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Old Dog Thoughts- Money for Nothing

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,24/2/19; Bolt spends a lot of effort on the BS of Meritocracy and equal opportunity. What lane does he believe he was in? If he swapped lanes how did he manage to do it? What Bolt calls productive work;

Old Dog Thoughts- Media Beat Up vs Reality

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,23/2/19; Bolt prefers to concentrate on trivia rather than the Trump enabled real terrorist; Andrew Bolt’s doppelganger on Fox News really loses it; The Bolt Report wouldn’t attempt a guest as risky as that; James Matheson made Bolt look like a fish out of water;

Old Dog Thoughts

This Government has spent almost a Billion dollars on lawyers defending itself. $288,000 on Michaela Cash who hasn’t been charged and is only a witness why would that be? So much to hide it seems (ODT)

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,21/2/19; Fat Cats Budgeting; Will we see a Victorian Bolt helping to sink the country? Madness and lack of integrity by those who would be kings;

Old Dog Thoughts

dead cattle in Queensland

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,14/2/19; Just how far is Bolt from reality when he says this isn’t “Extreme”? The Profession of Medicine is a Left-Wing nest of conspirators; Adani 2nd “show cause”;