US presidential election 2020: Fox News trumpeting Donald Trump’s conspiracies is worse than we thought

Fox News prime-time host Tucker Carlson with former president Donald Trump last year.

Peter Costello’s Ch9 and The Age are currently celebrating the demise of Murdoch’s Fox News. They nevertheless apply the very same business model themselves and have adopted and accelerated it since Peter Costello became CEO. They are celebrating like Rumpelstiltskin once did only they too will crash. We can be assured Ch9 won’t, any day soon, return to a fair, balanced and ethical standard of news reporting. We only need to look at their reporting on the minor adjustment to Super the ALP proposes to evaluate their true colours. It has begun with calling it  “a raid” on all super accounts despite the fact that no legislation has been passed. It’s as if the first domino has already fallen which it hasn’t. According to the media, ALP are now coming after everything and everyone’s savings not just the over-rewarded wealthy’s welfare benefits that protects them from feeling the pain of inflation.

As revealed in the hearings and motions filed to date, Fox personalities such as Tucker Carlson can be seen fretting about the stock price going down. He and other stars targeted fellow staffers who did present the truth. When a Fox reporter posted a Tweet fact-checking – and dismissing – the claims against Dominion, Carlson texted another Fox host, Sean Hannity, “Please get her fired.” The offending tweet disappeared.

Source: US presidential election 2020: Fox News trumpeting Donald Trump’s conspiracies is worse than we thought

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