Slow implosion of Liberal Party accelerates under Dutton

The facts are that the Liberal Party’s lurch to the far-distant depths of Right-wing politics began during the ’90s, so if anyone should claim credit for the inevitable destruction of the Liberal Party, it’s probably John Winston Howard.

How Howard screwed the Libs How Howard screwed the Libs John Howard somehow made his way into power in Australia, staying PM for 11 long years, yet his divisive legacy may marginalise the Liberal Party for far longer than that.

It’s true that Dutton is holding firm to the Coalition’s core policy framework, rooted as it has been in fear, hate and otherness, which helped to get Howard elected an inexplicable four times. And yes, this essentially unchanged platform also helped propel Abbott and Morrison into power, with a short stint from the not-quite-as-Right Turnbull thrown in.

But this extreme Right-wing stance was not really in full view until Morrison took it to new evangelical heights and displayed its glory for all to recoil.

Source: Slow implosion of Liberal Party accelerates under Dutton

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