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Screenshot_2019-06-12 Trump Mocks Americans With His Hidden Deal Trick.pngDonald Trump claimed that he struck a new mystery deal with Mexico which he refuses to tell the American people about. It’s a secret, he says.

Mexico has already denied much of what Trump stated as fact.

Many political pundits and politicians predicted that he would never go through with his proposed 5% tariff on Mexican goods if they didn’t stop the flow of migrants into America. Even many of his Republican devotees were furious at his tariff threat, especially since the taxes were not tied to trade agreements but instead tied to his anger at his failures on his singular political issue.

During a press pool spray Tuesday, Trump took it further by mocking the press and Americans with this moronic exhibition of decadence.

“Right here is the agreement It’s very simple, it’s right here,” Trump said, acting more like a carnival barker than an actual United States president.

Trump then removes a piece of paper from inside his pocket.

“And in here is everything you want to talk about.”


“It’s done. It’s done. It’s all done.”

Josh Marshall writes, “President Trump is being pressed to back up claims he has a secret agreement for Mexico to buy billions of additional American agricultural goods, a claim Mexico denies. Trump later explained that the secret deal ‘goes into effect when I want it to.'”

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