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Old Dog Thoughts News Corp’s Pandemic No Adevertisers. Get back to work!!

Fighting Fake News with REAL 3/4/20; No need to Social- Distance says Australia’s most prolific Social Distancer; News Corp Spreading another Pandemic “no advertiser” Pandemic they have closed 60 publications No Recovery

Old Dog Thoughts- LNP search the globe for ogiginality again

Old Dog Thoughts-Trumpsters and Murdoch Media bellow “Back to Work” Australia from their Home Offices

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 30/3/20; Clive Palmer and News Corp join forces for mutual benefit but not any Common Good; Lessons Learned; Vigilance Required; Fake News, State Power,

Old Dog Thoughts- 21/3/20 Leaders of the Free World may contain: 4 people, text

Fighting Fake News with REAL,21/3/20; Australian individuals are asked to cough up again like the GFC and not just into their arms; The IPA really do magnify why Capitalism hasn’t a clue on how to deal with Covid-19;

Old Dog Thoughts- Panic so easy to start so fucking hard to stop. Are The Dutch Danes Fins and Norwegians doing the same? Why aren’t the Singaporeans behaving badly? Americans are hoarding and buying guns.

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 19/3/20; This disease reveals the inadequacy of Capitalism; Fake News and Opportunism;

Old Dog Thoughts- Capitalism Covid-19, Scott Morrison.

Fighting Fake News with REAL 17/3/20; Coronavirus Capitalism — and How to Beat It, Scott Morrison & Hillsong;

This crisis — like earlier ones — could well be the catalyst to shower aid on the wealthiest interests in society, including those most responsible for our current vulnerabilities, while offering next to nothing to the most workers, wiping out small family savings and shuttering small businesses. But as this video shows, many are already pushing back — and that story hasn’t been written yet.


Old Dog Thoughts- Are Patents holding us back from drugs we already have?

Fighting Fake News with REAL 16/3/20; Truth in Humour; Drugs we have but told we can’t use; When the megaphone is held by a media that wants you to PANIC

Old Dog Thoughts- Peoples Corner a symbol of Democracy. Murdoch took the corner; LNP Virus Management Italy/Australia

Italy to shutter ALL businesses besides pharmacies & grocery stores as coronavirus outbreak continues to spread

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 12/3/20; Coronavirus; Other countries Containment Is the Public Health priority;In Morrison’s Australia the Economy is the priority over and above the health of the nation;

Old Dog Thoughts- I’ve a Headachecome and see the real thing come and see

Coronavirus fears and a crash in oil prices spread alarm through the US stockmarket, triggering the first automatic trading halt in over two decades.

Fighting Fake News with REAL 10/3/20; TRUMP says the Flu is worse it’s all FAKE NEWS; Wars, Sanctions and arms sales are good a virus Fake accordin to the gospel of Trump;

Old Dog Thoughts- There’s been a virus in Australia since 2013. The death count never listed

The Morrison Government: When rorting became sporting

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 6/3/20; All about Scotty from Marketing Unraveling like a cheap sweater; Grumpy Geezer quiz;

Old Dog Thoughts- You can’t just keep servicing an old car. Killing the competition leads to monopolies.

Fighting Fake News with REAL,5/3/20; Minor adjustments do notwin wars; Restricting competition and the AAP; If it sounds as stupid as Trump it is;

Old Dog Thoughts- News Corp closes it’s Real News Dept and sacks 180 Journalists to focus on Fake News it’s cheaper.

The Afghanistan War: Australia’s longest running deception

Fighting Fake News with REAL 4/3/20; Why is Deception the core of Conservative Politics? Morrison & Peter Dutton Australia’s Ministers of Incompetence. Fake News a constant at News Corp,

Old Dog Thoughts- Is the Coronavirus in Nth Korea? A Murdochian cry Shut the Gates it’s not our problem.

An Australian Special Operations Task Group soldier in Afghanistan.

Fighting Fake Newswith REAL 2/3/20; Stimulate the Corporate World they are going broke; the %1rst State of the USA; Fake News;

Old Dog Thoughts- Costs Costs Costs Don’t do anything is the LNP and News Corpse solution

Large outbreaks in Italy, South Korea and Iran were reported in the past few days, suggesting containment measures have not stopped the virus' spread.

Fighting Fake News with REAL,25/2/20; Pandemic, Stock markets and the wealthy; Australian LNP try to say Coal and Gas are clean economically; Fake News

Old Dog Thoughts- Why is the notion of a “common good” or a “transition to” create such panic in conservatives. They feel they just might lose a “historic right”

Illustration: Simon Letch

Fighting Fake News with REAL,19/2/20; Australia’s Economy has no place for the Common Good; Elitist Sound Bytes dominate our News;

Old Dog Thoughts- Morrison going like a Holden; Australia Students will be going to China for a debtless education. Andrew Bolt’s got attention he deserves.

Screenshot_2020-02-18 The Nation – The Shovel.png

Fighting Fake News with REAL 18/2/20; Morrison to save Holden; China Morrison’s political punching bag; Kaye Lee gives Andrew Bolt a thrill;

Old Dog Thoughts- The Great Australian rip off… On for Years… blame the Unions

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack administered a grants program that crossbench MPs say needs investigating.

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 14/2/20; Porter chasing down the Unions but not the Sports Rorts, or the Regional Grants. Crooks everywhere but only in the Unions;