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Old Dog Thoughts- ALP Turns It’s back on the IPA and Murdoch. It’s about Time.

Billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch has been unable to meet with Labor leader Bill Shorten.

Andrew Bolt’s Blog 19/4/19; It’s about time somebody stood up to Murdoch; Self -Interest drives the LNP to lie and cheat and it’s shown here;

Old Dog Thoughts- Trump Guilty but saved by the Presidency

US President Donald Trump thought the appointment of a special counsel would end his presidency.

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,19/4/19; The only thing that saved Trump was he was President; Bolt will tell us Australia is cooling after this record breaking year; Reasoned truth of the day

Old Dog Thoughts- Tax projections made easy not fake

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,17/4/19; Bolt best forget about what the Treasury denied; Praising the Fake Speech of a Murdochian; Shh Bolt’s the only one here in coal heaven;Bubbles; The fanasy world od Barron Von Trump;

Old Dog Thoughts- down in the gutter with Abbott and Andrew Bolt


Andrew Bolt’s Blog,16/4/19; Bolt’s at the forefront of protecting Tony Abbott again; Pell and the Freedom of Press; Amanda don’t touch anything it’s all ok;

Old Dog Thoughts- US lets loose the Dogs of Law after 6 years but keeps them chained for Tax evaders after the Paradise Papers

Andrew Bolt’s Blog, 12/4/19; Letting loose the Dogs of Law to hound one man; The Daily Telegraph’s eagerness to turn a profit deservedly landed it in court; What the Islamophobic promoters don’t want you to understand;

Old Dog Thoughts- Hypocrisy revealed. Style vs Meaning.

Related image

Andrew Bolt’s Blog, 11/4/19; Will the REAL Andrew Bolt pls stand up; News Corp poisons the hearts of nations; What Norway’s Government is prepared to do and Australia’s not; Andrew Bolt’s podcast has silently DISAPPEARED it was unwanted Meaning without Style;;

Old Dog Thoughts-Mad Man Morrison Scamming us with our $$$$


Andrew Bolt’s Blog,10/4/19; Andrew Bolt is a hidden persuader selling right-wing product; LNP deny our $136 million dollars are selling PROMISES that DON’T YET EXIST; Turnbull is right Dutton can’t explain himself blaming SAM; Fact Check Greg Hunt is Half Baked; The LNP has little or nothing to offer the next generation;

Old Dog Thoughts- Why aren’t Abbott Hanson and Dutton out the door like Sam?


Andrew Bolt’s Blog,9/4/19; 6000 children detained by Israel; 2850 Islamophobic articles by News Corp in Melb in 2018; Would Trump dare criticise Murdoch?

Old Dog Thought’s – When Bolt says he’s Murdoch

Image result for Images of Reclaim Australia

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,8/4/19; Pick the Vegans, Pick the Bullies, Pick Bolt’s Team; Polls; Bashing Julia Banks; Bolts Ego is showing; The planet’s cooling;

Old Dog Thoughts- A Cancer on our Democracy Fake News and undeclared donations.

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,6/4/19; A Cancer on Australia’s Democracy; Foreign influence in Australian Politics; Hypocrisy of the LNP Dastyari got the boot Abbott and Hanson don’t?;

Old Dog Thoughts- When Murdoch Media Protects Idiocy what can we expect? A fall in Australia’s International Corruption Index 85 to 77 from 7th to 13th

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,31/3/19; Alan Jones works for an organization once owned by Murdoch and the Saudis; Read about this Governments “organizing” abilities to keep themselves “safe”; So many things the cameras don’t see; Anti- Israel,Anti- Zionism,Anti-Semitism,Ilhan Omar;

Old Dog Thoughts- Fighting Fake News and flipping rapists to victims of rape

Image result for Cartoon of two political conspirators

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,29/3/19. Hanson Abbott Bolt stand shoulder to shoulder and declare that Hanson and One Nation are the best Party they can work with;

Old Dog Thoughts- a much needed review of an APC decision made 5 years ago

A screenshot of Glen Le Lievre's contentious cartoon in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,27/3/19; What Bolt never talks about; Morrison wasn’t smeared; Burnside is but by who and why? Madness Of Bolt and his paucity of effort to harm the ABC ;Charges dropped;

Old Dog Thoughts -Hitler’s application of science proposed by the new Right-Wing Senator in NSW

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,26/3/19/; No DNA testing can prove Aboriginality. So Bolt could well be Indigenous and not Dutch; The Russians again; Media loving Trump; Bolt and Morrison team;

Old Dog Thoughts – Murdoch’s and the Right’s Toxic Voice

Andrew Bolt’s Blog 23/3/19; Sociopathy of the Right Murdoch’s toxic media voice permeates Australia; Morrison’s low shots against Islam can’t begin to compare with Andrew Bolt’s; Truth the difference matters facts and fiction News Corpse is killing the difference;

Old Dog Thoughts- Why is Australia trying to lengthen Milo’s use-by date? Lack of imagination.


Milo Yiannopoulos

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,21/3/19; Milo just a pawn in a bigger game of headlines; Bolt supports Imperial take overs and land grabs; Morrison claims non-racism but negotiates with Hanson; Top UK cop warns of the rise of far-right;

Old Dog Thoughts- 3 Right -Wingers throwing words at each other

Image result for Images Erdogan and Morrison

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,21/3/19; Two right-winger racists arguing; Suggested as the worst recorded in the southern hemisphere; The IPA vs James Cook; Advertising the Sleeping Giants; People want higher taxes,

Old Dog Thoughts- News Corp and Sky are ISIS equivalents

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,20/3/19; Media solutions to to MSM racism and Islamophobia; ISIS is back and Andrew Bolt only toned things down for less than 24 hours; Advertisers are fleeing Fox New’s Celebrities;

Old Dog Thoughts What and who is the Gollum among us?

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,19/3/19; Not in the Interests of the Nation; Remember Bolt’s cry of debt debt debt ALP debt. Abbott doubled it and now? Nothing now; Murdoch the snaeky bastard;

Old Dog Thoughts- Bolt’s trying to hide in plain sight with mellowed rhetoric but he’s still Andrew Bolt

Image result for Bolt with egg on his face

Stop Advertising at SKY; Right-wing terror was constantly denied but encouraged; Morrison encouraged division as a political too; Howard used it as far back as 2001;

Old Dog Thoughts- Milo, his Trump’s and the media’s radicalisation was caused by Muslims

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,17/3/19; Where is Andrew Bolt? Hiding since Friday; Abbott’s back in Warringah; Milo explains his and Andrew Bolt’s radicalisation;

Old Dog Thoughts – How much responsibility do Right-Wing media, spruikers of hate and division have to bear for Nationalist terror?

Andrew Bolt’s Blog,16/3/19; The world of Brentan Tarrant and the preachers of right-wing thought; Fraser Anning was given air time on Sky; Gun laws in an extremists world;