I was right about why Lauren Southern ‘quit’ white nationalism

Why is Australia so important to the likes of Lauren Southern? The Publicity support and nurture given to her, and grubs like her, by Sky News which is global of course. Coupled with the political sympathy afforded her by Australia’s worst Immigration and Homeland Minister Peter Dutton, who’s now lost for something to do she trying to remain relevant. Lies, lies, and more enables a depleting income for Southern which has now been cut off down under by the ALP. Try to get a visa now Lauren your lies are on record and the world has turned its back. Andrew Bolt for something to do might continue to pay you for interviews from Canada but I doubt it.

Lauren published a lengthy video called The Whole Truth on Tuesday. It commits more than two painful hours to unending navel-gazing about all the white nationalist shit she’s ever said or done. She says in the video that she was declared a political extremist in many countries and that this stifled her ability to apply for international visas.

So, she essentially had to make a performance of “quitting” in order to get a visa here — and this strategy was almost immediately successful.

So, I think that means I was right all along. (Tom Tanuki )

Source: I was right about why Lauren Southern ‘quit’ white nationalism

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