They were trapped in immigration detention for nine years. Here’s what life after the Park Hotel looks like – ABC News

Two men stand next to each other.

Morrison simply can’t speak to the truth because to the truth of the matter would condemn and reveal him to be what he is on a larger and more intense scale than currently publicly seen. It’s why he’s currently being condemned by so many members within the Liberal Party and why so many are abandoning the Party in numbers and droves never seen before. The Party has shifted to no longer be  a diversity of individual opinions to become one of strategists tactitionsand liars to achieve one mans goal and win at any cost.

Should Morrison win this election the cycle of shattered promises and increased repression will be felt in the first year revealing truth and fakery. But shortly after Morrison’s campaign of lies and illusion will begin again with media aid forging a path to the election in 2025. Dealing in the lies is now the norm, to win the goal, ignore democracy, serve oneself and  a select group supporters and have those least likely to vote for you pay. Groups, organizations and Institutions like ABC, Universities, the Arts, were critical thought might flourish will be dismantled or neutered. Systems that maintain power and enable reward to trickle, no flow up not down strengthened. As a consequence decisions that serve the Nation merely secondary in intent. This has been the increasing autocratic nature of the LNP this century and their ever increasing move to the extreme and religious right.

Since arriving in Minnesota, local support groups have found the cousins a two-bedroom rental property, helped pay the bills and provided medical assistance. “As soon as we came here, they treated us with dignity,” Mehdi says. “Australia has never done that.” Former immigration minister in the Fraser government, Ian Macphee, says the Coalition’s track record with refugees makes him ashamed to be Australian. “People like Mehdi have committed no crime and yet have been locked up with no idea of when they’ll ever get out,” Macphee says. “The inhumanity of it is appalling, it’s racist and it’s hidden from most of us.” On March 24, Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews announced Australia had agreed to New Zealand’s offer to take some of the boat arrivals, an offer made nine years ago. Mehdi welcomed the news but was sceptical: “I think they’re just trying to say before the election, ‘Look, we made a deal’.”

Source: They were trapped in immigration detention for nine years. Here’s what life after the Park Hotel looks like – ABC News

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