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QED, Federal ICAC

Parliament is in recess and another year has gone without the Morrison government honouring its promise to establish a federal ICAC. It is clearly reluctant to do so at all, while rorts and scandals continue to erode trust in our politicians. The system is broken, and it will take much more than an integrity and corruption commission to fix it. Kim Wingerei reports. A wise person once said: the problem is rarely the problem, it’s failure to deal with the problem that becomes the problem. The problems run deep in Federal Parliament, but they can be addressed.

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Morrison woos Gladys to attack ICAC – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Above all, Morrison’s backing of Gladys helps normalise corruption as a way of government and the price of doing business. Whilst it’s a dog-whistle to the “freedoms” mob demonstrating against being vaccinated and imported lies and conspiracies about a deep state, it is also an act of desperation born out a Machiavellian realpolitik that tells him his government needs to win at least one other seat in NSW. “Politics is governed by the iron laws of arithmetic” his mentor Howard drily opined in an absurd reduction that helps our democracy drown in cynicism and distrust. In reality as Tony Fitzgerald argues, we need every politician to acknowledge that “membership of a political party doesn’t excuse them from their personal obligations to act honourably, and political parties to understand that voters will only vote for politicians who make and keep promises to act ethically.”

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Michael Pascoe: Attacking ICAC is all about Morrison, not Gladys

Morrison Pascoe

Funny thing about the federal government’s orchestrated multiple “Gladys for Warringah” media moments: They weren’t really about a former Liberal premier perhaps running for a former Liberal prime minister’s seat. They were about lessening the damage Scott Morrison is suffering from telling lies and running what is arguably the most corrupt Commonwealth government in our 120 years of federation.

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Liberals want Berejiklian to run for Warringah, despite ICAC investigation

Federal ICAC

How dare LNP Politicians be questioned for “integrity” by any body other than the LNP itself. Royal Commissions are there to investigate the ALP and their Left-Wing comrades because unlike Morrison, Frydenberg, Dutton, Tudge, or Berejiklian Liberals “never” lie. They have attested to that publicly.

Scott Morrison’s attacks on NSW’s ICAC and endorsement of embattled former premier Gladys Berejiklian to join federal politics have intensified, with the Prime Minister saying she would be a “great” candidate, despite an ongoing corruption investigation.Senior Liberals are escalating their public calls for Ms Berejiklian to switch from NSW politics to Canberra – despite a cloud hanging over her knowledge of corruption by ex-boyfriend Daryl Maguire – in the face of a huge community campaign from Warringah incumbent Zali Steggall.And even as the federal government stalls its plans for a Commonwealth integrity body, Mr Morrison has again attacked the NSW anti-corruption watchdog, hinting that an adverse finding against Ms Berejiklian wouldn’t scupper any bid for high office.“I think she would be great. The way that Gladys Berejiklian has been treated has been shameful,” PM Morrison said on Monday.gladys berejiklian icacMs Berejiklian gives evidence to ICAC in October.“I don’t call that justice.”

Source: Liberals want Berejiklian to run for Warringah, despite ICAC investigation

‘Stunned’: Government reveals no plans for federal ICAC but blames Labor

federal icac

Morrison’s usual escape hatch is to blame someone else. He admits he doesn’t run the country and that the first rule of the Morrison government is ” I dont hold any hose” the ALP does. So why not just call an election and retire hurt?  The tradesman in the hi-viz vest and hard hat who keeps blaming his  tools applied for the wrong job in which there’s an opposition. “ScaMo it’s called a Democracy and you do more than have your picture taken”.

The Coalition government has no plans to introduce a long-promised federal integrity commission and has blamed the delay on a lack of support from the Opposition – despite making no changes to a proposed model blasted by experts as the weakest in the country.

Source: ‘Stunned’: Government reveals no plans for federal ICAC but blames Labor

Old Dog Thought- Three Monkeys See Hear and Speak nothing. Gladys,Guy, and Scott or Guy, Scott, and Gladys, maybe that’s Scott, Gladys and Guy. Three senseless Monkeys all share the LNP virus.

May be an image of text that says 'TRUTH 9 ten 000 ABCSES'

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Coalition derails Federal ICAC on technicality

The Morrison Government recently managed to scuttle debate of Helen Haines’ proposed bill for forming a Federal ICAC, by way of a technicality, writes Ross Jones. THE PROSPECT of a Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) terrifies Scott Morrison. What skeletons might tumble out is anyone’s guess. On Thursday afternoon in Parliament, the prime minister was reduced to a cartoon-spitting monster at the very thought of such a thing. But that little outburst came near the end of a long and trying day at the coalface of democracy.

Source: Coalition derails Federal ICAC on technicality

Old Dog Thought- Jackpot: Trump sliced and diced voters and showed the power of money, media & ratings. MSM invested 4 years in a guaranteed ad return on the election. Money counts.

May be an image of 3 people and text that says '3 years, countless scandals, and STILL NO Federal ICAC 2015 Dutton's au pair intervention 2017 Joyce's watergate buybacks 2018 Frydenberg's $444 million grant to the unknown "Great Barrier Reef Foundation." 2018 Morrison promises Federal ICAC to the public 2019 Taylor's dodgy council documents 2020 McKenzie's sports rorts revealed 2021 Tudge's car park rorts revealed Porter's $1 million blind trust TODAY The Morrison Govt shut down vote on ICAC in Parliament!'

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EXCLUSIVE: ICAC gun club a failure prior to grant

The 1,000-person convention centre at a Wagga Wagga gun club at the heart of corruption investigations is a major white elephant and not one of the “potential conference events” spruiked to get its $5.5 million grant have eventuated.

Source: EXCLUSIVE: ICAC gun club a failure prior to grant

Do the crime – do the time – » The Australian Independent Media Network

The reason Dominic Perrottet became Premier of New South Wales is Gladys Berejiklian chose to join the select group of Liberal Party New South Wales Premiers that resigned before undergoing the scrutiny of a New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption public hearing. Of course, Berejiklian had her supporters, they are the ones that were questioning why ICAC was investigating her, rather than the correct question – why did she resign as a Member of Parliament prior to ICAC passing judgement on her actions? The answer to the ‘correct’ question will come out in due course and we’re not even going to hazard a guess what the final outcome is

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Berejiklian, Morrison and Joyce mugged by reality. – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Nationals agree Net Zero

“Money makes the world go around?” As Gladys Berejiklian fronts the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption, ICAC – only to be told to stop her pre-rehearsed pleas of innocence and virtue and just answer the question, taped phone calls reveal former love- buddy, Daryl Maguire, had a virtual key to the public treasure chest, along with a key to her home as part of her swinging “Love-circle” – as she fondly dubs her retinue of friends with benefits. It’s going very badly for gold standard Gladys and mentor Scott Morrison. Especially Morrison, who’s betrayed by protégé Mathias Cormann whom the PM worked maniacally to make his OECD mole. Then the world mocks his absurd energy “Plan”. Morrison also loses his pin-up girl to what sounds unmistakably like corruption on taped calls, allegedly between the ex-premier and her former paramour. Worse, it’s an ill-timed reminder of the government’s promise of a federal ICAC, impotent, unworkable and now three years’ old. The PM doesn’t want any type of ICAC at all, least of all one with teeth, Rachel Withers notes because most of his government’s ministers would be hauled in to answer to it. Like a squid squirting ink,the Coalition quickly exudes a noxious miasma of lies to discredit the state integrity body and to cloud our view of its own transgressions.

Source: Berejiklian, Morrison and Joyce mugged by reality. – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Gladys Berejiklian’s Icac performance has horrified federal Liberals – but only for exposing ‘normal’ political practice | Hugh Riminton | The Guardian

Gladys Berejiklian

The Morrison government is trailing a dismal chain of scandals. But no one seems to get called to account. Ministers refuse to be interviewed by the AFP. Even a debate about referring Porter to the privileges committee over the secret sources of his legal funding is voted down by the government numbers. No wonder cynics stalk the land.

Source: Gladys Berejiklian’s Icac performance has horrified federal Liberals – but only for exposing ‘normal’ political practice | Hugh Riminton | The Guardian

Old Dog Thought- Extreme religious believers, generally respect the seperation of powers and don’t seek public office due to inevitable contradictions with democracy. History has shown us what can result, the Inqisition, Saudi Arabia etc. So why now do we witness the rise of the zealots?

Julian Assange, Wikileaks

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NSW corruption: Gladys Berejiklian is just the beginning

Berejiklian certainly knew Maguire had been corrupt since he surrendered to the truth in July 2018, but she said nothing, presumably hoping he’d swing by himself while she carried on saving the state from an onslaught arguably caused by her own government’s negligence when it comes to limo drivers and at-risk aircrew. But now, NSW ICAC wants her back for another session. On 1 October 2021, NSW ICAC announced a further inquiry in Operation Keppel would commence on 18 October 2021. Berejiklian resigned on 2 October. Deputy Premier and NSW Nationals leader John Barilaro resigned only a few days later. He says for personal reasons. Gladys will be replaced by the Minister for iCare which has put thousands of injured NSW workers through hell for its own profit. The next session of the NSW ICAC on 18 October will no doubt shed more light on the sorry, corrupt state of NSW. It is not done yet.

Source: NSW corruption: Gladys Berejiklian is just the beginning

The Premier’s Progress: From bags of cash to a concept of integrity

Michael Pascoe

Like Trump Morrison is head down and trying to kill his Party. Trump got hold if the GOP Morrison has merely ensured the rise if Independents, as was the case in Warringah to, rid ourselves of the likes of him and return us politicians who are there to provide a sense of service and not  just a 4 year media photoshoot and spin

Right now we are witnessing a high-speed evolution of political integrity in Australia. In fairly short order we’ve gone from a Premier grabbing bags of cash and selling knighthoods, to a Premier resigning over what might be a matter of diving into the pork barrel to do a mate a favor. The journey from Sir Robert Askin to Gladys Berejiklian represents a tide in the affairs of politics that is gaining momentum. For the moment, the flood is crashing up against a resolute wall shielding the Morrison government’s lack of integrity and its unprecedented exploitation of public money for the benefit of the Liberal and National parties – but that wall can’t last. The disparity between what is expected of New South Wales politicians and what federal politicians flaunt is one of the three core issues driving the rise of the independents’ movement towards the next election.

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Glad All Over – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Cue the sound of one invisible hand clapping – doing nothing undoes everything. The Covid Crusader’s government presides over the baffling mystery of who gave permission to the Ruby Princess to dock in Sydney 19 March 2020 and to let all 2650 passengers disembark. It’s an enigma. At least the ruling elite’s cult de jour, our Hillsong prosperity gospellers, are allowed to come ashore and bring their covid infections with them. No-one is brought to account. What we do is have an inquiry. Normalising corruption is something the Morrison government has turned into an art form, the embossed wallpaper of modern politics. Instead of penalties, Ministers get promotions. Witness sports rorts’ Bridget McKenzie. Back with not one but five portfolios. In the end, Gladys makes a bad exit. Whilst she may appear to enjoy a type of celebrity, this is not to be confused with legitimacy. Indeed, her authority is undermined by the corporate media’s wilful myth-making, in which she is taken captive, made into a type of mascot or trophy wife for appeasing business demands for as little regulation as possible.

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When I Say We Are Going Round In Circles, Do I Need A Flat Earther For Balance? – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Gladys Berejiklian shows she knows Morrison will push her under a bus.

Well, I could be wrong, but I suspect that any day now there’ll be media articles about what a mistake it would be to have a Federal Integrity Commission when ICAC is responsible for such a great Premier as Gladys having to stand down when she’s done nothing more than have loyalty to her partner and if we’d had a similar one at federal level then who knows how many of the great performers like Stuart Robert or Richard Colbeck would have lost their portfolios over some minor issue like forgetting where they left it.

Source: When I Say We Are Going Round In Circles, Do I Need A Flat Earther For Balance? – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Old Dog Thought- Gladys’s tearless political posture was calculated. There will be more to come. ICAC after all is a non-partisan “inquiry not a trial”.

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Gladys Berejiklian backed some huge projects, but two Wagga Wagga grants are in ICAC’s sights – ABC News

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian resigns

Berejiklian spat the dummy and resigned from “Everything” when she didn’t have to. This isn’t the toughest issue she’d faced and didn’t step down.

Later this month, the watchdog will probe whether Ms Berejiklian was in a position of conflict when grants were awarded to the Australian Clay Target Association and Riverina Conservatorium of Music between 2016 and 2018. Both groups are based in the seat of Wagga Wagga, which Ms Berejiklian’s former lover, Daryl Maguire, held at the time.

Source: Gladys Berejiklian backed some huge projects, but two Wagga Wagga grants are in ICAC’s sights – ABC News

Old Dog Thought- ICAC = Idependance and Tranparency. The LNP hate ICAC. The ALP would do what Morrison promised but hasn’t after 1030 days. The LNP hate the ABC too and have shredded it.

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What does it take? – » The Australian Independent Media Network

The list of current LNP members whose conduct in the office that they represent has been overshadowed by underhanded dealings is through the roof. Insult to injury is that they all manage to resurface as the government merry-go-round of ‘how quickly we forget’ spins on its merry way.

Source: What does it take? – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Killing competition and a Federal ICAC, courtesy of the Coalition

When politics is neither a duty or a service and reduced to simply a game of 4 years to set up winning at all costs then there is only 1 party to vote for ant that’s the opposition.

The Morrison Government is about to pull one of its best-ever scams. All of the Coalition’s many tricks take Australians to the cleaners, but this quiet little rort is aimed squarely at Australian democracy.

Source: Killing competition and a Federal ICAC, courtesy of the Coalition

Old Dog Thought-from twitter- two outbreaks which is more dangerous . The Delta variant attacks the lungs and the Murdoch variant attacks the brain.

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Q.E.D: The case for a federal ICAC – Michael West Media

Trust in government has never been so low. This crisis in public confidence is driven by the widespread perception that politics is corrupt and politicians and government have failed to be accountable. The sports rorts and the travel expenses rorts are just two major scandals that have again led to calls for a federal independent integrity commission. Below are a number of stories highlighting political misconduct over the past several years. Few have been investigated, even fewer properly investigated. None have been prosecuted. QED – Quod Erat Demonstrandum – “so it has been demonstrated”. This compilation of allegations is, in itself, hard proof that Australia needs a federal corruption commission to hold government to account! We’ll keep adding to the list. If you have something, to add, please get in touch.

Source: Q.E.D: The case for a federal ICAC – Michael West Media

Car park program shows Australia must adopt Commonwealth Integrity Commission ASAP: governance experts

The Croydon railway station in Melbourne is one of the car parks promised to be upgraded as part of the government’s program.

Governance experts fear Australia is sliding down the “slippery slope” of corruption, calling on the federal government to overhaul its planned integrity commission in the wake of an auditor-general report into a program funnelling hundreds of millions of dollars into Coalition-held seats.

Source: Car park program shows Australia must adopt Commonwealth Integrity Commission ASAP: governance experts

Launching QED: The case for a federal ICAC – Michael West

QED, Federal ICAC

Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, trust in government had reached its lowest level on record, according to a major study conducted by The Australian National University. Just 25% of Australians said they had confidence in their political leaders and institutions. The study of the 2019 federal election also found Australians’ satisfaction with democracy was at its lowest since the constitutional crisis of the 1970s. A huge 56% believe democracy is not working – that government is run for a “few big interests”. Just 12% believe the government is run for “all the people”.

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Accountability in the Canberra bubble – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Most jurisdictions in Australia have an independent body that investigates apparent corruption in politics and government. The Federal Government doesn’t. Taylor has questions to answer over the water rights dealings noted above, as well as the apparent falsifying of data for political ends. McKenzie only ‘resigned’ once she became a political liability to Morrison.

In addition, it is currently being reported that Infrastructure Minister (and Deputy Prime Minister) McCormack awarded 94% of infrastructure grants to areas represented by the coalition political parties.

And they keep refusing to consider legislation for a ‘Federal ICAC’.

What do you think?

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Coalition MPs lead the pack in leaning and entitlement

The Morrison Government has failed to release its own integrity commission legislation for consultation. They continue to stall. Revelations of $100 million of sports grants targeting marginal seats show why a Federal ICAC is needed, perhaps also a special prosecutor. Independent MP Zali Steggall has joined the many voices calling for a Federal ICAC. How many more are needed before those with entitlement respond?

Plato understood democracy but even he could not have foreseen the age of political entitlement. We need to return democracy to the voters.

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Thousands of public servants say they’ve seen corruption as calls for federal ICAC grow – Politics – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Treasurer Scott Morrison gestures with his right hand at a press conference,

More than 4,300 federal public servants believe they witnessed corrupt behaviour in one year, as Prime Minister Scott Morrison faces mounting pressure to establish an integrity commission.

via Thousands of public servants say they’ve seen corruption as calls for federal ICAC grow – Politics – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

#Reefgate, Joyce versus Husar and other scandals: The case for a federal ICAC

From Reefgate to the Banking Royal Commission and Joyce versus Husar to Cash and the AWU raids, the case for a Federal ICAC is comprehensive, writes John Passant.

JUSTICE IS BLIND, so the old saw goes.

It is certainly blind to the crimes and misdemeanours of our political and economic overlords, the one per cent.


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