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Trump Spreads Baseless Conspiracy Theory Accusing MSNBC Host Of Murder | HuffPost Australia

President Donald Trump over the weekend used his massive platform on Twitter to again spread the outrageous and unsupported insinuation that Joe Scarborough — one of his most vocal critics on TV —murdered someone.

via Trump Spreads Baseless Conspiracy Theory Accusing MSNBC Host Of Murder | HuffPost Australia

Old Dog Thoughts- Politicians don’t “beat” a virus at most they get out of it’s way.

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Old Dog Thoughts- Are these protests wanting to go back to the future. Are the Canary in the coalmine?

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Old Dog Thoughts- Sam Newman and News Corp are spreading the disease of American idiocy here

Fighting Fake News with REAL 20/4/20; Narcissism accusations by a leading Narcissist; Not all social-distancing bans work says Andrew Bolt a leading social-distacer

Old Dog Thoughts- My life and Greening the State.

Amazon.com: Soylent Green: Charlton Heston, Edward G. Robinson ...

Old Dog Thoughts- Why the China hate? A Scapegoating West’s deflection of failure?

What did Henry Kissinger Tell Donald Trump? | Op-eds – Gulf News

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Old Dog Thoughts- News Corp Pundits still ride the News Corp/IPA agenda.

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Old Dog Thoughts-Trumpsters and Murdoch Media bellow “Back to Work” Australia from their Home Offices

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Old Dog Thoughts- Panic so easy to start so fucking hard to stop. Are The Dutch Danes Fins and Norwegians doing the same? Why aren’t the Singaporeans behaving badly? Americans are hoarding and buying guns.

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Old Dog Thoughts- Are Patents holding us back from drugs we already have?

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Old Dog Thoughts- You can’t just keep servicing an old car. Killing the competition leads to monopolies.

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Old Dog Thoughts- News Corp closes it’s Real News Dept and sacks 180 Journalists to focus on Fake News it’s cheaper.

The Afghanistan War: Australia’s longest running deception

Fighting Fake News with REAL 4/3/20; Why is Deception the core of Conservative Politics? Morrison & Peter Dutton Australia’s Ministers of Incompetence. Fake News a constant at News Corp,

Old Dog Thoughts- Is the Coronavirus in Nth Korea? A Murdochian cry Shut the Gates it’s not our problem.

An Australian Special Operations Task Group soldier in Afghanistan.

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Old Dog Thoughts- Costs Costs Costs Don’t do anything is the LNP and News Corpse solution

Large outbreaks in Italy, South Korea and Iran were reported in the past few days, suggesting containment measures have not stopped the virus' spread.

Fighting Fake News with REAL,25/2/20; Pandemic, Stock markets and the wealthy; Australian LNP try to say Coal and Gas are clean economically; Fake News

Old Dog Thoughts- Why is the notion of a “common good” or a “transition to” create such panic in conservatives. They feel they just might lose a “historic right”

Illustration: Simon Letch

Fighting Fake News with REAL,19/2/20; Australia’s Economy has no place for the Common Good; Elitist Sound Bytes dominate our News;

Old Dog Thoughts- Antarctica and the LNP are melting. Secret Mogul Business and the Ambassador.

Illustration: Jim Pavlidis

Fighting Fake News with REAL 8/2/20; The disguised move Left and the changing of the LNP; Antarctica on fire; Undeclared connections;

Old Dog Thoughts- Cognitive Dissonance LNP Government Policy and the Common Good

No photo description available.

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Old Dog Thoughts- The Mad Monk is Best fighting fires

Former PM Tony Abbott said low birth rates among middle class women is "a real problem in every western country."

Fighting Fake News with Real,29/1/20; Abbott Just can’t help himself; Welfare recipients will help the surplus; The world view of Trump’s second term; Fake News Trump is innocent;

Old Dog Thoughts- Murdoch Media is global trash but in Australia, it loses money, pays no tax, and is subsidised to be the Nation’s defacto State Media

Global recovery skips Australia as economy suffers Coalition's incompetence

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Old Dog Thoughts- The PS is the biggest union; So easy to see the Captain’s Call; Gig Economy = Depression Labor not Freedom you idiot;

Coalition persists with 'dead, buried and exhumed' union-busting billIllustration: Andrew Dyson

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 11/12/19; Articles of impeachment have been laid; Union busting Lazarus Bill is back; So is a a Captains Call; LNP Depression Economy has a new and twisted narrative;

Old Dog Thoughts- Conservative belief control the narrative you control reality. It’s only subjective afterall;

US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland says there was an explicit quid pro quo between a White House meeting and Ukrainian investigations.

Fighting Fake News with REAL,21/11/19; Corruption EVERYWHERE but nobody jailed; Donald Trump will throw Giuliani under the bus; Westpac a law unto it’s own;; Media bullshit and false pride;

Don’t shoot the messenger – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Morrison has demonstrated a Trumpesque ability to fudge, mislead and obfuscate, and to also suggest things are the opposite of reality.

Rowan, like Morrison and Trump are shooting the messenger. While they have every right to disagree with the position reported by some or all of the media, they also need to provide the evidence and data that would be required to demonstrate the lack of accuracy inherent in the claim of fake news. Otherwise, why should you or I believe them?

via Don’t shoot the messenger – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Old Dog Thoughts- 94 Malaysian PM says Australia will change. Conservative media have said it won’t since the 50s. It has and it will.

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 4/11/19; Morrison promises to shut Democracy down; Mahathir see Australia becoming more Asian LNP doesn’t; Nothing has Changed;

Old Dog Thoughts- Putin wins Gold, Trump’s still digging one for himself

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 23/10/19; Is the Don Done and Busted?; Lynching was Racist Trump’s a Lyncher; Putin has stepped into the breach; Kill Buyer’s Truth; Shame of a Fake News Pundit,

Old Dog Thoughts- George Carlin Said it best; Democracy When?;

Screenshot_2019-09-18 George Carlin - B S media propaganda politicians sophistry and lies - YouTube.png

Fighting Fake News with REAL,18/9/19; George Carlin’s REAL NEWS; DEMOCRACY WENT WHERE?; Crime Rate in Vic is Falling but Fake News Don’t tell you that; What do call this man?



Old Dog Thoughts-Tyranny and those that support it as “normal”

MUNGO MACCALLUM: Peter Dutton — crushing people because he can

Fighting Fake News with REAL,10/9/19; Peter Dutton is normal according to thoese that see an LNP Australia as a “normal” country; We are far from “normal” and the quality of our media proves it;

Frank Luntz Blames Media For Trying To Hurt Trump By Destroying The U.S. Economy | Crooks and Liars

Frank Luntz Blames Media For Trying To Hurt Trump By Destroying The U.S. Economy

With his back to the wall Trump media now says he’s not running the country. Sounds like the voice of a bankrupt man(ODT)

via Frank Luntz Blames Media For Trying To Hurt Trump By Destroying The U.S. Economy | Crooks and Liars

US-China trade war escalates with new tariffs on goods, including fuel and smart speakers – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

A close up composite photo of Donald Trump and Xi Jinping

Trump’s G7statements proved to be bullshit yet again (ODT)

“The United States should learn how to behave like a responsible global power and stop acting as a ‘school bully’,” the official Xinhua news agency said.”

A new round of tariffs took effect from 2:01pm on Sunday, with Beijing’s levy of five per cent on US crude marking the first time the fuel has been targeted since the world’s two largest economies started their trade war more than a year ago.

The Trump administration will begin collecting 15 per cent tariffs on more than $US125 billion ($185 billion) in Chinese imports, including smart speakers, Bluetooth headphones and many types of footwear.

via US-China trade war escalates with new tariffs on goods, including fuel and smart speakers – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Has President Trump’s trade war cost China three million jobs? – BBC News

"China has lost three million jobs, and it'd soon be much more than three million jobs," says US President Donald Trump

Claim: President Trump says three million jobs have been lost in China as a consequence of the trade war with the United States.—-FAKE NEWS

Verdict: While estimates for China’s employment vary widely, they do not generally support Mr Trump’s claim. When asked, the White House directed us to a survey that gave a lower figure.


Old Dog Thoughts- Trump’s denial, white Racists are the victims in Trumpland. Victims of video playing kids. More guns needed.

US President Donald Trump speaks about the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

Trump has only got a two word slogan that that’s meant to explain his whole Presidency it’s become his brand FAKE NEWS. The shootings didn’t happen and he didn’t incite anyone bad parenting and videos are making white supremecists victims in Trumpland. (ODT)

Fighting Fake News with Real; 6/8/19; Trump’s lies sound like lies “videp games to blame” In the NRA’s pocket;