Tag: Return of the Christian system

Old Dog Thought- Jackpot: Trump sliced and diced voters and showed the power of money, media & ratings. MSM invested 4 years in a guaranteed ad return on the election. Money counts.

May be an image of 3 people and text that says '3 years, countless scandals, and STILL NO Federal ICAC 2015 Dutton's au pair intervention 2017 Joyce's watergate buybacks 2018 Frydenberg's $444 million grant to the unknown "Great Barrier Reef Foundation." 2018 Morrison promises Federal ICAC to the public 2019 Taylor's dodgy council documents 2020 McKenzie's sports rorts revealed 2021 Tudge's car park rorts revealed Porter's $1 million blind trust TODAY The Morrison Govt shut down vote on ICAC in Parliament!'

Fighting Fake News with REAL 26/11/21/ Putting ICAC away; 10 Standout Lies; Let god’s miracle coal fix it; The Shovel; ABC; Return of Religious Discrimination; Wheeler Dealer just like Trump;