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Climate denier says it’s suspicious that every single scientist says EXACT same thing | The Shovel

A climate change conspiracy theorist has uncovered a set of strange patterns and repeated terminology in research papers, which he says is highly suspicious.

Source: Climate denier says it’s suspicious that every single scientist says EXACT same thing | The Shovel

Old Dog Thought- Even when Murdoch admits to his corrupt practices his mules down under dutifully keep on keeping on


Andrew Bolt has spent a lifetime of dutifully projectile vomiting Murdochian corporate propaganda in our face. He truly does need exorcising.

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 4/3/23. Media Dishonesy, Superannuation, The Economy is a System meant to work for us.

Old Dog Thought- Morrison plays the reincarnation of Christ- “Bless them father because they don’t know what they’re doing”

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 2/12/22, Morrison plays Christ for Xmas, Dutton’s Women’s Party, Melbourne laughs at Andrew Bolt,

Exclusive: IPA has lost all funding from ASX 100 . (The Saturday Paper and Mike Seccombe )

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Law Courts NEWS " " NEWS NEWS'

National Times

How quick is a day in politics and media? There was Andrew Bolt bragging about the influence he had with the powers to be in Australia. His “besties” were Tony Abbott and the Dutchman John Roskam head of the IPA. He even got his son James a “mini-me” job with the think tank podcasting among other things.

  But like puffing on a Dandelion, all that good fortune, or some might call arse-licking, has blown away. So much for being Murdoch’s top “influencer”. A legend in his own lunchtime Bolt is a squeak in a world of talking heads. Lachlan is suing “Crikey” for its public opinion. Just a sentence that Bolt once insisted was everybody’s “free speech” right. His boss obviously doesn’t agree. In America, there wouldn’t even be a case to answer, but Bolt’s boss a historic loser here thinks otherwise. Bolt now has turned to the “right of free silence”. He knows on which side his bread is buttered. 


There was a time, not so long ago, when corporate Australia lined up…

“Twenty or 30 years ago,” says John Roskam, whose 17-year tenure as executive director ended a couple of months ago, “we had dozens of ASX 100 companies supporting the IPA. Now, there’s not one.

“Not one,” he repeats, for emphasis. “Not one of the ASX 100 companies supports the IPA.”

No wonder Roskam sounds dispirited. Big business created the IPA. It was set up in 1943 following the collapse of Australia’s major conservative political party, the United Australia Party, in opposition to the perceived “socialism” of the Curtin Labor government.

Its founders included the chairmen of BHP and Coles, as well as the head of the Herald and Weekly Times newspaper group, Keith Murdoch, father of Rupert, among many other business leaders.

The fact that corporate Australia now has largely abandoned the IPA – although the Murdochs, whose business is listed offshore, are still supporters, as is mining magnate Gina Rinehart, whose interests are held privately – may be the clearest indication of the declining influence of not just the IPA but right-wing think tanks in general.

“Many people, including myself as a Liberal Party member, are frustrated with the direction of the Liberal Party. The libertarian alternative through the LDP is becoming more and more attractive.”

There are many other indicators, too.

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CO2 highest in a Million Years, Seas Rising, and a new “Ocean” arises in Flood-Hit Pakistan

According to Murdoch commentators extreme weather events are occurring less often than they were in the past. I guess when new records are set the basis for a statement like that is that there is a new norm bench mark set. So there will always be fewer. Remember when Murdoch’s pundits kept advising us that the planet was cooling Andrew Bolt did that for well over a decade and telling us and that an increase in CO2 emissions were actually a boon to the planet.

Seas rising, carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere rising to best a million-year-old-record, super-monsoons. We can change all this, but we have to hurry to shut down CO2 emissions quickly.

CO2 highest in a Million Years, Seas Rising, and a new “Ocean” arises in Flood-Hit Pakistan

Netherlands innovates with Floating Solar Panels in Sea, Locally-owned Wind Farm Cooperative

Andrew Bolt lays claims to being Dutch and dreams of retiring in Amsterdam. In the meantime he makes it clear he hates Australia and in particular Melbourne which is far too progressive for his tastes. What’s that make him other than a hypocrite and of the worst kind. Amsterdam where he dreams of retiring on a barge to write a book has twice the population of Melbourne. Is far more multicultural, multi-ethnic and has a far greater Muslim population. The city is far more progressive and leans more aggressively left politically, culturally and economically. All the characteristics he whines about here, The country on the whole is even much greener. It seems they wouldn’t want Bolt. He’s simply not Dutch enough for them.

Reuters also reports on Oceans of Energy’s offshore floating solar array. Solar panels are bulky and take up a lot of space, which is at a premium in a densely populated country such as the Netherlands. Putting the panels offshore resolves that problem, since the Netherlands has plenty of sea coast. The Oceans of Energy program deployed a floating solar array in rough waters and high winds in 2020, and it has functioned fine. They have plans gradually to expand it to a megawatt this year, and then 15 megawatts in 2023.

Netherlands innovates with Floating Solar Panels in Sea, Locally-owned Wind Farm Cooperative

In shock and anger over Liberal defeat, Sky News commentators urge party to shift right | Australian election 2022 | The Guardian

Sky News presenter Paul Murray

Andrew Bolt nowhere man, nowhere to be seen during the election wants to now lead the charge as if he was always a presence felt during this election. He wasn’t! So typical of the man who was never there when it comes to the days of the real fight.

Sky News wants the LNP to legitimize and open its membership door to organized Ultra-Right Political thugs. Their ideal is to divide Australia and win at all costs and ensure their minority rule.

But it was Andrew Bolt, the Herald Sun’s star columnist, and Sky News host, who reacted with visceral anger.

“Scott Morrison’s pathetic Liberals got smashed by telling the world they were the Guilty Party,” Bolt wrote. “Guilty on the ‘climate emergency’. Guilty of being mean to women. Guilty on ‘reconciliation’.

“Who’d vote for such a mewling pack of self-haters with so little self-respect that they won’t even sack a party traitor like Malcolm Turnbull? Thank God this election wipe-out has taken out many of their worst grovellers.

“Please, Peter Dutton, take over, and make the Liberals stop apologising for not being more like Labor. Let the Liberals be Liberals again. But still I see some of the more clueless Liberal survivors crawl from the wreckage and whimper that they’ve got to swing even more to the Left.”

Source: In shock and anger over Liberal defeat, Sky News commentators urge party to shift right | Australian election 2022 | The Guardian

Tucker Carlson’s role in mainstreaming the racist “great replacement” theory went unmentioned by corporate broadcast news | Media Matters for America

CNN's New Day covering how Fox's Tucker Carlson mainstreamed the "great replacement" conspiracy theory

While some Independent media explained how Skye News in Australia motivated the Christchurch mass shooter mainstream media didn’t. Nevertheless, Andrew Bolt stopped any commentary for some 4 days why was that? The guests on his program were certainly named as “influencers” by the shooter himself. But wasn’t Bolt the biggest of all of them by giving them a platform and acting as a recruiter for the ult-Right? When this occurs Murdoch Media seems to have the same global policy. When the shit hits the fan go silent and then after a few days den and make out you’re the victim. Flip it.

While some major news organizations explained in detail how the Fox News host spread the false, racist theory that motivated the alleged Buffalo mass shooter, ABC, CBS, and NBC did not

Source: Tucker Carlson’s role in mainstreaming the racist “great replacement” theory went unmentioned by corporate broadcast news | Media Matters for America

Mass shooting in Buffalo: Tucker Carlson and other right-wing conspiracy theorists share the blame | Salon.com

Police on scene at a Tops Friendly Market on May 14 in Buffalo, New York. At least 10 people were killed after a mass shooting at the store. The shooter is in police custody.  (John Normile/Getty Images)

In Australia, Murdoch allows Andrew Bolt to promote violence. He wrote that he wished young white Christians had the same commitment the Barcelona bombers had in fighting for their beliefs, to their deaths. In fact,Bolt called Australian youth “gutless” for their lack of fight. If that wasn’t a clarion call to violence what is? Had a Muslim done the same or an Indigenous Australian they’d have been arrested for incitement.

We saw the expression on Bolt’s face when two pranksters glittered him. It was full of potential GBH on Bolt’s part while a joke on the two young men trying to escape his reaction. Yet, the story was spun to make Bolt look like the hero/victim crying  ANTFA ANTIFA in his defense. Who and where is that mysterious “terrorist” organization ANTIFA today that organization that Bolt couldn’t identify the leaders of back then, but said was a fully-fledged “organization” like ISIS among us.

He’s been little more than Newscorp’s foghorn blowhard influencer, and recruiter for the Australian Right. Just as Tucker Carlson is at Head Office Fox News, Fox Corp in America. This shooting in Buffalo had the same characteristics as the NZ massacre where the shooter’s hero was Brett Cotteral a regular guest on Andrew Bolt’s shows and promoted by him as a great modern-day Australian patriot.

Carlson, meanwhile, has been at the forefront of popularizing various often contradictory conspiracy theories, mostly intended to portray the Jan. 6 insurrectionists as noble patriots and lambaste any Republican who dares say otherwise. While these GOP leaders and media personalities are generally careful to avoid direct calls for violence, their overall message of sympathy and support for right-wing terrorism is undeniable. So Saturday’s mass shooting in Buffalo, while horrifying, is really no surprise.

Source: Mass shooting in Buffalo: Tucker Carlson and other right-wing conspiracy theorists share the blame | Salon.com

Paul Bongiorno: ‘Dutts’ to the rescue in a sure sign of desperate times

Instead, Carr doubled down in another tweet saying unless another minister fessed up “who has most to gain from undermining further a flailing PM?”.

There is nothing “common” or united in this view unless you’re a totally paranoid lunatic. A fuckwit that no longer knows up from down. Turning to Andrew Bolt only proves you are a fringe dweller and idiot. Bolt’s been wrong most of his career as a commentator. For two decades he insisted the world was “cooling”. He said he once worked as a belly dancer’s minder. It was Walter Mitty Andrew Bolt who kept telling us Tony Abbott had seen the folly of his ways and was about to change.

Bolt’s not a commentator he’s an ape aligned with Dutton’s Monkey Pod room and want to take charge of the Canberra asylum. But then this Australia-hater also wants to retire to a barge in Amsterdam. A place more “socialist, multiculturalist, multiethnic with a population twice that of Melbourne. If Conservatives see Andrew Bolt as their “leading” media voice then we have nothing to worry about.

Bolt, was to our misfortune, an accident waiting to happen. In the 80s while working for Murdoch he realised hated “News” and journalism because it entailed work and attention so he became their obit writer. However even that was a mental strain so he gave it away for Murdoch’s new propaganda for profit arm. It hadn’t the demands of journalism and  was regarded by real reporters as a Dorothy Dixer, opinion only soft job. Andrew Bolt’s been there ever since. Today it’s rated and awarded the APC’s most media complaints of which News Corp totals 66%.

A common view is that “Dutts”, as they call him, could save seats in his home state of Queensland and help stem the bleeding to the right on issues of vaccine mandates and religious freedom elsewhere. The view has support outside the parliamentary Liberal Party. One of Australia’s leading conservative commentators, Andrew Bolt, used his popular News Corp column on Monday to urge: “Peter Dutton, get ready to lead”. Bolt wrote the Prime Minister Scott Morrison “looks finished and is now making a fool of himself to get some love”. The columnist, like many across the Parliament, was simply aghast at Morrison’s stunt on Friday where he massaged a woman’s scalp and washed her hair for the benefit of the cameras in a Melbourne salon.

Source: Paul Bongiorno: ‘Dutts’ to the rescue in a sure sign of desperate times

As the Christchurch shooter faces sentencing, what has Australia learned about far-right terror? | World news | The Guardian

A man walks past flowers laid outside the Al Noor mosque on the first anniversary of the Christchurch shooting

Andrew Bolt denied he had any influence on the Christchurch shooter however he certainly promoted the European Identitarian movement by giving air time to the likes of Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux. Bolt also gave air time to Blair Cotteral head of the UPF all influencers of the NZ mass-shooter. On the occassion of the aftermath of that massacre Bolt literally went to ground for 3-4 days as if told to be extremely careful about how he was to respond to the event given Sky News was cut off by the NZ government for attempting to continue to broadcast it live when asked not to..

It’s about time that the use of free speech as a feeble justification for the right to commercial profitability carried with it some responsibility as does the sale of other dangerous products in our so called “free market” Some accountability is needed to prevent the damage that flows from irresponsible broadcasting and the selling of right-wing ideology as fake news or merely opinion that allows Bolt to get away with inspiring murder mayhem and chaos.

Let’s face it after the bombings in Barcelona he said he “admired” the commitment to cause the young terrorists hand and wished young Christians were the same and not “gutless” If thats not throwing down a challenge what is? (ODT)

From the document the perpetrator posted online before the shooting, the messages he scrawled on the weapons he used and his links to the European Identitarian movement, it was clear he wanted to brand himself as a member of a larger global community. Certainly the links to the far right in Australia were real enough. After the shooting, the leader of an Australian white nationalist group said he had previously approached the Christchurch shooter to join his Lad’s Society, and an investigation by the ABC found he had posted online comments supporting another Australian far right group, the United Patriots Front, as early as April 2016. Advertisement He also praised the UPF founder, Blair Cottrell, as the “true leader of the nationalist movement in Australia” and dubbed him “Emperor” on the night of Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 US election. Cottrell has said he did not know the gunman and recently described him as “an idiot”.

As the Christchurch shooter faces sentencing, what has Australia learned about far-right terror? | World news | The Guardian

Scott Morrison And Finding The Right Level Of Panic – » The Australian Independent Media Network

It’s part of his schtick: To sell himself as someone who won’t be rushed into anything, as the calm, thoughtful person who considers things and then announces the solution which, almost without exception is to chuck $2 billion at the problem. Drought, “Here’s two billion!” Bushfires: “We’ve established a two billion dollar Bushfire Relief Fund”! Coronavirus: “We’re working with the states and there’s a two billion dollar fund for extra resources to deal with the problem.”

And that’s where it’s so hard to find the correct level of panic. When you hear about the empty supermarket shelves, it’s easy to wonder if one should have watched more of those shows about zombies for educational reasons about preparing oneself by stockpiling and boarding up the house.  But on the other hand, when someone says that it’s nothing to worry about because it’s probably going to kill less people than your average flu, there’s a certain soothing reassurance about that and I’d like to believe them.

And I would. It’s only the fact that Andrew Bolt is one of the people saying it that makes me think I should start shopping and watch an episode of “The Walking Dead”.

via Scott Morrison And Finding The Right Level Of Panic – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Old Dog Thoughts- Why is the notion of a “common good” or a “transition to” create such panic in conservatives. They feel they just might lose a “historic right”

Illustration: Simon Letch

Fighting Fake News with REAL,19/2/20; Australia’s Economy has no place for the Common Good; Elitist Sound Bytes dominate our News;

Old Dog Thoughts- Morrison going like a Holden; Australia Students will be going to China for a debtless education. Andrew Bolt’s got attention he deserves.

Screenshot_2020-02-18 The Nation – The Shovel.png

Fighting Fake News with REAL 18/2/20; Morrison to save Holden; China Morrison’s political punching bag; Kaye Lee gives Andrew Bolt a thrill;

Old Dog Thoughts- Fake and Twisted News, The Australian, News Corp, Ch9, Polluters of the Nation.


Fighting Fake News with REAL,1/12/19 Murdochian Trash pollutes Australia; Media Pollution is in your face; The Inglorious truth of British History revealed in India the West Idies, Africa etc but Australia according to some idiots was an Exception;

Old Dog Thoughts- The Joker, White Face, Black Face, Egg Faced, Betrayal, Coal and the UK

Joaquin Phoenix plays the eponymous character in Todd Phillips' Joker.Image result for Andrew Bolt with egg on his face

Fighting Fake News with REAL;27/10/19; Melbourne’s pychiatric fruitcake in a suit egg faced; American gives the nod to it’s terrorist allies to kill Kurds; Britain’s once a Coal Kingdom is going Carbon Neutral;

Old Dog Thoughts- Ignorant ageists with microphones. Renewables producing more electricity than coal in the USA

Fighting Fake News with REAL,31/8/19; Climate, Ageists and Egomaniac Racists; Greta is welcomed in the US; Renewables in the USA;

Old Dog Thoughts- Why are media clowns allowed to wear suits and ties and disguise themselves?

Image result for Media clowns

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 28/8/19; Our new Police State and Media point the bone at China; Bolt’s New Racism; Bolt flipping and accusing Miley Cyrus of what he does;

Old Dog Thoughts – Trump’s Fake News revealed. Omar and Tailib don’t even want to go to Israel.

U.S. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. (Leopaltik1242/CC BY-SA 4.0)

Fighting Fake News with Real;16/8/19; Israel and Trump reveal what Democrates and the ALP need to fight; Bolt’s had almost 3months off in 2019 and points to others as bludgers;

Old Dog Thoughts- Bolt falsely accuses Adam Goodes of attacking a 13-year-old. Bolt’s been attacking Greta since she was 14 and with far more venom.

Image result for Images of Greta Thunberg and Andrew Bolt

Fighting Fake News with Real, 3/8/19; In Trump fashion Bolt gets Bolder for attention. happy to sacrifice reputation for a $$; What Racist,Ageist,and Mental Health maligner will do for the 3% Climate Denier lobby is not Science;

Teen activist Greta Thunberg hits back at ‘deeply disturbed’ jibe from Andrew Bolt

Screenshot_2019-08-02 Teen activist Greta Thunberg hits back at 'deeply disturbed' jibe from Andrew Bolt.png

Andrew Bolt has been attacking this young girl since she was 14 he can’t beat her on her arguments it seems so he does it visciously and extremely personally akin to verbal child molestation. Yes the same Andrew Bolt who went on a racist warpath against Adam Goodes. The difference however Bolt lied ,edited video footage in order to make the Australian of the Year appear to be the Racist abusing a 13 year old.. Bolt’s been convicted in our courts of Racial vilificationm isn’t it time he was brought before our courts again for his attack on Adam Goodes?

Greta well she’s shown incredible maturity given the personal onslaught and verbal abuse Andrew Bolt, a 60 year old News Corp wordsmith, heaped on her. Guess he must have learned that skill raising his daughter. He shames himself and Australia. He’s a proud Conservative and diametrically opposite  role model Australian children need to Adam Goodes a deserved Australian of the Year.(ODT)

Greta Thunberg

I am indeed ”deeply disturbed” about the fact that these hate and conspiracy campaigns are allowed to go on and on and on just because we children communicate and act on the science. Where are the adults?

via Teen activist Greta Thunberg hits back at ‘deeply disturbed’ jibe from Andrew Bolt

Old Dog Thoughts- Threats and posturing to prove just how generous Racists really are. Julian Assange a real victim.

The fight against Fake News with Real, 29/7/19; I’m a proud white man and saint shot with the slings and arrows of Black Racists; Assange Vs the USA;

Old Dog Thoughts- A most ashamedly Australian story and an even worse a denial.

Image result for Bolt with Egg on faceImage result for Andrew Bolt with Spear

Look what he did to us on the Indigenous  AFL Day Mum. NZers can do the Haka.

Fighting Fake News with Real,22/7/19; Andrew Bolt claims victimhood; Adam Goodes is however a Real Australian of the Year;

Australia urged to move away from oil dependency or risk fuel supply crisis | Australia news | The Guardian

electric car charging point

James Molan and Andrew Bolt spent an interview suggesting attacking Iran wasn’t a bad plan (ODT)

via Australia urged to move away from oil dependency or risk fuel supply crisis | Australia news | The Guardian

Buying The Liberals On Interest-free Terms While Andrew Bolt Tells Us That Courts And Scientists Are Wrong! – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Georgie Pell has been the victim of a gross miscarriage of justice! I know this because Andy Bolt told me. Andy Bolt knows this because this isn’t the first time that old Tiger Pell has been accused and he hasn’t been convicted before. As we all know if someone is accused of something more than once and it isn’t proved the first time, than it probably means that their innocent of all future charges.

There’s no way, of course, that our court system wouldn’t be biased against Pell. After all, he told us that climate change wasn’t real, so those scientists that are rigging the weather so it seems to be hotter are probably now extending their conspiracy to the judicial system. Yes, Bolt can declare Pell innocent even though he wasn’t in court and didn’t hear the evidence. It’s rather like his position on climate change. He doesn’t need a degree in climate science to know that it’s all a scam. In fact, Bolt doesn’t even have a degree in anything having dropped out of university.

Buying The Liberals On Interest-free Terms While Andrew Bolt Tells Us That Courts And Scientists Are Wrong! – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Old Dog Thoughts- Media Beat Up vs Reality

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,23/2/19; Bolt prefers to concentrate on trivia rather than the Trump enabled real terrorist; Andrew Bolt’s doppelganger on Fox News really loses it; The Bolt Report wouldn’t attempt a guest as risky as that; James Matheson made Bolt look like a fish out of water;

Old Dog Thoughts

This Government has spent almost a Billion dollars on lawyers defending itself. $288,000 on Michaela Cash who hasn’t been charged and is only a witness why would that be? So much to hide it seems (ODT)

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,21/2/19; Fat Cats Budgeting; Will we see a Victorian Bolt helping to sink the country? Madness and lack of integrity by those who would be kings;

Sonia Kruger’s Today show commentary on Muslim migration found to be vilification

Kruger wants borders closed to Muslims

If Andrew Bolt was her enabler why wasn’t he also charged? (ODT)

Her comments followed a terrorist attack in Nice on Bastille Day and were a response to a column by conservative commentator Andrew Bolt, who wrote in the News Corp press that jihadist terrorists had made France “Europe’s bloodiest battlefield” because “France let in the most Muslims”.

“We are fools not to change our own immigration policies to protect ourselves,” Bolt said.

Kruger said on air: “Personally I think Andrew Bolt has a point here that there is a correlation between the number of Muslims in a country and the number of terrorist attacks.”

via Sonia Kruger’s Today show commentary on Muslim migration found to be vilification

Germany: MSM won’t Tell you White Nationalist Drove into Muslim Refugees

A 50-year-old driver injured Syrian and Afganistan migrants and shouted racist comments as he was being arrested.

A 50-year-old man has been arrested after driving his car into a crowd of people in Germany in what police say appears to be a racist attack.

A group of migrants from Syria and Afghanistan was attacked in the town of Bottrop, an area of western Germany. According to official reports, the driver shouted xenophobic and racist comments while he was being arrested.

In the early hours of January 1, the driver had first tried unsuccessfully to hit a pedestrian. He then headed downtown, driving into a crowd of Syrian and Afganistan migrants, injuring four.

via Germany: MSM won’t Tell you White Nationalist Drove into Muslim Refugees

Australia heatwave to break Christmas weather records with temperatures up to 47C forecast | Australia news | The Guardian

heatwave map

Andrew Bolt ( swinger no longer a denier) of climate change that is, reminds us that one day doesn’t prove man made climate change isn’t a religion but one cold day does. Every summer Australia’s self professed and News Corp ordained opinionator goes into hiding until it gets cooler. (ODT)

The Kimberley region of Western Australia is the one location that could break heat records on Christmas Day, with the town of Fitzroy Crossing expecting a maximum of 47C, breaking the previous annual record of 46.5C, which was set earlier this month.

Inland areas of South Australia will have temperatures in the low-to-mid 40s and Adelaide is forecast to reach 41C on Thursday.

Parts of Victoria are forecast to reach temperatures above 40C towards the end of the week, with Mildura in the state’s north-west expecting a top of 46C on Sunday.

via Australia heatwave to break Christmas weather records with temperatures up to 47C forecast | Australia news | The Guardian

Crime gangs: Facts, fiction and furphies


John Silvester

Yes, there is a sinister group (gang, if you like) well practised in the dark arts of moving quickly on the vulnerable for personal gain. They are the politicians who jumped into this debate with the subtlety of a belly flop in a wading pool.

Internal police figures show that of Victoria’s 15,000 “serious” crimes ranging from murder, serious assaults, rape and armed robberies to carjackings, around 200 are committed by offenders of Sudanese descent – which means you are 74 times more likely to be attacked by non-Sudanese.

So what do these statistics prove? Absolutely nothing, other than that you can always find a set of numbers to justify an argument.

Piss Weak on Law and Order Look No Further than Peter Dutton

The issue of law and order is squarely in Dutton’s domain, and while he has no responsibility on state matters, he has a major one on federal ones, particularly border protection. Which makes it all the more galling that while he wastes his energy on matters that are not his concern, he has been derelict on one in his own backyard. The problem is not that Dutton is too tough – it is that he is not tough enough.

For nearly 12 months the state government, at the request of senior police, have asked their federal counterparts to change the law to make it illegal to import Bute without a legitimate reason and still the loophole remains large enough to drive a truck (filled with drugs) through it.

So while the Feds can legitimately brag they have stopped the boats with asylum seekers on them, they have done stuff-all to stop the boats filled with 1,4-Butanediol. And make no mistake, more people are hospitalised from Bute than from being bashed by Sudanese crime gangs.

Yet we do have a serious black crime problem. In Australia, an Indigenous youth is 24 times more likely to be imprisoned than the community average for that age bracket. It is a national disgrace.
Rehabilitating young offenders is not the soft option, it is the smart one. The alternative of policies driven by anger, fear, half-facts and the pursuit of headlines or votes leads to more crime and more victims – and history shows that if you shut the door on people, they eventually want to kick it down.

Crime gangs: Facts, fiction and furphies