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Old Dog Thoughts- Abbott wants back,Frydenberg’s scapegoating & Morrison’s just a shadow of himself

Open Up Dan Andrews
The Morrison government is actively considering pulling forward $158 billion worth of personal income tax cuts.
Look what you’ve done

Fighting Fake News with REAL,3/9/20; Tony loudmouth Abbott coming back in London; Humour; The Age and Fake News to sell Facebook;

The Israel lobby and media independence

The decade of News Corp’s demise

The media skews towards affording pro-Israel voices a substantial amount of exposure, largely excluding Palestinian perspectives, Dr Evan Jones contends.

Nine Entertainment is not merely cowardly with respect to the pro-Israel lobby, it (with the Murdoch media) is an integral part of that lobby, debasing its privileged and crucial medium and sacrificing its integrity — this in tolerating the systematic attempted buying off of its journalists and in opening its pages readily to racist apologists. In short, it’s an ongoing obscenity.

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Old Dog Thoughts-CH9’s Fairfax is on the LNP’s case but whose on Labor’s? The Quid is clear what’s the Quo? Make News Corp second fiddle?

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'IS THIS BRANCH STACKING? Towke also long- serving member the Liberal Party. In July 2007 he won preselection for the safe federal seat of Cook. he polled votes Morrison, On 10 as 82 votes to 8, who was eliminated in the Party, nomination Towke scanda appeared loward'sb d'sbackyard elegraph facesj mother tohospital, Telegraph, Towkel bujustby Though Towke would eventually win his legal war, damage had been done. The second ballot gave the preselection to Scott Morrison. NEWS LIMITED WAS WILLING DEARLY STORY NOT TO BE PUBLISHED'

Who’s Really Looting America? with Robert Reich; Branch Stacking Morrison wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Branch stacking; Trump’s diplomacy has had a single minded focus since 2017 himself;

Old Dog Thoughts- LNP Dirt Brigade and Ch9 are Servicing Australia

Is branch stacking illegal?

No, it is not illegal.

Fighting Fake News with REAL 16/6/20; 70 CH9 Jounalists petitioned aganst this; Branch Stacking isn’t illegal; Secret Tapes and Ch9’s Coverage and the LNP dirt brigade is;

Heads they win, Tails you lose! – » The Australian Independent Media Network

The LNP Piss UP sponsored by CH9 needs to be taken off the front pages (ODT)

It’s not easy being a politician. Every day there are challenges that the average punter doesn’t have to face.

Just take the dilemma that Stuart Robert, Dan Tehan and Simon Birmingham had to face last year when deciding whether to go from Canberra to Sydney for a Liberal Party piss up. They had booked their flights and had their staffers book them into an upmarket Sydney hotel when some pesky intern in the minister’s office had the temerity to ask “but who’s going to pay?”

via Heads they win, Tails you lose! – » The Australian Independent Media Network

More than 150 Australian newsrooms shut since January 2019 as Covid-19 deepens media crisis | Media | The Guardian

The logo of news website BuzzFeed

The worst remain. So while shrinking they have greater control of non-news and persuasion while the LNP has spent 7 years cutting the ABC budget after Abbott  promising NO CUTS TO THE ABC (ODT)

via More than 150 Australian newsrooms shut since January 2019 as Covid-19 deepens media crisis | Media | The Guardian

Old Dog Thoughts- Fake and Twisted News, The Australian, News Corp, Ch9, Polluters of the Nation.


Fighting Fake News with REAL,1/12/19 Murdochian Trash pollutes Australia; Media Pollution is in your face; The Inglorious truth of British History revealed in India the West Idies, Africa etc but Australia according to some idiots was an Exception;

The Wonderfully Compliant Druggie Dole Bludger! – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Channel 9, when not hosting Liberal fundraisers, are one of the nation’s top investigative units. Take “A Current Affair”. More than twenty years after they found the Paxton family and managed to portray them to the nation as work-shy bludgers, they’ve found another candidate for the public pillory.

The promo for tomorrow’s episode tells us: “HE’S UNEMPLOYED, 30, ON WELFARE AND HE SPENDS IT ON DRUGS!”

via The Wonderfully Compliant Druggie Dole Bludger! – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Nine bosses admit $10,000-a-head Liberal fundraiser was a ‘mistake’, in apology to staff – Politics – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Hugh Marks smiles while wearing a suit

Looks as if they intend challenging Murdoch in Australia with his own business model. We need to save the ABC (ODT)

Key points

Nine’s newspaper journalists were outraged TV bosses held the fundraiser for the Liberals
CEO Hugh Marks admits it was a mistake
Newspaper executive James Chessell argues there has never been any influence on editorial decisions

via Nine bosses admit $10,000-a-head Liberal fundraiser was a ‘mistake’, in apology to staff – Politics – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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China’s influence on Australia requires honesty

Vice-chancellor Michael Spence at the University of Sydney.

Uhlmann’s arguments hardly do justice to the Age as it’s senior political editor reminding me of the 60’s cry of ” All the Way with LBJ”.

Yes, we might have politically different systems the CPA of China recognises that. However, it has nevertheless raised the tide in China for everyone so much, so poverty and starvation for 1.3 billion people is something relegated to the past. Kids from rural China can be educated and are today’s Teachers Doctors and Lawyers in Shanghai, sending money home. These kids have never seen anything less than a 6% GDP in their life, so why shouldn’t they love and be proud of their country. Nationalist demand we all be here. The tiny population of Hong Kong and Uyghurs are they worse off than Indigenous Australians or people in detention on Manus and Nauru? We stole children and never sent them back to their families. China isn’t doing that. Does Uhlmann a political editor really believe that in the current world atmosphere nobody hasn’t an interest to keep the HK demonstrations ongoing? They started over a single law about extradition, which was stopped. Who has the most to gain by making China look bad?

Uhlmann’s talks of China’s aggression it has one military post outside the country we have more than they do and our closest ally the US has 8oo in some 160 countries. Australia and China really have a defence system. America has a business a military-industrial complex which is central to its economy. If that business of war grinds to a halt, so does America. So to talk of China’s aggressive interests seems stupid and hardly thought out to me. Is Uhlmann a paid propagandist for Murdoch and Trump?

As for 400,000 Chinese students and the mass of Chinese tourists flooding the world today does that really look like the moves of an increasingly totalitarian government or a decreasing one. It seems to me Peter Dutton is fast removing freedoms of Australians and becoming more paranoid than China. The CPA knows what it has done that freedom is dangerous and they know they are an anachronism, but they are still providing their people increasing freedom and allowing their citizens to do business across the world without an army to back them as the Americans do. Meanwhile, poverty is growing here as is debt and savings are falling we, in fact, seem to be heading in the opposite direction handing the country to the control of our corporate mandarins.

Universities had the funding cut and were told shape up or ship out to raise their own funds and maintain affordable education for Australians. They didn’t volunteer to do it so yes the Chinese are revenue forced on them by largely the Howard government. How mismanaged is our tertiary education system? It’s as mismanaged as the Australian governments have forced them to be? Are these Foreign students expected to stay on as graduates Uhlmann seems to think so? No, they are meant to go home yet he expects their standard of English is meant to be as good as his. When Australian University staff can’t be guaranteed tenure, how can the teaching at any level be regarded as first class?

What we hear today is the drum that was beaten back in the 50’s ban the Communist Party, the dominoes are falling, They are stealing our ideas is the anything new Uhlmann, and Ch9 it seems is taking us backwards (ODT)

“Australia is at an inflection point. For the first time our major trading partner is not a liberal democracy and it is a strategic rival of our key ally. We need to have a serious debate and have a right to expect more of those who lead our academic institutions.”

China’s influence on Australia requires honesty

Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself… And A Coalition Campaign Built On It – New Matilda

The Coalition lacks policies. It also lacks charisma. It has no other option but fear, writes Ben Eltham.

Labor has spent years honing and sandbagging its policy platform, which on any sensible judgment is moderate and achievable. In contrast, the Coalition has spent the last three years consumed by its own internal hatreds. Now that the crisis has arrived, the Coalition finds itself without a coherent assault plan to break down Labor’s platform. Time is running out.

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