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The rise of the Right-eous | The Shot

 The right’s agenda is no longer about manipulating the media, it’s about manipulating reality. And it is not a conspiracy – it is business.

It’s the business of pushing right-wing agendas, the business of creating chaos, the business of maintaining power. If progressives don’t start understanding and accepting that this is now part of how you maintain political power, if they don’t accept that this is happening, if they don’t start pushing and spinning the ball of manipulation back, they will ultimately lose.

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The Problem Isn’t “Polarization” — It’s Right-Wing Radicalization

There is no Left/Right Equivalence in America. There is only the Radicalisation of the Right. ISIS taught us the means and its being applied by the Christian Far-Right’s Fundamentalism in the USA. It’s reflected in Qanon, Alex Jones, the anti-abortion, anti-education, and pro-Militant MAGA groups like the American -Nazis, Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys all of which are fast becoming a Christian version of an ISIS in America where tolerance is eliminated as dangerous, and a pure Nation state created. ISIS was never simply seen as “Polarisation” but Muslim Radicalisation and the American right-wing admired them Israel, Kim Jong-un Orban and Putin for it.

Many liberal responses to Trumpism lament “polarization” on all sides. But the call to return to a sensible centrism ignores the real crises we face — falsely equating those who want to solve them with a far right who would make them worse.

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Extremism expert Stephanie Foggett: How the far right is winning the “information war” |

Extremism expert Stephanie Foggett: How the far right is winning the “information war” |

It will be an anti-democratic world. This world is one where the “white race” deserves to be at the top. White supremacists believe they were made to be at the top. For the far-right and white supremacists, there are people they should rightfully defend, and everybody else is a threat. America and Europe will be white ethnostates, with white heterosexual males at the top of the social and political order who are protecting white heterosexual females (if they conform) and white children. Anybody who doesn’t fit this mold will be subjected to persecution and violence. It’s a genocidal political worldview, underpinned by racism, antisemitism, misogyny, homophobia and anti-liberalism. 

It is truly tragic to see that there are people in the Republican Party, Trump movement and the larger “mainstream” right who are mainstreaming such vile beliefs and the horrors they want to force on the world.

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about the global crisis of

Extremism expert Stephanie Foggett: How the far right is winning the “information war” |

I was right about why Lauren Southern ‘quit’ white nationalism

Why is Australia so important to the likes of Lauren Southern? The Publicity support and nurture given to her, and grubs like her, by Sky News which is global of course. Coupled with the political sympathy afforded her by Australia’s worst Immigration and Homeland Minister Peter Dutton, who’s now lost for something to do she trying to remain relevant. Lies, lies, and more enables a depleting income for Southern which has now been cut off down under by the ALP. Try to get a visa now Lauren your lies are on record and the world has turned its back. Andrew Bolt for something to do might continue to pay you for interviews from Canada but I doubt it.

Lauren published a lengthy video called The Whole Truth on Tuesday. It commits more than two painful hours to unending navel-gazing about all the white nationalist shit she’s ever said or done. She says in the video that she was declared a political extremist in many countries and that this stifled her ability to apply for international visas.

So, she essentially had to make a performance of “quitting” in order to get a visa here — and this strategy was almost immediately successful.

So, I think that means I was right all along. (Tom Tanuki )

Source: I was right about why Lauren Southern ‘quit’ white nationalism

Placing the Proud Boys on Canada’s Terrorism List Is a Threat to the Left

The far-right Proud Boys is an odious and reactionary force. But the Canadian government’s decision to designate them a “terrorist group” is an overreach that threatens the ability of progressives to organize themselves and protest injustice.

Placing the Proud Boys on Canada’s Terrorism List Is a Threat to the Left

Australia must face up to the threat of organised right-wing extremism

A man wearing a 'Proud Boys' shirt and an Australian flag attends the Invasion Day rally in the city on January 26, 2021 in Melbourne, Australia.

Australia must face up to the threat of organised right-wing extremism or risk serious violence, an expert has warned, as the US issued a fresh domestic terrorism alert

Some 40 per cent of ASIO resources are currently directed towards right-wing extremist groups.

It’s not hard to pinpoint those that put the wind in the sails of these groups and it wasn’t the ABC (ODT)

Australia must face up to the threat of organised right-wing extremism