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Julia Banks: We can’t take another three years of same old, same old

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From a Liberal

Unlike in the US, every Australian vote counts and voting is compulsory and preferential. The day after the election, we don’t want to find ourselves having to march in the streets for climate change action, integrity and safety, respect and equity for women. And rather than having to “stick it out” with the same leadership for another three years, our nation needs to breathe a sigh of relief. With the knowledge and comfort that it’s time to repair, restore and build for the future. Time to put the bulldozer away.

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Julia Banks: Respect at work starts at the top

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison has repeatedly shown a lack of commitment to ensuring respect, safety and equity for all women in the workplace.

It’s shown in large ways and small: “We both respect females in the workplace …” Morrison said at a forum – not only a jarring reference to “females in the workforce”, as if working women are some form of rare species, but also creating another falsehood by wrongly co-opting Albanese, who, based on my experience and that of countless others who have either met or worked with both men, is a decent and respectful man.

I‘d never met Gillard, so I lined up in the queue after the unveiling.

The cameras were clicking furiously, and I knew the microphones would be on. So, when it came my turn, I whispered quietly so that only she could hear, and thanked her for ‘everything she had done for women’.

Obviously aware it had been a stressful time for me, she warmly whispered back while we were still shaking hands, “you know how to get my number – if you want a confidential chat”.

Despite the difference in our political status – and our politics – I saw it as a shared connection of mutual respect. And it was such a warm and embracing gesture – one which I shall never forget – from a former prime minister for whom I shall have enduring respect.

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Victorian Liberals care more about themselves than their communities


The Frydenberg Aspiration is on show with “KEEP ME” billboards.

“Look, on that call just now with Malcolm, you just thanked Julie and Kelly [long silent pause] … But I helped you too,” he said. I was bemused that he felt the need to say that. And on another call just a few months later, he randomly mentioned “numbers in the party room” during a conversation with me about something completely unrelated – his blatant leadership aspirations already on show. “Look I know you like me … and I know I’d have your vote in the party room,” he said.

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Julia Banks: Liberals show lack of character with attacks on independents

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From a Liberal who knows the inner workings of the LNP

Even in his early days as prime minister, Morrison had many moments that were characterised as ‘Trumpian’ and ended up in the international press for all the wrong reasons. One was when he said: “We want to see women rise. But we don’t want to see women rise only on the basis of others (i.e. men) doing worse.”

He actually said that. And worse still, it wasn’t off the cuff or a case of the words coming out wrong. It was in his written, prepared speech for International Women’s Day in 2019. At a time when his government’s women problem was under the glare of public scrutiny.

Over the past three years, Morrison has failed to act on this problem, on climate change (think Glasgow) and on integrity (recall the broken promise for a federal anti-corruption commission) to name a few issues. And this has given rise to independent campaigns across the country in what are regarded as safe Liberal seats.

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Julia Banks: Voters are losing faith in political integrity. They’re partly right

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Time for integrity

Once, when I was a government MP under Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership, I was watching him in a TV interview. At the end, the host held a ‘fun pop quiz’ requiring ‘one-word answers only’. What’s the most important quality in a Prime Minister?: Without hesitation came the then-prime minister’s answer. Integrity. I believe him.

The aspiring prime minister Anthony Albanese has said of himself, “what you see is what you get”, and I will treat you with ‘respect and integrity’. And he also says he will implement an Integrity Commission. I believe him.

Aside from MPs on the cross bench and in other parties, I have lost count of the number of current and former Liberals MPs and members – many of whom I know personally – who, in addition to the ones who have ‘gone public’, say that Morrison can’t be trusted, is only interested in power not people, and has no integrity. I believe them.

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A Tinpot Dictator? – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Julia Banks tells a different story. “It was the three months of Morrison’s leadership that … was definitely the most gut-wrenching, distressing period of my entire career.” Morrison an advocate for women? It’s risible and – as The Monthly’s Rachel Withers notes, it’s insulting to women. “The claim is laughable. If there’s anyone Morrison was trying to save it was factional consigliore Alex Hawke (Evangelical) in the seat of Mitchell, and his overarching aim was to maintain control of the numbers in the party. At the end of the day, the only person Scott Morrison truly stands up for is Scott Morrison.”

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Old Dog Thought- Liberals across Australia and particularly in the Morrison State of NSW are abandoning the Liberal Party like never before.

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Julia Banks: When voting for ‘the devil you know’ isn’t good enough

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How many Liberals does it take to change their leader when the decision making structure of the party has swung Right? More than dozen members in this current parliament seem to have decided that Morrison wasn’t suitable and resigned? Liberals across Australia and particularly in Morrisons State of NSW are abandoning the Party like never before. Religious groups aren’t run on Democratic principles and Morrison and neither is the Liberal Party any longer.

Morrison is a diehard Pentacostalist Brian Houston his mentor and more than anyone else Morrison has introduced its evangelical leadership style and principles into our political debate and he did it from the get go declaring us to be a Christian Nation.

Like Trump he’s applied “captain’s picks” to this election not representative ones. Liberals are abandoning their membership of the party the way Republicans are in the U.S because of the abandonment of Democracy and rising Autocracy. However, in their abandonment they’re handing it to Evangelicals who have foregone belief in Seperation of Powers the very core of a Multicultural Democratic State. It’s those very fanatics Morrison appoints and appeals to like Deves in Warringah. He supports those against LGBTQIs and specifically Trans. His Religious Discrimination Bill is a fight back against Marriage Equality, the role of women and their place in society has been noted Jen his role model. The very notion of trickle down goodness and Charity from the top rather than politically driven, demanding progressive change has been crystal clear.

Morrison is a cultist who believes he’s a member of an elect. He’d rule with a stick if he could and did when he was given charge of Immigration. Unfortunately Morrison’s isn’t enlightened or a member of an  elect and his efforts like most cultists leads back to darker times and a trend we are witnessing globally built more on faith than rationality.

At a media conference this week at the start of the current election campaign, Morrison said: “It’s not a popularity test. You go to the dentist. It doesn’t matter if you like him or not, or like her or not. But you want to know that they’re good at their job.” But if you go to the dentist and they’re bad at their job, you find another dentist. One who is good at their job. And a good leader of their team. A person you can trust.

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Julia Banks: Book reveals – again – that men are behind sexist politics

Julia Banks reveals her time in the Liberal Party

It would be alarming if it wasn’t so, well, expected. The reception to an excerpt from former Liberal MP Julia Banks’ book in a weekend newspaper fell into two depressingly familiar camps – government supporters and critics. Both camps scrambled over each other in the race to discredit and dismiss Ms Banks, giving priority to their own political allegiances rather than address the real issues raised by her book.

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Former Liberal MP Julia Banks on the Canberra bubble’s bullying boys’ club

After a career in the private sector, Julia Banks was genuinely curious to see what it was like on the inside of politics. What she found wasn’t pretty.

The caller’s tone was bullying, short and swift and coldly calculating. It was Morrison. I’d been trying to speak to him all day; I wanted to tell him directly to get his bully boys to back off. He made offers that had been made before by his emissaries, including Frydenberg. He offered to send me to New York as the United Nations delegate, all expenses paid, for months in a lavish hotel (at taxpayers’ expense). I declined. He offered to “negotiate with Bill [Shorten, then opposition leader] for a pair”. A parliamentary pair is when the two political parties rebalance their numbers for voting when an MP is absent from the chamber for personal, parental or sick leave reasons. It could have effectively meant I’d be on “unlimited sick leave”, or more likely “unlimited mental health leave”, for the remainder of the term. The fact that this would align with the “emotionally and mentally unwell” narrative was not lost on me. “I am not sick,” I said.

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‘She has betrayed us all’: Liberals unleash on Banks for Turnbull-backed tilt to oust Hunt

Alex Turnbull, right, confirmed he was "involved" in Julia Banks' campaign to oust Greg Hunt.

As the song goes they are looking for excuses in all the wrong places and refused to accept the factional damage coming from the conservative minority has caused the divide. It’s time to get rid of ths cancer within. (ODT)

Malcolm Turnbull’s son Alex has confirmed he is involved in Liberal defector Julia Banks’ campaign to oust Health Minister Greg Hunt from his Melbourne seat, as furious Liberals declared the independent MP had “betrayed us all”.

Several Victorian Liberals are convinced the former prime minister had a role in Ms Banks’ decision to challenge Mr Hunt, who supported Peter Dutton in last year’s leadership coup.

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Liberals need to give up on the merit myth

Julia Banks announced her decision to quit the Australian Liberal Party yesterday. While unfortunate, it is hardly surprising. It’s the result of what happens when parliament and politicians fail to represent the people they serve and cling to the myth of meritocracy. Banks is not buying it anymore and neither should the Australian people.

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