership of a $1 million Melbourne property to his former wife for six months, in a clear breach of disclosure guidelines.

The missing in action Minister – who stepped down from the frontbench last year in the wake of an ongoing scandal over an extramarital relationship with former Liberal staffer Rachelle Miller – confirmed the error on Friday following an investigation by

It follows controversy over a recent $500,000 payout to Ms Miller – who worked in his office as a press secretary – that was also revealed by last month, with questions still yet to be answered on what the payout is for. The Prime Minister aannounced last year that Mr Tudge was not returning to the frontbench of his own volition.

However, on the same day he announced the election, he revealed Mr Tudge was still the education Minister but had stood aside and was welcome back after the votes were counted.

“Well, he stood aside. He decided to stand aside for his own personal reasons. And should he be in a position to be able to step up again, then I would welcome him back,’’ Mr Morrison said.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton also previously failed to declare a million-dollar property his family owns in Townsville, in a blunder his office blamed on simple human error.

Source: Election 2022: Liberal MP Alan Tudge in disclosure breach over Melbourne house | — Australia’s leading news site

Council move against anti-Angus Taylor signs goes against third-party rights, legal experts say | Angus Taylor | The Guardian

Alex Murphy of Vote Angus Out community group in NSW electorate of Hume.

Murphy said he was further frustrated by the complaint from Taylor’s office given the minister’s first speech to parliament in which he said he would “always” defend free speech as the foundation of democracy.

Order to remove Vote Angus Out community group’s election signs in Hume came after complaint from Liberal incumbent’s office

Source: Council move against anti-Angus Taylor signs goes against third-party rights, legal experts say | Angus Taylor | The Guardian

Frydenberg’s law breaking regulator helped dismantle coal laws

Rules and Laws aren’t for Josh Frydenberg they stand in his way

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is responsible for laws being broken that maintain accountability in the fossil fuel industry. Anthony Klan reports. THE BOSS of the nation’s monopoly infrastructure regulator – who engaged in serious illegality that the Federal Government went to substantial lengths to cover up – earlier helped dismantle accountability laws in favour of major fossil fuels infrastructure owners.

Source: Frydenberg’s law breaking regulator helped dismantle coal laws

#FACT — It’s not Labor that needs to stop frightening pensioners

Two more weeks and they will have lied their way to oblivion.

Fears that the cashless debit card will be implemented for all income recipients across the board, including those on the age pension, appear to originate from the Government’s own information and statements.

Source: #FACT — It’s not Labor that needs to stop frightening pensioners

Experts grade the major parties’ plans for an anti-corruption commission

Federal ICAC

Corruption under the LNP has slid from 7 to 18 on the International Corruption Index. Morrison his model, under which Politicians chose what is and isn’t to be investigated,and transparency hidden wouldn’t be a kangaroo court. No independent body is needed. Its the ALP’s fault we don’t have it or wont be getting an ICAC should he win. An ICAC which is primarily a broken promise of Morrison’s from his 2019 election platform. He also insists he doesn’t lie but has a string of NDA’s hiding his past trailing him. How Trump is that?

So we asked five experts to analyse and grade the major parties’ policies on the issue of a federal ICAC.

Source: Experts grade the major parties’ plans for an anti-corruption commission

Top Biden health official says trans youth being ‘driven to depths of despair’ | The Hill

Religious hate has been imported directly from America for use by the “blessed” Scott Morrison. A political tool applied by his “Captains Pick” Katherine Deves in Warringah to hopefully divide the whole Australian electorate by hate, in order to squeeze a few votes from the ultra religious right, god botherers, transphobes, and homophobes hidden under rocks. Even worse, he defends this action in the guise of “free speech” and ” the defense of women”,  Single handedly Morrison has shown he’s lower than a snake’s belly and a hypocrite who speaks in tongues. Particularly when he doubles down and says  he will protect children ( LNP politicians) from any “digital trolling” if they win. Morrison has shown he’s as two faced and corrupt as any tent crusader, QAnon, or other hate-preacher,we have seen here or come out of America.

Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine said trans youth are being “driven to depths of despair” and committing suicide at alarming rates, during a speech on Saturday about the dangers of anti-trans laws being passed in red states across the country. Levine, the first openly transgender federal official to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate, said in a speech at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth that LGBTQ youth are being “attacked” and have “few places to turn” for help. “I want to say this very, very clearly: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer Americans are committing suicide at a rate that should shock our conscience,” Levine said during the Out For Health Conference. “Even after decades of progress, the most vulnerable among us continue to suffer … transgender women of color not only continue to be harassed, but are more likely than the population at large to suffer violence and even murder.”

Source: Top Biden health official says trans youth being ‘driven to depths of despair’ | The Hill

Morrison addresses cost of living pressure with $4.5m subsidy for single malt whiskey | The Shovel

The owner of Lark is Bruce Matheson noted LNP donor who gives the LNP $100K in return for $4.5M of taxpayer’s money. Better odds than he gives the public on his slot machines.

The Prime Minister has promised vital relief for connoisseurs of $250-per-bottle whiskey, confirming a $4.5 million grant for a boutique distillery in Tasmania.

Source: Morrison addresses cost of living pressure with $4.5m subsidy for single malt whiskey | The Shovel

Election 2022: Scott Morrison, Josh Frydenberg say Labor ad targeting Gladys Liu is racist

Morrison and Liu visit Wallies Lollies in the seat of Chisholm this month.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has chastised Labor for an ad highlighting Liberal MP Gladys Liu’s links to donors suspected to be risks to Australia’s national security, claiming the opposition is engaging in racist campaigning. “They go after Gladys Liu because she’s Chinese,” Morrison said on Sunday. “They’re engaged in what I think is a sewer tactic here. This is Morrison Wolf whistling and the The Age assisting with it’s banner

The Sunday Age revealed a new online ad targeting the Hong Kong-born MP’s record, including her involvement in a campaign against the LGBTQ Safe Schools program and her campaign’s use of controversial signage that appeared to mimic the Australian Electoral Commission.

One component of the ad stated that the Victorian division of the Liberal Party reportedly handed back $300,000 in donations because then prime minister Malcolm Turnbull’s office was told the Chinese donors, invited to a 2015 event by Liu, were potential national security threats.

“What do we know about Liberal Gladys Liu?” a male voice says in the ad, with an ominous-sounding background track.

Source: Election 2022: Scott Morrison, Josh Frydenberg say Labor ad targeting Gladys Liu is racist

The Pork Henchmen: Morrison’s ministerial spies give Australian National Audit Office the cold shoulder – Michael West

Barnaby Joyce, ANAO, Watergate

Frydenberg proved to be a law of his own when he co-opted NGO CEOs to endorse his advertising in Kooyong breaking the rules that apply to all Charities.

The faceless Coalition aides conscripted to do the leg-work for the government’s billion-dollar pork barrelling program have spurned requests to comply with the ANAO audit, leaving ministers unaccountable for their spending before the Election. Jommy Tee reveals how Coalition MPs have the inside running on pushing for projects in their electorates.

The Audit Office (ANAO) has encountered a severe lack of co-operation from ministerial advisers, who have refused to participate into the current audit into the controversial Building Better Regions Fund (BBRF).

The ministerial advisers play the key role in filtering information from the Department of Infrastructure which runs the $1.4 billion program and in assisting the ministerial panel in determining who gets grants under the program.

Michael West Media (MWM) has been informed that the first draft of the Audit Office into the beleaguered and controversial BBRF contains damning commentary about the administration of the program.

Serious deficiencies have been highlighted including lack of robust reasoning as to why particular grants were awarded by the various ministerial panels. We have previously exposed how applicants that r

Source: The Pork Henchmen: Morrison’s ministerial spies give Australian National Audit Office the cold shoulder – Michael West

The rorting, taunting Coalition Government

Is it any wonder that, despite promising to introduce one, the Morrison Government has voted against a federal integrity commission 31 times?

Is anyone surprised that the PM blames Labor and refuses to discuss it further? And, is anyone shocked that the media lets this Government set the agenda each week, claiming that the majority of us don’t want one? Well, Independent Australia wants a Federal ICAC, our investigations editor has started a political party, Federal ICAC Now, to do everything possible to facilitate one and we know our readers overwhelmingly support its inception.

Source: The rorting, taunting Coalition Government

Historian Explains Why Far-right Extremists Are the Future of the GOP | The Smirking Chimp

Currently, the LNP in Australia is importing their ideas from the US Republicans who have given up on the great experiment of  Democracy. We have seen their Australian clones adopt a carbon copy of the culture wars from U.S. From rumblings that the election is being “rigged” to multiculturalism being the scourge that’s dividing this nation from a mythical and heroic one they claim once united us. The increasing drift to the right is taking us away from from a representative Democracy and driving us towards Mussolini’s dream of a Corporate State and in the long term to the death of the Liberal-National Coalition as a political party. Their current short-term agendas carries with them the long-term consequences of the board taking over the company..

“Overall, Greene’s position within the Republican party seems secure. That’s partly because the Republican leadership is surely aware that most of the energy and activism in conservatism is in the far-right wing that stands behind Greene. In fact, Greene is the poster child of a rising group of rightwing radicals: in Congress, she likes to present herself and like-minded allies such as representatives Lauren Boebert and Matt Gaetz as the future of the Republican party, and they aren’t shy about their intention to purge whatever vestiges of “moderate” conservatism might still exist within the Republican party.”

Source: Historian Explains Why Far-right Extremists Are the Future of the GOP | The Smirking Chimp

Government grants: A broken system failing every taxpayer

Morrison, Turnbull, Abbott

It’s no longer “what can we do for you, but what you can do for us in terms of $$$? In the end many of these announced promises will simply go the way of vanashing bubbles even if the LNP government wins. Morrison has been only doing one thing for the past 3 years,and that’s rehearsing the reselling of his massively expensive waste. It’s like a replay of Sunset Boulevarde “Action Lights your on Scotty” with not a voter invited on to his very “on set party” for the crew.

The system under which billions of dollars of grants are handed out to communities across Australia is irretrievably broken. There’s no other conclusion to be drawn from the figures compiled by The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age that, grant by grant, electorate by electorate, show a community’s ranking on the electoral pendulum dictates its financial support.

Source: Government grants: A broken system failing every taxpayer

Cash defends appointments to tribunal

Michaelia Cash

Straight from Trump’s Playbook or Steve Bannon’s appoint as many of your friends to positions that will hamper any new government. There’s no ICAC to investigate the corruption that this government has delivered and wielded on the Australian electorate. Economic and Cultural Crimes done dirt cheap.

The Australian Federal Police Association, which represents 4,000 AFP members, has placed the establishment of a “far-reaching anti-corruption body” among its highest priorities ahead of the federal election, alongside improved support for officers suffering post-traumatic stress disorder, greater resourcing, and stronger firearms regulations.
The anti-corruption subject has raised its head once again. Now the Australian Federal Police are calling for a commission with far reaching arms. I thought the AFP were a voice for the LNP, however this report in the Guardian tells me something different. This commission must have retrospective powers. The Scummo team doesn’t want that. One has to wonder why? Could it be that the vast majority of them are corrupt?
Labor has already committed to an anti-corruption commission with the strength and powers of a standing royal commission, including the ability to hold public hearings.

Attorney-General Michaelia Cash has defended the appointment of ex-Liberal MPs and coalition staffers to high-paying roles on the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, saying they are “qualified”.

Source: Cash defends appointments to tribunal

Everything Scott Morrison says is … – » The Australian Independent Media Network

There is absolutely nothing good one can find to say about the LNP. This diabolical, self-serving regime is made up of the worst type of political misfits ever seen in this nation! The LNP has degenerated into an internationally condemned pack of smug, totally ruthless, unconscionably cruel gang of lying, conniving, misogynistic bible-thumping hypocrites who don’t give a rat’s behind about anyone but themselves and their multi-millionaire, non-taxpaying donors in the Top 1%. Wake up, Australia and kick these smug, corrupt and self-serving parasites to the gutter at the next federal election – they do not care about you and never did!

Source: Everything Scott Morrison says is … – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Abolition of advisory body criticised after Morrison government promises $5.9bn for Queensland dams | Queensland | The Guardian

Anthony Whealy QC at a press conference

Barnaby Joyce abolished Water Advisory Board and made a promise of $5.9bn to invest in a Qld dam with no business plan. Yet, Josh Frydenberg dares to say after 8 years “We have no evidence Victoria’s biggest infrastructure program will be a success”. What a pure political betrayal of Victoria his own state when experts were consulted, reports, and due diligence done and all he did was not be bothered to read them. He inherited the blackmail offer left by Abbott of $4bn withheld unless Dan Andrews capitulated and did what the LNP demanded. Victoria was the growth state before the pandemic and kept the nation afloat when the Federal LNP were dragging us backwards.

The costs of the federal government’s commitment to fund dams in Queensland without the scrutiny of a now-abolished national advisory body should be a cause for concern for the community, a former supreme court judge says. Deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce disbanded the National Water Grid Advisory Body this week, claiming it was “an appropriate time for it to conclude its work”. The body had been established by Joyce’s predecessor, Michael McCormack, in 2020 to scrutinise and provide advice on major water infrastructure projects.

Source: Abolition of advisory body criticised after Morrison government promises $5.9bn for Queensland dams | Queensland | The Guardian

‘Historic’ trade agreement with India signed after decade of negotiations – ABC News

India's trade minister holds up a signed document. In other screens, Tehan does the same and Morrison and Modi applaud

Ten years in the making of an agreement signed just weeks before an election smells of a scam. One needs to ask what Morrison actually sacrificed in order to gain this politically advantageous signing at such a fortuitous moment. The Indians are known for their bargaining skills and ability to take commercial advantage. They are one of the few countries currently refusing to criticize Putin and are not employing sanctions against Russia. Furthermore, they are happily buying their cheaper oil and so offering indirect and questionable support in their war against Ukraine. Morrison is rewarding India a nation for its questionable ethical and contrarian stance to ours and his associated  media propagandists are supporting him in this less than perfect moral stance. he’s indirectly siding with Russia. In fact he directly sided with Putin at the last Climate summit in Glasgow.

The Morrison government has hailed the agreement as a significant step in its efforts to diversify export markets and reduce Australia’s economic dependence on China.”This is an economic agreement that has strategic might to it,” Mr Tehan said.

Source: ‘Historic’ trade agreement with India signed after decade of negotiations – ABC News

Melbourne Suburban Rail Loop doesn’t stack up, says federal government

‘Massively expensive’: Can Victoria now afford the suburban loop?

Morrison punishes Victoria a Labor State he knows he simply can’t win. Smoothing the path for Matthew Guy in November his only hope. Morrison has to go!!

Even more interesting is The Age’s opinion section. It  is currently promoting the witholding of funds by the Morrison government. It’s a biased opinion and plain to see written by an member of none other than the Victorian LNP. No surprise now that Ch9 owns the  masthead and is run by Peter Costello. We must in the long term SAVE AND REVIVE OUR ABC

The Morrison government says Victorian Labor’s multibillion-dollar Suburban Rail Loop does not “stack up”, raising questions about the state government’s ability to pay for the project if forced to go it alone. Urban Infrastructure Minister Paul Fletcher also hit back at attacks from the state government, which has criticised the Commonwealth for only allocating 6 per cent of the budget’s infrastructure funding to Victoria, which is home to 26 per cent of the nation’s population.

Source: Melbourne Suburban Rail Loop doesn’t stack up, says federal government

Savage assessment of Morrison a bolt of lightning for election campaign

Liberal senator unleashes on the PM

What has come into relief with Fierravanti-Wells’s  ferocious tirade on Scott Morrison is why so much effort was made in the past 2 weeks to have Anthony Albanese look like a heartless, uncaring bully and thug in the case of Kimberly Kitching even though she made no formal complaint. The debate about Kitching was orchestrated along with the accusations about the “mean girls” as a PR smokescreen for what Morrison knew was laying ahead. Because Fierravanti- Welles’s thoughts and accusations let loose about Morrison were no secret within the Liberal Party machinery and were going to be unstoppable pre-election. It demonstrates just how Trumplike and American the Australian Liberal Party from Abbott to Morrison has become. The Liberal Party dirt brigade has been working overtime.

They like the Republicans claim they are the only Party defending our true religion and faith and Morrison isn’t shy claiming he is the spiritual head of the new politically Christian Liberal Party. His decisions are based on protecting faith and culture and his decisions far superior to any facts put forward by divisive godless experts and scientists. Unfortunately he represents minority interests who claim they are the true defenders of all Australians. This began with John Howard who cosied up with the Exclusive Bretheren and other religious cults

The savage assessment of Scott Morrison by one of his nominal allies is like a bolt of lightning into the debate about whether the Prime Minister deserves another term in power.It electrifies the election campaign when Morrison is trying to make the contest about his leadership and the personality of his opponent, Anthony Albanese.

Source: Savage assessment of Morrison a bolt of lightning for election campaign

Out of the Frydenberg and into the fire ahead of the budget, with debt and deficits for at least another decade – ABC News

Ongoing deficits graph Verrender column

In 2012 We were in Bad Shape  the Sky was Falling in. In 2022 We are told we are in Good Shape because of the LNP has taken our debt from 10% under the ALP to 40% of GDP. Claiming no fault of theirs how is it possible because Morrison doesn’t lie? Oh easy, throw facts out and simply say }it would have been worse under the ALP and call that a predictable truth.

When Tony Abbott was elected prime minister, our net debt sat at around $200 billion, or about 10 per cent of the size of our economy. He proclaimed it a disaster. It wasn’t. Our debt had doubled by the time the pandemic hit and, at just under 20 per cent of GDP, it still wasn’t a problem. It’s due to hit 40 per cent within the next year or so — at around $1 trillion —

Source: Out of the Frydenberg and into the fire ahead of the budget, with debt and deficits for at least another decade – ABC News

Questions raised over government scheme that left foreign workers with just $100 take-home pay – ABC News

Two men walk through a field of farming land.

The Australian Government has done nothing and as such has been a coconspirator in a blatant act of wage theft. Any prosecution of participants in this criminal might lose them potential regional voters while the victims have no voice as they are ineligible to vote.

But it doesn’t appear to be a small cohort and it has been allowed to happen under the Australian government’s very own labour hire scheme. The government’s Seasonal Worker Program (SWP) sets no limit to the amount of money an employer can deduct from a worker’s pay for costs incurred as part of that employment.

Source: Questions raised over government scheme that left foreign workers with just $100 take-home pay – ABC News

Weaponizing Coal: Australia Gives Ukraine a Gift – » The Australian Independent Media Network

The King of Clowns,

Little by way of logistical or pricing detail was given. We know who benefits the most from this. A triumphalist Whitehaven Coal will supply it, and the cost to the Australian taxpayer will be in the order of AU$31 million. Given that Whitehaven Coal has been a Liberal Party donor – AU$98,000 has been given over the last five years – the whiff of something rotten in the land of coal is strong.

The Morrison government has made a habit of celebrating the announcement rather than the execution of detail. Mendacity and incompetence are twinned in this government’s insignia, and Ukrainian officials best ready themselves for disappointment.


Source: Weaponizing Coal: Australia Gives Ukraine a Gift – » The Australian Independent Media Network

School students tripping up on Australia’s uneven playing field

Acting Education Minister Stuart Robert.

Proud graduate Captain Stuart Robert MP of Australia’s Noted College of Bastardisation and Sexual Abuse became the promoter and overseer of Australia’s worst-ever Social Welfare debacle ROBODEBT. He is now Minister in Charge of Education and blamed “dud teachers” in our government schools of dragging Australia down when compared with comparable results in the rest of the world. One can only suggest Robert was talking about himself having attended that now famous  Government College known as Duntroon. The “dud teachers” of  Duntroon it seems resulted in his ranking as the most corrupt MP among current LNP ranks and possibly the decade if not longer.Robert it seems was trying to explain why he’s such a corrupt and incompetant shithead.

Robert has a history of foot in mouth disease that is legend and ranks as the most self-serving and incompetent MP’s in LNP ranks standing shoulder to shoulder in that competition with ex-cop Peter Dutton. Dutton wins simply because he’s been there the longest.

The acting federal Education Minister Stuart Robert surely assumed he was chatting confidentially among friends last week when he told a private schools conference the sustained decline in the academic results of Australian 15-year-olds relative to their international peers is because of “dud teachers” in government schools. The “duds” were defined as the “bottom 10 per cent of teachers” who graduate from initial teaching courses notwithstanding they “can’t read and write”. But private schools are dud-free zones, the acting minister purred to his audience, because principals have the power to hire and fire and are naturally intolerant of dud educators, and if the government could only “bottle” the success of these schools, the nation’s youth would rise beyond mediocrity.

Source: School students tripping up on Australia’s uneven playing field

Crown v Shannon: bigwigs off the hook, small fish fried – Michael West Media

ASIC, Crown Resorts

This isn’t splashed across the front pages of our MSM why? It certainly however indicates their right-wing, top-down propaganda bias. Morrison’s promised ICAC has been discarded and a stained promise remains. Australia’s international corruption index has blown out and the pigs are ripping the guts out of everything that remains. Super and wage theft have been gouged, while workers and their families have lost billions. $8 companies were given contracts that now values them at $340M. Mates have jobs doing sweet FA and earn $600K and grants well we saw the grants they came and went in some cases like Bridget McKenzie.

Nine years ago we were voted best economy on the planet and our Treasurer then voted the world’s best and we had just faced the GFC and won governed by the Gillard ALP. Bills were passedbut then along came 9 years of listening to “nope nope nope” of LNP government with Frydenberg still telling us we are the worlds best economy when the world says we are not.

Our privately owned MSM Murdoch the largest is proving to be the Australian equivalent of Russian State Media a propaganda machine loved by Putin. It might well be criticizing Scott Morrison but it sure as hell isn’t criticizing the L-NP for dragging this country down economically or reputationally on every social metric. They are after all the worlds best promisers who do nothing and when and if they do it’s so late its a useless token gesture. Yes Morrison promises to make the NBN the best in the world and liberate Christians from discrimination. What criticism there is in our MSM, is minimal and isn’t calling for a necessary change of government. Quite the opposite in fact, they are still branded the best economic managers by corporate Australia while government debt blew out to almost $1Tr and filled the pockets of their donors. The truth is staring us in the face. Are we better off under a Morrison/LNP than we were under a Gillard lead ALP?  Is our material Economy, Health, Education, Wealth, Housing and Welfare better? Have Corruption, Broken Promises, Discrimination, Racism, and Climate action improved? Let’s be the honest judges and not simply accept the word of the worlds worst salesman!

One guy prosecuted for allegedly running a company while bankrupt, ten Crown directors off scot free for washing $70bn through casinos for Chinese Triads, drug and sex traffickers and other assorted criminals. One rule for rich and powerful, another for the rest. Michael West reports on the world of deluxe double standards.

Source: Crown v Shannon: bigwigs off the hook, small fish fried – Michael West Media

Remember the Warringah Motion? Neither do the Liberal Party! – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Let’s not Forget

Ironically, the Warringah Motion was promoted as broadening the democratic processes within the Liberal party which in turn it was thought would boost branch membership, a win win it was suggested. The question is, when the executive of a political party are prepared to scrap their own democratic principles and processes to appease threats of blackmail from a person like Craig Kelly, is that the sort of party with which you would wish to associate yourself ?

Source: Remember the Warringah Motion? Neither do the Liberal Party! – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Coalition’s taxpayer-funded ads over played role in state infrastructure projects, auditor finds | Australian politics | The Guardian

Light traffic is seen on the M1 Pacific Highway during the morning peak hour in Brisbane,

Taxpayer-funded ads exaggerated the federal government’s role in infrastructure projects, while a plan to include former deputy prime minister, Michael McCormack, had to be scrapped for breaching advice, an auditor general’s report has revealed. The Australian National Audit Office made those findings in a report, released on Thursday, identifying “shortcomings” in the Building Our Future campaign, including material that was not always presented in an “objective and fair manner”. The audit examined the framework of government advertising, which is once again ballooning in advance of the 2022 election, and three campaigns conducted since 2019. Government advertising is subject to strict guidelines against party political material, but is often criticised for boosting messages favourable to the incumbent.

Source: Coalition’s taxpayer-funded ads over played role in state infrastructure projects, auditor finds | Australian politics | The Guardian

‘Self-censorship’: ABC veterans decry political interference

ABC funding

By the systematic robbing of a constitutionally formed, Independent Statutory Body, Our Public Broadcaster, of its power to do what it was chartered to do the ABC has been intentionally, and conspiratorially neutered by the LNP. Made beige for the LNPs singular political interest, and that of the IPA’s and Murdoch’s, in a quid pro quo funded arrangement that will continue until it’s dismantled or completely privatized as a News source and agency. SAVE OUR ABC

“Relentless attacks” on the ABC from the Coalition have drained up to $600 million in annual funding from the national broadcaster and blunted its criticism of the federal government, according to a report released on Monday. The report is co-authored by the Australia Institute’s Fergus Pitt and veteran ABC journalist and board member – and The New Daily contributor – Quentin Dempster.

Source: ‘Self-censorship’: ABC veterans decry political interference

Matthew Guy: The greatest controversies of the Liberal leader

MattGolding Cartoons on Twitter: "Matthew Guy says there is no use trying  to ignore the problem of 'ethnic gangs'. 'It is real and it is happening!'  @theage #springst #AusPol #GangCrime" /

Matthew Guy is desperately trying to whitewash and rehabilitate a past that never happened. His teacher Scott Morrison who has been doing it for years. A one time leader of a political party who crashed like Tim Smith drunk on entitlement who not only believed he was born to rule but represented a small minority of like-minded Victorians who believed they were the only ones entitled to profit. Matthew Guy’s record speaks to his belief in that entitlement. However all his current advertising can’t hide his CV and personal history of scandals.

Returning Victorian Opposition Leader Matthew Guy carries significant baggage into his contest for government with Premier Daniel Andrews. In his time as planning minister in the Baillieu/Napthine governments between 2010 and 2014, and later in his role as party leader, he was caught up in a string of controversies involving Liberal Party figures, donors or donations.

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Nauru detention centre operator makes $101m profit – at least $500,000 for each detainee | Nauru | The Guardian


This is an insult to all Australian taxpayers.

The company behind Australia’s offshore processing regime on Nauru made a $101m profit last financial year – more than $500,000 for each of the fewer than 200 people held on the island.

Rard No 3, the holding company for Canstruct International, which has the government contract to run the Nauru offshore processing centre, has more than $340m in cash and investments, according to its most recent accounts filed with the corporate regulator.

When Canstruct International was initially awarded the Nauru contract in 2017 the company had $8 in assets.

Source: Nauru detention centre operator makes $101m profit – at least $500,000 for each detainee | Nauru | The Guardian

A proxy on the house: Frydenberg’s attack on advisers raises alarm

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg under fire over his overreach of proxy advisers

Our Harvard-trained Treasurer has been caught out acting as someone’s puppet and jumped into a stoush blindfolded. He’s tried to install a regulation while nobody was looking and thought he’d get away with it. All hell has broken loose and you know it has when even Murdoch’s Terry McCrann among other major conservatives have yelled Frydenberg’s gone a Fascist mile too far. Josh is all style and less polished looks with little attention to what it means when doing it. He’s managed to make Kooyong Victoria’s Warringah.

The biggest question is why spend so much political capital on such a small issue when it has such bigger issues – the global pandemic, the aged care crisis and a failure to create a federal corruption watchdog – and so little time given the impending election.

Source: A proxy on the house: Frydenberg’s attack on advisers raises alarm

Australia is more corrupt than ever, but the media stays quiet – » The Australian Independent Media Network


Australia has a deteriorating global corruption ranking – and the mainstream media is ignoring it entirely. You won’t read about it in the mainstream Australian media. The story is missing from The Age and Sydney Morning Herald and a Google search reveals no coverage in any mainstream Australian media. What is it that gets so ignored? Just the news that Transparency International (TI)’s 2021 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) has put Australia in 18th place – the worst result Australia has ever received since TI’s new methodology in 2012. Since 2012 Australia’s score has dropped 12 points and our rank in the global index has plummeted 11 places (from 7th in 2012). Keen observers will note that in that period Coalition governments have been in power for eight of the nine years. In contrast to our performance Papua New Guinea is improving and New Zealand shares equal first place.

Source: Australia is more corrupt than ever, but the media stays quiet – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Richard Colbeck should have been sacked over this 2021 scandal – » The Australian Independent Media Network

“Colbeck declined to attend the Senate Covid-19 committee on 14 January. He cited the need not to divert health department officials from their “urgent and critical” work but it was revealed this week he attended three days of the Hobart Test from Friday 14 January to Sunday 16 January.”

Source: Richard Colbeck should have been sacked over this 2021 scandal – » The Australian Independent Media Network

As COVID rips through Australia, is Scott Morrison’s media strategy starting to fail as well?

Why the ABC is so essential!!

Media ownership and diversity are obviously not front-of-mind issues for most of the electorate. But they are not negligible considerations either. Morrison relies heavily on the support of News Corp, which has become a de facto propaganda arm of the government. Anything that unsettles that cosy arrangement would compromise his media strategy and make an already difficult set of circumstances even more awkward.

Source: As COVID rips through Australia, is Scott Morrison’s media strategy starting to fail as well?

Australian researchers condemn government’s ‘political and short-sighted’ funding

A group of 63 Australian Research Council laureates have written to acting Education Minister Stuart Robert with their fears research funding in Australia is becoming “political and short-sighted”

Stuart Robert once again played politics the way a cat burglar does a house or a pickpocket your wallet. He hopes it will go unnoticed. Whether it’s Rolex watches,his personal expenses or NDIS funding Roberts loves to make out he’s the invisible man and wasn’t there. He’s not a representative politician rather than the phantom who only represents himself and his party’s not his electorate or the common good..

The open letter signed by 63 present and former ARC laureate fellows, sent to Mr Robert and ARC chief executive Professor Sue Thomas on Tuesday, said the researchers were “very concerned in the way that applications for 2022 ARC Discovery Projects were managed”. They said the decision came a month late when university research offices were closed and staff would be unprepared to start work by January 1.

Source: Australian researchers condemn government’s ‘political and short-sighted’ funding

Djokovic And Our Strong Borders Or Nobody’s Going To Tampa With Morrison… – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Why on earth did Dan Andrews grant him a visa? Whoops, state governments don’t grant visas. We granted him a visa based on Dan Andrews say so. The medical review was an independent process. Oh look, a high profile resignation, let’s talk about that instead!!

Source: Djokovic And Our Strong Borders Or Nobody’s Going To Tampa With Morrison… – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Number 1 for 2021: The Morrison government is a sewer – » The Australian Independent Media Network

The countdown is over! Number 1 goes to Dr Jennifer Wilson for this article from February 2021 on what would be one of the biggest stories – and one of the biggest scandals – of the year. Congratulations, Jennifer. The Morrison government is a sewer.

Source: Number 1 for 2021: The Morrison government is a sewer – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Using prizes to deter asylum seekers sinks to next level “depravity”

An Australia-bound boat of Sri Lanka refugees waits for help after drifiting into Indonesian waters.

The Morrison Mad-Man’s Plan, Prizes for Detterance sinks Australia to lower depths of depravity. Rewards for “Keep Out” signage in Sri Lanka.

While Australia’s reluctance to meet its human rights obligations is not new, the “Zero Chance” short film competition for 2022 takes our reputation to a new and deeper level of moral depravity. It encourages Sri Lankan filmmakers to come up with videos that might deter their fellow citizens from seeking refuge in Australia via boat. Effectively, the competition proposes that every day Sri Lankans convince their neighbours to relinquish their human rights and win a digital SLR camera or a drone. The suggestion that those who have endured years of suffering may be deterred by a short film, is callous enough. The idea to recruit their fellow citizens to dissuade them from recognising their rights is morally repugnant.

Source: Using prizes to deter asylum seekers sinks to next level “depravity”

Under cover of Christmas, Education Minister Stuart Robert overruled the experts

Stuart Robert took out the trash on Christmas Eve.May be an image of text that says 'Having researchers second guess whether their work will be rejected by the Minister of the day after passing a rigorous assessment process of their peers, is no way to support a research system in a liberal democracy. Christina Parolin Executive Director, Australian Academy of Humanities "'The Beagle Boys by Carl Barks | Beagle, Boys, Uncle scrooge

Like a Beagle Boy serial offender Stuart Robert strikes again

Once again, universities have suffered at the hands of political interference, this time from the acting Minister for Education Stuart Robert who decided to reject six approved research projects. The rejected grants, he said, “do not demonstrate value for taxpayers’ money nor contribute to the national interest”. All were in the humanities: two on climate, two on China, two more on literature. This is not the first time the minister has tried to take out the trash. Who could forget the time Robert was forced to refund $721 million to victims of Robodebt? That too was dropped late on a Friday. Here’s what happened this time.

Source: Under cover of Christmas, Education Minister Stuart Robert overruled the experts

Government defends pork barrel allegations

coalition pork barrel

Morrison admits he doesn’t “govern” for all Australians when he says the LNP are” better represented” when applying for grants. After all, 50% of Australia didn’t vote for him their “needs ” obviously have little or nothing to do with the grants given out. He agrees only politics does. So,his pork-barrelling is quite ok and he’s the better politician because of it. How much a Dervish can he get?

Birmingham claims the LNP supports disability but  only regional areas areas is would seem. He says that despite the fact we know that the current LNP program is to cut the NDIS. Data is data and neither Morrison or Birmingham put up a convincing argument that bribing electorates enhances Democracy , or that they are working for all Australians. When will these pricks stop normalising gaslighting? The biggest distribution of welfare has been Corporate, it’s been direct, and shit, given the increased income and wealth gaps these past 8 years we know how well that’s worked. As a consequence the money comes flowing back by way of donations x5 times that of the opposition and that’s just what is visible. Is it any wonder Andrew Robb quit politics for a $1M pay packet or the many others that are now well paid lobbyists for major industries? Or that Barnaby gets a massive personal cheque from Gina or Abbott’s daughter a scholarship?

Senator Birmingham also pointed to other grant programs that provided strong support to Labor electorates, such as disability support.Prime Minister Scott Morrison put the discrepancies between Labor and Liberal electorates – including Defence Minister Peter Dutton’s inner Brisbane seat receiving almost 50 times more than its Labor-held neighbour – to Coalition seats having good local members.

Source: Government defends pork barrel allegations

No, There Is No Such Thing as the Undeserving Poor

Former Liberal Party minister Pru Goward recently published an opinion piece outlining her views on the “underclass.” Her analysis exemplifies the ignorance, mediocrity, and condescension of Australia’s elite.

Source: No, There Is No Such Thing as the Undeserving Poor

How $2.8 billion of your money is spent — it grossly favours Coalition seats


Liberal electorates received three times more taxpayer money than Labor-held seats, as a detailed analysis of more than 19,000 grants reveals a highly politicised system rife with uneven spending. See the funding your electorate received.

Source: How $2.8 billion of your money is spent — it grossly favours Coalition seats

Morrison woos Gladys to attack ICAC – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Above all, Morrison’s backing of Gladys helps normalise corruption as a way of government and the price of doing business. Whilst it’s a dog-whistle to the “freedoms” mob demonstrating against being vaccinated and imported lies and conspiracies about a deep state, it is also an act of desperation born out a Machiavellian realpolitik that tells him his government needs to win at least one other seat in NSW. “Politics is governed by the iron laws of arithmetic” his mentor Howard drily opined in an absurd reduction that helps our democracy drown in cynicism and distrust. In reality as Tony Fitzgerald argues, we need every politician to acknowledge that “membership of a political party doesn’t excuse them from their personal obligations to act honourably, and political parties to understand that voters will only vote for politicians who make and keep promises to act ethically.”

Source: Morrison woos Gladys to attack ICAC – » The Australian Independent Media Network