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The unique circumstance of Australian racism

These online people didn’t get my meaning, clearly. I wanted to be elsewhere because in a place like Berlin I am not an Aboriginal person living under the unique circumstance of Australian racism. I state I’m Aboriginal overseas and people don’t tend to erase my history, they don’t deny my humanity and they don’t criminalise me. They tend to be interested and respectful. I’m not on the back foot, continually having to prove that racism exists, that Indigenous people experience the brunt of it via being the displaced traditional owners and that our lives matter.

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Anti-Semitism on the rise in Europe along with racism in general

In Australia Murdoch media the largest media group in Australia happily allowed Andrew Bolt promote and give a platform to Southern, and Molyneus and News Corp did the same with Blair Cotteral why? The purpose is to increasingly fragment us culturally rather than allowing us to unite economically the difference between democratic equity and fascist constraint Internationalism and Nationalism  (ODT)

In Austria this year a state-level branch of the ruling far-right Freedom Party of Austria proposed a new law requiring Jews to register with the government if they wanted to buy kosher meat (the same rule would apply to Muslims buying halal meat). One of the party’s candidates in January’s national election had stood down after it was revealed he was a member of a fraternity whose songbook included lyrics about killing Jews, including “step on the gas, we’ll manage the seventh million”. He claimed not to have read all the pages.

In Germany, the increasingly popular far-right party AfD recently disciplined some of its local politicians for exchanging Nazi and anti-Semitic imagery and messages on WhatsApp. There are police guards outside Berlin synagogues and violent attacks on Jewish children in German schools.

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The reasons behind Australia’s racism

WE MAY LIKE TO tell ourselves we are not a racist country in Australia, but let’s face it, a lot of Australians are racist. They may not all be neo-Nazis, but they are racist nonetheless. In New Zealand, our nearest neighbour, they celebrate Maori culture with the haka at major events such as the football. In Australia, we have inquiries into black deaths in custody while booing and racially vilifying footballers who celebrate their indigenous culture from the sideline. On one hand, we celebrate cultures like Italian and Greek with food festivals and celebrate Chinese culture here with colourful festivals involving dragons and traditional dancing. But on the other hand, we celebrate Lebanese culture here with the Cronulla riots. Of course, we now look back on the Cronulla riots as a dark day in our history and we’ve come a long way since right?

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Government Denounces Blatant Racism, Calls For Return To Thinly Veiled Racism – The Shovel

Both sides of Government have labelled Fraser Anning’s maiden speech ‘appallingly racist’, saying it was incumbent on all politicians to at least give the impression they’re not inflaming race issues to garner votes.

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Another Bolt from the white Right

Another Bolt from the white Right

Let’s be clear. Bolt’s language about Jews is redolent of the past. In response to the article, the President of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria, Jennifer Huppert, said that there was ‘a rise in ultra-right-wing activity in Victoria and this type of activity can fuel antisemitic, anti-Islam and general racist debate and language in our community.’

The Australian Jewish Democratic society expressed their anger and then stated:

In response we say to Andrew Bolt and white supremacists everywhere: we are not interested in assimilating to White Australia. We are not interested in being subjects of your racist attacks. We – as migrants, as people who have lived in this country for a long time, as people who have faced racism and antisemitism of so many different guises over such a long period of time – are here to tell you that we will win and you will lose. Your vision for how society should operate will never succeed. We will continue to work with other others to ensure that a strong, cohesive, anti-racist, justice-based society is the future for “us” all.

Bolt also attacked the descendants of 1950s immigrants. He wrote that in Five Dock, Sydney,

‘ … one in seven residents still speak Italian at home.’

Clearly, Andrew Bolt’s othering is all-embracing — from white Jews and those speaking a foreign language to Muslims of any colour and brown and black people.

Another Bolt from the white Right

Race politics is back – and the far-right are loving it

Five years ago, when I began my term as Race Discrimination Commissioner, I wouldn’t have said it was likely that we would see the resurgence of far-right politics. I wouldn’t have expected that the biggest threats to racial harmony would come from within our parliaments and media.

Race looms large. It’s there in the panic about “African gangs”, the warnings about multiculturalism veering into “ethnic separatism”, the questioning of a non-discriminatory immigration policy, the alarm about foreign influence by China.

Debates about such issues help set the tone for our society. They have made some groups in our society more vulnerable than ever to racism. In Melbourne, for example, Sudanese-Australian leaders have spoken about how members of their communities fear being targeted. Many are fearful about leaving their homes.

This is how racism works. It creates doubts and divisions – and it forces its targets into retreat. And where the seeds of racism are planted in political speech, they bear bitter fruit in society.

And it’s false to charge that calling out racism is an act of national disloyalty. Anti-racism is in fact an expression of patriotism. We fight racism because it diminishes our nation. We fight it because it is an assault on our values and our fellow citizens.


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News Corp Australia’s promotion of Lauren Southern is disturbing | Jason Wilson | Australia news | The Guardian

Canadian far-right political activist Lauren Southern at the Courier-Mail office in Brisbane on 13 July.

Southern’s far-right associations, her promotion of the key ideas of white ethnonationalism, and her willingness to become directly involved in racial provocation should give us pause.

So, too, should the willingness of News Corporation’s daily newspapers to promote her.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that Andrew Bolt railed about her visa problems. Nor that Miranda Devine had Southern on her podcast to talk about how antifa and Muslims cause her immigration woes.

But earlier puff pieces about her visit, and op-eds defending her in regional newspapers, suggest that News has a disturbing inability to distinguish between ordinary, conservative provocateurs, and those adjacent to white nationalist or fascist movements.

This fits with a pattern on the Australian right. Nevertheless, should News later condemn those who protest against Southern’s appearances, we should remember their role in defending Southern, and advertising her shows.

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Let’s drop the euphemisms: Donald Trump is a racist president | Opinion | The Guardian

trump and may

Nato is both a rip-off and very strong. Theresa May’s Brexit plan is both pathetic and terrific. Trump’s interview with the Sun was both fake news and generally fine. Trump has all the consistency of Katy Perry’s Hot N Cold, except when it comes to two things: immigrants and Vladimir Putin.

Immigration is where Trump’s journey begins and ends: the message running all the way through this stick of rock. Trump told the Sun that immigration in Europe was “a shame”. Why such concern? “I think it changed the fabric of Europe and, unless you act very quickly, it’s never going to be what it was and I don’t mean that in a positive way.”

But just in case anyone had any doubts, Trump took his explicit nativism several steps into more sinister territory on Friday while standing next to the British prime minister. When asked about his “fabric of Europe” comments, Trump began by talking about terrorism, before explaining his thinking.

“I just think it’s changing the culture. I think it’s a very negative thing for Europe. I think it’s very negative,” he said, as if we didn’t hear him the first time with the foghorn. “And I know it’s politically not necessarily correct to say that. But I’ll say it and I’ll say it loud. And I think they better watch themselves because you are changing the culture.”

Let’s drop the euphemisms: Donald Trump is a racist president | Opinion | The Guardian

BBC ‘normalising racism’ by broadcasting Rivers of Blood speech

Australia’s Conservatives will love this

Public figures including a Labour peer have called for the BBC to cancel the programme, saying rebroadcasting the speech would work to normalise racism.

The original speech was delivered by then Conservative MP Powell to a Conservative Association meeting in Birmingham.

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Memo from a South African: Peter Dutton is entrenching racist white privilege | Shelley Davidow | Opinion | The Guardian

Peter Dutton

Running from Apartheid Dutton not to another Apartheid

I am a white former South African living in Australia, grateful every day for my citizenship. But I am here because, partly, of an unearned privilege. I’m a refugee with a gold-class ticket: I have white skin and I speak fluent received pronunciation English.

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Struggling Mom Wins The Lottery And Donates $700,000 To Local Pastor. Then He Sues Her For More…


Holmes claims that she agreed to give Matthews $70,000 to help build a retreat center on an unused piece of land, which she did. But Matthews claims that she agreed to give him between $1-2 million, and continued to SUE her for the remaining funds after she refused to pay him more.

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Disgraced senior ethics cop subject of previous racism complaints

He was only doing what Andrew bolt does for a job

Complaints about racist remarks made by the disgraced head of Victoria Police’s own Professional Standards Command were lodged more than a decade ago, but Brett Guerin continued to be promoted through the ranks, The Age can reveal.

Mr Guerin resigned in disgrace on Monday evening, after The Age published details of shocking racist and obscene comments he made under the online pseudonym “Vernon Demerest”.

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A belated ‘Recognition’ and a ‘new policy’ (Part 2) – » The Australian Independent Media Network


As things stand at the present, Australia’s Constitution does not recognise Indigenous or Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ prior occupation and custodianship of their land.

Actually, section 51(xxvi) allows special laws to be passed to the disadvantage of Aboriginal people, and section 25 enables state laws to disqualify people of a particular race from voting at state elections.

An expert panel recommended to remove sections 25 and 51(xxvi) and adopt new sections:

1) Add Section 51 (A) to recognise Aboriginal peoples’ occupation of the land and continuing relationship with lands and water. The section would also pay respect to culture, language and heritage, and state that the government can only make laws to the benefit of Indigenous People.

2) Add Section 116A specifically to prohibit racial discrimination for all Australians. It would forbid any government from discriminating against a person based on race, colour, ethnicity or national origin.

3) Add Section 127 (A) for recognition of languages and to acknowledge and protect the role that languages have in Aboriginal communities.

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Israel is systematically revoking Arabs’ citizenship. Don’t act surprised | +972 Magazine

Hundreds if not thousands of Bedouin are having their citizenship revoked seemingly for no reason, according to ‘Haaretz.’ Shocking as it may be, it’s not surprising. Citizenship has never provided non-Jewish Israelis with the same security it gives their Jewish compatriots. Imagine going to renew your passport or change your official address and after a few minutes of pattering on a keyboard without looking up to see the human being in front of him or her, a government clerk informs you that you are no longer a citizen of the only country you have ever known. The country of your…

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Nine Black Employees Are Now Suing Fox News For Racial Harassment

Seven more African-American Fox News employees are expected to join two black colleagues who are suing the network for racial harassment from former comptroller Judy Slater and accounting director Tammy Efinger, according to a new report from New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman.This escalation in Fox’s legal troubles comes amid lo

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Thousands of Palestinians and Jews protest gov’t racism in Tel Aviv | +972 Magazine

Over 5,000 people marched in Tel Aviv in one of the largest Arab-Jewish demonstrations the city has seen in years. Over 5,000 Arab and Jewish demonstrators from across the country marched together on Saturday night in Tel Aviv against home demolitions and in support of equality for all. The demonstrators called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan to step down, after months of incitement against Palestinian citizens of Israel. The demonstration was organized by a large coalition of organizations and political parties, including “Standing Together,” Hadash, Meretz, “Yad B’Yad,” “Sikuy,” and others, was the largest…

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Boris Johnson accused of ‘dog whistle racism’ over controversial Barack Obama Kenya remarks | UK Politics | News | The Independent


Boris Johnson has been accused of “dog whistle racism” and “base politics of the worse kind” after remarks about Barack Obama’s Kenyan heritage – as Nigel Farage echoed the controversial comments.

Source: Boris Johnson accused of ‘dog whistle racism’ over controversial Barack Obama Kenya remarks | UK Politics | News | The Independent

The O’Reilly Factor Peddles Racist Myths About High Incarceration Rate For Drug Violations

During a segment on drug incarceration, Fox News’ Eric Bolling suggested the higher incarceration rates for African Americans are not about race, but instead because “blacks committed more of the same crimes.” From the April 22 edition of Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor:BILL O’REILLY (HOST): I feel very

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One in every four Israelis experienced racism last year, poll finds | +972 Magazine

A new study by the Coalition Against Racism in Israel reveals that the vast majority of Israelis believe their society has become more racist over the past two years. By Yael Marom Over half of…

Source: One in every four Israelis experienced racism last year, poll finds | +972 Magazine

Tel Aviv service offers cleaners priced by ethnic origin | +972 Magazine

Cleaning services are being promoted to potential clients in north Tel Aviv with a flyer that prices its cleaners according to their ethnic origin. The advert also refers to its employees in the feminine only.…

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Inquest into death of Ms Dhu in police custody exposes institutional racism

A terminally ill woman is gaoled for unpaid fines of $3,622 and, rather than receiving urgent medical care, is treated with derision and contempt before dying.

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Mensa Rallies Held Around Country

Reclaim Australia Mensa

The Australian arm of Mensa – the organisation for those with an unusually high IQ – held its annual Christmas get together in locations around the country this weekend.

Filled with chants, flags, and discussions about metaphysics, the gatherings were a chance for members to catch up and discuss their favourite equations.

“Often we feel like outsiders. So this is a wonderful opportunity to mingle with like-minded people, throw around some literature quotes maybe, or just count in prime numbers for a while,” member Dave Jenkins said. “They close off the streets for us as well, which is nice”.

Mr Jenkins can be seen in the picture above pointing out which chapter of Mensa the group is representing. “We have a bit of friendly rivalry with the other chapters,” he joked.

Fellow member Jack Short said the conversation at the Christmas functions can get quite heated. “Oh yes, there’s a lot of shouting. Get a couple of hundred fervent Einstein fans in the one place and there’s bound to be a bit of passionate debate!”

Racists Forced To Buy Southern Cross Singlets From Myer

adam goodes david jones

Australia’s racists will be forced to look further afield for their paraphernalia, after they were left with no choice but to boycott retailer David Jones.


The department store – which yesterday confirmed footballer Adam Goodes as an ambassador – said sales of flag capes and singlets had already plummeted. “That section of our stores was very quiet yesterday,” a spokesperson said.

Melbourne man Jonno Waite confirmed he will no longer shop at David Jones, but said it had nothing to do with the fact that Adam Goodes was Indigenous. “I just don’t like the way he ambassadors,” he said.

He insisted he had not singled out Goodes. “I boo lots of sports people who make ads. Loads. Just can’t think of any right now”.

“We’re Not Racist” Say Fans Who Only Boo Black Player

adam goodes

It’s just a coincidence that the only player we abuse is an outspoken Aboriginal man, a section of AFL fans said today.

“It’s got nothing to do with his skin colour. If Goodes was white – and wouldn’t it be a little bit less threatening for everyone if he was – I’d still boo him, probably,” one fan said.

Another fan said the booing was purely to do with the dual Brownlow medallist’s on-field antics. “It’s got nothing to do with being Aboriginal. If he toned down his theatrics – and perhaps his skin colour – there wouldn’t be a problem”.

“It’s got absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he doesn’t play the role I’ve decided I’m comfortable with an Aboriginal man playing, and nothing to do with the fact that he needs to just pull in his head a bit and be thankful for everything this country and this sport has given him. It’s because he stages for free kicks,” another said.

But one fan said it wasn’t just Adam Goodes who is booed, claiming booing was part of the game. “I’ll boo a player for a quarter or so if he’s hit another player, or for a lifetime if he’s hit a nerve”.

We’ll Decide When We’re Being Racist, White People Tell Black People

australia racism

White Australians will advise non-white Australians as soon as they start being racist, it has been decided.

“This is a good system that removes any confusion,” a spokesperson said. “At the moment we’re not being racist, but we’ll let you know if that changes. We’re experts on this, so there’s nothing you need to worry about”.

Another spokesperson – who has extensive experience in the racism area – strongly agreed. “I understand that this can be complex for some people – it is a little tricky if you’re not experienced in this kind of thing – but we’ve got it covered, ok?”

He said there was no need to get all uptight. “What’s important is that we take the emotion out of this issue and just stick to the facts. That way we can just get everything back to normal”.