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The debate about religious discrimination is back, so why do we keep hearing about religious ‘freedom’?

The Freedom to Discriminate is the correct title this Bill and it should be given that. But that would be too easy. Having lost the marriage equality referendum to 75% of Australia the disgruntled losers have come back claiming “victimhood” in their loss of the right to discriminate was intolerable. So now re-labeled and repackaged the LNP has provided them with the Religious Freedom Bill. Rather than listen to the majority of Australians the LNP is saying their freedom to be bigots was stolen.

Why do we keep hearing that the Bill to discriminate is one of freedom? Division is the essence of culture wars and the LNP have been tossing those grenades forever and a day. It helps them create confused and seeming divides. What would otherwise be a simple political unifying factor like the economy and your position in it needs to be prevented by LNP. It fragments and provides fuel for increased division, and an opportunity to harvest a distracted vote.

The paradox is plain to see that while they demand Assimilation they couldn’t win and election without pointing out the differences. The reality that Multiculturalism and efforts to politicaly manipulate it by throwing fuel on simple difference and creating division they can’t maintain control for their paymasters.

The debate about religious discrimination in Australia is back. Attorney-General Michaelia Cash is planning to bring the latest version of the bill to parliament in the last two sitting weeks of the year, beginning next week. We are yet to see the most current draft, but the bill seeks to prohibit discrimination “on the ground of religious belief or activity in key areas of public life”, including employment and education. Once again, religious groups and LGBT+ advocates are raising what look to be competing concerns about the legislation’s impact on their rights and freedoms.

Source: The debate about religious discrimination is back, so why do we keep hearing about religious ‘freedom’?

Unquiet graves: Muslims add to criticism over the great cemetery takeover – Michael West Media

CMCT, NSW cemeteries, Dominic Perrottet

Meanwhile, the LNP is moving forward with their Religious Freedom Bill

Sydney’s Muslims are considering a complaint to ICAC over Premier Dominic Perrottet’s apparent favoritism towards the Catholic Church’s attempted takeover of NSW cemeteries, reports Callum Foote.

Source: Unquiet graves: Muslims add to criticism over the great cemetery takeover – Michael West Media

Religious discrimination bill: The devil is in the details

Imagine what it would be like if that minority of actively involved Christians didn’t vote LNP… Yes, Australia just might be Proud Again

The first instalment of the ‘Religiosity in Australia’ report, written by social researcher Neil Francis and published by the Rationalist Society of Australia (RSA), earlier this year, revealed that the level of support for religion has been greatly overstated. Seven in ten Australians (71%) say religion is not personally important to them and 62% do not belong to any religious organisation. Only 23% say they do belong and only 15% are actively involved. The trend lines show that Australians considered weakly or modestly religious have been abandoning religion in droves for many years — and the results of this year’s census are expected to confirm Christianity’s fall to below 50% for the first time. Most importantly, the report also revealed that the views of senior religious clerics on key policy issues, like abortion rights and voluntary assisted dying, are out of touch with the very people they claim to lead — those in their own pews.

Source: Religious discrimination bill: The devil is in the details

Old Dog Thoughts- LNP- Is the WW2 Italian Tank 1 gear Foward 5 Backward

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 30/8/19; Scumbag College truth in Humour; LNP spinning like Trump a fake reality; Dutton says China is Harsh and inhumane, LNP is like and Italian Tank 1 gear forward 5 gears backward;