This old dog is 68 since the 2013 election of the coalition government. I found  I was getting increasingly angry. My city voted the most livable in the world lost some of it charm and ambience. I needed  to bark. Oldogthoughts has given me an outlet which I never felt I needed  before. The media is nothing but opinion pieces reflecting my country, my city,myself often in negative and unreal terms that needed to be counteracted for my benefit. If it reaches some readers and strikes a note feel free to comment, acknowledge or leave some feedback.  Topics center on issues of our current government’s failures to accept Australia as a pluralistic multicultural Democracy with a generous spirit and kind nature. It’s failures to recognize it’s citizens giving priority international corporations above all else. Particular criticism is also directed at those news organizations that indulge in producing anything but news. Murdoch media being the most significant in Australia. Abbott, the LNP, Murdoch and the IPA simply want to Disrupt and Degrade Democracy. Together they are a Democracy Death Cult

9 thoughts on “About”

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  2. OldDog … as much as I agree with your opinion on Andrew Bolt in your post of August 18th 2014 … ‘Andrew Bolt is a racist etc etc … ‘ … I am totally unable to agree with your accompanying use of my © copyright image of Noel Pearson and indigenous children. Not only does this infringe my copyright but it is highly disrespectful to Noel Pearson and the children pictured … who were informed and gave their permission for the photograph for a particular use only. Your comment and action requested please … bc@briancasseyphotographer.com


  3. I would really like to comment on some of your articles Old Dog but you don’t offer that option so I’ll put this here. As for Japan and their lack of will or ability to repay their debts I say this: http://wp.me/p6uC2h-fL. They are woefully backwards in so many regards.


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