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Old Dog Thoughts- There is no progress without criticism but not all criticism is progressive

Cuts to JobSeeker, Jobkeeper: out of the frying pan and into the fire

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 28/9/20; JobSeeker, JobKeeper, We aren’t a Public Service; The technology isn’t to blame; Fake News,

Old Dog Thoughts- Fine a bank and deregulate banking to kickstart your debt economy for The Economy

Image may contain: 2 people, text that says 'foxtel aap $5MIL BAILOUT Reluctantly given by the Morrison Govt, only when Australia's independent newswire was on the brink of collapse 40 MIL &$!#% HANDOUT Secretly given by the Morrison Govt over 5 years, to Rupert Murdoch's pay-tv company Foxtel'

Fighting Fake News with REAL 25/9/20; Banking- taking with one hand & giving with the other LNP Economic management; Simple Giving to mates Foxtel; Not listening;

Old Dog Thoughts- If it wasn’t real it should be a musical. Remember the song Spring Time for Hitler

Fighting Fake News with REAL; 16/9/20; Australian Economy, The Shovel, Morrison’s gas; Who took the Shrooms and wrote a script for Trump?

Old Dog Thoughts- Misdirection Jobkeeper and the sole trader isn’t the priority concern surely?

‘The only thing to fear is fear itself’ – the overreach of Australian anti-terror laws

Fighting Fake News with REAL 8/9/20; Job Keeper & the Sole Trader, why is the ABC focusing on the battler? “On the water matters” was of great use to the LNP now everything is a matter of “National Security”

Old Dog Thoughts- The anti- lockdown demonstrations seem as if organised by the UPF or the Proud Boys but publicised as if spontaneous

Fighting Fake News with REAL 6/9/20; The virus is real it visibly damages and invisibly scars and travels silently faster than a bushfire. News Corp denies the evidence and promotes anti COVID restrictions without charge;

Old Dog Thoughts- Scapegoating Dan Andrews on Aged-Care and China. Remember CHAFTA

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg in a suit in front of a TV screen

Fighting Fake News with REAL 4/9/20;How Big Money Corrupts Our Politics (And How to Fix It) | Robert Reich; Josh Frydenberg the Harvard dropkick Treasurer;

Old Dog Thoughts- Abbott wants back,Frydenberg’s scapegoating & Morrison’s just a shadow of himself

Open Up Dan Andrews
The Morrison government is actively considering pulling forward $158 billion worth of personal income tax cuts.
Look what you’ve done

Fighting Fake News with REAL,3/9/20; Tony loudmouth Abbott coming back in London; Humour; The Age and Fake News to sell Facebook;

Old Dog Thoughts- Murdoch media hiding Trump’s brain spill on Fox News.

Fighting Fake News with REAL 2/9/20; What the Fact?! Robert Reich Reacts to the RNC, Humour, The mad monk proves that title is his alone; Trump is a super spreader of ficticious fear spread on Murdoch Media

Old Dog Thoughts- LNP assisted in killing 1mill Indonesians took us to Vietnam. Now they’re Sabre rattling again. Will we ever learn

Fighting Fake News with REAL 28/8/20; Justice for Jacob Blake Means Systemic Change | Robert Reich, Bye Bye Abbott Bye Bye; LNP the War Paranoia and Division Party wants another Vietnam

Old Dog Thoughts-Yes LNP Vic caught Branch Stacking too, Morrison is sorry for Australia’s lack a healthy defence;

Illustration: Reg Lynch

Fighting fake News with REAL 17/8/20; Squeezing the truth out of this government; Stuart Robert rejected pleas for help; LNP Branch stack too shhhhh; The IPA Vote;