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Peter Dutton’s department blocked white South African farmer’s asylum bid | Australia news | The Guardian

Peter Dutton

Peter Dutton’s department blocked a white South African farmer’s asylum bid because its evidence showed “the vast majority of crimes against whites are not racially motivated”.

A delegate for Dutton also shut down a second, separate asylum bid by a white South African woman who feared racially motivated persecution, arguing there was no evidence she “had been targeted because of her race or gender or that she would be targeted for this reason upon her return”.

To be granted refugee status, an asylum seeker must have a well-founded fear of persecution for one or more of a number of legislated reasons: race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion.

The two decisions, both made by immigration authorities in 2015, appear to be at odds with Dutton’s recent stance in support of protecting white South African farmers.

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BBC ‘normalising racism’ by broadcasting Rivers of Blood speech

Australia’s Conservatives will love this

Public figures including a Labour peer have called for the BBC to cancel the programme, saying rebroadcasting the speech would work to normalise racism.

The original speech was delivered by then Conservative MP Powell to a Conservative Association meeting in Birmingham.

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There’s a case for immigration, and it’s not about us

They examined 40 different skill groups and found “no evidence” that immigration damaged the labour market outcomes of pre-existing Australians.

“If anything, there is some evidence for small positive associations,” they wrote.

It shouldn’t be surprising. Migrants bring with them, or make, money, which they use to buy houses, start businesses and educate their children. They employ people.

What if we don’t want all that activity? What if we want a more peaceful life with fewer traffic jams and shorter commutes?

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You decide Australia’s population, we’ll show you how it looks – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Immigrants boost economic growth by increasing the percentage of people in the workforce. They also tend to be younger, better educated and more motivated than the average resident “owing to their decision to move to Australia”, according to the 2015 Intergenerational Report.

This is especially true in Australia, which has emphasised skilled migration since the mid-1990s.

“If we didn’t have as much migration not only would Australia be much smaller, it would be much older because migrants are traditionally younger than the average resident,” Mr Howe said.

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When Deportation is a Death Sentence: The Fatal Consequences of U.S. Immigration Policy | Democracy Now!

 s1 immigrant deporation deaths

Despite living her whole adult life in Texas, she was deported to Mexico after a traffic stop. She warned a U.S. Border Patrol agent, “When I am found dead, it will be on your conscience.” Within a week of her deportation, she was murdered by her ex-husband.

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The US Role in Turning Countries into Shitholes and provoking Immigration | Informed Comment

The US Role in Turning Countries into Shitholes and provoking Immigration

The alternative to taking in immigrants is to shrink demographically, as Japan is doing and as Germany was doing before the recent change in immigration policy. Urban educated people don’t want a house full of children usually, and so the Japanese are not replacing themselves, and nor would Americans without immigration. A big shrinkage of the population of the sort in which Japan is engaged is an unprecedented social experiment. Who will support the growing ranks of the elderly and retired? Who will build new buildings? What will happen to property prices as houses and schools empty out? Who will serve in the military? Who will invent new technology? Wouldn’t the country become weak economically and militarily and perhaps prey for a younger, more dynamic neighbor? And, no, Trump, Norway is not going to save you from all that. Salvadoran Americans might, if you let them.

Andrew Bolt ran the argument that we are “full” that we can’t afford immigrants from “shithole” countries as well.

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Bannon & Trump lost Long ago: White Christians not a Majority in US| The Australian Right want Eugenics as the basis of an enlightened Immigration Program (old dog)

Moreover, the white Protestant majority of 1976 had been connived at by the Nazi-style 1924 immigration act, which awarded countries quotas, essentially racial quotas, based on the composition of the US population in 1880 before the big wave of 20 million southern and eastern Europeans and Lebanese came in, 1880-1924. The 1924 act and other legislation excluded all Asians and tried as hard as possible to get blond-haired Germans and Norwegians to come, what with them being the superior race and all.So the composition of the US public in 1976 was the result of what was more or less a eugenics program. It was not “natural” nor had it been typical of North America over its whole sweep.

Source: Bannon & Trump lost Long ago: White Christians not a Majority in US

People who oppose UK immigration are less happy than those who support it, research shows | The Independent


British people who oppose further immigration to the UK are less happy than those who welcome it, and politicians are part of the reason for this, research shows.

Source: People who oppose UK immigration are less happy than those who support it, research shows | The Independent

All six of America’s 2016 Nobel Prize winners are immigrants | The Independent


Things may just have got a little awkward for politicians engaging in anti-immigrant rhetoric on both sides of the Atlantic: all six of America’s 2016 Nobel Prize winners are

Source: All six of America’s 2016 Nobel Prize winners are immigrants | The Independent

Politicians’ anti-immigrant rhetoric fuelled post-Brexit hate crime spike, United Nations says | UK Politics | News | The Independent


British politicians’ “divisive, anti-immigrant and xenophobic rhetoric” during the EU referendum campaign fuelled a surge in hate crimes immediately following the vote, a United Nations body has said. BBC News reports that the UN’s Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination said it was “seriously concerned” that British politicians whipped up hatred and then “failed to condemn” racist abuse during the campaign.

Source: Politicians’ anti-immigrant rhetoric fuelled post-Brexit hate crime spike, United Nations says | UK Politics | News | The Independent

Aussie artist faced ‘Kafkaesque’ deportation from the UK

An Australian artist who was deported from the UK has been told that living with a friend in Yorkshire look after her dog, does not represent “the actions of a genuine visitor to the United Kingdom”.

Source: Aussie artist faced ‘Kafkaesque’ deportation from the UK

Migrants bring economic growth and diversity to West Australian town | SBS News

Australian governments need to greater appreciate the work ethic and culture of migrants. That’s the message from 32-year-old Mohammad Sinn. The employment consultant, born and bred in Katanning, a country town three hours south of Perth, said he rarely had difficulty finding work for migrants. “They are reliable, most of them are physically fit and they just get along with the locals here so I think that’s one of the good things of getting more migrants into a small town like Katanning because most of them go into labour work such as the abattoir here,” he said.

Source: Migrants bring economic growth and diversity to West Australian town | SBS News

Border Force officials plan Easter airport shut-down: Abbott’s Pride

Hundreds of thousands of air passengers face potential disruption to their Easter Holiday plans as ABF and other Immigration Department officials threaten to walk off the job at airports and freight terminals around the country on Easter Thursday.

Source: Border Force officials plan Easter airport shut-down

Footscray: melting pot turned hipster hotspot – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Long known for its gritty reputation, this slowly-gentrifying Melbourne suburb of Footscray has become a target for large-scale development.

Source: Footscray: melting pot turned hipster hotspot – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

New Research Highlights Prevalence Of Hanging Incidents In Immigration Detention – New Matilda

The study is the first to attempt a broad analysis of the types of incidents that have taken place in detention as well as the events triggering them. Max Chalmers reports. Reader note: story contains discussion of self-harm. New analysis has revealed the prevalence of attempted hangings among people held in Australian immigration detention centres, andMore

Source: New Research Highlights Prevalence Of Hanging Incidents In Immigration Detention – New Matilda

Guarding against the Monster – » The Australian Independent Media Network

By Anthony Element OAM In 1965, James Baldwin wrote a short story called ‘Going to Meet the Man’. It’s about Jesse, a small town sheriff who recalls when, as a boy, he watched as townspeople tortured and then murdered an African American they believed to be a runaway. They were led by Jesse’s father, the…

Source: Guarding against the Monster – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Syrian-born British woman Zahra Ramadani ‘denied entry to Australia without explanation’ – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

A Syrian-born British woman says she has been denied entry to Australia without explanation.

Source: Syrian-born British woman Zahra Ramadani ‘denied entry to Australia without explanation’ – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Migrants left penniless and suicidal over alleged visa scam – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

A man accused of duping dozens of migrants into paying for non-existent working visas is arrested by the Australian Federal Police.

Source: Migrants left penniless and suicidal over alleged visa scam – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The top 5 signs that your country’s Refugee Policy is a disaster – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Australia’s Minister for Saying-We’ve-Stopped-the-Boats – one Mr Peter ‘PDuddy’ Dutton – was out and about this morning defending what he and his government believe is the best and most successful immigration policy EVER. I decided to check out PDuddy’s claim against the following officialesque list… The Top 5 signs your Refugee Policy is a disaster…

Source: The top 5 signs that your country’s Refugee Policy is a disaster – » The Australian Independent Media Network

The Ditch between Australia and New Zealand widens as deportations climb – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Dylan Fraser has lived in Australia for 17 years but after spending two years in prison, was deported to New Zealand, away from his family and friends.

Source: The Ditch between Australia and New Zealand widens as deportations climb – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Refugee crisis: Brought to you by Western imperialism — RT Op-Edge

While Europe is erecting fences, deploying armies and expressing its “concern” about how to deal with the annual influx of some 300,000 asylum seekers, vast areas of the world – namely the Middle East and Africa – are essentially ceasing to exist.

Source: Refugee crisis: Brought to you by Western imperialism — RT Op-Edge

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton orders deportation of Sydney bikie boss Sam Ibrahim – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton signs papers ordering the deportation of Sydney bikie boss Sam Ibrahim.

Source: Immigration Minister Peter Dutton orders deportation of Sydney bikie boss Sam Ibrahim – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Stopped on the street by border force? Six things you need to know | Australia news | The Guardian

Australian border force badge

Following Australian border force’s announcement about conducting visa checks in Melbourne, here are six crucial facts about police and immigration officer powers

Source: Stopped on the street by border force? Six things you need to know | Australia news | The Guardian

Controversial Australian Border Force visa checks, Operation Fortitude cancelled – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Demonstrators gather outside Flinders Street Station

Operation Fortitude will not go ahead in Melbourne’s CBD this weekend, Victoria Police confirms.

Source: Controversial Australian Border Force visa checks, Operation Fortitude cancelled – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

A voice as angelic as Sam Smith’s is rare, but his wedding happening in this place is even rarer. This powerful footage of over 100 clergy arm-in-arm through Baltimore shows the power of community. A black trans woman explains changing gender vs. changing race. It sounds crazy, but he asks it anyway: What if we got rid of immigration laws? Phoebe Gavin Curator: Phoebe Gavin

Of course, the devil is in the details. But let’s look at the broad strokes.

When countries can trade goods and services freely, they become more prosperous.

That’s because, as professor Ben Powell explains in the video, more people have more opportunities to spend and invest their money. Companies make more money from the increased sales, and they’re able to reinvest those profits into growing their business (like hiring new employees).

When workers can trade their labor freely, they also become more prosperous.

A person who sells fruit in a rich country will make much more money than a person who sells fruit in a poor country. Then that person can use those additional wages in ways to do things like pay rent, buy groceries, or see a movie, thereby boosting their local economy.

That person may even send money to family in their home country, enabling that family to boost their local economy in the same way.

Add them both together, and you have an economy that’s buzz-buzz-buzzing.

If workers can provide their labor to the highest bidder without complex application processes and long waiting lists, everyone could contribute to amplifying their local, national, and global economy.

But we’re not just talking about low-skill workers in the poorest of poor countries. Why shouldn’t a teacher in the U.S. be able to try teaching in Luxembourg? That’s a near doubling of their salary!

But what about native-born workers?

Powell, who teaches at Texas Tech University, says this:

“Some worry that increased immigration would harm native-born workers. However most studies show that on the whole, these harms are non-existent or minor, temporary, and clustered on only a small portion of the population.”

But those are real people! And those harms mean something to them and their families. No wonder there’s so much resistance to changes to immigration laws. Still it’s obvious that we’d miss out on a lot of economic activity if we keep things the way they are.

We need to craft immigration laws that balance helping our economies grow, providing economic opportunities to those who need them most, and helping those who might be negatively affected by the changes (no matter how “minor, temporary, or clustered”).

Scott Morrison is vying to become leader of a new party. Christains without Compassion and Empathy

Republicans Propose Radically Different Immigration Reform Plan


WASHINGTON, D.C. (CT&P) – Outraged by President Obama’s executive orders on immigration, Republican lawmakers, with the full support of their right-wing Christian base, have proposed a different plan to deal with the almost five million undocumented immigrants currently residing in the United States.

The plan calls for a significant percentage of the “illegals” to be executed immediately as a terrifying example to all those wishing to enter this country in search of a better life. The remainder of the “shiftless job-stealing cretins” would be rounded up and forced back across the border at gunpoint.

Possibly the most ambitious part of the proposal calls for a 20 foot high wall adorned with pikes to be built along our southern border. The severed heads of those trying to cross the border illegally would be placed on the decorative pikes as a reminder to those who would try to enter in the future.


Nan Hypocritus, president and managing director of Christians Against Compassion and Empathy, an anti-immigrant group, told Reuters that her group was incredulous that President Obama would take such drastic unilateral action so close to the holidays.

“Thanksgiving is just next week, and Christmas is just around the corner!” said Hypocritus. “How dare he throw a wrench into the sacred holiday season by showing love and compassion to a group of brown people? We Christians have better things to do than worry about protecting immigrants from being torn away from their families and deported to God knows where! We have shopping to do and we are just getting geared up to act like a persecuted minority over the whole ‘War On Christmas’ fantasy! This is just outrageous!”

Although similar executive actions regarding immigration were taken by Republican presidents in the past, G.O.P. leaders are beside themselves over Obama’s orders and vow to make the new proposal law in the near future.

Speaker of the House John Boehner has lumped the new “Final Solution” Immigration Reform Bill in with an omnibus spending package that also features the repeal of Obamacare, mandatory fracking in national parks, the elimination of the EPA and the Department of Education, and the death penalty for Hillary Clinton for her role in the Benghazi conspiracy.

Critics are already calling it the anti-tourist campaign of the century…….Irish Central Commentary

Australian government’s anti-immigrant poster shocks planet (VIDEO)

It’s certainly a marked change of tone from the old days. Back in 1928 Australia was advertising itself as a land of opportunity – but the people it was advertising to lived in the UK and northern Europe.

After the Second World War the country even offered British immigrants a subsidized boat trip for just ten pounds to their new land of opportunity.

Now critics say that it’s ironic that a country founded by Europeans (at the documented expense of the indigenous peoples who lived there) now has the gall to declare itself off limits to foreigners.

Threatening asylum seekers sailing to flee oppression and violence in their own countries has struck most commentators as needlessly cruel.



Never has an Australian government talked so much about freedom while doing so much to undermine it.

The light of human rights is fading in Australia

Posted about 4 hours agoTue 7 Oct 2014, 1:57pm

 Never has an Australian government talked so much about freedom while doing so much to undermine it.When it comes to national security and refugees we are increasingly pathetic, writes Ben Saul.

.The Government’s stocks are rising as it takes advantage of public anxiety about terrorism to ram through new laws. To be sure, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria needs to be combated to protect civilians there. But the threat in Australia is modest and the Government is overcooking it.

Terrorism here is not an existential threat. Nazism, imperial Japan, and nuclear holocaust in the Cold War were existential threats. Terrorism in Australia is a minor irritation. Your own furniture is more likely to kill you.

When our Prime Minister subordinates the magical diversity of what it means to be Australian to some absurdly jingoistic, reductive view of national identity, it is no surprise that others take it further: from hateful graffiti, to calls to halt Muslim immigration or ban the burqa, to Islamophobic attacks on Australian women wearing headscarves.

The new laws also go too far. They criminalise innocent travel to places the Foreign Minister does not want you to go. They criminalise free speech. They criminalise whistleblowers and the media that report them. They allow mass surveillance of innocent Australians on the internet. They deny procedural fairness. They violate the right to social security and therefore potentially leave people destitute.

All of this comes without the binding human rights safeguards that every other self-respecting democracy imposes on its security agencies.

The bill also erases references in our law to the Refugee Convention. The Immigration Minister spat the dummy on international law, saying: “This parliament should decide what our obligations are under these conventions – not those who seek to direct us otherwise from places outside this country”, such as foreign courts or the United Nations. The Minister assured us that Australia would comply with its international obligations – which is presumably not difficult if international law is now simply whatever the Government says it is.

The rest of the miserable story of Australian refugee policy is well known. Protracted and even indefinite, illegal detention. Cruel, inhuman and degrading detention conditions, where refugees suicide, are beaten to death, or die from treatable infections. Detention factories that manufacture mental illness. Naval interceptions and offshore processing based on grand lies about queue jumping, people smuggling, and saving lives at sea. Shifting our burden onto and bribing poor neighbours like Papua New Guinea. Coddling dictators in Cambodia and war criminals and torturers in Sri Lanka. Undermining constitutionalism in Nauru. Our system punishes refugees and tries to stop them coming at whatever the human cost.

Australia receives a few thousand boat people and our politicians – on both sides – some of our media, and many Australians go into meltdown. We have no sense of proportion or perspective, like a child that cannot control itself. Stinginess, selfishness, paranoia, and racism have become defining characteristics of our nation. We are increasingly pathetic.

The major parties are in lock-step on many of these abuses, whether on refugees or terrorism. Many Australian politicians are either hostile towards human rights or indifferent. They prefer to govern by marginal seat focus groups than to show courage or leadership.

Some of the great light of human rights is fading in Australia. It is a cause of sorrow, and shame, that our institutions are incapable of arresting it. Our country has become, in the words of our bush poet Randolph Stow, “a desert of broken quartz”, wracked by the crow.

Trade for Aid is Australia’s Slogan. Morrison has out done himself. “Where the bloody hell are you?” “What the bloody hell are you doing here”

Foreign Aid inducement plus costs will abrogate responsibility.

It will be  a silenent “operational matter”

Cambodia is a refuge for political expediency

September 27, 2014



The Abbott government’s squalid deal with one of Asia’s poorest and most corrupt nations reflects badly on Australia, harms our regional ambition to be seen as a friendly neighbour and abdicates our moral responsibility to the vulnerable.

‘Their standards are not our standards – and it is very wrong of Australia to send people who have come into our care, however briefly, to a country whose standards are so different from ours.”

How two faced can you get? This was Tony Abbott’s withering critique, from opposition in 2011, of Labor’s ill-judged people-swap with Malaysia. The Coalition at the time refused to support the Malaysian deal, arguing – as did The Age – that the rights of asylum seekers could not be protected. Those very same doubts apply in at least equal measure to Cambodia.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison, having initially refused to acknowledge the negotiations with Cambodia with his regrettable contempt for public information, has now made a risible attempt to dress up this deal as a sign of that country’s progress.  But, politically, the country is moribund. Prime Minister Hun Sen has preserved his grip on power for more than two decades by intimidation and repression.

Australia to strike a deal that promises Cambodia an additional $40 million in aid over four years, to accept refugees whom Australia itself has refused to accept, smacks of exploitation.

Offshore processing of refugee applicants in Nauru and Papua New Guinea is an attempt to evade Australia’s international obligations; now, by paying to send refugees to Cambodia, the government is similarly attempting to buy its way out of the responsibility to resettle people found to be fleeing persecution.

It is extraordinary that, beyond the additional $40 million in aid, the government has entered into this deal with an apparent blank cheque, to pay for the costs of providing for refugees in Cambodia. Mr Morrison has conceded the cost is unknown.

Read more:

There is no economic argument for what Morrison is doing. If 20,000 adult refugees were settled to become tax payers of this country at the lowest level $10-15k it would bring the government approx $300 mill or over $2 billion income over the next 5 years and that’s only one group of 20,000. What’s our reputation as a global citizen worth. Nothing it would appear to this government. Immigration,Climate,Security,Welfare,Education have become the most regressive policies in the Western World.

Immigration gave us a country where the armed forces no longer dare wear uniforms in our street….Bolt’s Blog No Alleged here..Immigration did it



Australian Defence Force chief apologises after officer withdraws Sydney attack allegation

Updated 4 minutes agoFri 26 Sep 2014, 2:34pm

The Chief of the Defence Force has apologised after an officer claimed he was assaulted by two Middle Eastern men in Sydney, then withdrew the allegation.

The 41-year-old sailor had claimed he was left with bruising after being attacked by two men of Middle Eastern appearance near his home at Bella Vista, in Sydney’s north-west.

Australian Defence Force (ADF) chief Mark Binskin said the ADF would investigate the officer’s conduct.

“There was a sailor who alleged he was assaulted yesterday morning,” Air Chief Marshal Binskin said.

“I have been in contact with [NSW Police Commissioner] Andrew Scipione throughout the evening and just spoken to him before I came down here now and that sailor has withdrawn those allegations.

“What I would like to say, because this is breaking news, on behalf of the Australian Defence Force I would like to apologise to the Australian community and particularly the Middle Eastern community for any angst that this has caused.”

The claim, made on Thursday, came amid concerns about the safety of military personnel and police officers two days after an attack in Melbourne in which two police officers were injured and their attacker was shot dead.

It also followed calls for “restraint and civility” from religious leaders concerned about heightened community tensions after last week’s counter-terrorism operation involving raids on homes in Sydney and Brisbane.



Back in the 40’s Arthur Calwell  signed an agreement with the United Nations Refugee Organisation to accept displaced persons from European countries ravaged by war. Calwell was a staunch advocate of the White Australia Policy: while Europeans were welcomed to Australia, Calwell was deporting many Malayan, Indochinese and Chinese wartime refugees, some of whom had married Australian citizens and started families in Australia. He was noted for saying “I reject, in conscience, the idea that Australia should or ever can become a multi-racial society and survive.” He allowed the Bolts in despite their  family connections to Aalsmere Holland’s most infamous village during ww2.
Like Bolt Arthur Calwell believed in Assimilation  and coined the most demeaning term to describe non English speaking migrants of European background as ‘New Australians’. In no other country in the world was any migrant so defined effectively removing their ethnic identities. Calwell’s vision made no allowance, of course, for the numbers of the non-Anglo-Celtic element in Australia’s population. Nor did it foreshadow the development of multicultural policies of the 1970s and the 1980s. Calwell’s policy concluded with a plea to all Australians “to help newcomers to become assimilated”. In ideal terms the New Australian would be encouraged to forgo their ethnic identity, adopt that of Anglo- Celtic Australia and within one or two generations be indistinguishable from the surrounding culture. Policies weren’t expected to  encourage the development of Italian Carlton, Vietnamese Abbottsford, Greek Richmond Afghan Dandenong etc multiculturalism according to Bolt got in the way.
Multiculturalism  encourages members of migrant and ethnic groups to cultivate cultural differences and at the same time to have mutual respect, tolerance and understanding for each other, especially an acceptance of ‘cultural differences’ which also after 2-3 generations become blurred. They were transitional not permanent enclaves. For people like Andrew Bolt Sydney rd Brunswick and north to Coburg are a threat not because these communities are not like Malvern  but because they are Islamic ghettoes which his glass ball tells will be permanent and not transitional.. It’s for this reason and reason alone he advocates a return to the old Calwell principals of immigration. The old dictation test could be brought back as a smoke screen to stop coloured & Islamic immigration into this country. Being anti -Islam is not Racism according to  Bolt because it’s a religion. Given that there are 1.6 billion  Muslims in the world & 98% are coloured Bolt can’t deny his Racism  it’s the same colour as his previous conviction under the Racial Discrimination Act. He is Anti- multiculturalism, anti-Sydney rd but not anti-Caulfield and Balaclava rd or anti-Chinese/Malaysian Box Hill. But he railes against Islamic enclaves  the communities and their institutions that support them. These  are havens for potential  terrorist cells.  Well trained professional terrorist cells would be less likely to be found there than in the Malvern st where Andrew Bolt lives.
In total there are 250,000 -300,000 Muslims in Melbourne from 70-80 countries. Not all speak English and not all speak Arabic it’s the language of the Koran. Islam is not their main binding feature their  native languages, cultures and communities communities  eg Dandenong, Box Hill, etc are.As are their varying  reasons for coming. Anti-Islamic cells are far more organised in Australia than Islamic terrorist cells and have done more damage. However when push comes to shove the media, the Islamic hate-preachers like Bolt get on their megaphones and  change the probability of peace. Fringe dwellers exist in all communities but it was Alan Jones who rallied the racists at Cronulla. You herald the white racist Aussie drunks into action not sober Muslims Andrew Bolt. At your ilk’s rallying cry mosque’s are defaced and vandalised as once were Synagogues

 When 100’s of Jewish men raced to Israel during the 6 day war and they were celebrated for doing so not demonised. Most wanted to help not fight some on the other hand hoped they could. Nobody suggested they were going to come  home to terrorise or shoot Egyptians or Palestinians. So 150 Syrians left Australia.Were they all men of fighting age? Why do you Bolt assume they all went for nefarious reasons?  Maybe to help displaced family stands out as a strong possibility to me?  Now10’s are back trained recruiters of cells and suicide bombers. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could train our boys in the ADF so well and so quickly! It takes years to train a special forces digger. But Islamists can do it months.

 All this insinuation and scaremongering is “bordering on demented” as Malcolm  Turnbull said. Bolt is “deranged’ and “unhinged”. He is the primary recruiter of hate in this city it’s greatest danger and lives in Malvern enclave. His constant baiting and demeaning of genuine refugee immigrants to this country is what breeds resentment of course it does, but not from the 99% of Muslim families in this city going about their daily business. Not even from Haddad family or other criminal elements none give a rats about about Bolt. He should however be concerned about  Aussies, of any colour, any age, any gender any creed that hates what he’s doing, generating hatred in this the world’s most livable city.

Below is a list far far from complete of honoured Australian Muslims. How many Dutch migrants have recently made the honours lists  Andrew Bolt?

 Honours List :
Mohamad Abdalla,  
Samina Yasmeen,  
Dr Mustafa Ally,
Foluke Abigail Badejo, 
Yassmin Abdel-Magied,
Dr Ghayath AL-SHELH,


Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose  Bob Dylan’s words  ring true for asylum seekers getting on leaky boats. “Freedom is the ability to walk a mile in another persons shoes ” better expresses what we as Australians need to do when dealing with those we so easily brand  illegal arrivals.  It’s our ability to empathize with them and each other as men, women, children, gays, black, white,  yellow or poor that sets us all free. It takes us away from the days of  poofter bashing and the antiquated laws that we thought once served us.  Empathy that freed us from misconceptions held and will always to do so.
Abbott   has degraded this country trashed it  in the eyes of the world because of paranoid and intolerant reaction to these refugee asylum seekers. People who risk body and soul when they get in those leaky little boats with kids. They know they can’t swim, they know the boats are crap and yet they are prepared to  risk all, that’s desperation.
 The cry  for Assimilation and the end to Multiculturalism is simply intolerance by a few. 50% of Australia is connected to non Anglo/Saxon immigration. Difference is the natural order of things not uniformity. Bendigo & and Shepparton have successfully integrated muslim communities outsiders have stirred up trouble. These towns accepted change did not resist it for their betterment. It should be encouraged. Alan Jones’s racist rants on 2GB fueled the Cronulla  riots. He was not a local nor are those stirring up trouble in Bendigo. It’s why we need section 18C  of the Racial Discrimination Act to remain in tact. Jones  should have been charged for racial vilification at the time. Brandis’s  moronic suggestion” bigots should be able to be bigots” is a promise made to Andrew Bolt on behalf of  Tony Abbott for his support. Section 18c is not there to stop people thinking but doing things that vilify the otherwise powerless.
What are the values we need to Assimilate to? Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve.  Christianity  not Islam? Are the values and culture of indigenous Australia to be excluded.? Aboriginies were good enough to don uniforms and fight and die for this country but when they got home we turned our backs on them. They could die but not vote. If they complained against the bigotry Bolt’s song  like Henry Higgins demands “why can’t they be more like us” You can’t force people into “little boxes, little boxes”, Multiculturalism  is what made America and Australia post ww2 and we flourished because of it.  We are Greek Turkish and Lebanese  Australians. We are not “New Australians ”  such a dumb term coined with Assimilation was the goal. Have you heard of a New Americans or New Canadians?
 Win at any cost, party politics turned refugees into  a political handball it drew out the worst jingoistic attitudes in us but it doesn’t mean they are right. What was wrong is  our politicans backed them selves into a compassionless corner and wont admit they were wrong . Government might be about winning  but it’s also the ability to say ” sorry we have  made a mistake let’s fix it “.
 Razor wire locks people in but it also defines us. As do our jails which are bursting at the seams with  the mentally and physically ill. The young who shouldn’t be there and are now serving a  apprenticeship in crime.
 It’s not a far  stretch to call our current government’s actions Nazis and their apologists the Murdoch press and 2GB the equivalent of Goebbels. Like the Jews the asylum seekers arriving by boat have been publically demonized, maligned  and for what seeking refuge.  Mothers have singled out as cunning  self harmers not worthy of any attention or sympathy because their actions are merely to garner attention and sympathy.  What else have they got to get somebody to listen? What kind of grubs are these media dogs Bolt, Jones and the army of maggots called spin doctors who work for the PM  and Immigration Departments.  120 scanning social media and using it to misinform  deflect, scaremonger or just withold information. It’s to his credit Alister Nicholson retired chief justice of the Family Court has stood up and  said ” The Abbott government has adopted another practice of totalitarian regimes of shrouding its activities in secrecy and applying a false patina of military necessity. What they are doing is now hidden from the public and the media. Goebbels, Stalin and similar types would be proud.”
The current policy $$$  for voluntary return hides the fact that asylum seeker treatment is so brutal that  they have no real choice or options. The Abbott Coalition pays others to do this work under strict secrecy. It doesn’t always work and the news get’s out such as the murder of a detainee and the injury of 69 others.  Scott Morrisson then deflects and would have us believe it’s not our problem or his fault. It’s been contracted out to PNG Nauru G4S etc mercenaries. This government takes them into custody then transfers them abrogating any responsibility.  Scott Morrison said “As the individuals and the centre are located in PNG territory, it has primary responsibility. However spoken like a politician it’s a lie  & the president of the Human Rights Commission  Gillian Triggs clearly stated  Bottom line is they definitely are responsible and the reasons for that is firstly, Australia has the primary responsibility and secondly, we cannot abdicate that responsibility by sending them off to a third country,” “Also as practical matter, there is a great deal of evidence to suggest that Australia is in effect in control of activities and the management of these detention centers, so frankly from the point of view of international legal standards and international law there’s very little doubt that Australia remains responsible.”
Scott Morrison there has been a murder and 69 people injured in one day on your watch. Treatment has caused detainees to suffer irreparable mental health issues.  All done in secret and common practice in totalitarian states. Furthermore you blame the victims to justify your actions.
You can’t rewrite this history it belongs to you and Tony Abbott.



Tony Abbott’s daughter went out on the town. Walking home she came across an asylum seeker who had swum ashore and was wet and cold. So she took the poor girl home. She gave her a meal, dry clothes and a warm bed for the night. Next morning her dad asked how her night went and she quite proudly told him what she had done. She was suprised at her father’s angry reaction.
“You stupid  naieve do gooder Frances you should have rung Scott don’t you realize you have just ruined the rest of that bastard’s life. Give me the phone…….Hello security!! “
Meanwhile upstairs  young girl lay snuggled  dreaming she was finally safe and away from all the danger.

Abbott and Morrison are spending more money on their war on asylum seekers than on any inland war on terror. They are actively punishing and demonizing desperate people for being out of line, not in queue. Firstly queuing is a very British thing and not a universal phenomenon particularly when your desparate.
The British taught Indians to queue but with a few variations. Unaccompanied women with or without children can jump the queue as can unaccompanied children. The disabled and handicapped can avoid  lining up. However Mr Abbott queuing is not the generally accepted  custom in either Asia,Africa,or the Middle East. So put women and children behind razor wire for not queuing is bad enough  but to hide that activity under a veil of misinformation and secrecy is barbaric.
If Abbott and Morrisson justification is that it disadvantages those in line  why haven’t we heard a hue & cry from them? Why haven’t they pointed out the people smugglers  those organizing these boats.  Asylum seekers in the majority don’t seem to see Abbott’s illegals in the same light as Abbott.
The argument that they are mostly economic refugees and not genuine would I assume give genuine refugees more grounds to voice worldwide complaint but we only hear it from our leader? If he is right wouldn’t the UN be patting Abbott on the back instead of reminding him of the human rights agreements he’s breaking? The only hue & cry we do hear is from the village idiots  Andrew Bolt & Alan Jones and the other load scum at the Murdoch press &  2GB. They are Abbott’s media commentators and is rarely found interviewed outside their safe circle.
The prime minister has turned our politics to worse than raw sewage it’s now as engaging as medical waste. He is not interested in foriegn affairs because people outside  don’t vote. Mind you he is not ashamed to take our  internal( blame it on Labour) politics to  the world when delivering  speeches even when the occassion doesn’t warrant it.  World leaders show their countries as a united front on the world stage but not our Tony.  As far as he is concerned we could re-instate the White Australia Policy and our neighbours would continue to trade and respect us. “China respects strength” and afterall we are ” the pivot of Asia “.
Abbott our more of a divot than pivot Abbott a clod or is that the “pillock of Asia”