Scott Morrison’s Lies, Character and Incompetence – » The Australian Independent Media Network


This article will be broken up into 4 different sections: 1) Morrison’s lies, 2) Morrison’s character, 3) Morrison Government incompetence and 4) Media. In short compass, indeed call it an executive summary, I believe there is overwhelming evidence Mr Morrison lies to the degree that it should be called pathological, which of itself militates against his fitness of character to hold office, but then there are also very concerning alleged character flaws raised by members of his own party which is also may militate against his fitness for office, once proven. The Morrison Government is also extremely incompetent, and whilst some people may allege that incompetence can be taken to greater heights of accountability or culpability, in my view limiting my opinion to incompetence is enough for them to be voted comprehensively out of office. Finally, I consider our mainstream media, or Fourth Estate, to be suffering from condensed ownership problems, biased reporting in favour of the Liberal Party and as a result, the Australian public has lost faith in the Fourth Estate. Okay, so away we go.

Source: Scott Morrison’s Lies, Character and Incompetence – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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