Scott Morrison is setting up another fake fight on a carbon ‘tax’ | Katharine Murphy | The Guardian

Scott Morrison

We’ve lived with their lies and spin for a decade. Isn’t it time for service of the kind Labor provided with Whitlam, Hawke, and Gillard. Service that moves a Nation forward, The LNP has simply taken us to wars and held us back. Their goal has been to service us at the cost of our living experience feelings of certainty about tomorrow and our savings. Our marrow and childrens futures sucked up for the bottom line figures of  their corporate donors and supporters. It’s now a historical footnote witnessed by the number of actual bills passed. Their claim “We can’t rule” because the ALP won’t let us.. WAKE UP AUSTRALIA

Abbott and Credlin flipping carbon pricing into a tax (abetted by the then Labor government that rolled over too easily on the nomenclature) was the core of the weaponisation of climate policy that continues to this day. So every time one of the current generation of Coalition politicians utters the words carbon “tax” and Labor in the same sentence, understand this: they are lying, and worse, they are fully aware they are lying.

Source: Scott Morrison is setting up another fake fight on a carbon ‘tax’ | Katharine Murphy | The Guardian

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