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Albanese.com.au taken down over ‘misleading’ Liberal Party redirect

LNP’s  Dirt Brigade in Action

Australia’s internet domain name regulator has pulled down Albanese.com.au after it was found to be redirecting visitors to the Liberal Party’s homepage. The unexpected redirect was no accident. Information provided by the regulator shows the Liberal National Party of Queensland registered Albanese.com.au in December, with Brisbane-based LNP adviser Sam Jackson, who did not respond to TND‘s request for comment, listed as the main contact.

Source: Albanese.com.au taken down over ‘misleading’ Liberal Party redirect

Old Dog Thoughts- LNP Dirt Brigade and Ch9 are Servicing Australia

Is branch stacking illegal?

No, it is not illegal.

Fighting Fake News with REAL 16/6/20; 70 CH9 Jounalists petitioned aganst this; Branch Stacking isn’t illegal; Secret Tapes and Ch9’s Coverage and the LNP dirt brigade is;