Let evidence not fear drive policies on trans athletes

University of Pennsylvania transgender athlete Lia Thomas competes in the 500-yard freestyle finals at the NCAA Championships.

Morrison says “screw the evidence” take the bigot’s side on transgender children in sport  “its commonsense”. No. it’s his faith! Research on children shows his claim to be “bullshit”  and that saying his kids are “blessed” is little more than religious orthodoxy. There is nothing common about it and evidence proves it makes no sense.

The Police, and the AFP have found no evidence that his “Captain’s Pick” Katherine Deve’s family have been physically threatened. Morrison’s insincere apology about disabled kids not being “blessed” mirrors Deve’s equally insincere “I’m sorry I’ll just tone it down”. Neither are sorry. Morrison hasn’t reversed his NDIS cuts and Deves hasn’t stopped advocating transgirls are a massive to girls sports. They need to be judged on their beliefs not just their style of argument. They have been and loudly by a bipartisan majority that have declared them wrong, that children should be allowed to be children.

Morrison’s history in politics has known him to be as devious as a Golum and as cunning as a sewer rat when it comes to dividing and fragmenting communities for a handful of votes. It’s how he won preselection in the first place. Others have sworn stat decs which Morrison calls lies but won’t sue for defamation. He claimed he’d sign a dec countering their claims but then backed down for fear he might be prosecuted fo a false claim.

 All of us have implicit stereotypes that guide the way we view the world. Many people will look at a transgender woman’s face or height and think “it’s unfair” if she wants to play in a women’s sport. That is an assumption.

Source: Let evidence not fear drive policies on trans athletes