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Donald Trump says China’s ‘incompetence’ on coronavirus led to ‘mass worldwide killing’ – ABC News

President Donald Trump gestures while speaking during a meeting

China’s “incompetence” didn’t cause mass spread and deaths due to the disease 30% of the world’s current condition America’s and in particular is a result of DJ Trump’s personal and blind stupidity in not acting like other more responsible nation’s leaders did.  Trump’s attempt at a pathetic excuse simply doesn’t hold water.(ODT)

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Old Dog Thoughts- When Ego is a dirty word

Fighting Fake News with REAL 22/5/20. Sorry Skyhooks Ego is a Dirty Word; Covid not averted by Morrison but he’ll take the credit and won’t even give it to God;

Old Dog Thoughts- The LNP& MSN doing a Trump trying to hide their $1.8 bill trade mismanagement.

Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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Old Dog Thoughts- Merkle is a Scientist; The hero whose definitely not Tony Abbott

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Coronavirus Australia: The US and UK response should make us heed warnings about COVID-19

Illustration: Andrew Dyson

The problem no addressed here is the involvement and irresponsible incitement by Murdoch Media to incite back to work demonstrations in the English speaking world. The demand to go back to the normal rather than progress to a very different economy. The talk of 28 years of GDP growth doesn’t begin to address the increasing income and wealth gap that helped generate it and the public austerity measures that accompanied it leaving us ill-equipped to deal with emergencies we face. Yes, Australia has fared better but I’d suggest it’s more a sake of good fortune than intent. We have always been some years behind first following the British and now the Americans last in line but nevertheless over that cliff. We aren’t our own masters we do have a level of solidarity but when the Oligarchs, LNP IPA and News Corp hold the wealth and power and are now assisted by the ALP what chance is there of a progressive peoples bailout and not just a corporate one in the future? (ODT)

Morrison government setting itself for an aggressive pro-business plan for our post-pandemic economy. Specifically, that means tax breaks for businesses and even a big swing at industrial relations. It’s the road that leads to lower wages, worse conditions and limited tax revenue. And while some of that might end up being an economic necessity, if that’s not done perfectly, it’s a road of austerity and increasing inequality that has proven so destructive elsewhere.

Obviously, all that will depend on the detail. But we should take this chance to heed the warning from those nations that are presently unravelling. Sacrifice a basic level of equality for economic growth and you risk social and political fracture. There will be much we can’t afford after this, but one of them is losing the threads of social solidarity we still have left, because we’ll need them desperately when the next crisis hits.

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Old Dog Thoughts-The Environment has a case of the LNP and COVID has distracted us from Democracy

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