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Australia-US submarine deal: France recalls its ambassadors to Australia and United States amid submarine fury

French President Emmanuel Macron has been angered by Australia’s decision.

Morrison, liar, salesman and diplomat the third amigo in SQAUKUS told the nation he’d smoothed it over with France beforehand. Is there any wonder he’d been sacked by Australia and  NZ once before?

France will take the extraordinary step of recalling its ambassadors from Australia and the United States, as the fallout grows from a new defence pact that has infuriated French President Emmanuel Macron. The unprecedented move follows the Morrison government’s decision to tear up a $90 billion contract to buy 12 French submarines in favour of a new nuclear-powered fleet using technology from the US and United Kingdom.

Source: Australia-US submarine deal: France recalls its ambassadors to Australia and United States amid submarine fury

Scott Morrison accused of ‘misrepresenting’ Atagi advice to shift blame for botched vaccine rollout | Australian politics | The Guardian

Australian prime minister Scott Morrison speaks to the media at Kirribilli House

Scott Morrison has been accused of misrepresenting advice from the government’s immunisation advisers, Atagi, who he has sought to blame for the slow rollout of Australia’s vaccination program. The prime minister has incorrectly claimed that Atagi made an “assumption” in its vaccine approval planning that Covid-19 cases would remain low – when their advice on AstraZeneca vaccines in fact warned the opposite. Morrison made the comments on Thursday, doubling down on an earlier attempt to blame the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation for the botched rollout.

Source: Scott Morrison accused of ‘misrepresenting’ Atagi advice to shift blame for botched vaccine rollout | Australian politics | The Guardian

Dennis Atkins: Scott Morrison’s four favourite ways to bend the truth

The four ways to find Scott Morrison's lies

This makes the release today of Crikey’s A Dossier of Lies and Falsehoods – covering 16 documented lies and 11 falsehoods from Prime Minister Scott Morrison, all backed with referenced source – surprising only because it is overdue. Crikey has been careful, only picking those matters they can back with documented facts and evidence.

Source: Dennis Atkins: Scott Morrison’s four favourite ways to bend the truth

Trump Is Going out the Way He Came In: A Loser, a Liar and a Cheat | The Smirking Chimp

We’ve got more deaths from this virus than the number of soldiers killed in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. The president of the United States we just voted out of office is sitting around watching Fox News, filing phony lawsuits, firing people he thinks are “disloyal,” and running a new scam on his way out the door to line his pockets with dollars from his adoring base. Donald Trump is living up to every expectation we ever had about him. He’s going out exactly the way he came in: lying, cheating and stealing.

Trump Is Going out the Way He Came In: A Loser, a Liar and a Cheat | The Smirking Chimp

Morrison Government breaks debt records in December — along with promises

Australia’s government debt and the interest on that debt keep rising, despite Coalition denials. Alan Austin updates the record.

TREASURER JOSH FRYDENBERG has just increased both Federal gross debt and net debt to new all-time records.

This was revealed by Treasury and the Finance Department last Friday – just two days after Prime Minister Scott Morrison told the National Press Club that “going into 2020 the fundamentals of our economy are strong and in good shape”.

That speech was delivered just six weeks after Frydenberg announced to the world that “the Government is living within its means, paying down Labor’s debt”.

via Morrison Government breaks debt records in December — along with promises

Trump Wants Next G7 Summit at His Hotel That Settled Bed Bugs Lawsuit?

TRUE: Trump declared it a lie

According to the lawsuit complaint, Linder awoke shortly after he arrived to “multiple welts, lumps and marks over much of his face, neck, arms and torso,” at which point he complained to the resort staff. Linder was then informed the room he was in tested positive for bed bugs. Per the lawsuit complaint, the property had a “history of severe bed bug infestation,” which was either not treated or was done so inadequately.

According to a court document filed by a mediator, an “agreement was reached” between the parties on Jan. 24, 2017. Linder, according to news reports, is barred from discussing the details of the settlement by a confidentiality agreement.

Before the bed bugs scandal hit the news, Trump was already facing scrutiny for his statement that next year’s G7 would be held at his own resort location, which raises ethical issues about the president using the public office to enrich his private interests. Trump’s extensive business network and how he has used it in office have been the source of ongoing controversy over questions about conflicts of interest.

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As Ilhan Omar Said, Trump Is a Fascist

.As Ilhan Omar Said, Trump Is a Fascist

After Donald Trump accused Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of “trafficking in vicious anti-Semitic screeds” at a rally in North Carolina, the crowd erupted in the chant “Send her back! Send her back! Send her back!” Trump later claimed he did not agree with the chants and that he had tried to cut them short. A tape of the event, however, makes clear that this was a lie. Moreover, Trump refused to retract the racist tweets that set in motion this frenzied mass expression of racism by renewing his call for the four Congresswomen he attacked to leave the country if they do not embrace his worldview of patriotism and American exceptionalism. In fact, he mentioned to reporters that he was “enjoying” the latest controversy over his comments, which have drawn international condemnation.” This was a spectacle that had the markings not only of a current white nationalist rally but also echoes of the hate-filled spectacles that took place in Germany and Italy in the 1930s and 1940s.

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Australia’s great tradition as a pioneer of progress is one we need to remember

“I worry about the brave new world of same-sex marriage if this is how some of the people who are most enthusiastically working for it are behaving.” Abbott’s assailant says that “this was nothing to do with that”, that it was “just my personal hatred” of Abbott, energised by alcohol. He agrees with Abbott’s account that he was sporting a “yes” sticker on his jacket.

Source: Australia’s great tradition as a pioneer of progress is one we need to remember

Promises, promises… By Mungo MacCallum Tuesday, 25th November 2014

So Tony Abbott has broken another election promise. Well, golly gee – who would have thought it?

Actually, just about everyone. It isn’t the first pre-poll lie and it won’t be the last. And of course Abbott is not the only offender – election promises are, as Sam Goldwyn once almost said, just verbal commitments not worth the paper they’re written on.

But Abbott’s confection is particularly egregious because he had made such protestations of rectitude. There would be no ambushes, no surprises; what he said is what he would do. He would restore trust and honesty to the system. And naturally there would be no broken promises like Julia Gillard’s pledge of no carbon tax, a turpitude that could only be compared to the original sin of Eve.

Thus Abbott can, rightly, be blamed for shameless and cynical hypocrisy. But more than that: his reneging on the election eve “no cuts” declaration was made without prompting and without reservation or qualification. The voters heard an unequivocal undertaking: no cuts. What they got instead was cuts, and plenty of them.

But instead of a frank admission that, yes, he had made the promise, and now it was broken, Abbott and his colleagues have spent weeks attempting to weasel their way out of it. First there was the predictable appeal to hindsight: Labor’s debt and deficit disaster was worse than they had ever imagined or feared, so all bets were off. Even if this was true (which it wasn’t) this was no excuse. There were other ways of fixing things without welshing on the voters.

But the denialists persevered: the real promise was to repair the budget, and everything else was a secondary consideration – or a non-core promise, as John Howard famously popularised the line. And in any case he had only said it on the SBS network, which no one listened to, so it didn’t matter.

His not entirely loyal follower Malcolm Turnbull said, yes, Abbott said it, but it was a matter of context: after all, Turnbull and Joe Hockey had said there would be cuts – well, a bit of tightening up, anyway – across the board, so the public should have listened to them, not to their leader. Or health, or education, or pensions, for that matter, but that was not quite the context he meant.

Matthias Cormann went further: they weren’t cuts at all, they were efficiency dividends – a fine example of the spinmeister’s art – so Abbott had not actually broken a promise after all. And Abbott himself went back, as is his wont, on obfuscation and bluster: Team Australia had a job to do, so there were no exemptions, not even (perhaps especially not) the ABC.

As the polls had already showed, this just doesn’t wash. Abbott simply reinforced the perception that he is untrustworthy and dishonest. He would have done better to have come clean: okay, I said it, and it’s a fair cop. I was reckless and stupid: it was a promise I could not and should not fulfil and I’m sorry. Now let’s move on.

By trying – unsuccessfully – to pretend it never happened our prime minister has revealed himself not only as mean and sneaky but a wimp and a wuss. Perhaps Andrew Bolt is right: time to bring back the biff. Nothing else seems to work.

Australia a paradise for corporate crooks says regulator. Corman denies Medcraft said it then reverts to polly speak.

ASIC chairman Greg Medcraft

“He indicated to me that his point was that Australia needed to remain vigilant to ensure Australia does not become a paradise for white collar criminals.”

ASIC Chairman  Greg Medcraft said:

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission chairman, Greg Medcraft, told journalists at a Walkley Foundation function that “Australia is a paradise for white collar crime.”

“Often [in] Australia it’s actually worthwhile breaking the law to do the trade. You can’t have that.”

penalties for corporate crimes are too weak compared to other countries such as the United States.

“You’ve got to lift the fear to suppress greed in the white collar area.”

He said that in the US corporate tax cheats go to jail, but that does not happen in Australia.

Despite financial planning scandals at the Commonwealth Bank and Macquarie Group, Mr Medcraft said the corporate regulator had just 25 officers to regulate 30,000 financial planners.

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann said

ASIC needed to competently enforce the current laws and the Government would toughen penalties for white collar criminals if there was persuasive evidence of a problem.

“I asked Greg Medcraft whether he believed Australia was a paradise for white collar criminals and his direct response to me was a clear and unambiguous ‘no’,”

“He indicated to me that his point was that Australia needed to remain vigilant to ensure Australia does not become a paradise for white collar criminals.”


All persons committing violent acts in Australia are to be referred to as ‘terror suspects’ unless they can prove otherwise. Especially acts towards public servants

Public Enemy No 1 he has been savagely attacking people for years.

We can no longer say he’s mentally impaired

“Last week, an Australian operative in Syria instructed his local network to conduct demonstration killings – and this week, an Australian terror suspect savagely attacked two policemen,” Mr Abbott said.