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EXCLUSIVE: Morrison and Hunt’s tricky denial of RAT requisitions

We didn’t do it and we don’t lie!!!!

RAT TRAP Both Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Health Minister Greg Hunt have publicly denied this is the case. A spokesperson from Mr Hunt’s office informed IA that the Minister for Health categorically denies mandatorily requisitioning, redistributing or otherwise appropriating stocks meant for retailers.

Source: EXCLUSIVE: Morrison and Hunt’s tricky denial of RAT requisitions

Will we survive the Morrison Government?

Morrison has died a thousand political deaths only to be spawned again yelling “don’t look in the rear vision mirror. Don’t look at the history of his government his political life is reborn and starts again today and he has the media Murdoch, Costello, and Stokes paid to back him up. Look how well Harvey Norman, Housing and the stock exchange are doing. Unfortunately we have a leader whose been playing whack-a-mole, without any concept of the past or future merely trying to stay alive today with no real direction. 18 months ago the Government was approached by an Australian RTA mfger and rejected. Yes rejected by our Government. No need for such trivia.

Meanwhile the nation is systematically sinking at an accelerated pace because what Morrison has in fact been doing is nothing. Nothing to stave off the collapse of the essential workers in health, industry, retail, transport or education why because the unions just might have some advice. What he is doing is trying to change the laws to allow infectious workers to keep on working and spreading the virus. A virus that can be caught no just once but multiple times to a point of collapse. How the fuck did this happen? Because Morrison believes a healthy economy produces a healthy nation and not that healthy nation produces a healthy economy. Morrison said  “It was China’s fault”,”it’s not a race”,”lockdowns aren’t necessary”, and it’s “our fault” never his. What has he been doing? He’s been ” doing a Trump and like a camp follower has brought us to where we are today. He’s even pulled the RATs out from the Pharmacies reach that not so “free market” because the fucker can’t deliver the ones he promised. Yes it’s Morrison playing whack-a-mole with our lives.

He’s given us the most expensive government in Australia’s history. He has taxed us more invidually than the ALP, cut welfare, while subsidising and lowering corporate taxes as if there were no tomorrow. Our standing in the world has plummetted on every social metric while allowing only 1% of the nation to prosper and government debt increase by 200% to a $1Trn. Now that’s not leader. Thats not for the common good of this nation by any measure imaginable that’s a snake oil huckster a vampire sucking the very marrow out of us by simply doing nothing or when doing something it’s  far too late. Good Onya ScaMo

The answer to all the above questions is that this Morrison Government is not interested in rules. It’s not even concerned with the welfare of its own people in the midst of a global pandemic. Its interests lie only in getting re-elected and appeasing its donors so this can happen.

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Liberals incite Far-Right to lynch Andrews

Andrew Bolt slams ex PM’s for criticizing ScaMo but not Liberal MPs joining crowds yelling “Lynch Dan”. We’ve heard about that  Silent Scream

Managing editor Michelle Pini takes a look at the latest Melbourne protests, where society’s scariest gather, now fuelled by complicit Liberal Party politicians.

Source: Liberals incite Far-Right to lynch Andrews

Kings of defamation: Porter, Laming, Barilaro, Dutton et al

May be an image of 5 people and text that says 'WE NEED A EEDERAL ANTI-CORRUPTION COM MISSION OW'

In a string of defamation lawsuits, Coalition MPs Barilaro, Dutton, Porter, Laming and others have let loose on citizens to suppress loose tongues, writes managing editor Michelle Pini.

Source: Kings of defamation: Porter, Laming, Barilaro, Dutton et al

Flashback 2019: 10 reasons why Scott Morrison is actually a hypocrite

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has built a reputation for being a liar and a hypocrite, with his lies now causing tensions between foreign partners. Back in 2019, managing editor Michelle Pini pointed out ten reasons why Scott Morrison is unfit to lead and needs to be voted out as soon as possible.

Source: Flashback 2019: 10 reasons why Scott Morrison is actually a hypocrite

The Plan — Winking, blinding and eye-watering Morrison Government negligence

Science has been cutback, 40,000 academics have lost their jobs. Yet, a free $40bn was handed to business via JobKeeper to save jobs. We have opened up and business is begging for workers workers Morrison claims to have saved. He simply gave money to businesses who simply”thought they might need it” and not directly to workers. Remember JobMaker that was a great Morrison Plan the plan to create 200,000 jobs. Millions were handed out to create 5,000. Now that was a Plan.

Now that caravan of Morrison wisdom, is heading to Glasgow and being called the “bumbling morons” by the likes of the NYT and the global media. With leaflet in hand these punk comics are off to present another Morrison Plan stolen from Frank Trump Sinatra. Morrison singing “We are going to do it the Australian Way” He has a Plan that’s not really a Plan but only a shitload of hope and that his bucket of hope isn’t recognized for what it really is. Yes, hope that someone else on the planet will provide the technology, the alchemy, that will solve the world’s problem. Not now, or tomorrow, but sometime down that 3 decade track and it’s hopefully too late for  Morrison’s “Do-Nothing Miracle” to be remembered. The man with a Plan hasn’t even provided a first step to action that Plan. How often have we seen him bang the drum of nothing before? Morrison creates more wind than a nation of cow farts, more noise than Clive Palmer and offers nothing in the way of  Australian cooperation with the rest of the world. Morrison has stolen MAGA from Trump and substituted Australia. Meanwhile even America has joined the rest of the world leaving us the stand alone lagard nation.

The Morrison Government is fobbing us off with a tissue of lies, a wink, a nudge and a glossy pamphlet, writes managing editor Michelle Pini.

Source: The Plan — Winking, blinding and eye-watering Morrison Government negligence

Medicare cuts prove the Coalition is bad for our health

Like most things the Morrison Government implements, recent sweeping changes to Medicare rebates affect our most vulnerable citizens and have been rushed through under cover of night, with scarcely a murmur from the Government or its media cheer squad.

Source: Medicare cuts prove the Coalition is bad for our health

Friendlyjordies and the NSW Government’s demise

PINI-ng the question, rightly and directly, on our MSM’s reporting. Along with amplifying Morrison’s, and a host of other opportunistic conservative’s, crowing florid bullshit about the seeming injustice done to the good LNP pollies of NSW by unelected vigilantes, and kangaroo courts like ICAC. Critical political theory has been unethically used against conservatives. That spells a replacement ideology that will not be tolerated by SloMo, his government, or the supporting Mainstream media. Unless of course it’s flipped and applied, without considered weight of evidence, just thunderous noise against Dan Andrews. Yes the idiot dirt brigade is out in force, and in our face.

The resignations of the Premier and Deputy Premier of New South Wales, blaming ICAC and Friendlyjordies, respectively, signal the worst time of mourning for establishment media writes managing editor Michelle Pini. WHY DID both Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Deputy Premier John Barilaro choose to resign within days of each other? Did the New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption (NSW ICAC) bring about the sudden resignations of either or both of these politicians? If so, does the NSW ICAC require further scrutiny, because it makes MP’s”terrified to do their job”, as the Deputy Prime Minister suggested?

Source: Friendlyjordies and the NSW Government’s demise

Outgoing NSW Premier Gladys ‘The Great’ Berejiklian joins ‘Insniders’

GLADYS BEREJIKLIAN: Well, I don’t want to give too much away, David, but I will say this: after I pop down to Officeworks and pick up a bigger shredder, I may or may not be moving to Canberra to take up a front bench seat in my dear, dear friend Scotty’s Government.

Source: Outgoing NSW Premier Gladys ‘The Great’ Berejiklian joins ‘Insniders’

Corporate welfare for the greedy — Robodebt 2.0 for the needy

Nothing says “we are the government for big business only” like doling out money for nothing to multinationals with one hand, while simultaneously clawing back cash from the impoverished with the other.

Source: Corporate welfare for the greedy — Robodebt 2.0 for the needy

Leadership Liberal style: Is PM Scott Morrison still here?

Is he being shot like a Marvel Production’s character on Green Screen? After all the money spent would suggest so.(ODT)

Since Scott Morrison pretty much governs in absentia, if he and his entire ministry disappeared, we would be unlikely to notice, writes managing editor Michelle Pini. PRIME MINISTER SCOTT MORRISON’s “leadership” is now so weak, he has all but disappeared.

Source: Leadership Liberal style: Is PM Scott Morrison still here?

‘Hunger Games’ Coalition edition: Birmingham pushes for more pulled pork

The Morrison Government now treats shameless pork-barrelling as a perfectly legitimate electioneering strategy, writes managing editor Michelle Pini.

Source: ‘Hunger Games’ Coalition edition: Birmingham pushes for more pulled pork

Morrison Government turns its back on women, triggering its own demise

The Morrison Government’s handling of the Porter rape allegations has seen a seismic shift in the public mood and people have had enough, writes managing editor Michelle Pini.

Morrison Government turns its back on women, triggering its own demise

How Morrison’s media bargaining code sold Australia’s soul to wretched Rupert and Mark Zuckerberg

The News Media Bargaining Code will only further cement what the backward NBN began: a smaller, less informed, more conservative and less democratic Australia. Managing editor Michelle Pini and founder and director David Donovan report.

How Morrison’s media bargaining code sold Australia’s soul to wretched Rupert and Mark Zuckerberg

Rudd’s News Corp petition pushes Murdoch’s minions into meltdown

In its gormless retaliation to Kevin Rudd’s petition asking for a Royal Commission into the Murdoch media, News Corp has unwittingly confirmed why such an inquiry is so utterly essential. Founder and director Dave Donovan and managing editor Michelle Pini report.

Rudd’s News Corp petition pushes Murdoch’s minions into meltdown

The Coalition protection racket: Why Tudge won’t budge

Alan Tudge, Richard Colbeck and Paul Fletcher are the latest Morrison Cabinet ministers to be mired in scandal, but no one is responsible for anything in this Coalition Government, writes managing editor Michelle Pini.

The Coalition protection racket: Why Tudge won’t budge

Dan damned — Scott scot-free

Premier Daniel Andrews is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t, but Prime Minister Scott Morrison, despite much evidence to the contrary, remains the mainstream media’s golden boy, writes managing editor Michelle Pini.

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Newstart, wage theft and fat ducks

If you’re trying to “have a go” in order to put food on the table, don’t expect to “get a go” from this Coalition Government, writes executive editor Michelle Pini.


And according to the PM, who has actively opposed any suggestion of an increase to the Newstart payment,

“They [Newstart recipients] don’t just live on Newstart alone.”

That’s right! Lucky Newstart recipients also get an “energy supplement” of $4.40 a week!

This, of course, would not buy the lucky ducks dinner at Heston Blumenthal‘s Fat Duck pop-up in Melbourne, where the starting cost per person (excluding wine) was $525 back in 2015. Blumenthal, incidentally, has also struggled to pay his workers according to the law. But this extra government “assistance”, in fact, doesn’t even cover the cost of a weekly Happy Meal, which is currently $5.30.

Let them eat cake, eh, Mr Morrison? Well, probably not cake served in any establishment of the abovementioned restaurateurs.

Newstart is below the poverty line. That is all anyone with a heart or a full stomach needs to know.

If you’re just trying to “have a go” in order to put food on the table, however, don’t expect to be getting a go from this Coalition Government.

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