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Australia ramps up rivalry with China for influence in the Pacific – Politics – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

A group of men in traditional Papua New Guinean dress dance in front of an Australian patrol boat

We aren’t moving forward at all Tony Abbott took Australia’s attention away from the Pacific to Europe where he wanted to shirt front Putin in the Ukraine and become an honorary member of NATO.

Radio Australia was closed on his watch after he cut $200mill out of the ABC’s budget agoodwill gesture to Rupert Murdoch. Foreign Aid was cut and the supposed Pivot became the Pillock of the Pacific that allowed the Chinese to move in. Abbott was meanwhile busy signing Labour’s Trade agreements set up years before with the Chinese to work out. Yes Abbott was gifted along with several other MPs Rolex watches to the tune of $250K which they had to return when the media caught hold of it. Their excuse “we thoght they were fake. No Morrison isn’t moving forward at all  he’s trying to catch up and making a show of it dumping the Billionaire donor who they courted as a political gesture. (ODT)

As the Australian Government presses on with its pivot to the Pacific, no-one wants to use the “C” word.

But China is clearly playing a central role in the unprecedented amount of attention the region is currently receiving from Australia — even if its officials won’t admit it.

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China’s multi-billion dollar media campaign ‘a major threat for democracies’ around the world – China power – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Chinese Media is a threat but Murdochian Media isn’t a threat to Democracy. How does that work when  Chinese media is paid for and broadcast on Foxtel and News Corp core effort in Australia is to shut down the ABC? (ODT)

In September 2018, billboards adorned with kangaroos and pandas began popping up around Australia’s capital cities as part of a $500 million advertising campaign urging viewers to “see the difference” on China’s Central Global Television Network (CGTN) — available on Foxtel and Fetch TV.

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China’s ‘artificial sun’ reaches 100 million degrees Celsius marking milestone for nuclear fusion

A moon, which replaces the globe in a light globe, hangs over Chengdu's cityscape.

“The benefit is simple in that it is very large-scale base load [continuous] energy production, with zero greenhouse gas emissions and no long-life radioactive waste.


Satellite images expose China’s vast network of secret re-education camps in Xinjiang – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Illustration of Uyghur prisoners in front of the flag of China.

Isn’t this what Tony Abbott and right-wing pundits recomend for Indigenous Australia, and other Australian minorities ditching multiculturalism in favour of cultural asimilation. Indigenous, Muslim and African Australians represent over 6.5 % of Australia. Indigenous Australians represent 25% if not more Aussies in our retraing camps called prisons and youth detention centers and Dutton and Matthew Guy Islamophobic racists want more for disastrous outcomes.

China’s education camps of which we know very little represent 0.015%. There seems to be some level of heavy stone throwing at glass houses going on here with little interest in intention and outcomes. (ODT)

After years of frustration in winning the hearts and minds of disaffected ethnic groups, Dr Leibold believes Beijing has ditched its multicultural approach in favour of cultural “mingling”, or assimilation.

The prevailing party ideology dictates that social harmony can only be achieved with the “standardisation of human behaviour”.

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Slavoj Žižek: Will our future be Chinese ‘capitalist socialism’? — RT Op-ed

Slavoj Žižek: Will our future be Chinese 'capitalist socialism'?

Despite occasional exceptions, it was once considered almost gospel that democracy and capitalism went hand in hand. China’s successful rise knocks the notion on the head.

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Why Trump Paints China as the New U.S. Enemy

News Corp Australia follows are we now no longer going to shirtfront Putin?(ODT)

On Sept. 26, 2018, President Donald Trump made an extraordinary accusation against China during his remarks to the United Nations Security Council, saying, “Regrettably, we found that China has been attempting to interfere in our upcoming 2018 election coming up in November against my administration.” He made the claim without offering any evidence, but he did speculate about China’s motivation: “They do not want me, or us, to win because I am the first president ever to challenge China on trade.”

Why Trump Paints China as the New U.S. Enemy

Vanuatu digs in on Chinese presence – Foreign Minister says it’s “great”

All thanks to Tony Abbott’s disinterest

The Vanuatu Foreign Minister, Ralph Regenvanu, has welcomed the intensified Chinese investment and aid efforts in his country while conceding it does come with some extra diplomatic pressure. In an extended interview with Independent Australia’s Lee Duffield at his Foreign Ministry office, Mr Regenvanu took stock of incidents upsetting the Australian Government and many Australians, like the story of China wanting a naval base in Vanuatu, which his government has denied.

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China vows retaliation for latest $200bn US tariff threat | News | Al Jazeera

The United States trade deficit in goods with China hit a record $375.2bn in 2017 [File: AP]

China and the United States face a wider trade war after Beijing vowed on Wednesday to retaliate over Washington’s threat to impose $200bn in additional tariffs on Chinese goods.

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Outgoing Defence Chief: China has breached its neighbours’ trust

Blaming China for Abbott’s inexcusable dumping of the Pacific Islands. How easliy forgotten. Abbott dropped the ball and the ADF did too. Breach of trust. (ODT)

Defence chief Mark Binskin says Beijing’s broken promise not to militarise the South China Sea means it has squandered the trust of its neighbours and undermined its aspirations to regional leadership.

In his final interview before he hands over command of the 80,000-strong Australian Defence Force, Air Chief Marshal Binskin also urged countries such as China that are moving into the South Pacific: “Don’t destabilise the region.”

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Former trade minister Andrew Robb takes swipe at Washington’s China policy

Correction Robb secured the ALP’s FTA’s he merely was a minister who signed on the dotted line. The ALP did the hard yards. (ODT)

Former trade minister Andrew Robb has attacked United States policy towards China, saying both sides of politics in Washington were obsessed with a “futile and counterproductive” effort to contain the rising Asian power.

Mr Robb, who has received a large salary as a consultant to Chinese firm Landbridge, launched the broadside against Australia’s major ally during a speech to the mining industry on Monday night.

The former minister, who secured several free trade agreements during his time in government, including that with Beijing, said both China and India were re-emerging as major players in Asia and would “share” power with the US over the course of this century.

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Is China Stealing a March on Trump in Pakistan amid New Trade War?

The influential Pakistani military is heavily dependent on the US for its equipment and arms, while Pakistan’s wobbly economy may soon need a loan from the US-led International Monetary Fund (IMF).

However Pakistan also owes China a lot of money, and in truth America and it have been drifting apart at least since the Obama administration. Therefore the growing quarrel between its two patrons puts Islamabad in a tricky geopolitical position. For all the advantages of being able to play each off against the other in the short term, Islamabad will be hoping it can avoid having to choose between them.

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China’s President Xi Jinping is pushing a Marxist revival — but how communist is it really? – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Chinese President Xi Jinping and German philosopher Karl Marx.

China’s “Helmsman” President Xi Jinping wants the 1.4 billion people he leads to enthusiastically embrace the teachings of German philosopher Karl Marx, as part of a broader revival of the Communist Party.

“”He believes even though China should go around the world with an open-door policy, the party-state apparatus should still be largely in control of the economy,” he said.”

Question who promotes “we”  over  “me” thinking and rational economic and social planning for 1.4 billion people better America, China, India, or Russia? (ODT)

China’s President Xi Jinping is pushing a Marxist revival — but how communist is it really? – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Donald Trump flags $US100bn more China tariffs

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce says China would fight unilateral US protectionism “at any cost” in response to Donald Trump’s announcement that he had instructed trade officials to consider $US100 billion ($130 billion) in additional tariffs.

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Forget China’s red dragon, fear the green renewable one

Why is the US (and Australia) ideologically clinging to last century’s energy sources and technology? How dumb are we?

USA & Australia = Dumb and Dumber a History of Energy transformation live (OD)

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Did Trump just Paint a target on backs of US Diplomats & Businessmen?

Did Trump just Paint a target on backs of US Diplomats & Businessmen?

China has already stolen a march on the US with regard to trade with Africa. Beijing does $200 bn a year in trade with the continent, while the US does only $100 bn. The next time an American firm is competing with a Chinese one for a contract and the offers are similar, you could well see a tilt away from the US on the basis of Trump’s filthy language.

Did Trump just Paint a target on backs of US Diplomats & Businessmen?

The real threat to our national security – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Three months before the 2013 election, Stuart Robert organised a dinner in his Parliament House office with Tony Abbott and Chinese business mogul Li Ruipeng at the request of his donor mate, Paul Marks, so Mr Li could meet senior Liberals including shadow resources minister Ian Macfarlane. Also present at the gathering was the then president of the Liberal National Party, Bruce McIver, a party powerbroker who was later appointed as a director of Australia Post.That was the dinner where they were all gifted Rolex watches which they thought were “fake”.

Source: The real threat to our national security – » The Australian Independent Media Network

China is now the largest producer of solar power in the world | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

China is showing once again they’re working to lead the way on renewable energy, even as they battle pollution issues, and recently they’ve made great strides. They’re now the largest producer of…

Source: China is now the largest producer of solar power in the world | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

Trans-Pacific Partnership: China seizes trade opportunity after Donald Trump’s threat – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

United States President-elect Donald Trump’s pledge to dump or renegotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a gift for the Chinese in their drive to control the world economy.

Source: Trans-Pacific Partnership: China seizes trade opportunity after Donald Trump’s threat – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The Chinese Are Coming! The Chinese Are Coming! Really, Really Slowly – New Matilda

They come over here. They buy up all the farmland that we stole. And they don’t assimilate. I am, of course, referring to the impossibly clever Chinese. And we’ll get to the perennially screwed over First Australians in a minute. Reports out today cast some doubt on the never-ending xenophobia of Australians when it comesMore

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China To Exit South China Sea, After Linchpin Stands Down

south china sea

Saying they no longer had the support of people in powerful places, the Chinese Government have announced that they will leave the South China Sea as early as next week.

“With Sam Dastyari no longer on the shadow front bench in the Australian parliament, we’d be nothing more than a toothless tiger,” a Chinese spokesperson explained today.

He said it would be too risky to go it alone. “Mr Dastyari had the ear of the leader of the Australian opposition for goodness sake. There’s no way we’d be able to sway global public opinion now”.


The departure will mean many of the man-made islands in the area will be left half-built, providing an opening for savvy resort owners or Immigration and Border Protection ministers.

We’ve left ourselves hopelessly exposed to China – The Drum (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

On any conventional reading, Australia’s economic development has gone backwards and is too reliant on shipping iron ore to China. This at a time when the Middle Kingdom’s debt bomb is set to detonate.

Source: We’ve left ourselves hopelessly exposed to China – The Drum (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

China’s military advisers ‘heading to Syria to help fight ISIS’ – report — RT News

China will be helping out the Syrian government in the fight against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIL/ISIS) by sending “military advisers,” media reports have claimed.

Source: China’s military advisers ‘heading to Syria to help fight ISIS’ – report — RT News

Tony Abbott denies China’s carbon trading plan shows he is out of step : ‘More and more countries are going down the direct action path,’ prime minister says of grants aimed at lowering emissions

Tony Abbott does some heavy lifting at a timber factory in Melbourne

Tony Abbott has denied that China’s plan to launch a national carbon trading market shows he is out of step internationally on climate change, claiming his Direct Action policy is getting “more and more support” in Australia and abroad.

On Wednesday a Chinese government official said a national carbon market was likely to be launched by the middle of next year, along with an emissions cap for six sectors: power generation, metallurgical, nonferrous metal, building materials, chemicals and aviation.

“We hope to kick off the national market in summer of 2016, starting with a three-year trading phase before the market becomes fully functional in 2019,” said Jiang Zhaoli, a senior official within the National Development and Reform Commission’s climate change department.

But Abbott dismissed the suggestion that China’s actions showed the Coalition decision to dump Australia’s carbon pricing scheme in favour of his Direct Action plan ran against the tide of international efforts to reduce emissions.

“In fact, more and more countries are going down the direct action path,” the prime minister said in Melbourne on Friday. “Direct action has more and more support, here and abroad.

“Don’t underestimate what we are actually doing. By 2020 we will have reduced emissions by 12% on 2005 levels, on a per capita basis they are down 30% – this is amongst the world’s best outcomes.

“Sure, other countries talk about what they might do down the track, but we are actually delivering lower emissions for a better environment.”

Abbott was in suburban Melbourne to tour a woodfiller business he said had benefited from the repeal of Australia’s carbon price last year through lower power costs.

The Direct Action plan that replaced carbon pricing involves the distribution of voluntary grants to businesses that wish to lower their emissions. The government insists this policy will easily achieve Australia’s target of a 5% reduction on emissions by 2020, on 2000 levels, although several bodies have questioned this confidence.

China, by comparison, has launched seven regional carbon markets since 2013, with Qingdao, a city of 9 million people, planning to join the scheme. It’ i estimated the pilot carbon markets cover around a third of China’s overall emissions, although the lack of a unified national system has led to variations in each of the markets.

The plan to introduce a national scheme will unify these regional markets, subject to approval by Chinese state authorities. The national market would eclipse the EU’s emissions trading scheme, which is now the world’s largest.

In September China put its name to a list of 73 countries that signalled support for putting a price on carbon. This list includes Germany, France, Britain, South Africa and New Zealand. It also includes US states such as California and Massachusetts, as well as more than 1,000 businesses.

Australia, which was the first country in the world to repeal a carbon price, is now working out its position on emissions cuts beyond 2020. Crunch UN climate talks in Paris this year will set out a new global deal on lowering emissions, with the aim of avoiding more than 2C of warming compared with pre-industrial times.

Analysis conducted by the CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology states that Australia could warm by up to 5.1C by 2100 unless action is taken to curb emissions. This level of warming would have major ramifications for agriculture, human health owing to increased heatwaves, and coastal infrastructure owing to rising sea levels and extreme weather events.

Chinese paper accuses west of stoking extremism in Middle East

A man watches US airstrikes aimed at Isis forces

Commentary condemns western countries for arming anti-government movements fighting against Syrian government

Western countries are stoking extremism in the Middle East with their support for anti-government opposition movements, China’s top newspaper has said, repeating a call for non-interference in the region’s turmoil.

China has expressed concern about the rise of Islamic State (Isis) in countries such as Syria and Iraq, nervous about the effect the jihadi group could have on its far-west region of Xinjiang, where Beijing says it faces a threat from Islamist extremists.

But it has also condemned efforts by western countries to arm certain groups fighting against the Syrian government, and has shown no sign of wanting to join US efforts to use military force against Isis.

The People’s Daily, the official paper of China’s ruling Communist party, said moves by the west to support anti-government movements in the Middle East were having the opposite effect.

“The facts prove that by letting jihadists pass unchecked into Syria to join battle has caused the expansion of the extremist group Islamic State,” it said in a commentary.

“This is a classic case of how rearing a tiger will court calamity. The entry of major powers must avoid by all means adding to the chaos.”

The US needed to understand that the enemy of your enemy was still your enemy, the newspaper added.

The article was published under the pen name Zhong Sheng, meaning Voice of China, often used to give views on foreign policy.

But the international community could not just sit by and watch as Isis grew, the commentary said. It needed to play a constructive role and follow the rules of the UN charter. That meant respecting countries’ sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

China free trade deal could ‘turn into disaster’ without safeguards, Liberal senator Bill Heffernan says


A senior Liberal senator is warning a free trade deal with China could “turn into a disaster” for Australia if appropriate safeguards are not put in place.

In an exclusive interview with the ABC, Bill Heffernan raised the prospect of China cutting its tariffs, but then manipulating its currency to come out ahead.

“How do you really have a trade agreement with a country that won’t put their currency on the market? I mean we should learn from our free trade agreement with the US,” Senator Heffernan said.

“When we signed that agreement we were at 65 cents, when we enacted it the following February we were at 67 cents to the US.

“We did away with 5 per cent and 15 per cent tariffs and within a few years we found ourselves at a huge trade disadvantage because we had a 45 per cent currency tariff against us because we went parity with the US and above parity at one stage.”

The Government is hoping to seal a deal with Australia’s biggest trading partner when the Chinese president Xi Jinping visits Australia this weekend.

At the present time… it’s a non-market currency which makes it very difficult for us [to] manage good times, bad times, high interest rates, low interest rates

Senator Bill Heffernan

“Thanks to a lot of focus from Australia and from China over the last 12 months, I think it is very much on track for success in the next few days,” Prime Minister Tony Abbott told reporters in Beijing on Monday.

“Still a few things to finalise, but I think very much on track for success in the next few days.”

While welcoming a possible breakthrough, Mr Heffernan warned Australia could still be a loser because of China’s currency.

“At the present time… it’s a non-market currency which makes it very difficult for us [to] manage good times, bad times, high interest rates, low interest rates,” he said.

“In code, it really means we can’t win until the currency comes on the market.”

Audio: Australia must toughen its tax laws to benefit from free trade: Heffernan (AM)

The Federal Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce rejected concerns from his Coalition colleague that China’s fixed currency will negate any benefits of a free trade deal.

Senator Joyce said Australia needs to step up its trade with China so national debt can be paid off.

“If we don’t do a deal with China, if we don’t trade with what is now our major trading trading partner, then our capacity to pay our bills and re-float our economy after the disastrous episode of the previous government, is going to be impinged,” he said.

“We have to make sure that our soft commodities – such as wheat, such as beef, such as cotton, such as wool – start flowing in a more formidable form.”

Government sources have told the ABC a deal is looking likely, but some key issues are still being negotiated.

Mr Abbott said the pact was not perfect and could be changed.

“We are trying to build a house,” he said.

“Let’s build the first storey and then in a year or two we can build the second storey and maybe even a third storey, but let’s get things done and I very much hope that we will be able to say that we have got things done within a few days.”

Is there anything Abbott can sell? Coal you can’t give it away but we pay the price with electricity still on the rise.

China’s dirty coal ban will lose us billions of dollars in sales. Why air pollution in China. Abbott has said there’s no point in pursuing RET’s as they will have no effect on the global environment  China and other major polluters don’t do anything. Well China now has. Guess Abbott’s argument will need to change. We don’t need to do anything because the worlds biggest polluters are now doing it for us. Would you employ him as a sales person for your company? The country has.

What are we going to do with our dirty coal if it takes 2 years to ship to China instead of one we can’t put up it’s already dropped to cost out of the ground. We can sack the workers whose jobs Abbott was saving. We could close 50% of those mines we have subsidised at least Clive Palmer has a job and assetts like cars to sell unless the bank owns them.

What do financial advisers really mean when they say “We are all trying to sort out what is going on. the information is fairly fluid right now” Your money is going down the drain. We will have to find ways of using more coal here at home gut the RETs

Our coal producers say China is propping up their own mines due to their economic slow down it really has nothing to do with pollution. They can’t dare admit it’s long-term can they. Caught between a rock and a hard place , ‘lie’. Another sound bite coming from the Minerals Council is “there is no evidence that it will affect Australia”. How much spin and bullshit can you put on this. Palmer has “the Chinese are fucking liars they really want our coal. They want our coal. Please want my coal”  this is like the captain of the Titanic telling his  passengers and crew not to panic the hole in the hull is a good thing it’s letting the water out.

We have reserves of good coal which will continue to be in demand is another line. Does this mean mines we have already subsidised will close and we will be then asked to subsidise new ones. If I was a mining company I wouldn’t worry too much nothing needs to come out of the ground and the government cheques will keep coming it’s Corporate Welfare.

SHUSH Abbott too much crowing about National Security…..It’s a secret Mother…..r

How many of these certificates will be signed Tony Abbott after his poll status has gone up

How original is Tony Abbott and his merry men on their recruitment drive?

Why splash National Security action all over the media is Abbott hoping for a home grown event. We have government ministers lining up to tell us that Australia is ready to join the US in Iraq; a very broad statement that tells us nothing specific, but does succeed in mobilizing the minds of the ‘gung-ho’ brigade.”

It’s been year full of gaffes, embarrassment and a budget disaster the government needs a deflection to draw attention away from it’s failings and the rumblings in it’s ranks. What better than an illusion of a threat. How original how bright. Margret Thatcher always said if in crisis governments create a crisis to hide their crisis.

 “A terror suspect has been arrested by a new anti-terror squad attempting to leave Melbourne Airport with at least one other person, and is suspected of going to fight in a conflict abroad.” David Irvine

“new Australian Customs and Border Protection counter-terrorism units were now operating in Sydney and Melbourne international airports.” Tony Abbott

 “This government will do everything that is necessary to keep this country safe.”  Tony Abbott

Abbott’s announcement came after ASIO Director General David Irvine’s  assisting Abbott to draw our attention elsewhere. While the media lapped it up for a second nothing more has been said why? Abbott is sabre rattling  a show  for us but big brother US of A isn’t racing to action. But Bolt and the Murdoch Press are on board trying to lift this leaner telling us how well he operates on this international level. Are we to believe our Tony is a major adviser to the all big players?

If the government wanted to be truly effective in its efforts to protect us from any terrorist threat, would it not be more prudent to do it without a megaphone? After all, that is what they are doing with border security.”

Why are they making such a noise about combating terrorism? Ram ping up a perceived threat, as has been happening recently, is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to win back votes. It achieves no other purpose, except to alert possible terrorists to be more vigilant and to be on their game.

 [The prime minister] is just using this as a shield

Our pivot of the pacific draws our attention to the Ukraine and the Middle East. Abbott believes he has a winner; with National Security. Will anybody raise  the fact that Abbott has just given up 40 years of goodwill created by the ABC within the Pacific Region  to China because of his  $230 mill cut to it’s budget. A cut promised not to be made.  China’s news broadcaster Xinhua  is in Fiji and this week has signed a contract to supply the regional news in English, French and Chinese to Vanuatu and it’s neighbours. That’s National Security that Tony Abbott or Andrew Bolt aren’t talking about.

Has Tony Abbott just done the same for Melanesia?