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Just how badly did News Corp’s attacks fail? We count the ways

Is News Corp America taking note of their massive fail in Australia to heart? Are they focusing away from Trump in order to save the same embarassment in the November Midterms they experienced here if they focus on Trump in ther un up. The Democrats would dearly love to see Trump the Nth Korean Russian, Saudi despot loving crime boss center stage supporting his crew of crony GOP sycophants leading up to November. His White Nationalist evangelical camp followers would turn their backs as would the party moderates jump ship.

1% of the attention Murdoch gave to Hilary is being given to Trump’s multiple on multiple crimes currently being revealed by the investigations federal congress and states are presently running. Where and when will Murdoch find another Trump the gift that once kept giving and giving and now isn’t?

The rise of community independents is the standout story of the weekend elections. But it has been accompanied by another major story: the failure of News Corp’s national and capital city outlets to keep the Morrison government in power.

Just how badly did News Corp’s attacks fail? We count the ways

Rupert Murdoch abandons Trump — here’s why it matters

In a 24/7 news cycle this isn’t abandonment the reality will be closer to truth after the mid terms. Conservative America fears Trump will announce his hand before the up and coming elections. Murdoch hate backing losers and he’s simply laying the path for a Trump return. post November.

Powerful media owner Rupert Murdoch is no longer supporting Donald Trump as the next president of the USA, as Alan Austin reports.

Rupert Murdoch abandons Trump — here’s why it matters

Democrats should win big in the Senate thanks to a great map and terrible opponents anointed by Trump – Raw Story – Celebrating 18 Years of Independent Journalism

Why Murdoch looks to be swinging against Trump pre November is he’s a threat to the GOP controlled Senate

The prospect for Democrats holding a filibuster-proof Senate after the 2022 midterm elections keeps getting better. That’s not conventional wisdom, nor a mainstream media narrative.

Democrats should win big in the Senate thanks to a great map and terrible opponents anointed by Trump – Raw Story – Celebrating 18 Years of Independent Journalism

Rupert Murdoch Dumps Trump For Good In The Span Of 73 Minutes | Crooks and Liars

How naive is this analysis given Murdoch’s spread and history. Has there been any noticeable movement on Fox News that he’s turned his back on Trump?

July 24, 2022This is what it looks like when Rupert Murdoch decides that Donald Trump isn’t going to be the Republican nominee in 2024. Both the NY Post and the Wall Street Journal ran editorials condemning Trump for his actions and inaction on January 6 in the span of a few minutes of each other.

Rupert Murdoch Dumps Trump For Good In The Span Of 73 Minutes | Crooks and Liars

At Long Last, Have They No Sense of Decency? | The Smirking Chimp

So, in the depths of this darkening winter, as COVID variants are roaring back at us and as this most dangerous threat from radically indecent Republicans and assorted fascists imperils the best that is in us, we slog on toward Christmas, carrying our soggy list of hope and desires through the rain, snow, and cold of this dark winter, some of us echoing that famous question Joseph Welch posed to Joe McCarthy back when we were kids: “At Long Last, Have You No Sense of Decency?”

Source: At Long Last, Have They No Sense of Decency? | The Smirking Chimp

Grabbed by The Column: Morrison Loses Murdoch’s Favour? – » The Australian Independent Media Network

There is perhaps more truth in the phrase ‘COALition propaganda rag’ than I first thought. As much praise as this and other Murdoch rags have heaped on Morrison, he himself is not the target. Murdoch is not defending Morrison as an individual, but rather the Liberal Party as a brand.

Source: Grabbed by The Column: Morrison Loses Murdoch’s Favour? – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Fox CEO calls Tucker Carlson “brave,” defends network’s vaccine falsehoods in rare interview |

main article image

Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch, the son of international media magnate Rupert Murdoch, defended his company’s flagship cable news network in a rare interview Wednesday with Insider, calling Fox News’ primetime host Tucker Carlson “brave” for espousing the nativist “replacement theory” and defending the provocateur’s false statements on COVID-19 vaccines. “Obviously our opinion is center-right,” Lachlan said at one point of Fox News, his company’s profit center. But despite the network’s increasingly fevered pitch on controversial culture war issues, he laid the blame for our current age of partisan rancor at the feet of social media companies, which “algorithmically drives people into echo chambers.”

Source: Fox CEO calls Tucker Carlson “brave,” defends network’s vaccine falsehoods in rare interview |

Rupert Murdoch Gets Early Vaccine, Still Runs Anti-Vax Programming | Crooks and Liars

Rupert Murdoch Gets Early Vaccine, Still Runs Anti-Vax Programming

On December 18th, before nearly anyone else was eligible, billionaire Murdoch got his COVID shots. Now he rakes in the Billionaire Bucks from Fox News suckers who watch their top stars discourage vaccination.

Rupert Murdoch Gets Early Vaccine, Still Runs Anti-Vax Programming | Crooks and Liars

A cancer on our democracy. – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Imagine half a million Australians, a record 501,876 to be precise, petition for a royal commission into your patron, rabid reactionary, Rupert Murdoch, billionaire media monopolist and monster powerbroker. Does our PM, whose Liberal Party is effectively a wholly-owned subsidiary of News Corp, act democratically? No. Head Office steps in. Sharri Markson and Richard Ferguson of Murdoch’s The Australian publish an article, Kevin Rudd’s Bangladeshi ‘bots’ in media royal commission petition, Thursday 11 February, quoting a “Nicholas Smith”, who claims to have paid an overseas freelancer to “sign” the petition “hundreds of times” in order to “demonstrate to you how easy it is to manipulate our own government’s website”. Smear tactics. Neither mud-slinger Markson, nor feckless Ferguson take the next responsible step: concede that even without this stunt, there are more names on Rudd’s e-petition that any other. Ever. And just who is this Smith and his podcast The Turncoat? The story is a fake. SBS notes that The Turncoat’s Facebook page is littered with posts that have been flagged as misinformation, baseless claims about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine, and others, expressing support for President Trump. Shades of Craig Kelly, MP for Hughes, who despite his dressing down from his PM, immediately returns to Facebook to promote more toxic nonsense about fake cures for Covid-19 and to sow doubt about vaccines. Former furniture rep Kelly appears regularly from his chair on Murdoch’s Sky News, beaming his dangerous disinformation around the country and -via the internet- around the globe – from whence it came. There’s a restless, recycling in Kelly’s quest. As Crikey’s David Hardaker observes, “the outrageous nonsense spouted by the renegade Liberal MP is mostly spun from generic alt-right conspiracies and ideas.”

A cancer on our democracy. – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Courting the chameleon: how the US election reveals Rupert Murdoch’s political colours

Courting the chameleon: how the US election reveals Rupert Murdoch’s political colours

At elections, Murdoch has two priorities. One is always to try to ensure the new regime, whatever its political colour, does not implement regulatory change that will disadvantage the business.

Courting the chameleon: how the US election reveals Rupert Murdoch’s political colours

‘Culture of fear’: why Kevin Rudd is determined to see an end to Murdoch’s media dominance | Media | The Guardian

older man with white hair and beard; much much older man with bald head and glasses

The former Australian PM admits he once courted the mogul’s mastheads but now says democracy is at stake

‘Culture of fear’: why Kevin Rudd is determined to see an end to Murdoch’s media dominance | Media | The Guardian

On your bike, Roop! – » The Australian Independent Media Network

When Rupert Murdoch decided to shut down 112 regional newspapers around Australia he did it in the typical Murdoch fashion. He was not satisfied with the returns from these regional mastheads so rather than sell them off to people who weren’t so concerned about a bottom line but who had a passion for journalism and for their community and who could make them work, he decided to completely shut-down 36 and move 76 behind a digital paywall.

On your bike, Roop! – » The Australian Independent Media Network

The wealthy benefactors and beneficiaries of Tucker Carlson’s “class war” | Media Matters for America

Tucker Carlson and his billionaire benefactors

Distortion of reality in the English speaking world is a formula and formula built on size no information and the power to be able to Just Do It (ODT

For all his paens to the middle class, Carlson’s show is propped up by its symbiotic relationships with a handful of extremely wealthy men. Fox honchos Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch have his back because they agree with his toxic rhetoric. Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow, subsidizes the program with ads in order to build his own right-wing brand. And President Donald Trump turns to Carlson for advice while receiving political support from him. The Murdochs oversee a global media empire that has an outsized impact on the political dealings on three continents. The family made billions by selling parts of Fox’s parent company to Disney last year. Fox founder Rupert has owned an array of mansions along with a private plane and luxury yacht, while heir to the company Lachlan recently purchased a 25,000-square-foot Los Angeles estate for a record-breaking $150 million. Carlson is the Murdochs’ biggest star, garnering the largest audience in the history of cable news. And he does it by pushing the sort of hard-edged white nationalist messages they want. Rupert hand-picked Carlson, who had failed as a host on several other networks, for a prime-time Fox slot. And Lachlan reportedly wants Fox to be “unabashedly nationalist.” He also believes “Carlson’s overarching message on immigration [is] worth protecting,” according to CNN’s Brian Stelter’s new book Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News, and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth.

The wealthy benefactors and beneficiaries of Tucker Carlson’s “class war” | Media Matters for America


Dial M for Monster – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Murdoch cares nothing about Australia or Australians. It was Murdoch who tossed his Australian citizenship in the garbage all those years ago when he wanted to spread his tentacles throughout the USA and could not do so with dual citizenship! All Murdoch cares about is himself and the fascist, neoliberal agenda of his IPA!

Murdoch swaggered into News Limited with the instructions: “Kill Whitlam!” … and that’s exactly what the fascist Murdoch papers did! Murdoch was the one who helped bring down the democratically elected Whitlam government and the manipulated, gormless idiots out there in the Australian public hung on to every word, believed his lies and followed his agenda. Murdoch did it all again with Gillard and Rudd and, trust me, he will do it again at the next election!

via Dial M for Monster – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Murdoch strikes at democracy – » The Australian Independent Media Network

When a Corporation controls the State you have Mussolini’s version of heaven (ODT)

Going after Labor leaders is one of Rupert’s favourite pastimes. Rather than hunting lions in Africa or tigers on the Punjab – That’s way too dangerous and way too hard and goes nowhere towards right wing corporate control and exploitation of society.

If there’s one man in the world who might ever possibly build a device to control the weather and freeze us all unless the governments of the world pay him several hundred billion dollars and recognize Fox News’s copyright of the phrase “Fair and Balanced,” it would be Rupert.

via Murdoch strikes at democracy – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Follow the money: how News Corp wields power to defend its interests | Media | The Guardian

they say that Murdoch’s primary interest in politicians is not political; it’s commercial,” Davies writes.

“He may be a highly political animal, they say – obsessed with the details of life in the corridors of power and personally possessed of some extremely rightwing opinions – but what he most wants from politicians is favours for his business. He’ll betray his own principles, he’ll embrace politicians for whom he has very little respect, just as long as they have the power to help the company get bigger.”

In practical terms, Davies says that often comes down to a repeated demand to be freed from regulation and for the state to be cut back to make way for private enterprise.

But sometimes News seeks regulation to protect its own position. Like right now, when News is angling for regulation to thwart the advance of social media juggernauts such as Google and Facebook.

News’s campaigns to protect or further its commercial interests are often cloaked in principle that sometimes obscures another financial interest beneath.

via Follow the money: how News Corp wields power to defend its interests | Media | The Guardian

Murdoch Media “Proscribed” – » The Australian Independent Media Network

By freef’all852 To “proscribe” a thing or person is to forbid, blacklist, deny to, and/or disallow actions or substances to be given or taken by persons or person for their use or benefit. So here we are suggesting a methodology to “proscribe” those Murdoch media personalities, backers and supporters who continue to promote hate and…

Source: Murdoch Media “Proscribed” – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Rupert Murdoch’s former editor-in-chief claims NewsCorp boss was upset by Wendi Deng and Tony Blair ‘closeness’ | The Independent


Rupert Murdoch’s longest-serving editor-in-chief has claimed the News Corp boss was upset by the alleged “closeness” between his ex-wife Wendi Deng and the former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Source: Rupert Murdoch’s former editor-in-chief claims NewsCorp boss was upset by Wendi Deng and Tony Blair ‘closeness’ | The Independent

Day to Day Politics: Murdoch vs. Science – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Saturday 12 March 2016. I really don’t know that I am qualified to write this. I know little of science. In fact, I often laughingly joke that I have enough trouble with our pop up toaster. Therefore, it goes that I cannot explain how many things function or occur. I simply know that science through…

Source: Day to Day Politics: Murdoch vs. Science – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Fox Just Bought National Geographic | IFLScience

It was announced yesterday that 21st Century Fox and the National Geographic Society are creating a for-profit, commercial company that will encompass all National Geographic properties, including its magazines, websites and television channels. Fox will own 73% of this new company.

Source: Fox Just Bought National Geographic | IFLScience

#Murdoch’s Machiavellian Manoeuvres . . .


After a string of ghoulishly inappropriate tweets it seems the irrepressible Rupert it is at it again. With very own his media empire poised and ready to dedicate swathes of precious air time to his every hashtag, it’s no surprise that the man cant keep his hands off his twitter account.

But given his latest round of tweets one has to wonder what on earth is Murdoch up to?

tweet murdoch

First he blasts Abbott for knighting that shining beacon of misogyny and casual racism that is Prince Phillip, and now he is saying Abbott needs to sack Peta Credlin?

I’m no great fan of Peta Credlin but blaming her for Abbott’s woes is like blaming a creme cake for Boko Haram. Admittedly she could have kept him on a tighter leash, but the reality is that Abbott is her boss, not the other way around, and if he is determined to go off like a loose cannon there isn’t really a lot Ms. Credlin can do about it.

While Murdoch’s call for Credlin’s scalp is understandable on one level, after all there is a well set precedent in Australian politics that powerful women are expected to clean up the messes made by the boys, and then thrown under a bus for their efforts, (Just think Joan Kirner, Julia Gillard, and more recently Sussan Ley, who – after Dutton’s abject failure- has been handed the delightful task of destroying Medicare… I guarantee you, give it 18 months and Ms Ley will be road kill), it is still a somewhat curious manoeuvre.

murdoch tweets

We all know that Abbott is Murdoch’s boy, bought and paid for, and no one would be surprised if Murdoch was suffering a touch of buyer’s remorse where Abbott is concerned. I for one would not be shocked if Murdoch, much like anyone else that buys a lemon, is desperately searching for an exit strategy that won’t leave too much egg on his face. But why would he slap Abbott down one day, and blame Credlin the next? Are we simply witnessing the random #’s of man who is getting on a bit and losing the plot, or does Murdoch have some kind of cunning plan?

Riding on the back of his media empire Murdoch currently enjoys great sway with the Australian voting public, but even he knows that in this social media age you can not take anything for granted. With the disgrace that was the phone hacking scandal in the UK, and the utter derision with which most of the USA views fox news (when Fox news can’t even raise enough votes in a racially polarised America to keep Obama out of office, you have know it’s a spent force), Australia is possibly the last place on earth where Rupert wields the kind of political influence he so clearly craves, and he certainly doesn’t want to blow it.

AbbochMurdoch has now quite rightly assessed the public sentiment, and realised that sticking up for his man Tony is only going to erode his social and political capital. So what to do? Abbott is now so toxic, standing by him is clearly not an option, but who can Rupert turn to to be his new man in Canberra?

Trouble is, in setting a such a hideous policy agenda Abbott has managed to turn each and every portfolio into a poison chalice that is guaranteed to cruel the chances of any potential successor.

It is unlikely Scott Morrison will ever recover from his stint in immigration, George Brandis has been eternally lumbered with the racist tag (courtesy of the ill advised attempt at 18c amendments), Joe Hockey is forever blighted with his budget opus, Julie Bishop is a woman so forget that, and let’s face it Christopher Pyne was never going to be a saleable option.

What about Andrew Robb or Peter Dutton? Really? I don’t think so! And then of course there is the ever popular Malcom Turnbull, the only one who could probably save them, but Turnbull is way too much of centrist for Murdoch’s purposes, and he isn’t supported in the party room anyway.

So what is poor Rupert to do about toxic Tony, he can’t side with him, and he can’t find a suitable successor?

This is where the attack on Credlin starts to make sense. From Rupert’s point of view, (as the undisputed emperor of his very own personal 24 hour news cycle), it’s not hard to see how Credlin could make a credible scape goat for all Abbott’s stuff ups. She is powerful, she is a woman, she is unelected (which means no messy bi-election swings to have to explain away), and as she is largely attributed with Abbott’s successes surely it wouldn’t be too hard to spin her into the cause of his failures as well.

CredlineWill Murdoch be able to successfully to transfer Abbott’s stench onto Credlin, (because if his tabloids are anything to go by, he is certainly having a red hot go at it)?

To me it looks like Murdoch is throwing Credlin to the wolves in one desperate last ditch attempt remediate Abbott’s image.  The question is will the electorate buy it?

I’m thinking probably not.

Murdoch is ready to blame Credlin for Abbott’s lack of Political IQ. Howard always knew he was little more than a pit bull and kept him on a short chain. Murdoch remains his apologist simply because he supports the extreme right, it’s drive to privatise, create austerity policies and push ever increasing profit to the 1%.


First Dog On The Moon wrote that Tony Abbott was beyond satire. My immediate thought was it’s a bit like masturbation – if you think it’s impossible to do it to him, he’ll probably do it to himself.

This isn’t meant to be a criticism of masturbation, by the way! I’ve always thought of it as a bit like writing poetry. Most people will do it at some point in their life, but doing it in public and expecting people to admire your unique technique and your use of rhythm, requires either extraordinary self-confidence, or a special type of insanity. Or perhaps, in the case of certain public figures, a little of both.

As for Rupert Murdoch’s demand that Abbott sack Credlin, we have a strange diversion. (As an aside, I find it strange that Murdoch said “Leading involves cruel choices”. “Cruel” not strong or difficult. There’s a whole book there for some psychiatrist. As for “Tough to write”, I guess that’s why he become an owner rather than a journalist.)

murdoch credlin jpeg

The conspiracists among us will suggest that this is Murdoch’s way of saving Abbott. Abbott will surely refuse and by standing up to a dictator and supporting his woman (er, only in terms of being his Chief of Staff, we know that he has more than one woman in his marital home, which is what qualifies him as a feminist) Abbott is showing that Rupert isn’t pulling his strings and that he’s his own man, and that this a clever plan that they probably worked out while Abbott was on his way back from Iraq when he stopped off at a destination that none of us know about to meet Rupert, Peta, Wendy, Tony Blair and Elvis for lunch.

The other responses will be more confused. Some will argue that Credlin shouldn’t be sacked on Murdoch’s say-so and argue that Abbott should stand up to Murdoch. Others will argue that this is a distraction, it doesn’t matter what anyone does, we need to complain because Bill Shorten didn’t say anything about this, and Labor should change leaders. Others will say that there’s no basic difference between Liberal and Labor. A small number will say that Murdoch has it right for once. A couple will say that none of this matters and that the world is doomed and renewable energy won’t solve anything. One Abbott supporter will start talking about something even more irrelevant to any of this, like debt or climate change in the hope that he/she attracts all the comments like a chip to a bunch of sea-gulls.

But to me there’s only one clear, intelligent response to all this. That’s right – only one! Certain people (the names Tony, Peta and Rupert may spring to your mind, but if anyone adds Rossleigh, I’ll be very, very annoyed and you’ve blown your chances of a knighthood when I become supreme ruler) are starting to think that their opinion is the only one that counts. And that tends to piss people off, eventually. It’s fine when the opinion is that you deserve something far better than what you’ve got. However, once it morphs into I said you deserve better and you picked me, I’m it, so shut up, people tend to reassess a whole lot of things. I mean, whatever happens in the Queensland election this week, I’d feel pretty safe betting against an increased majority for Campbell Newman.

Whatever your views, I think you should petition Abbott and demand that I get the next knighthood. Tell him that this his best chance of survival. Yep, it’s not likely that he’d do it. It’s almost as unlikely as him surviving the year as PM. But it’d please my mum and she’s even older than Prince Philip. And if we’re talking about unlikely things, I think we could create a fairly long list if we started just three years ago, so anything’s possible.

Murdoch says Muslims must be held responsible for France terror attacks. Are Right wing Christians that promote hatred and violence the personal responsibility of all Christians? All Jews responsible for Likud? Are all Catholics responsible for the IRA. Hitler made all Jews responsible for some Jews actions living was one.. All Gypsys responsiblefor the actions of some.

Rupert Murdoch used Twitter to convey his thoughts on the ongoing terror alert in France.

Murdoch says Muslims must be held responsible for France terror attacks | World news | The Guardian.


Photo: Have a look at what some silly sausage posted here. The FURPHY that Ordinary Australians are somehow Communists has been trumpeted by The Conservatives for a Century.<br />
The Filth currently in charge of Australia has succeeded in their plan to create a Divisive Society that is in a perpetual State of Fear, Anxiety, Depression and Anger.<br />
This time they are using Religion and Terror as their ammunition. Back in the 70's they used "Communism" as an excuse for the Vietnam War.<br />
Oil in Iraq and the 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' gave us the 'Be afraid of Muslims' campaign that is currently still in vogue. It has been twenty years in the planning and the LNP have pulled it off to perfection.<br />
But they could not have completed their hoodwinking of the Australian people without their greatest ally Rupert Murdoch. He has spread their messages of Fear and Hate brilliantly, ably assisted by John Singleton’s 2GB and Macquarie National News, which is syndicated Australia-Wide. Add to this, Andrew Bolt on Commercial TV, and you have a winning formula.<br />
*** Time to turn off Commercial TV.<br />
*** Time to ditch your Foxtel.<br />
*** Time to stop reading Rupert Rags.<br />
*** Time to stop listening to 2GB and Macquarie National News.<br />
TIME TO WAKE UP!!!<br />
#LNPSociopaths #hate4sale #rememberwom #rememberkidsoverboard #notfittogovern #illridewithyou #notinmyname #blockedbybishop #greenlabor<br />
The Real News Channel RealNews Real News NewsStand: Standing Up for Fair and Diverse News Australian Labor Party NSW Labor Labor Now National Labor Women's Network Labor for Herbert Labor for Refugees Labor for Mallee The Australian Greens Newcastle Greens Tanya Plibersek GetUp! Independent Australia STOP Rupert Murdoch Australia

Have a look at what some silly sausage posted here. The FURPHY that Ordinary Australians are somehow Communists has been trumpeted by The Conservatives for a Century.
The Filth currently in charge of Australia has succeeded in their plan to create a Divisive Society that is in a perpetual State of Fear, Anxiety, Depression and Anger.
This time they are using Religion and Terror as their ammunition. Back in the 70’s they used “Communism” as an excuse for the Vietnam War.
Oil in Iraq and the ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ gave us the ‘Be afraid of Muslims’ campaign that is currently still in vogue. It has been twenty years in the planning and the LNP have pulled it off to perfection.
But they could not have completed their hoodwinking of the Australian people without their greatest ally Rupert Murdoch. He has spread their messages of Fear and Hate brilliantly, ably assisted by John Singleton’s 2GB and Macquarie National News, which is syndicated Australia-Wide. Add to this, Andrew Bolt on Commercial TV, and you have a winning formula.
*** Time to turn off Commercial TV.
*** Time to ditch your Foxtel.
*** Time to stop reading Rupert Rags.
*** Time to stop listening to 2GB and Macquarie National News.

If ever you needed further confirmation that News Ltd is the Liberal Party’s unofficial PR department, it came on the weekend on NSW television

NSW Premier Mike Baird — News Ltd cast member

Where would we be without the ABC.

ON THE WEEKEND, I saw something on television that I found quite disturbing.

It was not the fake enthusiasm of an X Factor judge, nor was it the announcement of yet another NCIS — as show that will have a gazillion spin offs just like CSI (maybe they should just do one called WTF).

What disturbed me was, in fact, a commercial.

We all hate to see our taxpayer money wasted, particularly on commercials. However the commercial I’m referring to was not a government commercial — although some have commented that the company being advertised could be confused for the Coalition’s marketing department.

The commercial that disturbed me so much was the current commercial for News Ltd’s Sydney tabloid the Daily Telegraph and can be viewed below:

And I know what you may be thinking, but it was not the sight of Andrew Bolt and Miranda Devine that made me uncomfortable — although it’s true I normally do find them and their extremist far-right views rather disturbing.

It was actually the guy sitting opposite them who really disturbed me.

It would seem that while the taxpayer pays his wages, the NSW Premier is off filming commercials for News Ltd.

Frankly, I have significant reservations about whether that is a good use of taxpayer funds. Then again, Baird is the guy that, as NSW treasurer, managed to misplace a cool billion dollars, so I guess he probably considers donating his taxpayer billed time as a political favour as small change.

For years, there have been theories about how News Ltd is biased towards the Coalition, now News Ltd have embarked on an advertising campaign that seems to be suggesting Premier Baird is of their team.

If anyone ever needed confirmation of News Ltd’s bias — this is it.

Also alarming is who they have Mike Baird associated with in the commercial — Miranda Devine and Andrew Bolt. Andrew Bolt has already been found by a court to have breached the law in his racial vilification of a minority group and Devine is also known for her anti-Islamic scare mongering and angry rhetoric.

If they had sat a woman in a burqa near that particular group it could have ended in one of those racist rants that keep coming out on YouTube. It must comfort Tony Abbott to see one of his Party’s premiers sitting there smiling with a couple of the country’s finest “preachers of hate

News Ltd and the Coalition are making a mockery of the public and have formed the assumption that the public are too stupid to realise it.


Andrew Bolt got his “alleged” “alleged” story from the Guardian doesn’t mention Scott M. New Security laws what are the chances of Truth vs 10 years jail?

Nauru child sex abuse allegations to be examined in new inquiry…..Andrew Bolt

Because Morrison wants to stop the “chatter” Not mentioned in Andrew Bolt’s Blog.

This is the source and the bullshit attributed to the lies Bolt gets paid to distribute and why his lawyers are paid hefty amounts to protect Newscorp from conviction.



Scott Morrison says reports charity workers helped children protest against offshore detention policy will also be investigated

nauru asylum seeker protest
Families in the Nauru detention centre protest against Australia’s deal to resettle refugees in Cambodia. Photograph: Supplied

The federal government has announced a further inquiry into children in detention on Nauru,

The immigration minister, Scott Morrison, confirmed 10 employees of Save the Children, a non-government organisation contracted to provide welfare, education and protection for children on Nauru, had been told to leave the island.

Morrison has appointed former integrity commissioner and acting department head Philip Moss to head the wide-ranging inquiry investigating “all of these matters”.

The 10 staff members told to leave Nauru are not alleged to have engaged in misconduct against children, but are accused of encouraging protests, complaints of abuse and even of coaching self-harm.

The chief executive of Save The Children, Paul Ronalds, rejected the minister’s allegations and said the governmement had not provided his organisation with any evidence of staff wrongdoing before the claim was leaked to the media, or since.

Nor had it received the report cited by Morrison.

Five Save The Children staff were suspended in August over allegations they had supported a detainee protest by giving a “thumbs up” sign to demonstrators.

“In that case, all of the allegations against Save the Children staff were found to be unsubstantiated, and all of the staff returned to full duties,” Ronalds said.

Save the Children said in an earlier statement instances of child self-harm were “a reality that has been well-documented”.

“The evidence is very clear to us: the long-term and prolonged detention of children has a devastating impact on the mental and physical well-being of children. This can no longer be denied.”

Morrison said he would be appalled if accusations of sexual abuse proved true, but that the fabrication of allegations to further a political agenda was also serious.


Guardian Australia has published extensive evidence of child abuse and instances of self-harm on Nauru, including:

Australian federal police confirmed to Guardian Australia it had received a referral from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. It had not started an investigation.

Not in Andrew Bolt’s World

Multiculturalism is alive and well in the UK

Shepparton, City of Harmony

BENDIGO Festival of Cultures


Capitalism is an idealised  concept that attempts to describe the way we  behave economically and structure our lives. Some individuals break the rules commit crimes, sometimes in association with like-minded others. CBA financial planners, Wall st, etc. Mainstream media doesn’t cry “We were raped by Capitalism”. No we call them  rogues, crooks,  gangs & misfits.

Crime occurs in all communities of various description  Communist,Democratic,Assimilated and Multicultural. Each has different approaches to policing and dealing with crime but crime occurs. Andrew Bolt is specifically opposed to multi-racial communities as they promote diversity as opposed to homogeneity and according to him encourage deviant behaviour. He believes in Assimilation. Rotherham  this morning’s blog had a headline ‘Raped by Multiculturalism’  What went on was in Rotherham for Bolt is a direct consequence of Multiculturalism and the  weakness of  the Left, He has cherry picked to prove  his retarded point.

Bolt doesn’t raise the issues of sexploitation of women on a large-scale such as  by the Russian & Italian Mafia by white christian ‘civilized’ Europeans.  He doesn’t examine sexploitation in Britain as a whole  the scandals at the highest levels of Tory politics.  That’s of no use to him. But a badly run orphanage in  Rotherham suits him down to the ground. It’s not about lack of funds under staffing or just poor welfare support it’s a direct result of Multiculturalism.

Bolt shows us a bylaw indicating  the word ‘Asian’ not to be used as an identifying term when talking about suspects of anything in Rotherham. However strikes me that bylaw supports everything Bolt claims to be an anti-racist, that colour and ethnicity are irrelevant when it comes to law and that’s why he proudly says ” I am not a racist.” He is however a hypocrite and totally two-faced.  Bolt infers the leftist council in Rotherham were ‘sacrificing the young girls  on the altar of ‘political correctness’ for not allowing suspects to be called ‘Asian’ or ‘Muslim’. Bolt  the non racist agrees with the bylaw. Australia should not be differentiated by colour either. Colour does not exist.

There was an orphanage in Brighton some 50 + years ago a very conservative WASP suburb  like Malvern where Bolt lives. It wasn’t a secret that young testosterone & alcohol fueled  young men  would come from all directions to scale the fence at night like tom cats to dally with those  state wards in their dorms. Multiculturalism wasn’t an aspect of that suburb Mr Bolt. Lack of supervision and underfunding certainly was. The Brighton police were aware of it nobody was charged and it wasn’t just an urban myth. Multiculturalism wasn’t a driving force back then Mr Bolt. Doesn’t suit your argument does it Bolt.

Importing a cherry picked example is Bolt’s way of disproving any Multicultural Policy. One could argue that Rotherham is the exception that proves the rule and exceptions do exist. It’s far more persuasive  than saying  multicultural societies have a tendency to drive young men into illegal gang activity and in Bolt’s case Muslims.

One has to doubt somebody who denies  any history prior to his birth in 1959 to try to win a point.On the Bolt Report the man said indigenous Australians today were not the first arrivals in this country therefore have no right to be mentioned in our constitution. He agrees with Tony Abbott that the defining moment in the history of  this country was white settlement not invasion. The other 60,000 years is  irrelevant. Therefore  no mention of persons prior to settlement need be mentioned ‘Terra Nullis  is ok. It seems to me that’s what the Rotherham bylaw is trying to achieve. There are no ‘Asians’ in  Rotherham. But here Bolt want’s them named and shamed  Pakis are Pakis , Muslims to boot and should be identified not protected by ‘political correctness’?He is a RACIST

Trying to understand  Bolt’s ideas is like herding cats. He’s a one-eyed extreme conservative  with a collection of arguments selectively picked  to support a moral framework which he treats as some universal given . He is an elitist of the worst kind. The only reason Rotherham is of any use to him  at the moment is to indulge in his favourite pastime of Muslim bashing.

Bolt doesn’t raise the issues of sexploitation of  women on a larger and more brutal scale than Rotherham all by white christian Europeans. He never really says anything about the Italian & Russian Mafia or sexploitation in Britain in general. He doesn’t raise the scandals at the highest levels of Tory politicians, paedophilia ,rent boys & prostitution in Westminster these are of no use to him. But a badly run underfunded orphanage in  Rotherham suits him down to the ground it’s in his cross hairs and suits his Labour vs Conservative debate in Britain. Bolts just copied and pasted  it because he’s a lazy mother.


Tony Abbott’s preacher in the tent of Murdoch

Bolt’s recent article about Abbott being some super hero standing tall with his budgie smugglers on the outside of his tights was a text book case of hyperbole written by his favoured sycophant, toady, creep, crawler, fawner, flatterer, flunkey, truckler, groveller, doormat, lickspittle, kowtower, obsequious person, minion, hanger-on, leech, puppet, spaniel, Uriah Heep; bootlicker, yes-man; arse-licker, arse-kisser, brown-nose;suckhole .
Abbott was doing little more than the job he was paid to do as the only delegate on the Security Council with citizens on board MH17. The Dutch have taken over the ‘small army’ that our Tony cobbled together. Andrew was he demoted?
“Abbott, as a Catholic and student of past battles with totalitarianism, understands evil.” Bolt must have been out of his mind come close to wetting himself in constructing that sentence. Straight from the tent preacher’s bible.
It was I guess because Abbott was forced to back down from his original rush of blood blaming Putin personally for what had happened. However Andrew knows better “It’s true Abbott has stopped talking” he says,then talks for him “The problem is that Obama is weak and Europe even weaker, dependent on Russia for a third of its oil and gas as well as billions in contracts, like ones France signed to supply amphibious assault ships. The world has no moral clarity.” It’s Why plain speaking Tony Abbott is “electric” and will come back after we have brought our people home. Is this why he is staying there waiting for another window of opportunity? If Russia retaliates to sanctions by cutting oil and gas to the EU. Tony could send coal.
Come home Abbott and stop milking this tragedy. The work has been delegated the Dutch are leading the EU team.
As for Andrew Bolt Mike Carlton couldn’t have said it better ” Bolt is a fart in a crowded train carriage – unpleasant, but of no consequence” This masterpiece article shows him to be the arse- licker that he is.




Ros,Packer. Macquarie Group, Australian Hotels Association, Pratt Holdings, Steve Nolan Constructions, Woodside Energy, Crown, Westfield, Yuhu Group were just some Liberal party donors in 12/13 which in total provided the coalition an election war fund of $ 82mill.
 Big money backed this government’s election drive and brought them to office. It’s now pay back time. US style free market system where government minimises its involvement The greatest beneficiaries of Abbott and Hockey’s policies are their their largest financial backers, the financial industry, the mining and energy industries, gambling interests and real estate companies. The clearest examples of this is the winding back of the Labour governments Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) Reforms. Corman has ensured banks will continue to profit from ripping off their customers.

“We know that many financial advisors have been preying on their clients. They make use of clients’ lack of understanding of complex investing and other financial options to direct them to financial products that are not in their interest, but rather in the interests of the advisor. This has been costing consumers huge sums of money, which primarily flow into the hands of the banks.”
Warwick Smith 23/7/2014

The same applies to the removal of the Carbon Tax and climate policy. You can’t find an independent economist who thinks the government’s “direct action” plan for tackling climate change is more efficient or effective than a carbon tax or trading scheme. Who likes direct action? The polluters of course. Instead of paying to pollute, they get paid 2.5bill not to pollute
The Age recently conducted its annual economics survey of 25 prominent economists. They select economists from a broad range of backgrounds across the spectrum of economics and their views vary widely on almost all issues. None of them agreed with the government on any of the above three topics.

1) There is a budget emergency

2) The federal government has a debt crisis

3) Carbon pricing is an economic wrecking ball

Saul Eslake, chief economist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, said

that to call the Australian debt situation a crisis was “to abuse the English language.”

Nobel prize winning US economist Joseph Stiglitz used terms such as “absurd”, “crazy” and “a crime” to describe some of Hockey’s budget measures, and dismissed the perceived debt and deficit problems, noting that any Australian who worries about debt “must be out of their mind.” Richard Holden, professor of economics at the Australian School of Business, put it this way: “First, Australia does not have a debt crisis. Or, to put it another way, Australia does not have a debt crisis.”
This government  are just puppets dancing to the tune of those pulling their strings

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