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Scott Morrison’s mate, political advisor and Nine Chairman Peter Costello sacks John Hewson at the SMH – The Age. Is an election close? – Kangaroo Court of Australia

One of Scott Morrison’s closest political advisors is Nine Entertainment Chairman and former federal Treasurer Peter Costello and one of Scott Morrison’s biggest critics is former federal Liberal Party leader John Hewson who was sacked this week as a columnist by the Nine Entertainment owned papers The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. John Hewson’s criticism of Scott Morrison is a lot more damaging to Morrison’s reputation and credibility with voters than most critics because Hewson is a former Liberal Party leader. And with Hewson having a national platform such as The SMH and The Age papers and their websites would have made Hewson one of the top targets for Morrison’s hit squad who work behind the scenes daily trying to manipulate the media.

Source: Scott Morrison’s mate, political advisor and Nine Chairman Peter Costello sacks John Hewson at the SMH – The Age. Is an election close? – Kangaroo Court of Australia

How can every single one of our journalists have got it so terribly wrong? The Melbourne’s Age was the only paper in the country to back Labor.

Thanks for nothing. To the wordsmiths that just take the money.

I remember when the United States Congress gave our Prime Minister a standing ovation.

I remember when men and women around the world were touched by her passion in championing the rights of women.

I remember when our Treasurer was hailed as the best in the world for saving our country from the collapse felt around the globe.

I remember when the world was praising our leadership in action on climate change by introducing carbon pricing.

I remember when we reached agreement with the states to implement education funding reform.

I remember when we looked forward to every home being connected to world class NBN.

It wasn’t that long ago.

So how did we end up in our current position, represented by fools and vilified globally?

The people who are paid to inform us, whose job it is to hold politicians to account, failed us, that’s how.

On the eve of the election, every major newspaper in the country, with the exception of Melbourne’s Age, endorsed Tony Abbott to be Australia’s 28th prime minister.

Queensland’s Courier Mail ran a front page picture of a clown’s hat, emblazoned with the ALP logo, toppled in the centre of a circus ring under a headline ”The circus is over.”

”We believe Tony Abbott stands ready to seize the day,” read Melbourne’s Herald Sun editorial, beside a front page headline ”Tony’s Time”.

The Adelaide Advertiser told Australians that ”tomorrow [they] finally have an opportunity to set our nation on a new path”.

The Canberra Times also came out in favour of the Coalition telling us it was “Abbott’s time”.

On the first day of the election campaign the Daily Telegraph ran a front page photograph of a distressed-looking Kevin Rudd accompanied by the headline: ”Finally, you now have the chance to . . . Kick this mob out.”

And the Sunday Telegraph published a front page picture of a statesman-like Tony Abbott standing in front of a billowing national flag, with the headline: ”Australia needs Tony.”

The Sydney Morning Herald said ”Abbott does not so much deserve the chance to do what Labor could not do in the past six years. But the party he leads is untainted by scandal and infighting, and therefore has the best chance to unite a tired and despondent electorate.”

The AFR judged that ”Australia’s prosperity would be better served by a Coalition government”.

The Australian pushed for the Coalition to be given a majority government and for Mr Abbott to seek a ”mandate for reform”.

The newspaper praised the Opposition Leader, saying: ”Rarely in the modern era has there been a more grounded prime ministerial candidate than this volunteer firefighter, surf lifesaver, endurance athlete and charity cyclist.”

The Northern Territory News compared Labor’s reign to natural disasters afflicting the NT.

”Territorians cope with a lot compared to the rest of Australia. Searing heat, torrential downpours, cyclones and the tyranny of distance,” the NT News editorial read.

”One thing we cannot, and should not, have to cope with is when a government . . . goes troppo. The Labor Federal Government has gone troppo. And that’s being kind. It has lost the ability – and the right – to lead.”

But ”fortunately”, the newspaper concluded, “there is a candidate to bring the country to its senses”.

Melbourne’s Age was the only paper in the country to back Labor.

The Age judged that Labor’s policies – especially the national broadband network, better schools plan and commitment to a price of carbon – meant the government deserved to be returned, but they had already cruelled any chance of that when, in June their headline read “For the sake of the nation, Ms Gillard should stand aside.”

How can every single one of our journalists have got it so terribly wrong? These people are trained and paid to do a job.  They have access to the inner workings of Parliament and they are fed briefs, press releases and leaks.  Perhaps, rather than slavishly believing and printing what they are told, they would do better to stay in their jammies and do a little research for themselves.

We are owed an apology.

Press Laziness Press Propoganda The AGE pages 1-5 some excerpts show a very lopsided story


ASIO officers raided homes across Sydney and Brisbane arresting 15 people some as young as 17 or 19 who were later released…..The AGE

The raids were conducted on kids however the papers really made it sound as if it was a very organized gang if so why were all released and no charges laid?

Azari 22 was charged was charged Thursday with conspiracy to prepare for a terrorist attack. A second Sydneyman 24 from Merrylands was charged late on Thursday on fire-arms and ammunition charges. He was released on bail….The AGE

Azari has legal Aid and doesn’t have the funds to be bailed he has been arrested on the basis of one phone call.

‘It is understood Barylei knew one of the men arrested from school’….The AGE

If knowing Barylei in school is an indictable offense why hasn’t the school been arrested the reporter has nothing to write about and is throwing things in for the sake of the story

“They would use things like public phone boxes. They would avoid talking in cars all that sort of stuff”….The AGE

“while beheading was not specifically mentioned in the alleged phone call on Tuesday- one of several believed to have taken place between Baryalei and Azari- it is assumed that this would have been the method of killing” The…AGE

This is the most salient piece of news why is beheading playing such a large role in the reporting when it was never specifically mentioned. It has been the central feature of the police and media reports and has never had a place.

“the Commonwealth Prosecutor said the charges were very very serious and involved an unusual level of fanaticism”…one intercepted phone call between May8 and September 18 to which Mr Azari was party”

The only thing the Prosecutor is saying is the charges he’s drawn up are very serious the evidence however seems very very weak


“There has been immediate reaction to a clear and imperative danger”

“Mr Boland hired by Legal Aid NSW for Mr Azari did not apply for bail …. the allegation is based on one phone call of very limited compass the federal police have put foward”

One phone call and he is the only sucker who isn’t rich enough to apply for bail

Australians will have absorbed the news of planned beheadings of random citizens with many feelings. All will be grateful ASIO with state and Federal Police appears to have prevented an attack……even in Australia fanatical sectarianism poses a clear and present danger”

There was no news of beheadings but Mark Kenny is not going tell you that it would spoil an otherwise good story.

The Australian Defense League ” Let’s make our presence known and get there (Lakemba) in force against these bastard terrorists

The Australian KKK is itching to come out an play. Jesus want’s them to nail a Muslim to a cross

A woman was man handled and beaten to the face her 14 year old son saw this tried to help. He was pushe into the wall he all most passed out

Nothing but this about police violence on a 14 year old they just recruited to ISIS

The whole saga is disgusting and has put a target on the back of Australians traveling through Muslim countries. Indonesia is our nearest neighbor thank you TEAM ABBOTT

“Tell The Leaners My Cigars and Whiskey Are Good For The Economy” Jolly Joe


Hockey in his eagerness to do something right for a change tripped  and found himself licking Palmer arse. He’s delayed the increase in compulsory super   from 9.5% to 12% for another 7 years. Of course Joe magnanimously said the workers will see that extra money in their pay packets. A straight out lie because employers are not obligated to pass it on.

Tell me an employer that will pass on a 2.5% wage increase when they are not obliged to. His man will go down in history as little more than a waste of space. Please explain Mr Treasurer

If it stays with employers the best way to grow superannuation in Australia is to have a stronger economy because ultimately because superannuation is invested back into the economy’

If the employer keeps the money Joe it’s not my super Joe it’s his new Merc or his overseas trip. It’s the Christmas present my wife or kid just might miss out on. Maybe the school excursion. What utter horse shit is the man saying the improvement in my employer’s life style is good for the economy. That’s as Liberal as you can get and Abbott is running the same line on this.



Amanda Vanstone Speaks Bolt’s Mind in Fairfax News

Imagine if Abbott had been accused of rape …

Amanda Vanstone dinkus. AMANDA VANSTONE 7:34am The media response seems to be rather different for Bill Shorten.


Once an idiot always an idiot. Amanda Vanstone’s article on Bill Shorten is proof positive of Vanstone’s disregard for truth. She begins with not knowing Shorten’s age. He was born in 1967 Amanda you either failed math or you just make it up as you go along. He is not 44!!!

Shorten was far from kidding himself and very wise raising the issue before your mob could savage it like the mongrels you are. Unlike you kidding yourself that that you can bring any new incite to the story other than keep it running. Get a life your a lazy commentator Amanda Vanstone.  Shorten was fully aware what you media trolls could do with it. Particularly those of the Newscorp and the 2GB variety. He came out first and removed the pounce you would all have done banging heads in the hope to run with it.

What saints you all were running your personal little jihads of restraint

 ‘there has been a good deal of restraint excercised by both the media and members of parliament in the lead up to and since.’

There is no comparison with Tony Abbott as there were witnesses to the fact that he scared the shit out of Barbara Ramjan. If you deny that you might just be asked to make a court enforced public apology as did Andrew Bolt,Michael Kroger and Alan Jones when they tried to deny that it was truth. So go ahead Amanda deny it publicly please.

If a similar complaint were made against Abbott with his track record of abuse and violence maybe it wouldn’t be held back. There is a clear history of misogynist behaviour by Abbott not by Shorten. However we know for sure if it was Tony you,Newscorp  or 2GB would not have said a peep. Would the ABC and Fairfax  the leftist media  you work for break the news? Do they have your over blown sense of integrity?

What a load of speculative lazy codswallop you write. You have  plagiarised idea from Andrew Bolt’s self aggrandisement on the Bolt Report That was his excuse for not breaking it. You are the Australian journalist that Frank Sinatra once failed to compliment. I’ll say no more and show restraint b***h.

You all weren’t fast enough nor were politicians. Why don’t you name and shame those investigative journalists those trolls with no morals you allude to in your commentary? Wouldn’t it be sweet revenge  for catching you out for taking $$$$ to change a known Mafia persons immigration status and allowing him to remain in this country on compassionate grounds. Another moment of personal jihad was it Amanda Vanstone?