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Old Dog Thought- How does Angus Taylor speak with a straight face stealing our money “a tax” to set up a “last resort fund” to subsidize and bank roll Coal when nobody else on the planet will?

Fighting Fake News with REAL 12/10/21; Andrew Forrest ran a steam roller over Angus Taylor; The language of the big lie is all the do-nothing LNP have; Morrison can’t afford Bernard Collaery’s truth;

Andrew Forrest slams blue hydrogen funding

Foretestcue Metals chairman Andrew Forrest.

Andrew Forrest steps up and calls Morrison and Taylor’s LNP “dithering, and gutless twats with no plan or science to guide where they are going.

Mr Forrest praised countries that are “firmly committed” to green hydrogen including Chile, France, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain, but said “most countries, including my own, are dithering – unsure whether to back green hydrogen or blindly commit to yet more fossil fuels, this time disguised as blue hydrogen”.

Source: Andrew Forrest slams blue hydrogen funding

Old Dog Thought- Morrison is prepared to take us to war if need be to hide his economic & material failure

Fighting Fake News with REAL;5/10/21; Material Economic Physical Reality; Andrew Forrest slams his mate Morrison; Panama Papers now Pandora Papers and still Morrison’s LNP does nothing;