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Old Dog Thought- Ch9, News Corp & Stokes all cut from the same racist white conservative cloth and are unique in still unapologetically supporting Colonialism in this country

Warren Mundine with Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price and other opponents of the government’s Voice proposal at Parliament House.

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Old Dog Thought- They say he’s “LIBERAL”

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Old Dog Thought- What we can’t see does effect us, Can’t get Satisfaction

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Old Dog Thought- Maiden amplifies unverified rumours and names and shames Brittany for Murdoch’s benefit

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Dark Money funding Weaponised Unreality – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Floating US currency

The weaponised unreality – or alternative reality – in which the right finds itself immersed has not developed by chance. It is the project of decades of constant work, and billions of dollars. Social media sprays it around the globe, now out of the control of the people who funded and designed the strategies.

The concept of “marketing doubt” was honed by the tobacco lobby from the late 1960s, deferring action on the science that had proved smoking was a deadly risk. Muddying the debate was enough to prevent legislators setting restrictions and courts imposing damages. It is estimated that, in America alone, 16 million people died from tobacco use over that period.


Source: Dark Money funding Weaponised Unreality – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Old Dog Thought- Rowan Dean has the ratings appeal of medical waste

May be an image of text that says 'sky news .COM.AU Liberal Party needs to 'oppose the left and move to the right' 22 hours ago sky news .COM.AU If the Libera Party did what they're meant to do and "oppose the left and move to the right", they would win elections, says Sky News host Rowan Dean.'

“just be more right wing bro I swear bro one more push to the right bro and we’ll finally win an election bro I swear this is what we need to do bro just one more push bro”

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Weaponised Unreality – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Tucker Carlson screenshot on a segment titled "Diversity Police"

What is certain is uncertain mathematical and social scientific theories attempt to explain reality. Certain theories don’t and miss reality all together

It is obvious that the nation is harmed by weaponised unreality. Evidence in the US and UK suggests that the damage also hits the forces that aim to ride the wave. Australia has time to halt this civic damage: the Albanese government must act more firmly on challenging lies if the right will not reform itself.

Source: Weaponised Unreality – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Old Dog Thought- So far as theories are about reality, they are never certain. As far as they are certain they are not about reality. Constant research of facts, rationality and critical thought does however increase the probability of a better understanding. The politics of compromise rarely brings progress.

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Old Dog Thought- If you understand Society you will understand the individual not the other way round

May be a doodle of map

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