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Old Dog Thoughts – Murdoch’s and the Right’s Toxic Voice

Andrew Bolt’s Blog 23/3/19; Sociopathy of the Right Murdoch’s toxic media voice permeates Australia; Morrison’s low shots against Islam can’t begin to compare with Andrew Bolt’s; Truth the difference matters facts and fiction News Corpse is killing the difference;

Old Dog Thoughts- Why is Australia trying to lengthen Milo’s use-by date? Lack of imagination.


Milo Yiannopoulos

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,21/3/19; Milo just a pawn in a bigger game of headlines; Bolt supports Imperial take overs and land grabs; Morrison claims non-racism but negotiates with Hanson; Top UK cop warns of the rise of far-right;

Old Dog Thoughts- 3 Right -Wingers throwing words at each other

Image result for Images Erdogan and Morrison

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,21/3/19; Two right-winger racists arguing; Suggested as the worst recorded in the southern hemisphere; The IPA vs James Cook; Advertising the Sleeping Giants; People want higher taxes,

Old Dog Thoughts- News Corp and Sky are ISIS equivalents

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,20/3/19; Media solutions to to MSM racism and Islamophobia; ISIS is back and Andrew Bolt only toned things down for less than 24 hours; Advertisers are fleeing Fox New’s Celebrities;

Old Dog Thoughts What and who is the Gollum among us?

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,19/3/19; Not in the Interests of the Nation; Remember Bolt’s cry of debt debt debt ALP debt. Abbott doubled it and now? Nothing now; Murdoch the snaeky bastard;

Old Dog Thoughts- Bolt’s trying to hide in plain sight with mellowed rhetoric but he’s still Andrew Bolt

Image result for Bolt with egg on his face

Stop Advertising at SKY; Right-wing terror was constantly denied but encouraged; Morrison encouraged division as a political too; Howard used it as far back as 2001;

Old Dog Thoughts- Milo, his Trump’s and the media’s radicalisation was caused by Muslims

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,17/3/19; Where is Andrew Bolt? Hiding since Friday; Abbott’s back in Warringah; Milo explains his and Andrew Bolt’s radicalisation;

Old Dog Thoughts – How much responsibility do Right-Wing media, spruikers of hate and division have to bear for Nationalist terror?

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,16/3/19; The world of Brentan Tarrant and the preachers of right-wing thought; Fraser Anning was given air time on Sky; Gun laws in an extremists world;