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Old Dog Thought- How Trump is Morrison

We keep saying we are the worlds best but the statistics say otherwise. Our COVI-19 death rate among those that contracted it is higher

Fighting Fake News with REAL 7/4/2021; Stop the Bullshit Scooter; The death rate among those that contracted Covid in Aus

Old Dog Thought- What’s so easy in Germany is so hard in Australia

Gender equality in Australia deteriorates again, rapidly, yet the rage for change remains undaunted

Fighting Fake News with REAL 3/4/21; Vaccine rollout and Morrison’s BS; Why is Gender Equality so much better in Germany? LNP Politics over Service drags this nation down and to a standstill

Old Dog Thought- Morrison shows LNP front with his back turned

  A Queensland politician who once fucked up the basic task of counting beyond forty, says members of parliament should be chosen on the basis of merit, not gender.

Fighting Fake News with REAL 29/3/21; The Shovel, Truth in Humour, Morrison’s approval rating down down;

Old Dog Thought- With the ABC trashed who is providing us with news & Information. Whose asking the the real questions?

Fighting Fake News with REAL;28/3/21; Costello & the Whistleblower; Battle of Values, Myanmar the Mirror; Australia and Human Rights, An Aussie Republic

Old Dog Thought- Dutton’s has a send you back policy. Welcome to OZ. I’ve been here 73 years some of us 40,000 and if he could he would.

Former One Nation candidate Dean Smith, who underwent recruitment interview with US-based neo-Nazi group The Base.

Fighting Fake News with REAL; 27/3/21; Aussie Neo Nazis; LNP Men and their swinging …; Go Scooter Go; LNP = Let someone else do the job

Old Dog Thought- Morrison is scared of the ABC he’s lost Murdoch so he’s turned to Costello’s Ch9 but didn’t perform well there either

It doesn’t have to be this Way: England has 33 gun Homicides per Year (equiv. 182); US has 10,258

Fighting Fake News with REAL 26/3/21 LNP and Morrison are going down a crapper of their own making; Scared of the ABC and Murdoch Morrison turned to Costello’s Ch9; Guns,Guns Guns 413 mass shootings in a year; Fake News

Old Dog Thought- Morrison’s scandals hide the real nature of LNP Politics

Minister for the NDIS Stuart Robert is considering significant changes to the program.
He lost his welfare payments now he’s after revenge

Fighting Fake News with REAL 26/3/21 Is Morrison creating scandals to distract from what’s really going on? King Hit the NDIS in secret

Old Dog Thought- Let’s talk Climate Kerry and Johnson tell Morrison “not good enough”
House Floating Down Sydney Street Sells For $3 Million

Fighting Fake News with REAL 23/3/21; LNP Botches Women,Vaccinations, JobKeeper, Distraction;Fighting Fake News with REAL 23/3/21; LNP Botches Women,Vaccinations, JobKeeper, Distraction;

Old Dog Thought- even 100k women couldn’t force Morrison out of his white christian waspish Western Men’s shed

Rupert Murdoch

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 17/3/21; Murdoch doesn’t produce “Original Australian Content he’s a Churnalist like Facebook; Lucky Libs and Guns; Liberals are the White Wasp’s Men’s Western Civilisation Shed;

Old Dog Thought- Government outsourcing opened the floodgates to grifters and a need for improved welfare

Local arts and film jilted in favour of foreign streaming majors Foxtel, Netflix, and Nine’s Stan

Fighting Fake News with REAL 15/3/21; Slipping and Sliding Morrison; Ask Jen; Government punishment; Stairway to Money and the basement winners and losers;

Old Dog Thought- Morrison can’t get the vaccines he promised Australia so he promises a billion for the Pacific.

Fighting Fake News with REAL; 14/3/21; Morrison takes the credit for Aged Care, ALP’s win in WA; New Politics; Womens emancipation; Vaccines; and Wage Theft;

Old Dog Thought- The Morrison & Murdoch are ducks stamping out bush fires. To be Woke is to be stamping out burning ducks

(Image: Gorkie/Private Media)

Fighting Fake News with REAL 7’3/21; Morrison ain’t WOKE he’s Unconscious. Higgins and Tamale are simply demanding their generational right to cancel a dysfuncional culture the same as first nations peoples have been doing for over 200 years

Old Dog Thought- When is enough enough?

JULIAN BURNSIDE: Dutton is still spending billions to keep people in misery

Compare Pink Bats with Aged Care, Education, Child Care, JobKeeper, NBN, Corporate Wage Theft, Grants for Votes and Rorts like water rights then ask whose policies enabled the greatest harm and cost to Australia. Who increased the income and wealth gaps and assisted in the biggest crimes ever allowed to happen without policing or consequences that have resulted in the destruction of health and caused the deaths of its citizens? Pink Bats was a mistake the LNP’s 8 years has been criminal intent. (ODT)


Fighting Fake News with REAL 6/3/21; The big Grift and so many many other crimes; Porter. DuttonFighting Fake News with REAL 6/3/21; The big Grift and so many many other crimes; Porter. Dutton

Old Dog Thought- Current attention to rape camouflages the wider spread wage and welfare rape that being done. Frydenberg is lubricating it with slap on the wrist wage theft penalties and easier to get debt

Inflation is tipped to outpace wage rises for the next two years.

Fighting Fake News with REAL 1/3/21 Debt slavery in the the “Lucky Country”; The Material world