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ABC Senate inquiry on knife edge as advocate backs review

ABC chairwoman Ita Buttrose has accused Senator Andrew Bragg of political interference of the broadcaster after he sought a Senate inquiry into the ABC’s complaints processes.

The very notion of ridding us of the ABC was once a “dead cat ” on the table. It too started as a “distraction” just as changing Voter ID laws are suggested to be. However, that “dead cat” has been alive for more than 20 years and in fact, has grown into a feral zombie of a tiger feeding on the ABC. It has reduced our most trusted newscaster’s budget by a billion dollars leaving it with the equivalent of 1984’s to work with. Bragg’s inquiry is not only dominated by the LNP and has only one intent ” to ilegally cripple our the ABC”.

The fate of Senator Andrew Bragg’s inquiry into the way the ABC and SBS handle complaints will be decided in a matter of days, with two independent senators and the Labor Party signalling they would support a motion by the Greens to terminate it. But Dhanya Mani, a campaigner against misconduct towards women, backed the inquiry, saying it would be a better alternative to the ABC’s independent review.

Source: ABC Senate inquiry on knife edge as advocate backs review

‘Lies and treason’: France could suspend military co-operation and trade talks

France’s ambassador to Australia Jean-Pierre Thebault is on his way back to Paris.


Recalled ambassador to Australia Jean-Pierre Thebault, speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age hours before leaving Canberra for Paris, said Australia had engaged in “lies and treason” for 18 months behind his nation’s back. He said there was an “intentional breach of trust” and “when something serious happens between two countries, really serious, there is a need for reassessment, and obviously consultation at high levels”. “For us clearly, such a decision announced without any prior consultation – not just a phone call, but real consultation due to the scope of the consequences – marks a real breach of trust,” he said. Mr Macron’s decision to recall US ambassador Philippe Etienne to Paris for consultations was the first time that action had been taken in the history of their alliance, which dates back to 1778

Source: ‘Lies and treason’: France could suspend military co-operation and trade talks

Old Dog Thought- Climate did in the world’s best wall builder in a day. What will it do to Morrison’s corrupt Gas and CoalKeeper recovery?


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