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A belated ‘Recognition’ and a ‘new policy’ (Part 2) – » The Australian Independent Media Network


As things stand at the present, Australia’s Constitution does not recognise Indigenous or Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ prior occupation and custodianship of their land.

Actually, section 51(xxvi) allows special laws to be passed to the disadvantage of Aboriginal people, and section 25 enables state laws to disqualify people of a particular race from voting at state elections.

An expert panel recommended to remove sections 25 and 51(xxvi) and adopt new sections:

1) Add Section 51 (A) to recognise Aboriginal peoples’ occupation of the land and continuing relationship with lands and water. The section would also pay respect to culture, language and heritage, and state that the government can only make laws to the benefit of Indigenous People.

2) Add Section 116A specifically to prohibit racial discrimination for all Australians. It would forbid any government from discriminating against a person based on race, colour, ethnicity or national origin.

3) Add Section 127 (A) for recognition of languages and to acknowledge and protect the role that languages have in Aboriginal communities.

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Israel is systematically revoking Arabs’ citizenship. Don’t act surprised | +972 Magazine

Hundreds if not thousands of Bedouin are having their citizenship revoked seemingly for no reason, according to ‘Haaretz.’ Shocking as it may be, it’s not surprising. Citizenship has never provided non-Jewish Israelis with the same security it gives their Jewish compatriots. Imagine going to renew your passport or change your official address and after a few minutes of pattering on a keyboard without looking up to see the human being in front of him or her, a government clerk informs you that you are no longer a citizen of the only country you have ever known. The country of your…

Source: Israel is systematically revoking Arabs’ citizenship. Don’t act surprised | +972 Magazine

Nine Black Employees Are Now Suing Fox News For Racial Harassment

Seven more African-American Fox News employees are expected to join two black colleagues who are suing the network for racial harassment from former comptroller Judy Slater and accounting director Tammy Efinger, according to a new report from New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman.This escalation in Fox’s legal troubles comes amid lo

Source: Nine Black Employees Are Now Suing Fox News For Racial Harassment

Thousands of Palestinians and Jews protest gov’t racism in Tel Aviv | +972 Magazine

Over 5,000 people marched in Tel Aviv in one of the largest Arab-Jewish demonstrations the city has seen in years. Over 5,000 Arab and Jewish demonstrators from across the country marched together on Saturday night in Tel Aviv against home demolitions and in support of equality for all. The demonstrators called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan to step down, after months of incitement against Palestinian citizens of Israel. The demonstration was organized by a large coalition of organizations and political parties, including “Standing Together,” Hadash, Meretz, “Yad B’Yad,” “Sikuy,” and others, was the largest…

Source: Thousands of Palestinians and Jews protest gov’t racism in Tel Aviv | +972 Magazine

Boris Johnson accused of ‘dog whistle racism’ over controversial Barack Obama Kenya remarks | UK Politics | News | The Independent


Boris Johnson has been accused of “dog whistle racism” and “base politics of the worse kind” after remarks about Barack Obama’s Kenyan heritage – as Nigel Farage echoed the controversial comments.

Source: Boris Johnson accused of ‘dog whistle racism’ over controversial Barack Obama Kenya remarks | UK Politics | News | The Independent

The O’Reilly Factor Peddles Racist Myths About High Incarceration Rate For Drug Violations

During a segment on drug incarceration, Fox News’ Eric Bolling suggested the higher incarceration rates for African Americans are not about race, but instead because “blacks committed more of the same crimes.” From the April 22 edition of Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor:BILL O’REILLY (HOST): I feel very

Source: The O’Reilly Factor Peddles Racist Myths About High Incarceration Rate For Drug Violations

One in every four Israelis experienced racism last year, poll finds | +972 Magazine

A new study by the Coalition Against Racism in Israel reveals that the vast majority of Israelis believe their society has become more racist over the past two years. By Yael Marom Over half of…

Source: One in every four Israelis experienced racism last year, poll finds | +972 Magazine

Tel Aviv service offers cleaners priced by ethnic origin | +972 Magazine

Cleaning services are being promoted to potential clients in north Tel Aviv with a flyer that prices its cleaners according to their ethnic origin. The advert also refers to its employees in the feminine only.…

Source: Tel Aviv service offers cleaners priced by ethnic origin | +972 Magazine

Mensa Rallies Held Around Country

Reclaim Australia Mensa

The Australian arm of Mensa – the organisation for those with an unusually high IQ – held its annual Christmas get together in locations around the country this weekend.

Filled with chants, flags, and discussions about metaphysics, the gatherings were a chance for members to catch up and discuss their favourite equations.

“Often we feel like outsiders. So this is a wonderful opportunity to mingle with like-minded people, throw around some literature quotes maybe, or just count in prime numbers for a while,” member Dave Jenkins said. “They close off the streets for us as well, which is nice”.

Mr Jenkins can be seen in the picture above pointing out which chapter of Mensa the group is representing. “We have a bit of friendly rivalry with the other chapters,” he joked.

Fellow member Jack Short said the conversation at the Christmas functions can get quite heated. “Oh yes, there’s a lot of shouting. Get a couple of hundred fervent Einstein fans in the one place and there’s bound to be a bit of passionate debate!”

Racists Forced To Buy Southern Cross Singlets From Myer

adam goodes david jones

Australia’s racists will be forced to look further afield for their paraphernalia, after they were left with no choice but to boycott retailer David Jones.


The department store – which yesterday confirmed footballer Adam Goodes as an ambassador – said sales of flag capes and singlets had already plummeted. “That section of our stores was very quiet yesterday,” a spokesperson said.

Melbourne man Jonno Waite confirmed he will no longer shop at David Jones, but said it had nothing to do with the fact that Adam Goodes was Indigenous. “I just don’t like the way he ambassadors,” he said.

He insisted he had not singled out Goodes. “I boo lots of sports people who make ads. Loads. Just can’t think of any right now”.

“We’re Not Racist” Say Fans Who Only Boo Black Player

adam goodes

It’s just a coincidence that the only player we abuse is an outspoken Aboriginal man, a section of AFL fans said today.

“It’s got nothing to do with his skin colour. If Goodes was white – and wouldn’t it be a little bit less threatening for everyone if he was – I’d still boo him, probably,” one fan said.

Another fan said the booing was purely to do with the dual Brownlow medallist’s on-field antics. “It’s got nothing to do with being Aboriginal. If he toned down his theatrics – and perhaps his skin colour – there wouldn’t be a problem”.

“It’s got absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he doesn’t play the role I’ve decided I’m comfortable with an Aboriginal man playing, and nothing to do with the fact that he needs to just pull in his head a bit and be thankful for everything this country and this sport has given him. It’s because he stages for free kicks,” another said.

But one fan said it wasn’t just Adam Goodes who is booed, claiming booing was part of the game. “I’ll boo a player for a quarter or so if he’s hit another player, or for a lifetime if he’s hit a nerve”.

We’ll Decide When We’re Being Racist, White People Tell Black People

australia racism

White Australians will advise non-white Australians as soon as they start being racist, it has been decided.

“This is a good system that removes any confusion,” a spokesperson said. “At the moment we’re not being racist, but we’ll let you know if that changes. We’re experts on this, so there’s nothing you need to worry about”.

Another spokesperson – who has extensive experience in the racism area – strongly agreed. “I understand that this can be complex for some people – it is a little tricky if you’re not experienced in this kind of thing – but we’ve got it covered, ok?”

He said there was no need to get all uptight. “What’s important is that we take the emotion out of this issue and just stick to the facts. That way we can just get everything back to normal”.

Black poverty is state violence, too: Why struggles for criminal justice and living wage are uniting

Black poverty is state violence, too: Why struggles for criminal justice and living wage are uniting

“Black Lives Matter” doesn’t just refer to cops killing unarmed teens. Here’s why it’s expanding to mean much more

For the second time in a week, the swelling protests against police brutality and an unequal criminal justice system coincided with planned labor strikes at low-wage employers yesterday, and for the second time, protesters joined forces, combining the struggle for a living wage with the struggle for the right to live free of police violence.

“Today felt different because we were doing it for the Mike Brown situation and trying to show people the significance between injustice in our workplaces and injustice in our communities,” says St. Louis Burger King worker Carlos Robinson, who has been organizing for $15 an hour and a union for about seven months. “It’s a bigger difference when you’re doing it for more than one reason but for the same cause.”

Convenience store workers, airport workers, and home care workers joined the actions calling for $15 an hour and a union, broadening the movement still more, but what really gave Thursday its kick was the connection to the emotions (and tactics) of Ferguson activists and their nationwide supporters.

Robinson and his fellow workers staged a “die-in” as part of their day of actions, in a North St. Louis convenience store, their bodies stretched between metal racks of chips and candy, clogging the space in an echo both of historic sit-down strikes (that Walmart workers also evoked two weeks back) and a reminder of the way Brown’s body lay in the street for four and a half hours after he was shot. “That was an image of what injustice has been done in our community to a young teenager,” Robinson says. “It could have been any young child that that happened to.”

Around the country, fast food strikers held moments of silence, hands raised, for Brown, Eric Garner, and others killed by the police. They added “Hands up, don’t shoot” to their chants as police flocked to protect fast food stores from the protests. In New York, where the fast food strikes began two years ago and where on Wednesday we learned that a grand jury had also failed to indict the police officer who killed Eric Garner, daytime marches and actions led into an evening rally at Foley Square, from which thousands of people departed in different directions, variously shutting down bridges, highways, and with the aid of an overzealous police blockade, the Holland Tunnel.

The phrase “Black Lives Matter” has become central to the movement, part of a project begun by organizers Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometti after the killing of Trayvon Martin. As Garza, an organizer with the National Domestic Workers Alliance, points out, it is an encompassing slogan, one that challenges many kinds of injustice. “When we say Black Lives Matter, we are talking about the ways in which Black people are deprived of our basic human rights and dignity,” she writes. “It is an acknowledgement Black poverty and genocide is state violence.”

Labor struggles have a long, checkered history with struggles for racial justice and particularly against violence. In his book Hammer and Hoe, historian Robin D.G. Kelley tells the story of the struggles of the Depression-era Alabama Communist Party—at the time one of the few left-wing organizations committed to organizing black workers—to build worker organizations. Their efforts to challenge the economic oppression of black people were too often met with lynching and state violence. Black workers’ unions were central to the Civil Rights movement, from the Pullman porters to the Memphis sanitation workers Martin Luther King, Jr. was supporting when he was shot. Their struggle—remember the “I Am a Man” signs carried by the workers in Memphis—was always about more than just wages. It was and is about being seen as humans worthy of respect, respect they would demand if it was not freely given.

The Ferguson protests targeted Walmart and other retail outlets over Black Friday weekend, making explicit the connection between the “business” part of “business as usual” and the devaluing of black lives. The workers of the Fight for $15, in turn, included tributes to Brown and Garner in their actions and got support in return. Robinson says, “The reason everybody came out is because they know just as well as we do that there’s injustice in our communities and there’s injustice in our fast food places and we need to do something about it. They’re willing to show us support because they know that one day they had to take a stand for what they believed in, and now they see we’re doing it and they believe in us.”

Solidarity. It’s a basic labor movement concept, one embedded in the movement’s oft-forgotten history.

Douglas Williams, at Hack the Union, challenged today’s labor movement to show up in a more direct fashion for black workers and their struggles as black people. Police unions, it is true, have been unwavering in their support for police officers accused of crimes. Words of support for struggles against racist violence—even good words—are not enough from labor leaders, not when their members and would-be members have already taken the lead.

American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten seems to have heeded Williams’s words, getting arrested as part of Thursday night’s protests alongside her partner, Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, and a group from Jews for Racial and Economic Justice.

As the protests continue and grow and incorporate more issues, there will be more opportunities to demonstrate solidarity. For Carlos Robinson, there is no choice but continued struggle for fair wages and justice. Until that happens, he said, echoing another call that has been heard a lot in recent weeks, “Shut ‘em down!”

More right-wing rubbish

This painting was supposed to be worth a jail term.

  • November 1, 2014
  • Written by:
  • Hardly a week goes by without receiving an email from a right-winger about how boat people, greenies, Muslims, Aborigines (or any non-White, non-Liberal extremist) is undermining the entire fabric of Australia and the God fearing Western world.I usually press delete after reading two words of their crap.

    This one I read:

    In May 2010 Tohseef Shah spray-painted a British War Memorial with “Islam will dominate  Osama”.

    He was fined £50 and walked free  from court.

    In November 2010 Emdadur Choudhury burned a Poppy during the 2 minutes silence.

    He too was fined £50 and walked free from court.

    Last week in a Portsmouth Court two men were sentenced to 6 months in prison for painting a Poppy on a mosque [refer picture above].

    Pass this on, if you think it’s a disgrace.

    I know you will without question.

    It certainly would be a disgrace – if it were true. It turns out to be just more right-wing bullshit. It has been circulating vigorously via social media websites for over three years despite being a hoax. Yes, a hoax.

    Here’s what really happened:

    The specific stories mentioned in the message are mostly true (but the fines have been mixed up). Tohseef Shah was fined £500 in compensation, £85 court costs and two year conditional discharge for spray painting a memorial statue and Emdadur Choudhury was fined £50 for setting alight a poppy, and finally it is also true that two men have been imprisoned for 12 months for spray painting a mosque. The two men, Steven James Vasey, 32, and 24-year-old Anthony Donald Smith were convicted in Durham this month.

    At first glance, one may justifiably feel angry at this apparent injustice which makes the British justice system appear soft on racial crimes committed by minorities. But as with all brief and racially charged messages circulating the Internet, it does not really tell the whole story.

    Firstly, the two men sentenced for 12 months not only defaced a mosque but additionally put a brick through a window of an Asian run business and spray painted two other properties ran by Asians, and by the defendents own admission their actions were racially motivated and planned in advance – this in contrast to Tohseef Shah who`s actions were deemed to be political. Racially motivated crimes often receive heftier sentences and despite, for example, Emdadur Choudhurys crime of poppy burning being more controversial, strictly in the eyes of the law, the two men from Durham committed a more heinous crime.

    Sentencing is based on many different factors, especially including the severity of the crime and the judge handing the sentence and of course there will be what many percieve to be lighter sentences and heavier sentences given for what appear to be similar crimes of similar severity. However if you think that lighter sentences seem to be reserved for people who are of Asian descent you would be wrong, because a message like this will duly omit the numerous accounts of racial hatred aimed towards Muslims that have not been met with a custodial sentence, such as the case of Wayne Havercroft who was only fined for leaving a pigs head outside a proposed location for a mosque and a spray painted sign saying “No Mosque here. EDL” – or the Sunderland man who was only fined for spray painting a mosque.

    This message has picked three – albeit true – stories because they fit the overall meaning the message attempts to convey – hatred towards what the message creator believes to be a racially corrupt/soft justice system. Whilst one could reasonally argue that the two men from Durham did receive a significantly harsher sentence than both the men in the other two stories, it should be noted that these are just three stories and does not necessarily accurately reflect the way the British justice system convicts people of differing faiths.

    I have seen similar articles on this (and other sites) exposing and denouncing right-wing bullshit, and noticed that the authors of the particular articles have been condemned for publicising the right-wing propaganda. The authors have made the claim that they are merely attempting to set the record straight. If there is nobody willing to do so, then this rubbish will continue to fill our in-boxes and social media sites unchallenged.

    So if this email finds its way to you – you can do what I did – reply with a nice little note saying it’s a load of crap.