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Australia’s homeless — third highest rate and street homeless deaths increasing

I haven’t met a person who lived or lives on the streets and has not said that it is the hardest, scariest, worst of living.

Australia’s homeless — third highest rate and street homeless deaths increasing

Morrison and Murdoch take on Google and Facebook

Morrison owes Murdoch. This proposed industry code kills two birds with one stone. It pays back Murdoch and ensures a Coalition friendly media.

Couple this with locking the ABC out it’s the equivalent of intended assassination by Novochock and asking who did it?

It rewards the big media players for their failure and throws the smaller media outlets to the lions.

We will lose what little balance is left in our media if the Opposition doesn’t step up.


Morrison and Murdoch take on Google and Facebook

Australia takes high moral ground as China expels journalists


Australia takes high moral ground as China expels journalists
cheng lei bill birtles michael smith

Multiple Chinese media sources now claim the ASIO raided four Chinese journalists in Australia. Given the focus on Chinese espionage in Australia at the moment this may be true — and could possibly tip the problem on its head — but the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade would not confirm or deny it.

Australia takes high moral ground as China expels journalists

Blunder from Down Under – » The Australian Independent Media Network

So why is Australia plunging into a rapidly emptying summer swimming pool? The answer can be found in the mutterings of the far right extremists now in charge of the National and Liberal parties, and our national destiny There is no stopping this wrecking crew. Thus far The Usual Suspects – Craig Kelly MP, Josh Frydenberg MP and Senator Richard Colbeck — are blaming Victorian Premier Dan Andrews for the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. And calling for the use of a dangerous, ineffective drug to treat the disease, while denying responsibility for the deaths of hundreds of men and women languishing in a privatised aged care system. But all this is as nothing when compared with the embarrassment of the Blunder from Down Under, the onion eating serial misogynist, and climate denying failed Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott.

Blunder from Down Under – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Senior Liberal MP denounces ‘totalitarian’ Chinese rule on secret tape

Senior government MP Kevin Andrews on a Zoom call talking about China.

The LNP since the 50’s have assisted in the deaths of 1 million Indonesians morally supporting the downfall of the Soekarno Government. Followed the US blindly into Vietnam to kill and to lose and stop nothing. Now they are sabre rattling again. Can they only rule by fear paranoia division and social control? Morrison on about National Security ” Cant’ talk about that” secrecy and Australia First.
They know how to bully and fight but not how to govern. They’ll readily share their fuck ups like aged care and the take the generosity. But deny that their Branch Stacking was the same .
Social investment and progress have largely been seen only at the hands of the ALP. Health, Education and Social Welfare would have remained a backwater if left to god bothering Christians like Kevin Andrews and Tony Abbott now it’s in the hands of an evangelical like Morrison. Does Australia really need another war for the sake of their political must win at all cost game. We pay them for service not to service us. (ODT)

Liberal Party elder and former defence minister Kevin Andrews has launched a savage attack on the Chinese government in a private party forum, saying President Xi Jinping was running “the most complete totalitarian regime that we’ve seen probably on the face of this earth”.

Senior Liberal MP denounces ‘totalitarian’ Chinese rule on secret tape

My university degree was life-changing. Putting them out of reach is elitist and wrong | Sarah Maddison | Opinion | The Guardian

students in quadrangle at Sydney University

Saddling individuals with a high level of future debt inevitably turns away those who do not have money in the first place

My university degree was life-changing. Putting them out of reach is elitist and wrong | Sarah Maddison | Opinion | The Guardian

PM must sack Michael Sukkar over Liberal party branch-stacking allegations, Labor says | Australia news | The Guardian


The assistant treasurer and housing minister, Michael Sukkar

Liberal party powerbroker Marcus Bastiaan resigns after being accused of organising staff to recruit members

PM must sack Michael Sukkar over Liberal party branch-stacking allegations, Labor says | Australia news | The Guardian


As the Christchurch shooter faces sentencing, what has Australia learned about far-right terror? | World news | The Guardian

A man walks past flowers laid outside the Al Noor mosque on the first anniversary of the Christchurch shooting

Andrew Bolt denied he had any influence on the Christchurch shooter however he certainly promoted the European Identitarian movement by giving air time to the likes of Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux. Bolt also gave air time to Blair Cotteral head of the UPF all influencers of the NZ mass-shooter. On the occassion of the aftermath of that massacre Bolt literally went to ground for 3-4 days as if told to be extremely careful about how he was to respond to the event given Sky News was cut off by the NZ government for attempting to continue to broadcast it live when asked not to..

It’s about time that the use of free speech as a feeble justification for the right to commercial profitability carried with it some responsibility as does the sale of other dangerous products in our so called “free market” Some accountability is needed to prevent the damage that flows from irresponsible broadcasting and the selling of right-wing ideology as fake news or merely opinion that allows Bolt to get away with inspiring murder mayhem and chaos.

Let’s face it after the bombings in Barcelona he said he “admired” the commitment to cause the young terrorists hand and wished young Christians were the same and not “gutless” If thats not throwing down a challenge what is? (ODT)

From the document the perpetrator posted online before the shooting, the messages he scrawled on the weapons he used and his links to the European Identitarian movement, it was clear he wanted to brand himself as a member of a larger global community. Certainly the links to the far right in Australia were real enough. After the shooting, the leader of an Australian white nationalist group said he had previously approached the Christchurch shooter to join his Lad’s Society, and an investigation by the ABC found he had posted online comments supporting another Australian far right group, the United Patriots Front, as early as April 2016. Advertisement He also praised the UPF founder, Blair Cottrell, as the “true leader of the nationalist movement in Australia” and dubbed him “Emperor” on the night of Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 US election. Cottrell has said he did not know the gunman and recently described him as “an idiot”.

As the Christchurch shooter faces sentencing, what has Australia learned about far-right terror? | World news | The Guardian

The disgrace of aged care is a national flaw – the failure to plan

John Hewson

About two-thirds of our 331 COVID deaths have been of aged Australians. From the outset it was known that the deaths would be concentrated among the aged. Indeed, Australia has one of the highest aged death rates from COVID-19 in the world.

How was the virus allowed to run from one aged-care facility to another, from one aged-care cluster to another, without a decisive response?

The federal government has a clear, overarching responsibility for aged care, but this week it has moved to blatant blame-shifting. The Minister for Aged Care, Richard Colbeck, has told us that while the federal government is “responsible for the management and regulation of aged care”, it is the responsibility of the states to “manage the pandemic” because they are “responsible for the public health response”. What semantics. What a copout.

Australia’s ‘Titanic’ economy is sinking

Creating the framework for monopolisation in a predator State(ODT)

Ultimately, a long term plan for sustainable economic growth and broader prosperity for the Australian public is required. Not a continued push for the Coalition to fulfil its ideological wish list as the economy continues to sink beneath the icy waves.

via Australia’s ‘Titanic’ economy is sinking

Federal Liberal MP swipes Andrews government over pandemic response

Liberal MP Tim Wilson says the Andrews government has not been scrutinised enough.

Tim Wilson LNP/IPA federal MP couldn’t give a running fuck about COVID-19 neither the cases nor the deaths concern him rather than how it all seems in the eyes of the public. Now that it’s obvious that the Immigration and the Aged-Care sectors both a responsibility of the Federal LNP were the epicenter of the spread and deaths of the virus due to their total mismanagement from Abbott to Morrison. Wilson’s complaint is that the process was and is political and somehow has gone easy on Dan Andrews. Wilson’s problem however the opposite would seem to be the case if one simply looked at the MSM media. (ODT)

Victorian Liberal MP Tim Wilson has waded into the fight over Daniel Andrews’ handling of the coronavirus pandemic, saying the state government has not been scrutinised enough over its response to COVID-19.

Mr Wilson said the federal coronavirus committee had met many more times than its Victorian equivalent and was chaired by an opposition politician whereas the Victorian inquiry is headed by a member of the governing party.

via Federal Liberal MP swipes Andrews government over pandemic response

Neoliberal invasion of the ABC

Has anyone thought about how would you get a measure of the traded lives when we lock an economy down? What are we sacrificing in terms of lives? Economists have tried to do that and we try to do that in currencies like the value of a statistical life… we are still potentially better off not having an economic lockdown in the first place because of the incredible effects that you see not just in a short-run way but in many years to come.

via Neoliberal invasion of the ABC

Old Dog Thoughts- The enablers and recruiters of Australia’s shame are paid to flourish

Fighting Fake News with REAL 17/6/20; Scotty the Marketeer’s new “Task Force of Disinformation”; Throwing the fuel of denial on BLM; Australia’s Shame and the Media;

How deep does corruption in high places go? – » The Australian Independent Media Network

A factor in the Coalition’s winning of the 2019 election could well have been the – dare I call it corrupt – pork barrelling through the sports grants.

All attempts, however feeble, by the Coalition to establish an anti-corruption watch dog have so far gone nowhere, but – praise be – religious discrimination laws seem to have been assigned to the dustbin!

The picture is not pretty – and even if our actions on climate change pale into insignificance beside those needing to be made by the really big polluters, USA, China and India – showing willing, added to efforts in Europe and elsewhere, would do much more good than harm.

I strongly feel that the actions of too many of our politicians go way beyond self-interest – ignoring their duties to electors – and actually move substantially into the realm of corruption.

Another facet of the government’s lack of consistency is the unspent $60 billion!

Millions were left without substantial help, while businesses were given first priority to be able to continue in existence.

If Morrison was prepared to spend the money for employees who, it transpires, do not exist, then he should use if for those who do exist, but who were abandoned because they fell outside his arbitrary criteria.

Morrison currently has a one seat majority and even if Eden Monaro turns that into a 2-seat majority, it is not an overwhelming mandate – particularly as he gained fewer than half the votes.

To ignore social distancing by inciting a revolution, out on the streets en masse, demanding attention to climate change action, would be irresponsible.

But come the end of the lock-down, we need to be prepared for action.

This probably corrupt and definitely uncaring government must be brought to heel!

via How deep does corruption in high places go? – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Never ask advice from someone unless you are sure they will tell you what you want to hear – » The Australian Independent Media Network

We now have Angus Taylor looking to change the rules of the CEFC and ARENA to further prop up fossil fuels. And his ‘hand-picked for previously expressed views’ advisers are giving a veneer of consultation to what is a full-court press to prolong the ‘climate destruction for profit’ policies of Coalition donors.

via Never ask advice from someone unless you are sure they will tell you what you want to hear – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Old Dog Thoughts- Do you want a lifestyle without benefits go to America don’t have us be Americans Scotty

Running The Hamster Wheel Out Of Time Royalty Free Cliparts ...

Fighting Fake News with REAL 10/5/20; Save Our ABC; The LNP Wanna Be Americans when We Don’t; Do we really want their lifestyle ? Work with no benefits!!

Coalition ministers ‘kept no records’ of meeting overturning advice and awarding $5m to party donor | Australia news | The Guardian

Bridget McKenzie and Michael McCormack

Other parties are not like this.

Whenever you hear someone say “they’re all the same”, point out they are repeating deliberate Liberal Party propaganda.

The myth of sameness is precisely what enables the Liberals to get away with this corruption.

They are counting on people to believe this crap is business as usual – so One Nation, Palmer and now the Greens – can funnel preferences to them with no one even thinking about how important it is to put the Liberals last on their ballot paper.

Don’t let this country develop a culture of corruption. Kick them out.

Coalition ministers ‘kept no records’ of meeting overturning advice and awarding $5m to party donor | Australia news | The Guardian

‘The Australian’ falls for Government spin on asylum seekers — again

Murdoch is the proxy State Media for the LNP government “No questions asked” as long as you slash the funding to the ABC. Today our public media has been reduced ti the equivalent funding it had in 1984. This Government rode into power on the promis of No Cuts to the ABC. (ODT)

Any decent journalist would have asked basic questions such as:

How and when did the extraordinary surge in asylum seekers come about?
How big is the problem, really, given the Government is saying it is no big deal?
Is the Government really getting on top of the problem or are they just spinning a line?
What is the surge costing the economy and the budget?’
Does the Government actually have an effective plan to get on top of the problem?’

But no, Chambers and Kelly just happily ignore such basic questions.

via ‘The Australian’ falls for Government spin on asylum seekers — again

Australia fires: Treasurer warns surplus at risk as economy hit


Treasurer Josh Frydenberg at a press conference at Parliament House in Canberra, Monday, January 20, 2020. (AAP Image/Mick Tsikas) NO ARCHIVING

Here we see the LNP Treasurer quoting Wayne Swan when the LNP tore into him for saying this same thing back in 2008 and saved us from the GFC. How hypocritical are these jerks claiming “saving the country” is ok for them when it wasn’t ok for the ALP. Back then The Australian and News Corp didn’t give the government support but just criticism. Andre (ODT)

“Let me make it very clear on the budget that we believe the budget in surplus is important because we believe it gives the nation the opportunity to respond to circumstances like these when they arise,” he said.

“And [while] we do believe that these are exceptional circumstances and why we would love to see the budget in surplus, we would not like to see it in surplus at the expense of these local communities.”

via Australia fires: Treasurer warns surplus at risk as economy hit

How is Australia tackling climate change? – BBC News

A firefighter faces a huge blaze that has engulfed several trees

Scientists round the world are looking aghast at the politics of climate change in Australia.

It’s one of the most vulnerable countries on the planet to rising temperatures, yet there is still denial about the impacts of rising CO2 levels on events like the current wildfires.

There is no serious doubt among scientific institutions that rising global temperatures are leading to record heat.

The heatwaves are driven by a natural phenomenon but they are adding to an already over-heated planet.

In the election, the victorious Liberal (conservative) Party categorised climate change as a metropolitan fad for urban professionals, and gained support for the world’s biggest coal mine.

Coal is the dirtiest fuel and scientists say we shouldn’t be building more coal-fired power stations if we want to stabilise the climate.

via How is Australia tackling climate change? – BBC News