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Crikey and Media Watch v Friendlyjordies and IA

One needs to ask why is IA so readily flailing away at another independent media publisher rather than putting up a united stand against mainstream white man’s media? Why aren’t the other Independents responding and supporting them in their attack on Crikey? They don’t seem to feel Donavan and Pini have an argument worth backing.

Is IA just the sound of a single mouse roaring? Wailing against a competitor in a small Independent alternative market? They seem to have taken their eyes off the ball, the greater Australian media system? Or is this simply the sound of sour grapes? Do you really have to be poor to have both integrity and Independence?

Despite its claims of being small and independent, Crikey uses its cronies in the mainstream media, including ABC Media Watch, to promote itself and its funding campaigns and attack its competitors. Another eye-opening exposé by Dave Donovan and Michelle Pini.

Source: Crikey and Media Watch v Friendlyjordies and IA

Old Dog Thought- IA prove media is a free-for-all in a marketplace where truth, facts news and information have little or no place.

Fighting Fake News with REAL 10/9/22; EU and the winter Freeze; Crikey on the World Stage thank Lachlan; AI call them out as Scammers;

More about the Crikey crowdfunding con

Is this a fight between two competitors where one, IA, fears it’s about to lose, and lose out big-time, the pot of gold- subscription money? According to them the crowdfunding of Crikey needs to be stopped why? Because they are already well funded? Well, there goes the Monthly or any other Independent publisher fighting to deliver better quality REAL News and Information. Are Murdochs funding IA or has AI merely jumped ship and joined the Murdochs of their own accord? What value is there when IA have turned to play the man and has taken it’s eyes off the ball and the man happens to be on their own team?


Long before Crikey decided to stick its head above the parapet and issue this challenge to Lachlan Murdoch, Independent Australia was being mauled by Murdoch’s minions. We were being attacked, scorned and subjected to almost innumerable legal letters from News Corp, practically all of which threatened our very continuation as a publication. That’s because we were actually broke — not pretend poor, like Crikey. IA

The deeper you dig into Crikey’s crowdfunding in its defamation case against the Murdochs, the muddier it becomes.

Source: More about the Crikey crowdfunding con

The truth about Crikey’s crowdfunding campaign

The truth about Crikey’s crowdfunding campaign

But this crowdfunding initiative, appealing to your better instincts by allowing them to misconceive Crikey as being a poor, independent media company up against a titan, has been launched under false pretences.

The question Australians need to ask themselves is, why would they use their hard-earned to displace one allegedly unethical media tycoon with one who also appears, from what we’ve seen here, to play it fast and loose?

The truth about Crikey’s crowdfunding campaign

Kevin Rudd: Has Lachlan Murdoch bitten off too much with Crikey?

Crikey’s article did not name Lachlan specifically, but “the Murdochs” in general. So if Rupert agrees with Lachlan about this article, shouldn’t he also be suing? And if he doesn’t, might we conclude that Rupert doesn’t mind the imputation of being Trump’s co-conspirator? Or, at the very least, that Rupert doesn’t consider Crikey’s article damaging enough to sue over? And if that’s not it, then why hasn’t Rupert sued?

Kevin Rudd: Has Lachlan Murdoch bitten off too much with Crikey?

Lachlan Murdoch v Crikey: How a US Capitol article with 804 words could cost an Australian publication millions

Lachlan Murdoch’s business record in Australia hasn’t been all that great. One Tel springs to mind “At the time, Mr Packer and Mr Murdoch,lost $1 billion invested by family vehicles PBL and News Corp, They said they’d had been misled about One.Tel’s financial position.

Then came Network Ten is One.Tel Mark II – AFR For a second time he and Packer bet and lost millions on a looks-like-blue-sky business opportunity

Why does Lachlan Murdoch, a Philosophy major, believe his reputation will be improved by this legal action against Crikey?

Millions of dollars in legal costs are expected to be spent as News Corp co-chairman and Fox Corporation chief executive Lachlan Murdoch, eldest son of media baron Rupert, sues a comparative minnow in Australia, Crikey, for defamation over a June 29 article.

Lachlan Murdoch v Crikey: How a US Capitol article with 804 words could cost an Australian publication millions

Lachlan Murdoch v Crikey: we won’t bend to legal threats, says minnow publisher – Michael West

Goliath vs David Why? Because money thinks it can

On one side, a small Australian media player. On the other, the world’s most powerful media moguls from Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation. Independent news outlet Crikey has just taken its fight with Lachlan Murdoch public, writes Mark Sawyer.

Lachlan Murdoch v Crikey: we won’t bend to legal threats, says minnow publisher – Michael West

Lachlan Murdoch fires off legal threats against Crikey over January 6 article

The Murdoch’s claim to be major supporters of “free speech” but only as long as it’s not directed at them it seems. Their company Fox News has never shown it was strongly critical of what occurred that day. In fact they have shown to be major supporters and in no way apologists for what had occurred. Stronger criticism of Fox News was certainly provided by much of American media and in stronger terms but they took no action. Why is Australia the place they are taking their Godzilla like legal stand?

Lachlan Murdoch has threatened online news website Crikey with legal action over an article that suggested he and his media mogul father Rupert Murdoch were responsible for the riots at the US Capitol in January.

Lachlan Murdoch fires off legal threats against Crikey over January 6 article

A closer look at Scott Morrison’s career before parliament – Crikey

Scott Morrison career

In among a string of election campaign failures, Morrison had a regular habit of leaving or being pushed out of jobs before his contracts were finished.There were two stints that have, perhaps understandably, been scrubbed from his Wikipedia page.

The first was a period at big four consulting group KPMG in 2000, where he was attempting to start up a tourism practice.

The second was an ill-fated turn as the strategic director for the campaign of New South Wales Liberal leader Peter Debnam during his failed 2007 election bid.A self-styled “marketer” (he actually has a Bachelor of Science in applied economic geography from UNSW) Morrison instead hired others to do the marketing work, according to a number of people that worked with him in his various tourism jobs, while he focused largely on the networking.

This networking brought him into contact with Liberal grandees who promoted him ever higher, until he landed in — or rather was parachuted into — federal parliament in 2007.

Source: A closer look at Scott Morrison’s career before parliament – Crikey

Deciphering AUKUS: it’s not really about the submarines

Biden’s desire for an alliance against China in pursuit of a return to “rules-based order” — heavily slanted in favour of the West — has been oft-expressed. The south must be ruled out. But so too, it would seem, must be the EU. Germany is still dependent on exports to China for its prosperity, and the Belt and Road Initiative is increasing China-EU trade at a cracking pace.If the US doesn’t trust the EU regarding China, it would have a major interest in breaking any link between Australia and France, as the latter remains a Pacific power. It would have been ridiculous to mobilise NATO in the Indo-Pacific with the EU about to announce its own common defence plan. The US doesn’t want equals in its new alliance, but subordinates who look like equals. Australia has played that role for decades, knows it by heart. But the UK? Well, AUKUS from its end forms part of a new post-Brexit “global Britain” push. What could be more global than policing your old imperial waters? Does it actively want to do that? Maybe. Maybe not. But what it needs from the US is a free trade agreement.Biden had said that the UK was at the back of the queue, especially if Brexit wrecked the “Good Friday agree

Source: Deciphering AUKUS: it’s not really about the submarines

A Dossier of Lies and Falsehoods • Crikey

A Dossier of Lies and Falsehoods Archives

This Crikey investigation labels the prime minister something no leader would want to be called. We don’t really want to do it. But the time has come.

‘Without truth, no democracy can stand’: why we are calling out the prime minister

Today Crikey publishes an uncomfortable but important investigation that exposes the prime minister as a systemic, consistent and unremitting public liar.

Source: A Dossier of Lies and Falsehoods • Crikey

Dennis Atkins: Scott Morrison’s four favourite ways to bend the truth

The four ways to find Scott Morrison's lies

This makes the release today of Crikey’s A Dossier of Lies and Falsehoods – covering 16 documented lies and 11 falsehoods from Prime Minister Scott Morrison, all backed with referenced source – surprising only because it is overdue. Crikey has been careful, only picking those matters they can back with documented facts and evidence.

Source: Dennis Atkins: Scott Morrison’s four favourite ways to bend the truth

Crikey’s malicious attempt to discredit victim in Porter rape allegation

Crikey has published an appalling confection, promoted by others in the media, to cast doubt on the victim’s account and engender sympathy for alleged perpetrator Attorney-General Christian Porter, writes Dr Jennifer Wilson.

Crikey’s malicious attempt to discredit victim in Porter rape allegation