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Old Dog Thought- 2021 is the expansion and commodification of individual debt. That’s the LNP’s new welfare bus. Deregulated and free for anyone to get on board.

Business has never been better for Australia’s art auctioneers. This picture, taken in April, show’s Arthur Streeton’s The Grand Canal being auctioned off by Deutscher and Hackett in Melbourne.

Fighting Fake News with REAL 23/6/21; Humour; Pfizer that fizzeled when Morrison said No, LNP Our Global Laughing Stock; Art Boom;

Old Dog Thought- Witness K and Collaery show the depth and extent of LNP viciousness under AG Christian Porter

Fighting Fake News with REAL 21/6/21; Secrets of Labs that can and can’t be revealed Witness K; Secrets of the Vaccine Deal; G7 “That’s not my Job” ; When your money isn’t yours;

Old Dog Thought- Morrison is Trump’s Pivot certainly not Biden’s on China, Climate. We certainly have gone backwards not forwards on his watch. Meanwhile Frydenberg’s yelling we’re the “worker’s Party”. WTF

Fighting Fake News with REAL 20/6/21; China a relationship lost by the LNP; Calling for a new Pivot Japan; Racism and Democracy; When homes are no longer homes

Old Dog Thought- Governments and Corporations unite to shut down Free Speech. Sorry but, Barilaro is a Calabrian name.

The state v Friendly terror suspect: Google, Facebook, 2SM dragged in to Barilaro affair

Fighting Fake News with REAL 17/6/21 Heavy handed LNP fascism & Gov sponsored terror are plain to see in NSW and it’s spreading across the country;

Old Dog Thoughts- What does Morrison have to offer the G7 in the way action and not just promises and a photoshoot?

Illustration: Reg Lynch

Fighting Fake News with REAL 13/6/21; Humour, Erasing Information off your Iphone; Mining and the pay to say Industry; Bruce Pascoe and the real debate; Scientology was never a church it was a donor; Male replacement is no theory;

Old Dog Thought- Isn’t it strange it’s taken 7 years for two acadmics to respond to Bruce Pascoe’s book Dark Emu and largely agree that Aboriginal life and history is more complex than white men have attributed it.

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp has written down the value of its once high-flying The Sun title to zero.

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 12/6/21; ABC, Murdoch, Morrison, The Good the Bad and the Ugly;

Old Dog Thought: Morrison steal an FBI sting to boost himself and grab more police power


Fighting Fake News with REAL 9/6/21; Murdoch Media an arm of government; Australian History; Fascism: Morrison and Dutton move treats us like mushrooms

Old Dog Thought- Is Portsea home address of Melbournes 2nd highest income group or biggest capital gains tax avoiders?

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 8/6/21; Porter and the Politician’s spin. Reality the ABC was defending itself and Porter capitulated. Defamation defense is ridiculously EXPENSIVE for the innocent; Top 1%; Coal Logic; NDIS;

Old Dog Thought- LNP has no policies but “Nope”. Bans ethical Education, Universal Health, Industry Super Funds, the ABC, ethical lending etc etc

May be an image of footwear and text that says 'SCOTT MORRISON LABELS aBc FOUR CORNERS PROGRAM ON QANON DISAPPOINTING' AND POOR FORM' Must be true then!'

Fighting Fake News with REAL 7/6/21; Truth in Humour; Covid Reality of a non functioning LNP; Baning History;Trump; My Bali Office;

Old Dog Thought- Morrison says he governs by discouragement of JobSeeker, JobKeeper, JobBenefits the ordinary rip off and encouragement of the exceptional

Fighting Fake News with REAL 4/6/21 9 Graphs; Gov & Casual Workers; PM discouraging Lock Downs; UK and Corman against Morrison’s climate action;

Old Dog Thought-so very easy to loathe a comparative non-entity, a vapid mediocrity and serial underachiever like Smirkin’ Scotty Morrison. ( Grumpy Geezer )

Fighting Fake News with REAL 30/5/21 Giants get hit; Truth in Humour; Victoria,2021 Rich List Bonanza;

Old Dog Thought- Insider LNP traders are after your Industrial Super fund dosh, have you borrow more and trickle it up.

Fighting Fake News with REAL 27/5/21 ; Fossil Fuel Fiesta; War with China, Pilger, Morrison’s lying ways; Senate recommendation;

Old Dog Thought- Human Respect Australia’s leadership has none yet 60% of Australians demand it

Liz Cambage threatened to boycott the Games on Instagram over the alleged “whitewashing” of two promotional shoots involving the Australian Olympic team.

Fighting Fake News with REAL;17/5/21; Wage Cuts; The Pollie Pension delivers corruption; 4% of the pop 1% recognized; COVID Lies; Bombing of REAL NEWS

Old Dog Thought- Democratic Experiment in a bi-political parliamentary system fails when one party wants power for power’s sake

May be an image of text that says 'DIVIDING UP THE MONEY Grants in minister's seat 3 Grants to seats held by the different parties 5 14 Minister Michael McCormack (Nat, Riverina) David Littleproud (Nat, Maranoa) Kevin Hogan (Nat, Page) Mark Coulton (Nat, Parkes) 19 5 17 Cost of grants to these electorates* 143 $57.9m .9m *Based on The Australian's analysis COALITION SEATS ALP SEATS INDEPENDENT SEATS One grant listed as going to 'various' locations Source: Senate documents, The Australian'

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 10/5/21; Morrison’s Fascist Policy Free self interest, Looking Labor Lite a distraction, Dividing the Money; Post Politics; A ray of light in Tassie;

Old Dog Thought- Nobody laughs at God in a Hospital but Bolt does next to a funeral pyre advertising himself

How Bolt is this smiling over a funeral pyre… So effen Bolt

Fighting Fake News with REAL 4/5/21 HBO Exterminate all the Brutes; Australia’s Genocidal Identity, History, Faux Mo Morrison, Grumpy Geezer,