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Despite Coal Lobby, Australia to Double Solar Energy in 2018 | Informed Comment


Despite Coal Lobby, Australia to Double Solar Energy in 2018

Australia’s march to solar power is a reason for climate optimism because it is happening under adverse circumstances. Australia has a big and important coal industry that spends millions on lobbying and election campaigns, and the Australian government is in its back pocket. They, too, have the fraud of “clean coal” hopes [that is not a thing]. The central government is no friend of renewables. Some state governments are deeply committed to dirty coal as well. Australia has a horrible environmental record and is among the worst carbon polluters per capita.

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The wheels have fallen off | The Monthly

Cory Bernardi on RN Breakfast this morning that he was aware of other ministers having sex with staffers. Paul Keating used to say good policy was good politics. Those were the days.

Apparently MP’s according to MP’s is that they are not bound by any rule other than don’t get caught. Journalists align themselves for information from inside of politics on the understanding that they never publicize or inform the public on the true nature of those that help them in their craft. It seems it’s a very closed industry which makes the public despondant and wise due to the fact that they above all are most aware of their ingnorance. It’s strange that silence is the currency of the elite wealthy corporate and political classes. Andrew Bolt readily attacks those he regards as the left on every singular aspect of their lives and trangressionsthat go back in  years and never accepts the changes that have occurred in their lives. How often have we seen him reveal the past lives of people in the audience of Q&A no quarter given or the rule of privacy there.

“In this ideas vacuum, and apparently timed minutely to the PM’s departure overseas, former prime minister Tony Abbott is grabbing headlines again [$], with a new big idea of winding back Australia’s annual immigration intake to the levels seen in the Howard years, from 190,000 to about 110,000 a year. In typically partisan fashion, Abbott says if the policy outrages the Labor Party, “so much the better”. ” This shows the  impossible problem solving nature of Mr Nope Nope Nope when it comes to politics of Abbott compared to what we once experienced with Bob Hawke and Australia moved forward.

The wheels have fallen off | The Monthly

Comic explainer: how does Islamic finance work?

Interest fuels the financial world. The money sitting in your bank account accrues it, and the credit cards in your wallet charge it. If you ever want money quick, you’re going to being paying a decent amount of interest for having that money now rather than later.

But under Islamic law, interest is explicitly forbidden.

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How We Fight Fascism

that the longer the stagnation and rot of a dysfunctional democracy went unaddressed, the more attractive fascism would become.

Zetkin warned, arises when capitalism enters a period of crisis and breakdown of the democratic institutions that once offered the possibility of reform and protection from an uninhibited assault by the capitalist class. The unchecked capitalist assault pushes the middle class, the bulwark of a capitalist democracy, into the working class and often poverty. It strips workers of all protection and depresses wages. The longer the economic and social stagnation persists, the more attractive fascism becomes. Zetkin would have warned us that Donald Trump is not the danger; the danger is the growing social and economic inequality that concentrates wealth in the hands of an oligarchic elite and degrades the lives of citizens.

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A belated ‘Recognition’ and a ‘new policy’ (Part 2) – » The Australian Independent Media Network


As things stand at the present, Australia’s Constitution does not recognise Indigenous or Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ prior occupation and custodianship of their land.

Actually, section 51(xxvi) allows special laws to be passed to the disadvantage of Aboriginal people, and section 25 enables state laws to disqualify people of a particular race from voting at state elections.

An expert panel recommended to remove sections 25 and 51(xxvi) and adopt new sections:

1) Add Section 51 (A) to recognise Aboriginal peoples’ occupation of the land and continuing relationship with lands and water. The section would also pay respect to culture, language and heritage, and state that the government can only make laws to the benefit of Indigenous People.

2) Add Section 116A specifically to prohibit racial discrimination for all Australians. It would forbid any government from discriminating against a person based on race, colour, ethnicity or national origin.

3) Add Section 127 (A) for recognition of languages and to acknowledge and protect the role that languages have in Aboriginal communities.

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‘They’re laughing their asses off in Moscow’: Trump on the attack over Russia probe

US President Donald Trump.

West Palm Beach: US President Donald Trump questioned the special counsel’s intensifying Russia probe on Sunday while attacking his own national security adviser, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Hillary Clinton, former president Barack Obama, Congress, CNN and others in a nine-hour span of tweets that included swearing and grammatical errors.

The Twitter tirade coincided with a trip to Europe during which US officials and lawmakers told foreign policy leaders to ignore the President.

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Fox host falsely claims the deputy attorney general said indicted Russians “didn’t influence the outcome” of the election

via Fox host falsely claims the deputy attorney general said indicted Russians “didn’t influence the outcome” of the election

Trump’s Tweet

Russia started their anti-US campaign in 2014, long before I announced that I would run for President. The results of the election were not impacted. The Trump campaign did nothing wrong – no collusion!

So the Clinton email ivestigation had no effect

US grand jury indicts 13 Russian nationals for election meddling

Russian trolls created fake US social media profiles that posted messages in support of Donald Trump and paid for anti-Clinton ads, the indictment said.

The indictment said the Internet Research Agency, a Russian organisation, and the 13 Russian individuals began interfering in US political processes, including the 2016 presidential election, as early as 2014.

The Russian individuals allegedly posed as US citizens, stole identities and created fake social media accounts to communicate with “unwitting” individuals associated with the Trump campaign, the indictment said.

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Coalition warned welfare overhaul could worsen poverty and unemployment | Australia news | The Guardian


The government’s planned overhaul of the welfare system could push the most vulnerable further into poverty and undermine their ability to get a job, the Australian Council of Social Service has warned.

Welfare advocacy groups are in Canberra this week mounting a final effort to convince Senate crossbenchers not to pass the harshest elements of the Coalition’s social security legislation.

The bill introduces tougher punishments for jobseekers who fail to meet their mutual obligation requirements and ends the ability for welfare recipients to notify the department of an “intent to claim”, should they find themselves unable to lodge a claim for social security in full.

via Coalition warned welfare overhaul could worsen poverty and unemployment | Australia news | The Guardian

News Corp expands its pro-Trump fakenews despite failing U.S. economy

Most TV news reports over the weekend cherry-picked Friday’s data on January’s jobs. The statistics were a mix of good news and bad. Total jobs increased. But so did people looking for work. The jobless rate for women decreased. But for men, it increased. The overall jobless rate did not go up. It did not go down either. Wages increased over the year. So did inflation.

Naturally, the pro-Trump media highlighted only the positive — in stark contrast to their approach through the Obama years.

via News Corp expands its pro-Trump #fakenews despite failing U.S. economy

The Nunes Memo, Spirit Cooking and Pizzagate

The Nunes Memo, Spirit Cooking and Pizzagate

The Game Plan

Nunes and Trump know that Rupert Murdoch’s lying Fox Cable News will be happy to become The Nunes Memo Network 24/7. They know that Sinclair radio stations (which have virtually taken over radio news nationally) will play it up big time. They know that NewsMax and Breitbart and other right wing webzines will beat this drum continually. They know that YouTube celebrities with millions of followers such as Alex Jones will spread the word of the perfidy of the FBI, or the “Kenyan FBI” as they likely will call it.

They already have 36% of voters and just need to create doubts in or support for Trump in 15% of voters who are independents, and they keep winning politically.

Research shows that people with idees fixes don’t change their minds just because they are presented with factual information that challenges them. In fact, they dig in. Thus, by the time the minority Democratic report comes out, many Republicans will be so wedded to the Nunes narrative that it will be very difficult to dislodge their certainty.

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Now everyone admits it: political donations buy access and influence

Market research for the Minerals Council has shown it is viewed less favourably than the coal sector it was accused of ...

And the politicians insist the money comes with no strings attached: it does not buy access or influence or favours or votes. But it does save taxpayers the cost of financing those election campaigns themselves.

Now the facade is slipping.

Like the government’s new independent parliamentary expenses authority – or a potential federal anti-corruption body – publicly funded campaigns would be another burden on long-suffering taxpayers.

But if we care about the integrity of our democracy we need to invest in it.

Simply put did Turnbull buy his primeministership? and who is he beholden to?

via Now everyone admits it: political donations buy access and influence

The Fox propagandists urging Trump to criminally investigate Robert Mueller

Several of Trump’s closest media allies, similarly seeking to protect the president by undermining the Mueller probe, have been declaring Mueller guilty of crimes and calling for his arrest and prosecution for months.

The Fox propagandists urging Trump to criminally investigate Robert Mueller


Fox News virtually ignored Trump refusal to enact election-related Russia sanctions


blog January 30, 2018 5:04 PM EST


Showdown in Afrin: Turkey’s Attack on Syria’s Kurds Threatens That Country’s Most Democratic, Pluralist Force | The Nation


Turkish Soldiers in Afrin

America turns it’s back on the ground force that ensured the defeat of IS the Kurds.

via Showdown in Afrin: Turkey’s Attack on Syria’s Kurds Threatens That Country’s Most Democratic, Pluralist Force | The Nation

Police on alert for ‘invasion day’ rally and far-right beach party

Liberal’s wish is a Cronulla Revival

Protesters march through the streets of the Melbourne CBD at an Indigenous rally in 2015.

Police are keeping a close eye on the potential for violent clashes at competing rallies on Australia Day, with Melbourne set to grind to a halt as thousands of protesters flood into the city on Friday.

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The forgotten crises: the humanitarian emergencies the world ignored in 2017


Congolese protest against President Joseph Kabila's refusal to step down from power in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of ...

Top 10 most under-reported crises in 2017:

  • North Korea: Food shortages and oppression
  • Eritrea: Drought and repression
  • Burundi: Persecution and violence
  • Sudan: War and food shortages
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo: Conflict and displacement
  • Mali: Violence and malnutrition
  • Vietnam: Typhoon Doksuri
  • Lake Chad Basin (Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Nigeria): Conflict, hunger and displacement
  • Central African Republic: Violence, displacement and food shortages
  • Peru: Floods

via The forgotten crises: the humanitarian emergencies the world ignored in 2017

Australia pips US in global country ranking, thanks to Trump effect

A tourist helicopter circles the Statue of Liberty, Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018, in New York. The statue is closed due to the ...

The country also dropped from ninth to 14th in its ranking on gender equality.

Australia, meanwhile, ranked 5th in the world for ‘Quality of Life’, which included measures such as “economically stable”, “a good job market”, and well developed public health and education systems. However it did terribly on the “affordable” measure.

Our worst ranking was under ‘Heritage’, where we lost marks for not having “a rich history”.

The survey respondents also gave us a very poor score when asked if Australia “has great food”.

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Women’s March Draws Massive Crowds In Cities Across The Nation | HuffPost

“This march ― there’s a lot more rage and a lot more anger in this march, and I think we’re gonna see a lot of women out there defending those who didn’t have a voice before.”

via Women’s March Draws Massive Crowds In Cities Across The Nation | HuffPost

Gang crime: we need a more sophisticated understanding of African migrants

Illustration: Matt Davidson

Most stories in the media about Africa stick to well-worn paths of war, conflict and disaster, reinforcing narrow and negative images. Sometimes these preconceptions tap into older prejudices about the “dark continent” that hark back to the days of colonialism and slavery.

Dutton’s ignorance was revealed and amplified to the world during his prejidiced ‘Boomgate’ moment joking about the Pacific Islands with Tony Abbott on TV. He’s shown it to be even worse in his current response to the South Sudanese in Victoria. Andrew Bolt consistently uses the term ‘African” in a derogative and perjorative way  which exhibits the same level of unsophisticated ignorance that Racists use mimicking Trump in his opinion of ‘shithole ‘ countries. Dutton and Bolt really show Australia definitely the most predjudiced country in the region when they make us out to be the most shithole  when we are not. Melbourne in fact has been voted to be the most livable city in the world and they Dutton and Bolt, more than anyone, with access to media ensure everyone it’s not. Boomgate repeats and repeats and mirrors their bigoted un-Australian mentality.

via Gang crime: we need a more sophisticated understanding of African migrants

Turkey begins offensive against US-backed Kurdish in Syria

Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army fighters in the Syrian town of Azez near the border with Turkey, on Friday.

Turkey has complained for months about US support for the Syrian Kurds. Afrin is controlled by a Kurdish militia affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which has waged a three-decade insurgency against the Turkish state.

via Turkey begins offensive against US-backed Kurdish in Syria

Life, death and politics in Hawaii: 125 years of colonial rule


The effects of a political overthrow that happened 125 years ago in Hawaii could not have been felt more vividly this month. The fear and distress that cast a shadow over the Hawaiian islands on Saturday morning during a false missile alert is part of the legacy of American occupation.

Parallels of Colonial takeover of Hawaii apply to Indigenous Australian takeover.

Life, death and politics in Hawaii: 125 years of colonial rule

Alternative Facts: “Right-wing Gang Threatens People Of African Appearance” – » The Australian Independent Media Network

The impetus for Peter Dutton and his followers like Turnbull to criticise Victoria for lawless African gangs – as opposed to lawless caucasian groups like the ones threatening vigilante action or the youths who rioted in Torquay – was the trashing of an Airbnb. Unfortunately, it turns out that the Sudanese youth who did this were actually down from Sydney, so it’s not because of the Victorian State Government – it must be the fault of the NSW government. I can’t wait to hear the Federal flops attacking Gladys Berejiklian for her inability to maintain law and order.

via Alternative Facts: “Right-wing Gang Threatens People Of African Appearance” – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Cheap Renewables Undercut Nuclear Power

A nuclear power plant near Perry, Ohio. (Nuclear Regulatory Commission / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) Cheap renewables are mounting a serious challenge to nuclear power, which in 2017 has had a difficult year. Key projects have been abandoned, costs are rising, and politicians in countries which previously championed the industry are withdrawing their support. Renewables, on the other hand, especially wind and solar power, have continued to expand at an enormous rate. Most importantly, they have got significantly cheaper. And newer technologies like large-scale battery storage and production of hydrogen are becoming economic, because they harness cheap power from excess renewable capacity. Advertisement This latest trend – the production of hydrogen from excess wind and solar power – raises the possibility of replacing natural gas, at least in part, for domestic heating and cooking and for power stations. Many existing gas pipelines and domestic networks are equally capable of taking natural gas, biogas and hydrogen, or a mixture of all three. The speed with which the transition is taking place has exceeded all official estimates. In favourable locations across the world, including th

Source: Cheap Renewables Undercut Nuclear Power

How Israel hopes to make Palestinian refugees disappear | The Electronic Intifada

Simply call them Fake

“UNRWA is an organization that perpetuates the Palestinian refugee problem. It also perpetuates the narrative of the right of return, as it were, in order to eliminate the State of Israel; therefore, UNRWA needs to pass from the world,” Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday at the start of Israel’s weekly cabinet meeting.

The Israeli prime minister urged that UNRWA support funds be gradually shifted to UNHCR – the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). “This is how to rid the world of UNRWA and deal with genuine refugee problems, to the extent that such remain,” Netanyahu added, calling most Palestinian refugees “fictitious refugees.”

via How Israel hopes to make Palestinian refugees disappear | The Electronic Intifada

What if Murdoch is still Foxing with Disney?

Much of the analysis of the Fox-Disney deal has focused on the Murdoch succession, with Rupert (left) favouring Lachlan.

a more Machiavellian explanation: clearing the path for the 100 per cent takeover of Britain’s Sky, given that the major sticking point has been the Murdochs’ character and fitness.

“So could this ‘Mickey Mouse’ merger simply be a feint in order to ease the Sky bid approval process?” Mangan says.

“Once the Sky bid is approved might some problem appear derailing the likely 18-month process that is the ‘Mickey + Homer’ show? Sure, it will cost him. The break fee Rupe (actually his shareholders), will owe Mickey Mouse is $US1.5bn. But if it secures him 100 per cent of Sky, that price might just be worth paying.

via What if Murdoch is still Foxing with Disney?

Australia’s broadband is slower than Kazakhstan’s|

Australia's internet speeds are lagging behind global averages.

Australia’s fixed broadband is below Kazakhstan on a global ranking of internet speeds, with performance continuing to be below the global average.

The Ookla Speed Test Global Index ranked Australia as 55th in the world for fixed broadband in December, with an average download speed of 25.88 Mbps.

More BS from the LNP declaring 25mbs “is all Australian’s ever wanted for the Money” 2018 sees the LNP lying on the NBN, Housing, Climate, and Youth Crime.  (Old Dog)

via Australia’s broadband is slower than Kazakhstan’s

The President Tweets He’s a ‘Very Stable Genius’


To back his claim accusing Trump of high misdemeanors, Green cited incidents such as Trump’s blaming both sides for violence at a deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., and his sharing of hateful, anti-Muslim videos posted online by a fringe British extremist group.

via The President Tweets He’s a ‘Very Stable Genius’

Teen gang deportation plan a ‘death sentence’, Sudanese leaders warn

Community leader Richard Deng (right) wants the Turnbull government to stop playing politics.


Ever since the Cronulla riots, the conservatives in the Liberal Party have insisted on using and targeting ethnic minorities for political purposes. The Muslim Lebanese in Sydney and then the most obvious black Africans in Melbourne. Andrew Bolt proved just how confused these conservatives were. Totally confused they were calling Islanders Africans Christians Muslims all for the purpose of a political narrative a reality and pattern that didn’t exist. Facts ignored by MSM are being fed to a misinformed public as if they were a trend rather than a series of individual events and are being treated as if teenagers, kids as young as 13 and 14 are reigniting the gangs that walked the streets during the infamous drug wars in Melbourne. We have always had youth crime but it wasn’t always reported. We have always had kids running amok and it existed not just among migrants or the working class. Wake up Australia our Politicians and media are running a con and it’s a highly racist one all for the purpose of  diminishing and manipulating our democracy. Fearmongering of the Howard and Abbott kind is not new to the city the world regards as the most livable. How is it we have to suffer the pall of neo-conservative extreme right wing politicians and a lazy MSM media that gives them voice (Old Dog Thought)“While law and order have been a longstanding problem for the Andrews Government, the majority of perpetrators are Australian adults, and the overall rate of youth crime has been gradually declining over the past decade.”

via Teen gang deportation plan a ‘death sentence’, Sudanese leaders warn

Victorians scared to go to restaurants at night because of street gang violence: Peter Dutton

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton.

“Peter Dutton has blasted the Victorian Labor government over African street crime, claiming residents of Australia’s second-largest city were scared to go out to restaurants at night.” The Age


Dutton is a perfect example of why we ought to be ashamed of our government. Democracy is diminished when Australia’s media play to and deliver this degree of misinformation by a leading Cabinet MP. Dutton an ex cop  from Qld is basically calling Victorian  police the Premier’s marionettes. In fact he’s calling all of Victoria’s educated experts on crime liars.

Dutton should refer to their Royal Commission on Youth Justice and the Australian ABS before opening their mouths and delivering BS and false facts. Potato Head Dutton ex Sargent it seems is ignorant about his own states crime stats when discussing Melbourne. It is shameful and represents the quality of the man who was once a cop and is now in charge of Homeland Security. He didn’t know what was going on during b\”Boomgate” and seems to know even less now.

From ABS the Australian Beareau of  Statistics shows Victoria’s criminal offenders decreased by 3,442 less than Qld’s Mr Dutton going down in numbers. While Dutton’s LNP cut funding to the state by $75 mill.


  • Victoria was the only state or territory in which the number of offenders decreased between 2014–15 and 2015–16, with a decrease of 3,163 offenders (or 4%).
  • Over the same period the number of offenders increased in:
      • New South Wales (by 3,905 offenders or 3%)
      • South Australia (by 2,254 offenders or 5%)
      • Western Australia (by 1,322 or 3%)
      • Northern Territory (by 279 offenders or 2%)
      • Queensland (by 245 offenders or 0.2%)
      • Australian Capital Territory (by 125 offenders or 5%)
      • Tasmania (by 49 offenders or 0.5%)

Victorians scared to go to restaurants at night because of street gang violence: Peter Dutton

In urban Sweden and heartland America, xenophobic fake news looks the same|

Bolt successfully mobilizes and enables anti-Muslim and racist extremists. His far-right media, and fake news sites are coordinated campaigns to promote misinformation. Their motivation may stem from an ideological agenda, the desire to create chaos, And though his misinformation is usually later debunked, the truth generally fails to travel as far or penetrate as deep as his original story, allowing a steady drumbeat of misinformation to continue.

Andrew Bolt’s approach to penetration of mass media is rape of the psyche, the promotion and enablement of hate

via In urban Sweden and heartland America, xenophobic fake news looks the same

Just Business|Pentagon: Boeing wins $6.2bn contract for Qatar’s F-15 | Qatar News | Al Jazeera

Qatar will buy 72 F-15s from the United States in a deal worth $12bn [File: Reuters]

Pentagon: Boeing wins $6.2bn contract for Qatar’s F-15 | Qatar News | Al Jazeera

World’s largest arms exporters

Supplier Arms Exp
1  United States 47,169
2  Russia 33,186
3  China 9,132
4  France 8,564
5  Germany 7,946
6  United Kingdom 6,586
7  Spain 3,958
8  Italy 3,823
9  Ukraine 3,677
10  Israel 3,233