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Fox’s Erick Erickson: “Mass shootings in this country are actually so rare”


Fox’s Erick Erickson: “Mass shootings in this country are actually so rare”

 Fox’s Erick Erickson: “Mass shootings in this country are actually so rare”


535 members of Congress, and Fox Business hosts the only one who’s actually a gun manufacturer

Charlatans and a Disingenuous News Corporation:: POOPs on BS Mountain – Uthers Say – Google Books

An interesting dynamic is the relationship between Bill O’Reilly, the superstar of the Fox News Channel and one of the network’s most consistent critics the comedian John Stewart, host of The Daily Show. They appear on each other’s shows and have respectful amusing banter. At one stage in 2011 after a series of encounters O’Reilly seems genuinely concerned that John Stewart may see the Fox News Channel as a “terrible, cynical, disingenuous news organization” operated by Charlatans. In a paradoxical performance just after these encounters, O’Reilly conducts an hour where he is both disappointed at Stewart’s assessment but at the same time seems hell bent on providing a concentrated hour proving him right. The first part of this News Corp Narrative is a detailed look at this particular hour of The Factor. Others who see promise in the mutual respect between O’Reilly and Stewart also see in this hour the operation of a “truly terrible, cynical, disingenuous news organization” featuring selected charlatans. That conclusion is based on a view that trusted and privileged people who make “elaborate, repetitive and voluble claims to skill and knowledge” are really “quacks or frauds.” These trusted, privileged superstars “fail to reveal the full story or whole truth and while appearing to be sincere are in reality false, deceptive and insincere.” Readers, of course, are asked to judge for themselves. The second part of this narrative challenges a Fox defence against accusations of being a propaganda arm of the Republican Party. It stems from another interview John Stewart conducted with Brett Baier who repeats the mantra that, “there are opinion shows and there are news shows” and he concludes that, “I’m a news guy. I do news.” This is despite having little defence when Stewart points to contrasting interviews conducted with the two most recent Presidents. Stewart characterizes the interview with President Bush as, “You were literally sitting with President Bush in a love seat.” Others remember the interview with President Obama being very tense with the young reporter interrupting the Commander in Chief repeatedly as he attempted to deliver the Fox agenda for his viewers. In the shadow of Baier’s claims to be a news guy, a close look is taken at a week of Special Report hosted by Baier and packaged as a “news” program since it is anchored by “news men”. For part of the week the senior “news man” on the network Chris Wallace replaces Baier in the anchor’s chair. When he Chairman of News Corp has been questioned about lack of diversity on the Fox News Channel he has offered Greta van Susteren as an example of a liberal anchor. Others would say that every daily hour with Greta van Susteren is another Republican hour. Part three give three examples of hours with Greta van Susteren. Others believe that any hour taken at random would reveal similar promotion of the prevailing narrative sold with all the talking points of the day with domination of Republican guest given kid glove treatment and whenever a Democrat should wander into the line of fire a grilling can be expected. The final section deals with a variety of broadcasts where readers can decide if they are witnessing civil discourse and rational debate or the efforts of charlatans abusing the privilege that has been offered them by the News Corporation and the trust of good folk. Others may conclude that when News Corporation’s most highly paid on air personality feigns not to understand the comedian’s perceptions of charlatans and a “terrible, cynical, disingenuous news organization,” that perhaps he “protests too much.” Perhaps he is being as disingenuous as his news corporation. This News Corp Narrative is a story of the operations of the Fox News Channel. Another framing of the account may be of the operations of POOPs proselytizing from a place designated by the same comedian whose observation gave Uthers this book title, as “Bullshit Mountain”

Source: Charlatans and a Disingenuous News Corporation:: POOPs on BS Mountain – Uthers Say – Google Books

News Corp’s Handmaid’s fail is SBS’s gain as boss hits back at ‘bunch of sooks’ | The Weekly Beast | Media | The Guardian

“It’s rank hypocrisy really,” the SBS managing director, Michael Ebeid, said of the attack in the Australian. “News Corp, who is running the agenda against us, has received $30m for women’s sport on Foxtel and millions of dollars through Screen Australia to produce drama for Foxtel and Screen Australia money for a crime vodcast on the Australian. But all this content is locked up to 30% of homes who have Foxtel and 70% of Australians can’t watch it. For them to be crying foul when they’re taking money from the public purse is just crazy.”Despite many requests neither Foxtel nor the government has explained what the $30m is for.Ebeid said: “Surely anyone can see that our budget is 10% of Seven and Nine. We spend $130m on TV, Seven spends $1.4bn and Nine $1.3bn. So at 10% how does the little guy outbid them? I think they just enjoy throwing hand grenades over the fence and running. We’re giving audiences content they’re not getting elsewhere and they’re doing the same thing they’ve been doing for 10 years.”AdvertisementIn the same week Handmaid’s Tale dominated the catch-up rankings as viewers binge-watched the show, Seven’s top show was the universally panned reality show Yummy Mummies.

Source: News Corp’s Handmaid’s fail is SBS’s gain as boss hits back at ‘bunch of sooks’ | The Weekly Beast | Media | The Guardian

News Corp is a ‘disgrace’ and should not get hands on Ten, former manager says | Media | The Guardian

Rupert Murdoch is the ‘great rent seeker’, John Menadue says – labelling the media company a ‘rogue organisation’

“In recent decades his organisation has become a disgrace,” Menadue, 82, said. “It’s trampled on democracy in three continents, it’s damaged the media enormously in three countries.

“He is recently, of course, a supporter of Trump, a supporter of Theresa May, a supporter of Brexit; he supported the Iraq invasion and still justifies it; he’s a climate sceptic; his organisation has been accused and convicted of phone hacking; there is serial sexism at Fox News in the US,” he said.

“He is now seeking in the UK amendments to complete his $20bn takeover of Sky TV,” he said. “It’s interesting to me that his papers in Australia and elsewhere are always attacking what they call welfare bludgers and single mothers yet he uses governments more than anyone else I’ve ever known.”

Menadue said News Corp publications liked to “rip apart” activists and organisations who might be critical of them, including GetUp, the Australian Press Council and the ABC. “They are not content to dominate mainstream media; they also want to silence organisations that might be critical of them.”

Source: News Corp is a ‘disgrace’ and should not get hands on Ten, former manager says | Media | The Guardian

Channel Ten’s voluntary administration: What does it mean for viewers?

In the firing line is Ten’s news division. Staff fear their local weeknight bulletins will be replaced by a national news hour, produced by Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News. Sydney newsreader Sandra Sully is tipped to host the new service, which may retain the Eyewitness News branding. Share on Facebook SHAREShare on Twitter TWEETPopular Ten programs such as The Project will continue unchanged. For now.Popular Ten programs such as The Project will continue unchanged. For now. Photo: TenIt’s possible this bulletin will feature local news “windows”. Even so, viewers will see a drop in state-specific stories. Any cuts to news will affect Studio 10 and especially The Project. Every day, it uses Eyewitness News footage. Sometimes, it even borrows its equipment.

Source: Channel Ten’s voluntary administration: What does it mean for viewers?

May asked to explain if Rupert Murdoch had role in cabinet reshuffle — RT UK

“I am writing to ask you about any influence Rupert Murdoch may have sought to exert over cabinet appointments. Specifically, it has been suggested to me that Rupert Murdoch asked you to appoint Gove to the cabinet,” Watson told May in a letter published Monday.“Given your failure to secure a parliamentary majority and the consequent weakness of your position, it might be tempting to allow yourself to be influenced by powerful media proprietors who can shape the way your government is covered.”

Source: May asked to explain if Rupert Murdoch had role in cabinet reshuffle — RT UK

Roger Ailes’s life achievement? He helped create this nightmare world | Arwa Mahdawi | Opinion | The Guardian

A prescient propagandist, Ailes was quick to see the power of television as a tool of political persuasion. We are feeling the consequences of that every day

Source: Roger Ailes’s life achievement? He helped create this nightmare world | Arwa Mahdawi | Opinion | The Guardian

Fox & Friends’ Propagandistic Coverage Of Trump Firing The FBI Director, In 17 Captions

President Donald Trump was reportedly upset with the way cable news outlets were covering his unprecedented decision to fire FBI Director James Comey, who had been overseeing an investigation into whether the president’s associates had colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election. This morning, his favorite morning news pr

Source: Fox & Friends’ Propagandistic Coverage Of Trump Firing The FBI Director, In 17 Captions

News Corp staff deliver bolshie smack to senior managers amid job cuts | The Weekly Beast | Media | The Guardian

Editorial staff in Queensland blame Sydney bosses and for job losses, the Australian’s dinosaurs upskill, and the ABC keeps staff on their toes

Source: News Corp staff deliver bolshie smack to senior managers amid job cuts | The Weekly Beast | Media | The Guardian

Trump Tries To Lead America Down A Fox News Rabbit Hole

“You should be talking to Fox, OK?” President Donald Trump, March 17, 2017.Monday’s House Intelligence Committee hearing delivered a trifecta of bad news for President Donald Trump.FBI Director James Comey confirmed the bureau is investigating whether members of Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia

Source: Trump Tries To Lead America Down A Fox News Rabbit Hole

You are being lied to – » The Australian Independent Media Network

It’s neither ignorant nor foolish to feel you have been poorly treated and even failed by the parliamentary system of late.  You probably have been and it is no wonder people are disillusioned with both our political system and the major parties that control it.  Most of us would probably agree that the government and many…

Source: You are being lied to – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Great Barrier Reef: Coal spillage discovered from ship loader at mining port, Government says – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Murdoch Media pro coal lie.” If it hurts I’ll take it out” . We won’t fuck the reef!  NewsCorp business faith, hate and filth

A Queensland Government investigation finds a large spillage of coal from a ship loader at the Port of Hay Point in the state’s north.

Source: Great Barrier Reef: Coal spillage discovered from ship loader at mining port, Government says – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Q&A panellist Grace Collier says people without jobs should start businesses – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Tensions flare on Q&A as industrial relations expert Grace Collier says the unemployed should just start their own businesses.

Source: Q&A panellist Grace Collier says people without jobs should start businesses – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The Sun and Daily Mail accused of ‘fuelling prejudice’ in report on rising racist violence and hate speech in UK | The Independent


The Sun and Daily Mail have been singled out in a report on “hate speech” and discrimination in the UK. The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) took aim at some British media outlets, particularly tabloid newspapers, for “offensive, discriminatory and provocative terminology”.

Source: The Sun and Daily Mail accused of ‘fuelling prejudice’ in report on rising racist violence and hate speech in UK | The Independent

Have a heart, Miranda – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Image result for Miranda Devine

By Jane Salmon Miranda Devine’s article ‘The curious case of NDIS and the autism boom‘ made me sad enough to cry. Then It made me cross. Gee, I don’t think being permanently challenged by learning or behavioural or physical differences is trendy. I think it is frustrating, expensive and heartbreaking. Every dollar spent on disability…

Source: Have a heart, Miranda – » The Australian Independent Media Network

News Corp announces cost-cutting at Australian and British newspapers | Media | The Guardian

Total revenue for Rupert Murdoch’s media empire falls for fourth straight quarter so chief executive says it will save money across its masthead titles

Source: News Corp announces cost-cutting at Australian and British newspapers | Media | The Guardian

News Corp first quarter 2015 earnings fall 15% as advertising revenue tumbles | Media | The Guardian

Company’s newspaper division suffers 11% slide in revenue to $1.29bn, but digital listings business records strong performance to offset decline

Source: News Corp first quarter 2015 earnings fall 15% as advertising revenue tumbles | Media | The Guardian

Andrew Bolt applies the sting of racism daily. Yet he denies it’s existence when it comes to the constitution.

“You would not think this whinger and peddler of poor-me victimhood was actually the pampered wife of the President of the United States.”

We’ve both felt the sting of those daily slights throughout our entire lives. The folks who crossed the street in fear of their safety, the clerks who kept a close eye on us in all those department stores. The people at formal events who assumed we were the help,” she said. “And those who have questioned our intelligence, our honesty, even our love of this country, and I know that these little indignities are obviously nothing compared to what folks across the country are dealing with every single day. Those nagging worries about whether you’re going to get stopped or pulled over for absolutely no reason. The fear that your job application will be overlooked because of the way your name sounds.”

Andrew Bolt’s Racism is clearly expressed in that;

“Obama is not entitled to her experiences, certainly not to talk about them,” going on: “[J]ust as Eleanor Roosevelt articulated the experiences and plight of the poor as well as racial and ethnic minorities, so does Michelle Obama articulate the black experience. If that sometimes makes others uncomfortable, it damn well should.”

Bolt tends to cry reverse racism  when the Obamas of this world raise it. Then Noel Pearson gets  labelled an”active racial agitator”  Bolt wants  to let bygones be bygones. All is forgotten and forgiven eliminate history. Clean the slate and start afresh. If only it were that simple. But it’s not. This whole line of reasoning is racial crap running from the dread of compensation or trying to close the gap.

Bolt’s problem with outspoken indigenous elders is they don’t  encourage silence about inequity nor do other groups who feel disadvantaged rather they shine a light on it. As a consequence the ineqitie’s benefactors cant enjoy the cumulative fruit of centuries of racial graft or decades of migrant exploitation without current-day guilt.

In disallowing and denying others their personal experiences and even sharing those experiences with others Bolt found himself in trouble under the Racial Discrimination Act and Section 18C. Race may not exist in scientific terms however for something that doesn’t exist it sure has an impact on peoples daily lives. Something Racists refuse to accept and when brought up they cry foul and victimization.

Bill O’Reilly: “I Never Bought” That Fox Is “The Conservative Network”

Bill O’Reilly Doesn’t Believe Fox News Leans Right

News Corp., donated $1 million to the Republican Governors Association for the express purpose of defeating Democratic candidates. Asked for comment, News Corp.’s spokesman cited his support for “the RGA’s pro-business agenda.”

And now, the network’s most-watched host is calling the network “anti-liberal,” and the network’s website is trumpeting the column in which he makes the claim.

As Eric Boehlert said on MSNBC, there is “no daylight” between Fox News and the GOP, “and they don’t apparently care who knows it.”

Australia’s bigot problem

My first thought on hearing the news of the hostage situation in Sydney’s Martin Place this morning was ‘those poor, terrified people and their anxious families. What a horrible thing to happen!’ and then slightly irrationally (because fear can be irrational), I thought ‘and just before Christmas too’ as if this made the horribleness of the situation more horrible. The next thought I had was condolence to the Islamic population of Sydney and Australia who will, no doubt, be frightened by this situation not just because of the randomness of such an event happening in our peaceful country, but because they know, like they found out after September 11, that their communities will be blamed, hated, abused, discriminated against and generally shunned by large sections of the non-Islamic Australian community through no fault of their own. Perhaps they’re not just scared. If I were them, I would be furious.

I was a teenager when the Port Arthur massacre happened, and I don’t recall there being a backlash at the time against white people with blonde hair. I’m a white person with blonde hair, and no one has ever heaped me into the ‘possibly a mass murderer’ bucket along with Martin Bryant. Or more recently, Norwegian Anders Breivik, who apparently killed 69 young political activists because he didn’t like their party’s immigration stance which he saw as too open to Islamic immigrants. In fact, in neither case do I recall the word ‘terrorist’ even being used to describe the mass murders of innocent people.

As soon as I saw the images of the white Islamic text on a black flag in the window of the Lindt Café on the news this morning, I knew Australian bigots would be singing with the cries of ‘I told you so!’ and I was right. According to The Guardian’s commentary of today’s events, King Bigot, Ralph Cerminara, leader of the anti-Muslim organisation Australian Defence League, hurried down to Martin Place to rant about Muslims and was moved on by police. Charming stuff. But of course Ralph is not alone. I noticed Greens MP Adam Bandt received a series of bigoted responses to this tweet:


Here are 5 of the first 6 responses on the twitter feed:



It’s important to note, not that Murdoch’s Daily Telegraph cares to be accurate, that the flag photographed in the window of the café is not an Islamic State flag. We don’t know anything at all about the hostage takers yet, they may be Islamic State supporters, they may not. But Murdoch’s newspapers, and the bigots who take this news as truth won’t let unconfirmed facts get in the way of a good excuse for some old-fashioned fear mongering and racist bigotry.

This ‘how-much-profit-can-we-drag-out-of-this-tragedy-that-we-know-barely-anything-about’ afternoon edition Daily Telegraph front cover makes the very dubious statement of ‘THE INSTANT WE CHANGED FOREVER’. But have we changed?

The only thing that I can see as having changed in this situation is the level of comfort bigots feel about being openly racist towards people of Islamic faith. And that’s the very real, very scary, very confronting part of this tragedy. Not just that this shocking, violent siege can happen to innocent people on a quiet Monday morning a week before Christmas. The tweets to Adam Bandt show a side of Australia that we all know is there, but we prefer not to think about. These bigots are the reason asylum seeker policy is such a political hot potato in this country, and why Tony Abbott is able to be elected promising to ‘stop the boats’. These nasty racist people aren’t a rarity. And they vote. Welcome to Australia. We haven’t changed a bit.

Rupert Murdoch’s Response To The Martin Place Siege Is As Tasteless As You’d Expect

Knowing what we do of Rupert Murdoch and his affiliate publications, it comes as no surprise that the expatriate media mogul’s first tweet in the tragic wake of the Martin Place siege was not one of condolence for the two victims and their families, or an expression of empathy for anyone of any kind but instead was a show of “congrats” for The Daily Telegraph, the “only” newspaper to catch “the bloody outcome at 2:00am.”

AUST gets wake-call with Sydney terror. Only Daily Telegraph caught the bloody outcome at 2.00 am. Congrats.


It almost goes without saying that not only is everything about the whole situation extremely insensitive, it’s also as deliberately misleading and factually incorrect – every major news outlet has covered the siege tirelessly over the last 24 hours in a manner much more immediate than a print publication – as the same newspaper’s afternoon edition. The latter was printed at 2pm yesterday in response to the escalating crisis, and misleadingly labelled the hostage situation as the work of an IS “Death Cult CBD Attack”, something we labelled at the time – and will continue to do so – as one of “the most vile, deliberately inflammatory, fundamentally wrong and wholly speculative front covers in the sordid history of Australian print media.”

You can lodge a complaint with the Australian Press Council here.

APC rules against News Corp over ‘Slackers & Slouch Hats’ article

This government’s greatest donor if media support is taken into account is News Corp. This is typical of the support  of policy that this media corp provides the LNP. Kevin Andrews welcomes headlines of this nature. In fact Andrew Bolt and other conservative commentators would welcome an even closer relationship, a true propaganda arm of the Abbott government.

APC rules against News Corp over ‘Slackers & Slouch Hats’ article.

How bad is the current LNP. As bad as it gets when Andrew Bolt wants government by News Corp

Government behind 46 to 54. But here’s how it can recover

Andrew Bolt December 15 2014 (7:11am)

A profound reset is necessary for the Government that has achievements and broadly the right direction – but not the votes:  He is simply calling the Australian electorate blind  idiots.

The latest Newspoll, conducted exclusively for The Australian at the weekend, shows the opposition goes into the summer recess with a two-party-preferred lead of 54 to 46 per cent — almost the reverse of the election result 15 months ago.

Those of us concerned about the national interest will cheer this part:

…national support for the Palmer United Party is less than 1 per cent.

To repeat and repeat and repeat: Scare Scare Scare. Casualise Jobs and lie

– it’s the economy. No Budget repair, no government.

– the money’s gone. Cut the promises to spend more of it, starting with the paid parental leave scheme. Keep the message simple and consistent.

– the money’s gone. Explain. I’m going to take my family to Bali then Europe Na Na Na

– the money’s gone. Blame Labor again and again. After 15 months cook the books make things worse and keep blaming Labour. Forget the truth it wins nothing

– Immigration Minister Scott Morrison is the Minister most associated with fixing problems and toughness. Give him something more to do now the boats have stopped – and make it something where he can train his fire on the Opposition. What???  easy to say

– Freshen up the team. Cut Arthur Sinodinos loose. Dump two others. Bring in the feistiest fighters (including at least one woman). Put a face to this reset. Who??? easy to say

– Get a communications chief equal in stature to Peta Credlin, the chief of staff, to fix a glaring weakness and to deflect heat from the capable Credlin. Choose from among MPs if possible. Sack Credlin get a media man….News Corp they are right wing

– Get a very senior journalist as well (not instead of) to deal with the media. Get more media men News Corp their onside

– Get in professional pollsters and strategists. Get more media men News Corp is sacking staff

– Get friends. Work on third party endorsements. Get media men as lobbyists News Corp would be good.

– Get Abbott friends, too, and give him context. Show him with more of his kind of people, like the lifesavers he was with yesterday. Show him with the people he best represents – the doers, the volunteers, the quiet problem solvers, the helping hands. Get more media men News corp could produce a government office and give it to you as they do The Bolt Report For Ch 10

– Speak to the public. Level with them. Explain. Fewer bullet points and more discussion, A Bolt Report for the LNP

– Get a strategy committee, focussed on communications. More News Corp people

– Give the MPs something to fight for – something they believe in. News Corp training personel would help

– Inspire the base, which includes the back bench. Give them something to fight for, too. Tupperware does it  Scientology does it News Corp can to put aside 2 days a month Brainwash Sunday’s and barbie

– Don’t give the Left peace offerings, hoping to be liked. It will just sneer at your weakness and kick you even harder. No more wealth taxes, tributes to Labor heroes, abandonment of free speech reforms, appointments of Natasha Stott Despojas, speeches on constitutional recognition of Aborigines, grants to Leftist activists such as Recognise and big donations to UN climate funds. This just loses Liberals their old friends without winning any from the implacable Left.  Get rid of the moderates

– express the moral cause that makes Liberal the moral choice. Don’t look to the Left for that cause. Validate your own philosophy. Become News Corp Watch Fox News and learn

– drop the undoable, particularly when dealing with the Senate. Don’t look helpless. Be O’Reilly Hannity, News Corp Gods

– stop talking about yourselves and Peta Credlin. Just shut up. Don’t show our weaknesses

– Assert, don’t defend. Fight, fight, fight. Be News Corp the world is ours for the overtaking

Oh, and do all this by February at the latest.


Mark Textor, former long-time polling guru for the Liberals:

Most know Australia has been on the economic couch … [and] almost all now know that any armchair ride is over.

Most know they must adapt to these circumstances, or dig in and respond to them, but don’t yet have a coping mechanism for the stress… In the case of economic anxiety, the pill should certainly not be disingenuous reassurance by governments that things will be OK. That false political chemistry will fail to either help Australia resolve or deal with changing economic conditions….

Step one: more rebooting of budgets – voters want to stop excessive spending on things that won’t help us cope with economic change. With major public investments they want to know they are properly planned. They also want more regular budget updates from governments. Once a year doesn’t cut it.

Two: voters want debt paid off; they see it as a major sign of a loss of national financial control and sovereignty

Three: voters want to be better educated about our economic conditions. As anyone suffering from a major disease has learnt, there is a comfort in knowing more. Mystery is threatening not comforting.

Four: Australians want to hear more from outside economic experts, not just from politicians and the semi-economists in the media

More tips from Textor here, including just get stuff done and fight less with the states. As I’ve said before, Abbott could do a lot with Victoria’s new Labor Premier to the advantage of both. Privatise the LNP and make it a subsidiary of News Corp International. Andrew Bolt recommends Mark Textor as the new CEO Abbott President

A coalition of Christians wanted to improve things their way.

This one’s got to hurt.

And for those saying it can’t be, here are some quotes from Mein Kampf:

“Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.”

“Thank the Lord, Germanic democracy means just this: that any old climber or moral slacker cannot rise by devious paths to govern his national comrades, but that, by the very greatness of the responsibility to be assumed, incompetents and weaklings are frightened of.”

“The unprecedented rise of the Christian Social Party… was to assume the deepest significance for me as a classical object of study.”

“Even less could I understand how the Christian Social Party at this same period could achieve such immense power. At that time it had just reached the apogee of its glory.”

“As long as leadership from above was not lacking, the people fulfilled their duty and obligation overwhelmingly. Whether Protestant pastor or Catholic priest, both together and particularly at the first flare, there really existed in both camps but a single holy German Reich, for whose existence and future each man turned to his own heaven.”

Certainly sounds like a conservative Christian to me, regardless of his later relationship with the church

Also sounds like he had messiah complex. Says a lot really. Abbott and his cronies display very similar symptoms.. Just looks at Morrison!