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Old Dog Thought- Angus Taylor’ s Statement “Net- Zero doesn’t mean no CO2” Does mean a direct attack on unnecessary “man-made CO2” and not $250bn to fund it.

Fighting Fake News with REAL 13/10/21; Promises Promises Gas Bag Government; Privilege Whinge; Sucking Co2 out of the Air;

We Can’t Fight the Climate Crisis Without Fighting the Military-Industrial Complex

If we’re serious about stopping impending climate disaster, we have no choice but to radically rein in one of the world’s worst polluters: the US military.

Source: We Can’t Fight the Climate Crisis Without Fighting the Military-Industrial Complex

IPCC – Carbon Dioxide concentrations highest in 2 mn years, Provoking ever more Extreme Weather

Scientists are cautious and usually avoid categorical statements. This year’s report says, “It is unequivocal that human influence has warmed the atmosphere, ocean and land.” You can say that again. I watch a lot of cable news for my sins and have been gobsmacked at how they are all ignoring how the coast of Turkey burned up recently and now Greece is on fire. Greece, the font of European civilization. I’ve been studying Greek for the past few years and before the pandemic went to Athens for a few weeks every summer. It was mostly very pleasant, though a week or so could be hot. This year, the wildfires are encroaching on the capital, and it is like 118 degrees F. (!!!) Even islands like Evia are in trouble. Mediterranean islands burning up.

Source: IPCC – Carbon Dioxide concentrations highest in 2 mn years, Provoking ever more Extreme Weather

‘Unimaginably Catastrophic’: Researchers Fear Gulf Stream System Could Collapse | Common Dreams News

Gulf Stream

“The likelihood of this extremely high-impact event happening increases with every gram of CO2 that we put into the atmosphere.”

Source: ‘Unimaginably Catastrophic’: Researchers Fear Gulf Stream System Could Collapse | Common Dreams News

More livestock, more carbon dioxide, less ice: the world’s climate change progress since 2019 is (mostly) bad news

Back in 2019, more than 11,000 scientists declared a global climate emergency. They established a comprehensive set of vital signs that impact or reflect the planet’s health, such as forest loss, fossil fuel subsidies, glacier thickness, ocean acidity and surface temperature. In a new paper published today, we show how these vital signs have changed since the original publication, including through the COVID-19 pandemic. In general, while we’ve seen lots of positive talk and commitments from some governments, our vital signs are mostly not trending in the right direction.

Source: More livestock, more carbon dioxide, less ice: the world’s climate change progress since 2019 is (mostly) bad news

Peatlands worldwide are drying out, threatening to release 860 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year

Peatlands, such as fens, bogs, marshes and swamps, cover just 3% of the Earth’s total land surface, yet store over one-third of the planet’s soil carbon. That’s more than the carbon stored in all other vegetation combined, including the world’s forests.

Source: Peatlands worldwide are drying out, threatening to release 860 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year

‘Disgrace’: Angus Taylor under pressure after failing to release emissions data | Australia news | The Guardian

 Emissions reduction minister Angus Taylor has failed to meet the deadline to publish Australia’s emissions data. The Greens say the minister could be in contempt of parliament.

“But really it’s no surprise considering Angus Taylor has continually argued against climate action and is part of a government that has continually lied about what their emissions data actually shows, which is that emissions are rising and we’re not on track to meet our international climate commitments.”

Apparently this government has a mandate to operate in secret and will continue to do so. (ODT

‘Disgrace’: Angus Taylor under pressure after failing to release emissions data | Australia news | The Guardian

State of the Climate: Thank goodness for ocean sinks currently holding more warming extremes at bay – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

map of oceans around Aus, oceans warming by over 0.16 degrees Celsius in the south east. 0.08 in the eastern tropics. 0.12 rest

“We know from our analysis that the cause of the increases in CO2 concentration is human activities, through burning of fossil fuels and through land use change,” Dr Cleugh said.

She said atmospheric CO2 is up 46 per cent since before the industrial era began in the 1750s.

via State of the Climate: Thank goodness for ocean sinks currently holding more warming extremes at bay – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions rising, Government figures show – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are continuing to go up, but the Government insists Australia can still meet its climate change targets.

Source: Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions rising, Government figures show – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The people fight back – » The Australian Independent Media Network

  As Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau announces that Canada will impose a tax on carbon emissions starting in 2018, ex-NASA GISS director Dr. James E. Hansen and Our Children’s Trust announce they are taking the US Government to court for climate change damage.  Read about the burden we are leaving our young people here and watch the video below…

Source: The people fight back – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Today is ‘Don’t Give a Shit Day’ – » The Australian Independent Media Network

By Richard O’Brien Today is ‘Don’t Give a Shit Day’ – a national day for not giving a shit about the planet. Today is that one day of the year when all Australians can afford to take their minds of the catastrophic impact of human-induced climate change. Forget this week’s news that global concentration of…

Source: Today is ‘Don’t Give a Shit Day’ – » The Australian Independent Media Network

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Humanity’s “surprising” climate win: Global CO2 emissions didn’t rise in 2014

Humanity’s ongoing contribution to climate change didn’t get any worse last year, the International Energy Agency reports.

We did it!

Global carbon dioxide emissions from the energy sector stalled in 2014, the IEA found, news that the group’s Chief Economist Faith Birol called “both a very welcome surprise and a significant one.” The big news is that this was the first time in forty years that emissions have stalled while the economy grew 3 percent — suggesting, said Birol, that the two are “decoupling.”

And it means, the IEA said in a press release, that our efforts to mitigate our contribution to climate change may already be having more of an an effect than we thought. Among the possible reasons for the lack of growth, the agency cites OECD countries’ push for renewable energy and stricter energy efficienct standards and a shift, in China, from coal to renewables. Indeed, a Bloomberg New Energy Finance analysis of China’s emissions found that the fell, last year, for the first time since 2001.

The number we’ve stalled at –32.2 billion metric tons pouring into the atmosphere in both 2013 and 2014 — is, of course, still much too high if we’re to avoid risking the “severe, pervasive and irreversible” consequences of climate change; saying the problem hasn’t gotten worse is a far cry from the “drastic” action the IPCC says is needed. Better to say, then, that we’re in the process of doing it — and still need to ramp it up significantly.

According to Birol, this bit of positive news could provide some much-needed momentum for the global climate negotiations culminating at the end of this year in Paris, when the world will attempt to reach an agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The stakes, for that, continue to be high. Because otherwise, Birol told the Financial Times, 2014 will be but “a temporary bright point in an otherwise alarming trend.”

Lindsay Abrams Lindsay Abrams is a staff writer at Salon, reporting on all things sustainable. Follow her on Twitter @readingirl, email labrams@salon.com.

False Gods


 “Climate Science is the new false god” Bolt’s repititious mantra.

  It’s costing the economy  by it’s inexactness.  It’s unable explain or predict  the untimely end of hundreds fish washed up on the ninety mile beach a few weeks ago. According to Bolt the whole science needs to be washed up. Applying Bolt’s argument of inaccuracy to all sciences first year uni students might as well drop out now.

 From Physicists to Economists and everything between unless it’s cheap drop it. Believers in these inexact sciences are bowing to false gods. Luddite springs to mind. An inquiring mind is the devil’s playground.  For Bolt the costs of  the research and the associated courses of action suggested by it are unwarranted because what we have now isn’t broken. Imagine the lack of progress this past century had everybody taken this dropkicks advice.

 Sciences aren’t about getting everything right because they don’t even Newton’s Laws have their limitations. Science is a process of inquiry to better understand the world around us. It makes mistakes and moves foward it’s not the activity of one man but a whole global community and 97% of scientists support Global Warming Theory and with it the shift to renewable energy sources and the reduction of CO2. The false god is the the stock market price of coal. The effort Bolt is putting in for Abbott is simply about not letting the price of coal drop.

  Bucketing the science is akin to the church bucketing Gallileo it prevented him publishing for 100 years on the threat of excommunication.  His study of weaponry was supported though. Well Abbott wants to close down the research and anything connected with it. Bolt & Jones are assigned to calling them  heretics and Abbot is forcing them into  change or exile to pursue their careers.

  23% of our energy is now coming from sources other than coal. The wholesale price of electricity has come down. Where has the money gone? Not to us the consumers but to the retailers. Isn’t that the intelligent question. If renewables are a cleaner cheaper form of power surely it’s the way of the future. If other countries  are moving away from coal as their primary energy source it won’t be worth digging out of the ground. Australian coal now costs more now than the wholesale price of electricity in India today so why would they want to buy it. Modi the new PM of India supports a move to solar solutions because he as some of the worlds most polluted cities in India. China and the US are taking similar measures. I wouldn’t advise any body to invest in it. Gina sold out of it. Glencore our biggest coal miner paid zip in tax on a $15 bill profit and was heavily subsidized. How much of the $15bill was our $$$. We have paid them to build a mine and are collecting rent they don’t need to sell product. Investors like BHP have dropped their investment in the train line to Abbott’s point Abbott’s coal selling trip to the US was an energy wasted farce. So what’s the false god COAL

Corman our  Finance Minister has every faith in the science of free market economics and in particular financial service industry. A topic that Bolt doesn’t often address but supports.. Deregulation is  a guarantee of success and trust the pillars holding it together.  Freeing up the finance sector is Corman’s agenda . It’s making way for the secret international TPP agreement about to be signed that will make it easier for multinational companies to operate here. It’s going to safe guard their intelectual property and I assume deregulate pricing by competion. Firstly our access to generic medicines won’t be allowed pushing the price of medication up.  Secondly Multinationals will be able to sue us for any loss of profit if enticed to Australia and they can’t make a proft on agreed terms. We the citizens of this Democracy aren’t allowed to know those term before signing. We know the reputation of our politicians Corman says trust us.

Deregulation of obstacles in the way of financial planners will make things grow or it might putting the chickens back in the hen house with the fox. His response to the cowboys at the CBA   pillaging 4000+++  accounts  was ” an old story”  history and we need “to move foward and put it behind us”. Deregulation of and industry that only shuffles paper and lends money for  commissions one that doesn’t produce anything other than more and more ways to shuffle money even faster for more commissions was the industry that caused the GFC.  The regulations that saved us from the crash are now being removed. Corman says there are sufficient laws in place that cover the issues of corrupt managers should they arise “trust us”

 The law doesn’t seem to be very helpful for the CBA clients out of pocket.  Corman is telling them to “get over it, suck it up and move on”. Why are the regulations needing planners to operate in the best interests of their clients irrelevant  or for them to  reveal  their commissions  too much to ask in the name of tranparancy? Does he believe  ponzi schemes or another crisis is not waiting in the wings?  that planners won’t drive money where commissions are the highest. Why remove the pillars of trust? Regulation is not only there for the 10% of society but for all of us to build trust.

If the law was an equal playing field  and really available ASIC may have had teeth. If legal aid was available to assist the less wealthy maybe planners wouldn’t be so cavalier. However it’s not. The “buyer beware” the caveat remains. The banks lend money, employ planners sell product  and have the best & most expensive legal firms to protect them from their clients?  They are an entire system of trust and non transparancy the whistle blower their biggest fear. Why has it taken the banks so long to fess up to this scandal and so slow to do anything?  Macquarie bank seems uncofortable at the moment as well.  Corman remains fixed on deregulation to assist the flow of money out of our accounts and into the the accounts of the top 10%. Trust is what we are told will make this work. However trust is being eroded by this false god of profit for everyone. Bolt is the maitre’d of Abbots TEA PARTY.