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Australia needs to give life support to Australia’s media sector

The LNP won’t challenge this man

Something needs to change or we may be headed toward Rudd’s dystopian vision of an American-style media and social hellscape — and who knows what else.

Australia needs to give life support to Australia’s media sector

Old Dog Thoughts- The LNP aren’t problem solvers. The ALP have forgotten just how quickly Whitlam changed things. He didn’t just tidy up.

Image may contain: text that says 'Josh Frydenberg your Special sulject is Coalition Treasury and your time starts Now. Tax The economy cuts is booming! You announce: Correct. Geopolitical uncertainty leads to a dountura turn w the local economy. You propose: Tax cuts Covrect. A global pandemic has tanked the economy n promphing Calls for investment Tax health housing, education cuts and renewable energy. You prescribe Congratulations yon go straight into the Corporate bonus' round... wycox'

Fighting Fake News with REAL,13/10/20; Humour and Fake News; How some people in the media are just a waste of unproductive money.

Right-Wing Conspiracists Linked Antifa to the Wildfires. Then They Got a Big Boost from Russian Media. – Mother Jones

RT & Pravda are boosting Biden’s health wildfires and spin for Trump as they always have

How overlapping false claims about the wildfires ricocheted around conservative social media thanks to a bogus story from Russia.

Right-Wing Conspiracists Linked Antifa to the Wildfires. Then They Got a Big Boost from Russian Media. – Mother Jones

Trump’s Campaign Is Testing The Ways It Can Distort Reality Online | HuffPost Australia


The presidential election is just 56 days away, and as Donald Trump struggles to gain ground in key states, he is increasingly relying on deceptively altered media to bend reality in his favor.


Old Dog Thoughts-Yes LNP Vic caught Branch Stacking too, Morrison is sorry for Australia’s lack a healthy defence;

Illustration: Reg Lynch

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Trump Spreads Baseless Conspiracy Theory Accusing MSNBC Host Of Murder | HuffPost Australia

President Donald Trump over the weekend used his massive platform on Twitter to again spread the outrageous and unsupported insinuation that Joe Scarborough — one of his most vocal critics on TV —murdered someone.

via Trump Spreads Baseless Conspiracy Theory Accusing MSNBC Host Of Murder | HuffPost Australia

Old Dog Thoughts- Politicians don’t “beat” a virus at most they get out of it’s way.

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 13/5/2020; A Virus has been Eradicated, China haters in the media inspire violence on the streets; ICAC and Angus Taylor go together like scones and jam; Fake News

Old Dog Thoughts- Are these protests wanting to go back to the future. Are the Canary in the coalmine?

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Old Dog Thoughts- Sam Newman and News Corp are spreading the disease of American idiocy here

Fighting Fake News with REAL 20/4/20; Narcissism accusations by a leading Narcissist; Not all social-distancing bans work says Andrew Bolt a leading social-distacer

Old Dog Thoughts- Why the China hate? A Scapegoating West’s deflection of failure?

What did Henry Kissinger Tell Donald Trump? | Op-eds – Gulf News

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Old Dog Thoughts- News Corp Pundits still ride the News Corp/IPA agenda.

Fighting Fake News with REAL 5/4/20; The UK certainly hasn’t even begun to win the war; Big Pharma and Fake News; Bolt pushing against what he sees as Socialism. What don’t people understand about a Global Pandemic?

Old Dog Thoughts-Trumpsters and Murdoch Media bellow “Back to Work” Australia from their Home Offices

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 30/3/20; Clive Palmer and News Corp join forces for mutual benefit but not any Common Good; Lessons Learned; Vigilance Required; Fake News, State Power,

Old Dog Thoughts- Panic so easy to start so fucking hard to stop. Are The Dutch Danes Fins and Norwegians doing the same? Why aren’t the Singaporeans behaving badly? Americans are hoarding and buying guns.

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Old Dog Thoughts- You can’t just keep servicing an old car. Killing the competition leads to monopolies.

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Old Dog Thoughts- News Corp closes it’s Real News Dept and sacks 180 Journalists to focus on Fake News it’s cheaper.

The Afghanistan War: Australia’s longest running deception

Fighting Fake News with REAL 4/3/20; Why is Deception the core of Conservative Politics? Morrison & Peter Dutton Australia’s Ministers of Incompetence. Fake News a constant at News Corp,

Old Dog Thoughts- Costs Costs Costs Don’t do anything is the LNP and News Corpse solution

Large outbreaks in Italy, South Korea and Iran were reported in the past few days, suggesting containment measures have not stopped the virus' spread.

Fighting Fake News with REAL,25/2/20; Pandemic, Stock markets and the wealthy; Australian LNP try to say Coal and Gas are clean economically; Fake News

Old Dog Thoughts- Why is the notion of a “common good” or a “transition to” create such panic in conservatives. They feel they just might lose a “historic right”

Illustration: Simon Letch

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