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Old Dog Thought- Abbott’s a declared Catholic so it’s “Group Think Nonsense” Bolt’s a declared agnostic so it’s a “Religion”, Murdoch’s are paid influencers so the case is “Uncertain”. Nevertheless they are all passing the plate to be paid to the same people

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Old Dog Thought- Dutton’s Confusion is Just Illusion

PM challenges Liberals on referendum detail

“Pearson said detail would be in legislation made by the parliament but the referendum was about the constitution.

“It’s the parliamentarians who have the responsibility to come up with the detail,” he told ABC Radio.

“The Australian people are being asked to vote on a constitutional amendment. All of the power lies with the parliament and it’s a complete diversion to demand these details.”…

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Old Dog Thought- Australia proud of the change

Albanese Dutton leadership

An exclusive survey shows voters regard Anthony Albanese and Labor as the best side of politics to manage every major policy issue except national security.

Voters have backed the federal government on more than a dozen key policies ranging from economic management to jobs and wages while giving Labor a convincing lead of 42 to 29 per cent over the Coalition on core political support.Albanese has kept his edge over Dutton as preferred prime minister, leading by 55 to 20 per cent, in a series of results that confirm the government’s strong position after debate over the summer on issues such as the cost of living, relations with China and the Indigenous Voice.

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Old Dog Thought- What Murdoch and his band of global scum call News is revealed to be BS by Jacinda Ardern’s and NZ’s OECD economic standing

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Old Dog Thought- Why is education not a basic right as opposed to being sold as a debt-generating product wrapped in 5-star packaging.

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Old Dog Thought- Murdoch says he’s not a climate warming denier but for decades his lackey Andrew Bolt and the IPA told us the planet was cooling. They even published a book.

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Old Dog Thought- We still operate under the model of the East India Company and the right to invest in piracy

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Old Dog Thought- Capitalism understands planned obsolescence and marketing the unmarketable. It means plunder tearing things down but fails to explain why? Profit isn’t a universal human individual want why is that so difficult to see? Unless it’s socially systemic and equitable and not just a bribe.

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Old Dog Thought- Corporatised tax evasion is an industry that is legal and indirectly kills millions. We jailed individuals for picking growing and selling mushrooms

Close-up of mushroom growing on field

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Old Dog Thought- Trump didn’t write the playbook but sure as hell George Santos followed him and won the best Apprentice award

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Old Dog Thought- Are we the litmus testing political change to come or just camp followers?

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