National cabinet goes backward to go forward

We at least saw that Tony Abbott could ride a bike and not just SPIN

Even when they do get distributed, the anecdotes of dysfunction in the system are manifest. For example, a GP who found himself with many more Pfizer doses about to expire than he could possibly use tried to swap them with a state health authority which could have used them up in a day and given him supply with a longer shelf life. But the Commonwealth would not facilitate this and recommended unused doses be destroyed. Friday’s national cabinet wasn’t a step forward, it was but a stark illustration of the problems in our vaccination rollout. The crumbling confidence in the national cabinet process to achieve unified purpose, and the gaslighting of our medical experts, doesn’t help. Nor does the spectacular lack of transparency about what vaccine supplies we have got coming, or what the government is doing about accelerating supplies in any way possible. Nor does the fact no one wants to say how much of the population needs to be vaccinated before we can open up. The magic numbers we need are the ones about vaccine supply.

Source: National cabinet goes backward to go forward

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