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Old Dog Thoughts- LNP- Is the WW2 Italian Tank 1 gear Foward 5 Backward

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 30/8/19; Scumbag College truth in Humour; LNP spinning like Trump a fake reality; Dutton says China is Harsh and inhumane, LNP is like and Italian Tank 1 gear forward 5 gears backward;

Trump Mocks Americans With His Hidden Deal Trick | Crooks and Liars

Screenshot_2019-06-12 Trump Mocks Americans With His Hidden Deal Trick.pngDonald Trump claimed that he struck a new mystery deal with Mexico which he refuses to tell the American people about. It’s a secret, he says.

Mexico has already denied much of what Trump stated as fact.

Many political pundits and politicians predicted that he would never go through with his proposed 5% tariff on Mexican goods if they didn’t stop the flow of migrants into America. Even many of his Republican devotees were furious at his tariff threat, especially since the taxes were not tied to trade agreements but instead tied to his anger at his failures on his singular political issue.

During a press pool spray Tuesday, Trump took it further by mocking the press and Americans with this moronic exhibition of decadence.

“Right here is the agreement It’s very simple, it’s right here,” Trump said, acting more like a carnival barker than an actual United States president.

Trump then removes a piece of paper from inside his pocket.

“And in here is everything you want to talk about.”


“It’s done. It’s done. It’s all done.”

Josh Marshall writes, “President Trump is being pressed to back up claims he has a secret agreement for Mexico to buy billions of additional American agricultural goods, a claim Mexico denies. Trump later explained that the secret deal ‘goes into effect when I want it to.'”

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Trump’s Mexico/Tariff Scam | The Smirking Chimp

So in fact, Trump’s (and Hewitt’s) much-ballyhooed “Great Tariff Avoidance” of last week was just another Trumpian scam.

It was Trump who surrendered, not Mexico.

He was laboring under tremendous pressure from “global leaders, business executives, Republican and Democratic lawmakers, and members of his own staff” to cancel his economically devastating tariff threats. And he finally caved — but first he had to magically convert what was indeed an embarrassing defeat into another Trumpian victory.

The swindling just never ends.

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Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself… And A Coalition Campaign Built On It – New Matilda

The Coalition lacks policies. It also lacks charisma. It has no other option but fear, writes Ben Eltham.

Labor has spent years honing and sandbagging its policy platform, which on any sensible judgment is moderate and achievable. In contrast, the Coalition has spent the last three years consumed by its own internal hatreds. Now that the crisis has arrived, the Coalition finds itself without a coherent assault plan to break down Labor’s platform. Time is running out.

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Sigh…not the “great big new tax” line again – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Didn’t  Morrison tell us the banks didn’t need a Royal Commission? It showed just how much they were ripping off retirees and who was supporting them. (ODT)

The same old dog-eared Liberal Party playbook has been dragged out again with Liberal Party federal director Andrew Hirst warning voters about Labor’s “great big new tax on ­retirement savings”.

ProMo has embraced the talking points, accusing Labor of wanting to “take to hardworking retirees who’ve done nothing more than do the right thing and save for their retirement and try to get ahead”.

Hang on.

Wasn’t it Scott Morrison’s 2016 budget that caused over 330,000 Age Pensioners to have their entitlements cut with at least 100,000 of those losing all pension entitlements?

And didn’t the then Treasurer for Graphs also try to retrospectively introduce a lifetime cap on non-concessional superannuation contributions (NCC) of $500,000?

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Hannity Desperately Tries To Bail Out The Sinking Wall Ship | Crooks and Liars

After Donald Trump caved to Nancy Pelosi on Friday, Hannity was trying hard to buck up his sad listeners over the mythical wall they will never get.

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Stop it! – » The Australian Independent Media Network

The fact is Australia is near the bottom of the ladder of OECD countries when it comes to the job market (ODT)

I am getting so sick and tired of seeing the constant stream of Murdoch News Corp and LNP Government bash-a-welfare-bludger propaganda stories in the media, all done in the name of turning the general population against people who are seeking employment, or are in receipt of any Social Security payment for that matter.

It obviously serves an agenda of trying to keep our attention away from the abysmal job market; the expansion of part-time work vs full time permanent positions and the ever increasing casualisation of our workforce. Not to mention the fact that available jobs are now outnumbered by unemployed people many, many times over. Add in the vast under-employed number of people and we have a crisis on our hands.

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Fact check: Tony Abbott’s claim Labor spent like ‘drunken sailors’ in office is spin

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says Labor's spending was out of control.

  • The claim: Prime Minister Tony Abbott says growth in spending is lower under the Coalition than it was under Labor.
  • The verdict: Experts say Labor’s one-off stimulus spending to combat the GFC distorts Mr Abbott’s comparison, and opposition in the Senate to proposed spending cuts could change the estimates for the Abbott Government. What’s more, measured as a proportion of gross domestic product, spending under the Abbott Government has been higher than in all but one of Labor’s years in government. Mr Abbott’s claim is spin.