Integrity bill not priority for parliament: Cash

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With so many LNP ministers demoted for corrupt financial rorts, lies and morally scandalous misbehaviors not just to be now recalled but even promoted this second time around proves the electorate’s demand for an Integrity commission is an essential. Yet, the Morrison government, supposed servant of the electorate, has intentionally avoided establishing what was promised 3years before and he claims he’s not a liar.

What all this suggests is that this has all been just a “Trial Run” for an even bigger Scam, set of lies, and flow of corrupt money this time around because they feel they have got away with it. What’s worse today’s LNP politicians are laughing in the face of the electorates belief in Democracy and they’re behaving as if the electorate works for them and a tsunami money will keep them in power. How Trump  are they?

Federal cabinet has not signed off on a much-criticised integrity commission proposal that Attorney-General Michaelia Cash indicates is unlikely to be introduced to parliament this year.

Source: Integrity bill not priority for parliament: Cash