Old Dog Thoughts-CH9’s Fairfax is on the LNP’s case but whose on Labor’s? The Quid is clear what’s the Quo? Make News Corp second fiddle?

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'IS THIS BRANCH STACKING? Towke also long- serving member the Liberal Party. In July 2007 he won preselection for the safe federal seat of Cook. he polled votes Morrison, On 10 as 82 votes to 8, who was eliminated in the Party, nomination Towke scanda appeared loward'sb d'sbackyard elegraph facesj mother tohospital, Telegraph, Towkel bujustby Though Towke would eventually win his legal war, damage had been done. The second ballot gave the preselection to Scott Morrison. NEWS LIMITED WAS WILLING DEARLY STORY NOT TO BE PUBLISHED'

Who’s Really Looting America? with Robert Reich; Branch Stacking Morrison wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Branch stacking; Trump’s diplomacy has had a single minded focus since 2017 himself;