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The defence establishment and Fairfax take on China – Pearls and Irritations

Blue and White globe, Arabia, Asia, India, China, Japan, Indonesia, Australia.

Red Alert brings together five experts including Peter Jennings, former head of ASPI. None of the five is a China scholar or expert.

Source: The defence establishment and Fairfax take on China – Pearls and Irritations

Scott Morrison is setting up another fake fight on a carbon ‘tax’ | Katharine Murphy | The Guardian

Scott Morrison

We’ve lived with their lies and spin for a decade. Isn’t it time for service of the kind Labor provided with Whitlam, Hawke, and Gillard. Service that moves a Nation forward, The LNP has simply taken us to wars and held us back. Their goal has been to service us at the cost of our living experience feelings of certainty about tomorrow and our savings. Our marrow and childrens futures sucked up for the bottom line figures of  their corporate donors and supporters. It’s now a historical footnote witnessed by the number of actual bills passed. Their claim “We can’t rule” because the ALP won’t let us.. WAKE UP AUSTRALIA

Abbott and Credlin flipping carbon pricing into a tax (abetted by the then Labor government that rolled over too easily on the nomenclature) was the core of the weaponisation of climate policy that continues to this day. So every time one of the current generation of Coalition politicians utters the words carbon “tax” and Labor in the same sentence, understand this: they are lying, and worse, they are fully aware they are lying.

Source: Scott Morrison is setting up another fake fight on a carbon ‘tax’ | Katharine Murphy | The Guardian

Let evidence not fear drive policies on trans athletes

University of Pennsylvania transgender athlete Lia Thomas competes in the 500-yard freestyle finals at the NCAA Championships.

Morrison says “screw the evidence” take the bigot’s side on transgender children in sport  “its commonsense”. No. it’s his faith! Research on children shows his claim to be “bullshit”  and that saying his kids are “blessed” is little more than religious orthodoxy. There is nothing common about it and evidence proves it makes no sense.

The Police, and the AFP have found no evidence that his “Captain’s Pick” Katherine Deve’s family have been physically threatened. Morrison’s insincere apology about disabled kids not being “blessed” mirrors Deve’s equally insincere “I’m sorry I’ll just tone it down”. Neither are sorry. Morrison hasn’t reversed his NDIS cuts and Deves hasn’t stopped advocating transgirls are a massive to girls sports. They need to be judged on their beliefs not just their style of argument. They have been and loudly by a bipartisan majority that have declared them wrong, that children should be allowed to be children.

Morrison’s history in politics has known him to be as devious as a Golum and as cunning as a sewer rat when it comes to dividing and fragmenting communities for a handful of votes. It’s how he won preselection in the first place. Others have sworn stat decs which Morrison calls lies but won’t sue for defamation. He claimed he’d sign a dec countering their claims but then backed down for fear he might be prosecuted fo a false claim.

 All of us have implicit stereotypes that guide the way we view the world. Many people will look at a transgender woman’s face or height and think “it’s unfair” if she wants to play in a women’s sport. That is an assumption.

Source: Let evidence not fear drive policies on trans athletes

They were trapped in immigration detention for nine years. Here’s what life after the Park Hotel looks like – ABC News

Two men stand next to each other.

Morrison simply can’t speak to the truth because to the truth of the matter would condemn and reveal him to be what he is on a larger and more intense scale than currently publicly seen. It’s why he’s currently being condemned by so many members within the Liberal Party and why so many are abandoning the Party in numbers and droves never seen before. The Party has shifted to no longer be  a diversity of individual opinions to become one of strategists tactitionsand liars to achieve one mans goal and win at any cost.

Should Morrison win this election the cycle of shattered promises and increased repression will be felt in the first year revealing truth and fakery. But shortly after Morrison’s campaign of lies and illusion will begin again with media aid forging a path to the election in 2025. Dealing in the lies is now the norm, to win the goal, ignore democracy, serve oneself and  a select group supporters and have those least likely to vote for you pay. Groups, organizations and Institutions like ABC, Universities, the Arts, were critical thought might flourish will be dismantled or neutered. Systems that maintain power and enable reward to trickle, no flow up not down strengthened. As a consequence decisions that serve the Nation merely secondary in intent. This has been the increasing autocratic nature of the LNP this century and their ever increasing move to the extreme and religious right.

Since arriving in Minnesota, local support groups have found the cousins a two-bedroom rental property, helped pay the bills and provided medical assistance. “As soon as we came here, they treated us with dignity,” Mehdi says. “Australia has never done that.” Former immigration minister in the Fraser government, Ian Macphee, says the Coalition’s track record with refugees makes him ashamed to be Australian. “People like Mehdi have committed no crime and yet have been locked up with no idea of when they’ll ever get out,” Macphee says. “The inhumanity of it is appalling, it’s racist and it’s hidden from most of us.” On March 24, Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews announced Australia had agreed to New Zealand’s offer to take some of the boat arrivals, an offer made nine years ago. Mehdi welcomed the news but was sceptical: “I think they’re just trying to say before the election, ‘Look, we made a deal’.”

Source: They were trapped in immigration detention for nine years. Here’s what life after the Park Hotel looks like – ABC News

‘Scared’ Morrison dumped corruption commission: ICAC counsel

Scott Morrison has struggled to account for his decision to break a promise to create a new federal anti-corruption watchdog.

In the eyes of the world Australia has slid on the Corruption Index. In the eyes of Morrison ICAC spells FEAR

Scott Morrison appears to be fearful of the prospect of a federal integrity commission conducting investigations, the former barrister for NSW’s anti-corruption agency says. The Prime Minister pledged to voters before the last election to establish a Commonwealth integrity commission during the most recent Parliament, but never did.

Source: ‘Scared’ Morrison dumped corruption commission: ICAC counsel

Compassion – you’re kidding – » The Australian Independent Media Network

However, for the past 13 years, only one party has been in control of the situation no matter the sentiments of the electorate. It s point of political difference as they believe ‘fear’ wins them the power game. Forget the service.

Neither side of politics can honestly claim to be above blame here. Both the Coalition and the Labor Party have played their part in the increasingly inhumane immigration and welfare practices imposed in the name of ‘compassion’. Both side of politics have weaponised human lives. It needs to stop.

Source: Compassion – you’re kidding – » The Australian Independent Media Network

If the ABC didn’t exist, conservatives would have to invent it

ABC chairwoman Ita Buttrose 
 and Communications Minister Paul Fletcher are engaged in a tussle over perceived bias.

It’s not Conservativism. It’s the senescence of Trump-ism = Fear and without it they can’t exist

If the ABC didn’t exist, conservatives would have to invent it. It provides two vital functions to the right side of politics: it is the foe which unites the army, as well as a decoy which distracts progressives from the main game.

If the ABC didn’t exist, conservatives would have to invent it

“Mind-boggling” waste revealed in the record rise in weapons spending – Michael West

Frigate, Royal Australian Navy

Australian governments and their defence leaders, with help from lobbyists, choose immensely complex, overpriced and overmanned weaponry. Wasteful spending has to end, writes Brian Toohey.

“Mind-boggling” waste revealed in the record rise in weapons spending – Michael West

The government’s constant negativity is draining and divisive – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Kaye Lee accurately describes what happened to my feelings as an Australian the day Tony Abbott took over the leadership of the Liberal Party and became PM in 2013. It wasn’t that IT”S TIME  feeling was it. (ODT)

There have always been incidents of nepotism, rorting, broken promises, moral failures, poor decisions, and even straight out lies, in politics. So why does it feel so bad now?

In the past, despite the shortcomings of the government of the day and the failings of individuals in parliament, there was an overall feeling that progress was being made. Not in all areas at once and certainly not equally across society, but we were generally moving forward.

Until Tony Abbott fell into the leadership of the Liberal party.

From then on in, it has been a constant onslaught of combative negativity, destructive and misleading messaging, and a focus on tearing things down rather than building a better future.

via The government’s constant negativity is draining and divisive – » The Australian Independent Media Network

‘Nasty, brutish and short’: Hobbes and the Coalition’s politics of exclusion

Why is this the case? The simple answer is that the Coalition governs for the one per cent, not the rest of us. The big policy announcement in the Budget was a tax cut for the wealthy, disproportionately bigger than that given to workers on the average wage. The policy upon which the Government is pinning its fortunes is massive company tax cuts justified with the now proven lie that employers will pass on the windfall in wage rises and job creation. The lies are now blatant. Turnbull and company don’t even bother with pretence any longer. Their capitulation to the Ayn Randian ideologues of the Institute of Public Affairs is complete, brazen and deadly for the rest of us.

The Coalition is now dominated by the hard right and the politics of exclusion dominates the policy agenda.

via ‘Nasty, brutish and short’: Hobbes and the Coalition’s politics of exclusion

Fear boosts ratings – » The Australian Independent Media Network

There are, and always will be, things we should be concerned about, things we should be working to improve, but they get lost in the political misinformation deliberately fed to us by a government that lacks any integrity, a government who chooses to confect crises and then boast about saving us from dangers that either…

The great Debt and Deficit Disaster that we faced going into the 2013 election has miraculously disappeared (even though the debt has more than doubled) and been replaced by good debt and bad debt. Apparently, when the Labor government invested in stimulating the economy, keeping people in work through the global financial crisis, that was bad debt, but borrowing $400 billion to spend on war machines is good debt.

Source: Fear boosts ratings – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Murdoch Media “Proscribed” – » The Australian Independent Media Network

By freef’all852 To “proscribe” a thing or person is to forbid, blacklist, deny to, and/or disallow actions or substances to be given or taken by persons or person for their use or benefit. So here we are suggesting a methodology to “proscribe” those Murdoch media personalities, backers and supporters who continue to promote hate and…

Source: Murdoch Media “Proscribed” – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Jewish Family Flees County After Fox News Falsely Blames Them For Canceling Christmas Play

A Jewish family had to flee a Pennsylvania county after Fox News and Breitbart reported untrue stories that they had shut down a school Christmas play. Centerville Elementary School in Lancaster, Pennsylvania canceled their annual production of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol this year primarily because the production requires 20 hours of classroom time to […]

Source: Jewish Family Flees County After Fox News Falsely Blames Them For Canceling Christmas Play

The Chinese Are Coming! The Chinese Are Coming! Really, Really Slowly – New Matilda

They come over here. They buy up all the farmland that we stole. And they don’t assimilate. I am, of course, referring to the impossibly clever Chinese. And we’ll get to the perennially screwed over First Australians in a minute. Reports out today cast some doubt on the never-ending xenophobia of Australians when it comesMore

Source: The Chinese Are Coming! The Chinese Are Coming! Really, Really Slowly – New Matilda

Ivy League Academic Removed From Plane And Questioned After Passenger Spotted His Equations | IFLScience

Finally, the world is safe from Italian economists doing mathematics on a plane. Alarm bells were rung last Thursday on a flight from Philadelphia to Ontario, after a passenger saw a man “suspiciously” writing down a complicated looking formula on a piece of paper and notified cabin crew. The passenger told flight attendants she was feeling ill, causing the flight to turn around on the runway. After some confusion, the mysterious mathematics enthusiast was taken off the flight and questioned by security agents.

Source: Ivy League Academic Removed From Plane And Questioned After Passenger Spotted His Equations | IFLScience

Aussie politicians return Rolexes gifted by Chinese businessman after discovering they’re NOT fake: Shanghaiist


In a bizarre case of trolling, instant noodle producer and Guancheng

Source: Aussie politicians return Rolexes gifted by Chinese businessman after discovering they’re NOT fake: Shanghaiist

Americans more afraid of gun violence than terrorism – poll — RT USA

More Americans are afraid of falling prey to gun violence than being victims of a terrorist attack, according to a new poll. As is often the case with surveys on that touch on sensitive issues, the results showed a distinct partisan split.

Source: Americans more afraid of gun violence than terrorism – poll — RT USA

Yesterday’s bogeyman and the petrol tax

Bob Ellis

The terrorism scare isn’t going very well for the Abbott Government lately, with people more worried about the cost of living than ISIL, writes Bob Ellis.

THE HOME-GROWN ISIL BOGEYMAN isn’t playing very well for the Liberals lately.

The boy they shot dead was seventeen. The boy in the recruiting video was a teenager too — red-haired and blue-eyed and clearly naive. It seemed wrong he should go to gaol for twenty-five years, or be targeted for assassination by drone in Iraq or Syria. And the Australian master terrorist Mohammad Ali Baryalei, now reportedly dead – killed perhaps by a fighter bomber ASIO gave information to – didn’t kill any of us, though he probably wanted to.

So the score, thus far, is two of them dead, none of us.

And yet no Australian on Australian soil has died of ‘terrorism’ since January 1915 — three months before Gallipoli, 100 years ago.

And so little is the issue resonating that a rise in the price of petrol of 40 cents a week has overwhelmed it.

People feel safe enough with the Muslims they know and they’d rather gripe about petrol prices.

In Queensland, where it should be playing up big (APEC, old white Christians, and so on) Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk has overtaken Newman for the first time as preferred Premier. In New South Wales, a by-election occurred which, if duplicated federally, would leave the Abbott-Truss government with one seat, not their own. In Victoria, a poll out this morning shows Labor gaining a majority of twenty-five seats.

It’s usually thought a national security scare helps the leader then in power. And it usually does. But Abbott is so creepy and sneaky and malodorous (would you buy a used pregnant bride from this man?) that anything he says is now suspected.

We have found MH370. Putin is behind the shooting down, and I will shirtfront him and say so. I broke none of the eighteen promises you mention, you just didn’t hear them right.

And none of the narrative is working very well.

No Australian troops are in Iraq yet and half the army there is AWOL, or buying their way out of battle, as rich young men did in Lincoln’s time. We are defending crooks and cowards against people we call ‘terrorists’.

There will be minimal precautions at the Whitlam funeral, which everyone famous is going to. There are no body-searches, none, on suburban trains. In October, 500 million train journeys occurred unpoliced. We are hysterical about the Cenotaph, where an attack is unlikely, and blasé about trains, where most terrorist acts, historically, occur.

One of the problems about the whole thing is that ‘terrorism’, lately, has either no meaning, or too much.

A divorced husband who holds his wife and children at gunpoint in a siege while police bellow at him with loud hailers is, logically, a terrorist. A papparazzo with nude photos of a princess he proposes to sell back to her is a terrorist. A U.S. drone bombing a village containing ‘suspected militants’ in Pakistan is practising terrorism. Everything Israel does in Gaza is terrorism. Most of what the CIA does in Homeland is terrorism. Most of the debt-collecting industry is a form of terrorism — inciting fear in a chosen victim, the fear of a worse lifestyle than the one now enjoyed.

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And to call a terrorist someone who has merely talked about blowing things up, as most young men do in their adolescent years, and to put them away for twenty-five years if they do, is to take on the colouring of a South American police state, or Putin’s Russia, or a harsh, provincial, peasant religion punishing women for wearing lipstick, or men for swearing, by flogging them or putting them in the stocks.

There are already laws against killing people. There are already laws against conspiracy to murder. There are laws against attempted murder. There are laws against causing grievous bodily harm. There have been no deaths caused by Muslim ‘terrorism’ on our soil in a hundred years — except the boy we shot in the head three weeks ago.

Let’s leave it at that, shall we.

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200 attended no number on the members, the CPA, Maoists, Bikies, Satanists,Bolt,Jones, tax evading schemes, better in the open than underground

Ismail Al-Wahwah

World ‘deserves’ an Islamic caliphate, says Bankstown sheik Ismail Al-Wahwah

Hardliner tells gathering in Sydney’s west that capitalism has failed and criticises US-led campaign in Iraq and Syria

A hardline Islamic leader from a group advocating an Islamic caliphate says Muslims should be ready to make sacrifices to achieve it.

“We believe this world deserves a new world order,” Ismail Al-Wahwah declared at an event headed by the controversial Hizb ut-Tahrir organisation.

More than 200 people attended the lecture at Lakemba in Sydney’s west on Friday night where Al-Wahwah, a sheik from Bankstown, denounced Australia’s involvement in the US-led campaign in Iraq and Syria aimed at fighting Isis extremists.

The crowd was engaged and calm except for a moment of slight tension when an audience member asked the sheik about the penalty under sharia law for a Muslim leaving the Islamic faith.

A 70-year-old woman also hit out at Al-Wahwah for criticising Australian values and told him to stop waving his finger around.

Hizb ut-Tahrir advocates that secular governments be replaced and Muslim-majority countries unite under a global caliphate governed by Islamic law.

Al-Wahwah said capitalism had stopped leading the world and Muslims were ready to make sacrifices.

“If you want to change, you have to pay the price,” the preacher told the lecture – titled The War to End a Blessed Revolution.

Weeks after 16 people were detained in a counterterrorism operation across western Sydney, Al-Wahwah denounced the police officers who burst into the bedrooms of Muslim women in the pre-dawn raids.

Australian civilisation would pay the price for this for a thousand years, he said. “Who is going to fix the harm done to the women?” he asked.

The prime minister, Tony Abbott, said earlier this week that Hizb ut-Tahrir was a deplorable organisation that had an ideology that justified terrorism.

Al-Wahwah shot back and criticised Australia’s involvement in the US-led operation in Iraq.

The issue was not Iraq or Syria but America wanting to control the world, he said.

“This new invasion will kill hundreds of thousands again and the blood will be on the hands of politicians again,” he said.

Meanwhile it was reported that the convicted terrorist Abdul Nacer Benbrika has been influencing jihadist recruits from prison in a quest to become the spiritual leader of a new generation of Australian extremists.

Concerned over his growing influence, authorities have moved him to a different Victorian prison after several of his followers travelled to Syria to fight with the Islamic State group after visiting him in jail, News Corp Australia reported on Saturday.

Quoting security sources, News Corp says authorities believe Benbrika is seeking to model himself on jailed Indonesian cleric Abu Baku Bashir, the spiritual leader of the Bali bombers, who recently embraced Islamic State.

A self-proclaimed Islamic cleric, Algerian-born Benbrika is serving a 15-year jail term for leading a terrorist group in 2005 that talked of attacking Melbourne’s Crown casino and bombing the MCG.