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Old Dog Thoughts- Who is Australia’s Laziest Media Celeb? Ita is right she knows who isn’t a “fit” for the ABC

Ita Buttrose

Fighting Fake News with REAL,16/919; Stan Grant’s Australian Dream and Adam Goodes; Workers lose the Catch 22; Boosting the Economy NOW! Egoists in the Media; Laziest Media efforts aren’t at the ABC;

Old Dog Thoughts- Murdoch’s abuse of people for ratings; Australia’s Shame is Global; Drug Testing;

Fighting Fake News with REAL,12/9/19; Silent on Climate Change LNPGov just goes SHUSH; News Corp’s use and abuse of People for Ratings; Anothe minority under attack as abnormal Australians;

Old Dog Thoughts- Back to calling Trump Dumb. Will Bolton go back to Fox?

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Fighting Fake News with REAL, 11/9/19; LNP wants to control media; Proof yet again that Andrew Bolt offers absolutely nothing to our source of media information; BOLTON WALKS TRUMP TALKS;

Old Dog Thoughts-Tyranny and those that support it as “normal”

MUNGO MACCALLUM: Peter Dutton — crushing people because he can

Fighting Fake News with REAL,10/9/19; Peter Dutton is normal according to thoese that see an LNP Australia as a “normal” country; We are far from “normal” and the quality of our media proves it;

Old Dog Thoughts – Fake News, Trivial News, A Smokescreen against Real News

Australia’s financial report card: Worst performance in the developed world

Fighting Fake news with REAL; The Worst Economic Performance in the Developed World goes Unreported in Mainstream Media; Power Prices below Zero but not our bills; MSM Media attention focus on trivial Cultural divisions

Old Dog Thoughts- Against Australian Values. Remember the Invasion that wasn’t;

Utter lies: The truth on boat arrivals and border protection

Fighting Fake News with REAL;8/9/19; For 6 year theis LNP Government has lied. It doesn’t know the truth; Conservatives Blocked Boris; Was Bolt ever more than a paper boy?

Old Dog Thoughts- Complacency and the LNP Government lead us here.

Rupert Murdoch in New York

Fighting Fake News with REAL,7/9/19; WAKE UP AUSTRALIA IT”S TIME; We forget we are a Pacific Nation; Information you not old enough to know;

Old Dog Thoughts- Morality Policing, A VirginChristans and a Penis. BHP offends with an ad for a Safe Work Place;

Juan Davila's artwork Holy Family, which has been censored by 9News here, has drawn the ire of Christian groups.

Fighting Fake News with REAL,6/9/19; Morrison’s Morality Police looking the wrong way; A Virgin, Bolt and a penis; The Big Australian leads the way with Safe Work Places;;

Old Dog Thoughts. Frydenberg’s Fundamental Folly; The fundamentals can’t get worse but yes they can. Stop Joshing us!

Fighting Fack News with REAL,5/9/19; Compare Reality with Frydenbergs Great Fundamentals; The Market in Trumpland;

Old Dog Thoughts- The politics of Ignorance and it’s Amplification.

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Fighting Fake News with REAL,4/9/19; Scott Morrison Josh Frydenberg Money Managers; The White Nationalist path to Genocide; GBR Report a Pysicist that News Corp calls a Marine Scientist

Old Dog Thoughts- The Art of the Con- The Opposition won’t let us rule; Disinformation Service; We are Servicing you;

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 3/9/19; FOX NEWS is Trump’s Network; The Art of Disinformation; The proof of Disinformation;

Old Dog Thoughts- Homeland Australia and the lowest morale in the country under Peter Dutton;

Protesters rally in Melbourne.

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 2/9/19; Dutton’s cruelty is representative of the LNP’s extreme-right -wing; Deportation,Au Pairs, Medevac, Homeland Depression, The worst Minister for 6 years; Bolt throws Dutton a smokescreen; Hong Kong and US fingerprints;

Old Dog Thoughts- I’m Australian We live in Shame and seem to be proud of it.

Our country's political decline isn't being helped by the mainstream media

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 1/9/19; Australia’s Shame is Dutton and Morrison saying we are better than China; The Reef Report; The LNP is lost to do anything about the economy, The Uluru Statement;

Old Dog Thoughts- Ignorant ageists with microphones. Renewables producing more electricity than coal in the USA

Fighting Fake News with REAL,31/8/19; Climate, Ageists and Egomaniac Racists; Greta is welcomed in the US; Renewables in the USA;

Old Dog Thoughts- LNP- Is the WW2 Italian Tank 1 gear Foward 5 Backward

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 30/8/19; Scumbag College truth in Humour; LNP spinning like Trump a fake reality; Dutton says China is Harsh and inhumane, LNP is like and Italian Tank 1 gear forward 5 gears backward;

Old Dog Thoughts- Why are media clowns allowed to wear suits and ties and disguise themselves?

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Fighting Fake News with REAL, 28/8/19; Our new Police State and Media point the bone at China; Bolt’s New Racism; Bolt flipping and accusing Miley Cyrus of what he does;

Old Dog Thoughts- Racism, Our Media, Role models and enablers, Child Suicide, Medevac. We boldly stand and accuse China of Human Rights Crimes

Fighting Fake News with REAL;27/8/19; Racism, and it’s amplification by our public Broadcasters; Failure of our application of the RDA; Morrison government’s blind eye to child suicide; Dutton’s lies on Medevac;

Old Dog Thoughts- Fraudsters selling a New Racism; Will Alan Jones move to News Corp?

Ali G

Fighting Fake News with Real; The New Racism and the real fraudster, Andrew Bolt’s woried about Alan Jones; Ch9 is beating News Corp;

Old Dog Thoughts- Look around and you will see American fingerprints everywhere

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Fighting Fake News with REAL, 25/8/19; World’s leader of State sponsored Terror and threat; Turning a blind eye to genocide; Australia’s Greatest Stuff Ups;

Old Dog Thoughts- Fox and Trump Siamese Twins; A wanna be War Economy, Humour

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Fighting Fake News with REAL,23/8/19; A Banana Republic in 3 years; Australia shaping itself to be a War Economy; You have to take time out to laugh;

Old Dog Thoughts- Bolt relies on our ignorance to say anything but the truth about China and revealing his Goebellian self in the process

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Fighting Fake News with REAL,22/8/19; Australia is becoming more Chinese and China more Australian; A vigilante opinionates on a single judge;

Old Dog Thoughts- Accumulated toxic media Junk neither news nor information

2GB presenter Alan Jones also hosts a program on Sky News and writes a column for The Australian.

Fighting Fake News with REAL 20/8/19; CH9 threatening Alan Jones is just posturing.. Having his Advertisers leave is action. It scares the shyte out of their organisations;

Old Dog Thoughts- When Protest has two meanings. Demonstration of Power and Resistance.

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 19/8/19; Murdoch’s Australia provides support for Australia’s extreme Right and Left globally in Australia America and the UK; A media that fragments and divides Nations unlike The ABC;

Old Dog Thoughts-Trump Economics, Jews Against Trump, The President enabling Violence,

Illustration: Andrew Dyson

Fighting Fake News with Real, 17/8/19; Spend spend spend everything you stand for; Trump and Fox Media endangering lives;

Old Dog Thoughts – Trump’s Fake News revealed. Omar and Tailib don’t even want to go to Israel.

U.S. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. (Leopaltik1242/CC BY-SA 4.0)

Fighting Fake News with Real;16/8/19; Israel and Trump reveal what Democrates and the ALP need to fight; Bolt’s had almost 3months off in 2019 and points to others as bludgers;

Old Dog Thoughts – No Tariffs scamming America; Kim firing missiles of another kind; National Security and One Nation;

North Korea's Kim Jong-un.

Fighting Fake News with Real; 14/8/19; Trump is scamming America- No Triff’s on China; Kim drops bombs of different kind; Warning Media about REAL NEWS;

Old Dog Thoughts -Trump, Johnson, Morrison connected by Murdoch Media and paid for by the interests of the Silent Minority has destroyed Democracy

Brenton Tarrant

Fighting Fake News with Real; 11/8/19; The Inspiration and cement for toxic extreme Right-Wing Global Nationalism in Politics is Murdoch Media and it’s Business Model; Their consequences seen in Christchurch, El Paso;

Old Dog Thoughts-The Murdoch’s connect Corporate Thought and Governments in US,UK, and Australia. The common link

rupert and lachlan murdoch

Fighting Fake News with Real; 10/8/19; Murdoch’s Rules Rule; Dutton’s Escape Yey Again; The Vatican and Conservative Christians Take Australia;

Old Dog Thoughts- How better to divide a country than use the media. Orsen Welles convinced the country of Invasion and did it easily.

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Fighting Fake News with Real,7/8/19; Working Class unity and Realism sold as Cultural Division, Race,Religion,Gender,Ethnicity Sexuality etc sold to divide

Old Dog Thoughts- Trump’s denial, white Racists are the victims in Trumpland. Victims of video playing kids. More guns needed.

US President Donald Trump speaks about the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

Trump has only got a two word slogan that that’s meant to explain his whole Presidency it’s become his brand FAKE NEWS. The shootings didn’t happen and he didn’t incite anyone bad parenting and videos are making white supremecists victims in Trumpland. (ODT)

Fighting Fake News with Real; 6/8/19; Trump’s lies sound like lies “videp games to blame” In the NRA’s pocket;

Old Dog Thoughts- Mass Shootings in the USA 2019 – 250 an increase of 277% 0n 2018 MAGA in Trumpland and Foxland

Fox News Embraces Lies About The Roots Of Mass Shootings

Fighting Fake News with Real;5/8/19; Shooters Manifesto mirrors Trump, Fox News blames Videos; Republicans in Hiding; Ohio Does the same it’s as if it were Trump Day in America;

Old Dog Thoughts- A Racist Kabal Exists much to Australia’s Shame. LNP, IPA & News Corp

Cape York leader Noel Pearson lashed opponents of the Indigenous voice at the Garma Festival in Arnhem Land.

Fighting Fake News with Real, 4/8/19; How did insanity take America by storm? The IPA, News Corp, and the LNP should attempt to provide Australians with the TRUTH for once;

Old Dog Thoughts- Bolt falsely accuses Adam Goodes of attacking a 13-year-old. Bolt’s been attacking Greta since she was 14 and with far more venom.

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Fighting Fake News with Real, 3/8/19; In Trump fashion Bolt gets Bolder for attention. happy to sacrifice reputation for a $$; What Racist,Ageist,and Mental Health maligner will do for the 3% Climate Denier lobby is not Science;

Old Dog Thoughts -Racism is only 200 years old Adam’s 60,000.

Adam Goodes

Fighting Fake News with Real,2/8/19; Goodes outshines the vilifier on the International screen; He’s been around for 60k years did the expect he’d just go away? Racism is only 200 years old here;

Old Dog Thoughts – A real Modern Day Frog is upset by a 21rst Century Duchess

Meghan Markle with Prince Harry

Fighting Fake News with Real; 1/8/19 Bolt’s desperate to maintain the myth of merit for his own sake. Women can’t be trusted with birth control;

Old Dog Thoughts- Threats and posturing to prove just how generous Racists really are. Julian Assange a real victim.

The fight against Fake News with Real, 29/7/19; I’m a proud white man and saint shot with the slings and arrows of Black Racists; Assange Vs the USA;