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The rise of the Right-eous | The Shot

 The right’s agenda is no longer about manipulating the media, it’s about manipulating reality. And it is not a conspiracy – it is business.

It’s the business of pushing right-wing agendas, the business of creating chaos, the business of maintaining power. If progressives don’t start understanding and accepting that this is now part of how you maintain political power, if they don’t accept that this is happening, if they don’t start pushing and spinning the ball of manipulation back, they will ultimately lose.

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How to sell out your species while pretending to be the adults in the room | The Shot

Nothing normal.

Whenever a narrative is detached from observable, tangible, bona-fide, actual real reality but widely believed anyway, staggeringly shitty things always happen. As the gulf between what is and what is believed grows larger, trauma, misery, oppression, and, in the worst cases, piles of gooey, smelly, otherwise-avoidable death inevitably follow. 

Whenever mass delusions like Australia’s climate debate occur, it is meant to be journalism’s mission to peel back the layers of crud, these conditioned false truisms, and drag democracies closer to a state of informed decision making. But here’s the fucking thing: as the dust settles on this age, what emerges is the largest media voices – particularly Murdoch, but on this topic almost everyone in Australia, from the ABC to Channel 7 – helped spread and proliferate mass delusion more effectively than any other force, bar the Church, on the fucking planet. 

These same voices now and forever tell us The Greens, the only party with a position conducive with humanity’s continued tenancy on Earth, are the unreasonable ones? 

Inhumanely wealthy individuals in mining have purchased the support of both major parties. And the extreme propaganda end of the “news” spectrum has enabled this by claiming the climate crisis is nonsense, for decades, while the more “reasonable” press allows that stupidity to survive by telling us to consider both sides as the fires and floods keep getting worse

Source: How to sell out your species while pretending to be the adults in the room | The Shot

The Robodebt Royal Commission has exposed the depth of Canberra’s rot | The Shot

With the multitude of interlinking fuck-ups strewn among this pockmarked road – the ministerial opportunism, the abrogation of duty of care on behalf of the senior public servants, the omissions of contracted lawyers, the pay-outs and the human toll – all of it seems to have been avoidable if there were anyone along this chain of command who truly cared about the horrible consequences. The Robodebt scheme has left a permanent mark on the nation, it is etched into the memory of so many and into the legacy of those who unleashed it, and it signals an urgent need for change that can no longer be ignored.

Source: The Robodebt Royal Commission has exposed the depth of Canberra’s rot | The Shot

What a stupid year | The Shot

Nothing normal.

2022, an exceptionally dumb year, began with former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison advocating for the rights of disadvantaged children everywhere to be able to drive forklifts at Woolies; the pandemic had exacerbated global supply chain issues and, of all the imaginable remedies to this situation, minimum-wage kids operating heavy machinery appealed to Scott’s mindhole the most. The year ended, just as appropriately, with former American President Donald Trump dropping a collection of $99 NFTs, artificially scarce internet pictures that depict him dressed up as a superhero or a cowboy or a football player.

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Labor really, really needs to break some different promises | The Shot

The narrative needs to be that Australia is now aiming so much higher than the previous government ever imagined, that being locked into their mediocre, just-enough, low-tax policies is neither virtuous nor honourable, and in fact, a betrayal of the next generation.

And he needs to do it sooner rather than later, because an ineffective damp lettuce leaf is not going to be the Opposition Leader forever.

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The verdict on “Albo’s” first 100 Days | The Shot

Some described it as a great sigh of relief – the national exhalation of a breath we’d grown accustomed to holding. Others spoke of a weight lifted from our collective shoulders: we could walk freely again, stretching out carefully as the stoop straightened.

The wave of euphoria that flowed across the country on election night and its immediate aftermath was reflected in the enthusiasm even Labor doubters had for the incoming Government and its authentic workaday leader.

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Mess Minister | The Shot

To add insult to high farce, Scott Morrison also came out at his own press conference where, apart from bleating for almost an hour about tempests and ships at sea and how he’d been up there on the cross for us thanks very much you thankless bastards, he offered a singular apology to his fellow government colleagues. Yes, his mea-not-really-culpa was just to them.

Mess Minister | The Shot

Old Dog Thought-Why didn’t GG Hurley make an official diary record of Morrison’s swearing-in of 5 Ministries


“No” = No or Yes

“Yes” = Yes or No

“Not to my knowledge” = Yes, it happened

“I am unaware” = Yes, it happened

“That’s not my job” = It is my job

“Jenny has a way of …” = I have no idea what is happening

“People tell me every day” = No one talks to me

Scroto’s Train Wreck “explanation” for his secret coup of five ministries here:

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It’s not a game anymore | The Shot

Rather than be bogged down by the games in Canberra, we need to roll up our sleeves and squeeze the last drops of hope out of our souls. In every walk of life, every profession, every community, there are discussions and decisions and organising we must start doing now that will pay enormous dividends in three years time. We need to put in the hard work so that in the next parliament the political calculations around climate targets are radically different.

It’s not a game anymore | The Shot

It’s not a game anymore | The Shot

It’s a big task. A lot of work. But it’s got to happen. Saving the planet is not a game anymore.

I watched all of Sky After Dark’s election coverage and have some fucking concerns | The Shot

By cruel editors, I was tasked with watching Sky After Dark’s election coverage. All of it. As if this election wasn’t painful enough on its own. After a four-week long mental breakdown we decided I had seen more than enough horror.

From Rita Panahi’s ‘exclusives’ that are just her ripping stories from Qanon websites in America, to Chris Kenny’s crying about ‘ABC virtue signallers’, to Andrew Bolt’s ramblings about ‘the woke brigade’, to Paul Murray yelling about the ‘mad left’, to Peta Credlin’s constant name dropping of Tony Abbott, to Cory Bernardi’s hosting with all the sense and charisma of a wet Klan hood, to Piers Morgan’s nightly rants about Meghan Markle, to Joe Hildebrand existing; I suffered through it all.


Source: I watched all of Sky After Dark’s election coverage and have some fucking concerns | The Shot

The war in Ukraine has nothing to do with “wokeness”, you’re just a right-wing nutjob | The Shot

Andrew Bolt actually posted on his blog that Wokeness just might win the war against the conservative Russian army. What he’s unable to say however, is that Putin, in who he actually believes, is on Bolt’s side of righteousness in the current culture wars. Putin, like Bolt, is anti- LGBTQIs, anti-multiculturalism, anti- critical theory, anti- feminist , is a racist, a religious discriminator, and an ultra-white Christian Nationalist. You see Bolt is totally anti-Woke and so pro-Putin. So are Tim Smith, Tony Abbott, the LNP, IPA and News Corp

Wokeness is just the newest boogie man hiding under the bed of every conservative commentator. But like all boogie men, if you shine a light on them, you quickly find out there’s nothing there. All you’re left with is a frightened child with an overactive imagination who’s too scared to go to sleep.

Source: The war in Ukraine has nothing to do with “wokeness”, you’re just a right-wing nutjob | The Shot

Australian politics is unequivocally fucked | The Shot

This occurs through Murdoch media’s relentless ramming of Liberal Party propaganda into our eyeholes. Through the ABC’s enthusiastic embrace of the false balance doctrine – “tonight on Q&A, a climate scientist and a psychopath from the IPA!” – and sucking Sydney off whenever it can. Through NineFax’s desperate and overwhelmingly successful race to be worse than it used to be. All of this adds up to a horseshoe to the part of the skull containing our grasp on reality, an intravenous drip of dickhead. For next year to be better than this year, everything needs to change. The collision of a once in a 100-year global pandemic, historic levels of wealth inequality, climate collapse, rampant misogyny, and the corrupt, uninterested political leadership that inevitably emerged at the ass-end of neoliberalism’s upwards wealth redistribution project has been a fucking nightmare to behold. The hope we must cling onto is the fact real, objective reality has become so obviously discordant with the version of reality spun out of Canberra people are starting to notice.

Source: Australian politics is unequivocally fucked | The Shot

Scott Morrison: not with a bang, but a whimper | The Shot

Australians had some world-class news coverage this month when Scott Morrison slumped in a barber’s chair before thrusting a limp sausage at unsuspecting RSL veterans, all in the name of political journalism. Unlike other times in his career, however, this time Morrison knew where the sharp blade was coming from.I’m no expert in newsroom ratings, but I’m pretty sure watching a Prime Minister’s haircut is right up there with televised earwax moulding and people who post script-font quotes on Instagram. But, lols, it’s theatre guys, colour and movement for all those reality-telly-Facebook comment votes, designed to drown out that feeling of dread you get when you realise the Australian government went to the world climate change conference to save the planet with some Year 12 PowerPoint graphs and a gas company paying for the coffee stand.

Source: Scott Morrison: not with a bang, but a whimper | The Shot