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Old Dog Thought- Tale of two young women asylum seekers one lifted up by the electorate the other driven out by Murdoch’s Media and the LNP why?

Fighting Fake News with REAL; 22/6/22; Tale of two Women; Education defeated the LNP; Covid isn’t going away;

Old Dog Thought- Amazing how much has been saved on advertising alone by Albanese working and not simply promoting himself.

Fighting Fake News with REAL 20/6/22; Julian Assange Australia’s Gift to America; Economic Reality was never Morrison’s; Wage Stagnation; Inflation; World Comparison and Morrison/Frydenberg; Blackmail and Ransom;

Old Dog Thought- 4 weeks ago Morrison and Frydenberg were telling us ” Our economic fundamentals were great the best in the world” Now we hear crisis has “developed” not “inherited” Watch our MSM attack the ALP and worker’s wages

Fighting Fake News with REAL 15/6/22; Dutton, Gas; Inflation;

Old Dog Thought- Under the LNP Australia became one big Foreign-owned Mining Company paying no tax. We now feel the pain.

May be an image of text that says 'Australia COVID 2020 Total Cases 2021 2022 28,407 Reported Deaths 367,097 909 7,273,639 Number of Days 1,331 340 6,808 Cases Per Day 365 84 163 Deaths Per Day 1,006 2.7 44,623 3.6 The first 163 days of 2022. [Data from 11 June 2022, reported 12 June] 41.7 Credit to Prof Mary-Louise McLaws for the 2020 and 2021 data. Credit to for the 2022 data.'

Dying with Covid not Living with it. We once cared

Fighting Fake News with REAL 14/6/22; Covid Stats; Murdoch created Journalist; Cost of Living Gas and the big Freeze;

Old Dog Thought- The woman the LNP would have lead the Nation works for Murdoch of course

Australia’s Pride

Fighting Fake News with REAL; 13/6/22; Credlin reveals Australia’s LNP spirit; Dutton and Murdoch Goosestep; ABC under Paul Fletcher; Fletcher writes for the Murdochracy; Mother Nature Speaks

Old Dog Thought- Any notion of “Government Responsibility” to the Nation was fiction for 16 years of this century.

Fighting Fake News with REAL 11/6/22; Genius behind our Gas Prices; Who could Replace Morrison? Why won’t he move? CEOs are Rumpelstiltskins;

Old Dog Thought- It only took a decade for the LNP to have us slide down the International corruption and Democracy ladders to our lowest point

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 7/6/22 Truth In Humour; ABC, Who’s Peter Dutton?;Susan Ley; ICAC, Ruperts Helpers; Barnaby at the RSL;

Old Dog Thought- Watch Dutton will return to Abbott’s method of opposition. No Morrison/ Trump’s showmanship. He’ll be a slugger of irrational fear, hate, and division.

Fighting Fake News with REAL 6/6/22; Decade of Hate, Division & Culture Wars; Hidden Economic Realities Revealed, Foundation of Energy Prices;

Old Dog Thought- Victim blaming = Dutton might support a voice to parliament. If Indigenous Australia cleans up it’s act. Worse. The Age Editorial “Dutton is correct”

Fighting Fake News with REAL 2/6/22 What children want; What the Coalition want; What Australia has got;

Old Dog Thought- Australia you showed the world how to defeat Murdoch, return a government for all Australians, and regain International respect

Fighting Fake News with REAL 1/6/22; Double 7s = 77 Majority; The New Ministry; The Shovel= Truth in Humour;

Old Dog Thought- Fox News & NRA demand the right to buy guns. They even supply the atmosphere of hate to use them, against each other. How many shooter manifestos like Christchurch NZ, Buffalo, or hate crimes does it take?

Fighting Fake News with REAL; 29/5/22; Guns, Trump, and the NRA,

Old Dog Thought- If they drove Yassmin an engineer & Aussie of the Year out of the country for just speaking to reality. It’s no surprise they have crowned this racist buffoon their leader

Fighting Fake News with REAL 28/5/22; Flashback; COVID-19; Lincoln Crowley QC; Australia “Woke”

Old Dog Thought- Morrison won’t lift a finger to save Josh. If Josh wins he’s next in line for Morrison’s job. That’s the LNP Team

Fighting Fake News with REAL 18/5/22; Dutton loses again; Living with Covid is an excuse; Polls; Barnaby Morrison’s Point Guard;Frydenberg under the bus;

Old Dog Thought- Do you pass the Asshole Test

Fighting Fake News with REAL 17/5/22; Morrison abandons the poor; Summarising Morrison; Kerry O’brien for the ABC; The IPA LNP Marriage; News Corp’s impotence; Asshole Test; Dutton’s Hypocrisy;

Election 2022: Will News Corp’s impotence be exposed?


News Corpse’s business model is that of a paid influencer, not as a News organization. If the ALP wins nothing will change. However, the question of selling a fake product is rarely addressed other than by private defamation action. News isn’t opinion! Yet opinion is constantly on the front pages of News Corp mastheads. Yet, the Herald Sun isn’t sold as an “Opinion Paper”. Their impotence will be felt on their bottom line and editors might be sacked. However, their direction won’t change because they market themselves to those with the money and will continue to do so and they aren’t on the Left of the political spectrum. They will continue to promote fake news and opinion rather than the product they duplicitously promise but never deliver.They are the Peter Foster of Australia’s media without the record of arrests.

News Corporation’s dominance, and its bias, do matter. But they matter less than they used to. The evidence shows naked campaigning and biased reporting undermines trust, and that undermines the purpose of the exercise.

Source: Election 2022: Will News Corp’s impotence be exposed?

Old Dog Thought- There’s a week to go and there’s nothing to think about. Morrison and Joyce they’ve got to go

Fighting Fake News with REAL 14/5/22; LNP Last above the Line and Last on the Green Paper; Counterfiet Promises; Elections and War; Costello Josh and the UAP in bed;

Old Dog Thought- Morrison begrudges a net pay rise in the minimum wage of 0.84 cents an hour. He is one of the world’s highest-paid, Public Servants at $500kpa ++ Perks and Perks

Fighting Fake News with REAL 13/5/22; Election 2022; Morrison/Frydenberg; Russia,


Old Dog Thought- The dirty desperate deal done by Morrison/Palmer but not dirt cheap

Fighting Fake News with REAL 11/5/22; Fact Check; Palmer/ Morrison Alliance; Fighting Bullies; The Shovel; Barrie Cassidy; LNP Rule Breaking; Mattew Guy’s Ignorance; Minority Rule;

Old Dog Thought- More Covid deaths than 2020,2021combined 5000++ in 2022, 50,000 cases “reported” a day and smug Morrison praises his current no mask “Living with Covid” poor global record.

Fighting Fake News with REAL 19/5/22; Standing outside looking in; Polls, Facts gone MIA in the 2nd Debate; Newscorp; Sexual assault points to Frydenberg; Journalism needs restoring;

Old Dog Thought- If Morrison was debating Tanya Plibersek Trump would have been there for us all to see. His and the LNP’s need to rule but not to serve

Fighting Fake News with REAL 9/5/22; Climate Change; Trump/Morrison, Presidential Campaign; Plibersek v David Speers, Stoker the Handmaids Tale; Monique Ryan; Fact Check Morrison CO2;

Old Dog Thought- He won’t put pen to paper on Climate Change. He won’t Nationalise Insurance. But he will make us and future generations pay.

Remember where’s Wally. Try and play Where’s Scott

Fighting Fake News with REAL 7/5/22; Where’s Wally? The Shovel; Truth in Humor; Morrison trips Albo Gaffes; Kangaroo Court; Clive the LNP Ghost;