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Old Dog Thoughts – The eve of sorrows

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Andrew Bolt’s Blog,17/5/19; Three stooges crying; Fake mourning and crocodile tears for Bob; Shit Canning Shorten; ABC Bolt’s life line; Fox News and the White House; False advertising not everyone’s charged;

Old Dog Thoughts -Israel’s Colonisation the 3-way Plan

Israel Gets all the Goodies, Palestinians Screwed: First-ever Reveal of ‘Deal of the Century’ Details

Andrew Bolt’s Blog 9/5/19; America and Israel plan for WAR ; 1)To prevent any Pan Arabic Union of armed state resistence. 2)To control oil and its wealth creation for that purpose 3) Israel’s politicians are pursuing their expansionist colonisation of Palestinian territories as if John Bolton’s plan was in order.4)The Bolton Plan rid the ME of any Palestinian State.

Old Dog Thoughts -NBN Thank Tony Abbott, life saver, 62nd in the world and an OECD country

Australia's internet speeds are below the global average, according to a new survey.

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,30/4/19; Fake Facts the Budget; Thank you Tony Abbott we don’t have an NBN; We don’t have a Climate Policy; Why Julia Banks swung to preference the ALP;

Old Dog Thoughts-Sri Lanka, Murdoch, Oil ,Trump, and The Saudis

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,27/4/19; How much did Murdoch and his cohorts play in the Sri Lankan tragedy? Wall St, Oil Trump and the Saudi Gamble, Trump’s friends Kim and Putin; Morrison’s Slowing Economy;

Old Dog Thoughts- Trump Guilty but saved by the Presidency

US President Donald Trump thought the appointment of a special counsel would end his presidency.

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,19/4/19; The only thing that saved Trump was he was President; Bolt will tell us Australia is cooling after this record breaking year; Reasoned truth of the day

Old Dog Thoughts- Tax projections made easy not fake

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,17/4/19; Bolt best forget about what the Treasury denied; Praising the Fake Speech of a Murdochian; Shh Bolt’s the only one here in coal heaven;Bubbles; The fanasy world od Barron Von Trump;

Old Dog Thoughts- US lets loose the Dogs of Law after 6 years but keeps them chained for Tax evaders after the Paradise Papers

Andrew Bolt’s Blog, 12/4/19; Letting loose the Dogs of Law to hound one man; The Daily Telegraph’s eagerness to turn a profit deservedly landed it in court; What the Islamophobic promoters don’t want you to understand;

Old Dog Thoughts- Hypocrisy revealed. Style vs Meaning.

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Andrew Bolt’s Blog, 11/4/19; Will the REAL Andrew Bolt pls stand up; News Corp poisons the hearts of nations; What Norway’s Government is prepared to do and Australia’s not; Andrew Bolt’s podcast has silently DISAPPEARED it was unwanted Meaning without Style;;

Old Dog Thoughts-Mad Man Morrison Scamming us with our $$$$


Andrew Bolt’s Blog,10/4/19; Andrew Bolt is a hidden persuader selling right-wing product; LNP deny our $136 million dollars are selling PROMISES that DON’T YET EXIST; Turnbull is right Dutton can’t explain himself blaming SAM; Fact Check Greg Hunt is Half Baked; The LNP has little or nothing to offer the next generation;

Old Dog Thoughts- Why aren’t Abbott Hanson and Dutton out the door like Sam?


Andrew Bolt’s Blog,9/4/19; 6000 children detained by Israel; 2850 Islamophobic articles by News Corp in Melb in 2018; Would Trump dare criticise Murdoch?

Old Dog Thoughts- A Cancer on our Democracy Fake News and undeclared donations.

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,6/4/19; A Cancer on Australia’s Democracy; Foreign influence in Australian Politics; Hypocrisy of the LNP Dastyari got the boot Abbott and Hanson don’t?;

Old Dog Thoughts- When Murdoch Media Protects Idiocy what can we expect? A fall in Australia’s International Corruption Index 85 to 77 from 7th to 13th

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,31/3/19; Alan Jones works for an organization once owned by Murdoch and the Saudis; Read about this Governments “organizing” abilities to keep themselves “safe”; So many things the cameras don’t see; Anti- Israel,Anti- Zionism,Anti-Semitism,Ilhan Omar;