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Jacinda Ardern resigns: New Zealand housing crisis

This article entitled the “Housing Crisis” is in Costello’s and the CH9 Age yesterday. The Statistic above is what Ardern achieved  for NZ in housing and if you note an all-time high.  Amazing how Ch9 is so intent on preferring bullshit to the facts in order to run  Jacinda Ardern down. If this had been  the past 5 years of an Australian or NZ Conservative government The Age opinionators would be all praises.

Here’s another statistic that The Age “OPINIONISTS” seemed to have missed or avoided telling Australia and why they are more Murdoch today than they are news and information..

Despite her celebrity status, outgoing New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern failed to resolve the country’s housing crisis.

Source: Jacinda Ardern resigns: New Zealand housing crisis