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Exclusive: IPA has lost all funding from ASX 100 . (The Saturday Paper and Mike Seccombe )

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How quick is a day in politics and media? There was Andrew Bolt bragging about the influence he had with the powers to be in Australia. His “besties” were Tony Abbott and the Dutchman John Roskam head of the IPA. He even got his son James a “mini-me” job with the think tank podcasting among other things.

  But like puffing on a Dandelion, all that good fortune, or some might call arse-licking, has blown away. So much for being Murdoch’s top “influencer”. A legend in his own lunchtime Bolt is a squeak in a world of talking heads. Lachlan is suing “Crikey” for its public opinion. Just a sentence that Bolt once insisted was everybody’s “free speech” right. His boss obviously doesn’t agree. In America, there wouldn’t even be a case to answer, but Bolt’s boss a historic loser here thinks otherwise. Bolt now has turned to the “right of free silence”. He knows on which side his bread is buttered. 


There was a time, not so long ago, when corporate Australia lined up…

“Twenty or 30 years ago,” says John Roskam, whose 17-year tenure as executive director ended a couple of months ago, “we had dozens of ASX 100 companies supporting the IPA. Now, there’s not one.

“Not one,” he repeats, for emphasis. “Not one of the ASX 100 companies supports the IPA.”

No wonder Roskam sounds dispirited. Big business created the IPA. It was set up in 1943 following the collapse of Australia’s major conservative political party, the United Australia Party, in opposition to the perceived “socialism” of the Curtin Labor government.

Its founders included the chairmen of BHP and Coles, as well as the head of the Herald and Weekly Times newspaper group, Keith Murdoch, father of Rupert, among many other business leaders.

The fact that corporate Australia now has largely abandoned the IPA – although the Murdochs, whose business is listed offshore, are still supporters, as is mining magnate Gina Rinehart, whose interests are held privately – may be the clearest indication of the declining influence of not just the IPA but right-wing think tanks in general.

“Many people, including myself as a Liberal Party member, are frustrated with the direction of the Liberal Party. The libertarian alternative through the LDP is becoming more and more attractive.”

There are many other indicators, too.

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Federal Government faces pressure over $18 million charity funding

In response to Labor Senator Tim Ayres’ questions, a First Assistant Secretary in PM&C Department, John Reid, stated that he believed the Australian Future Leaders Program did not yet have a physical office, phone number, website, nor had it employed any staff.

Source: Federal Government faces pressure over $18 million charity funding

‘Ukrainian Blood on Their Hands’: Analysis Details How Big Oil Funded Putin’s War Chest

Greenpeace protest

“Fossil fuels are the currency of despots, dictators, and warmongers. Our global reliance on oil and gas is not only killing our planet but also making the world a less safe and equal place.”

Source: ‘Ukrainian Blood on Their Hands’: Analysis Details How Big Oil Funded Putin’s War Chest

How Australian science funding has reached crisis point

Australia has been a world leader in scientific research. But as funding becomes more and more elusive, morale in the community has plummeted.

The Dark Ages have been returned to Australia all in favor of power to deliver unfounded political narratives. The Minister in charge of dismantling reasoned and researched thought none other than a graduate of  Duntroon’s College of Bastardisation and Sexual Abuse  ex- Captain Stuart Robert

Sebo, a researcher at Flinders University, had spent much of the last three years writing a government grant request to study right-wing extremism. It would fund the next chunk of her career. And she was pretty sure she was getting it; the comments from her government reviewers had been “incredibly positive”. It was over, Sebo’s colleague told her. There would be no grant. She logged onto the research grant system to find out what was happened. “It had a little sentence that said ‘Recommended to but not funded by the Minister’. That’s how I found out, and that’s the only official communication we’ve ever had.”

Source: How Australian science funding has reached crisis point

Private school funding rises five-fold while public school funding stagnates – Michael West Media

Why has Australia gone backward in the past decade in comparison to the rest of the world?

New school funding figures show that government funding for private schools increased by nearly five times that for public schools over the last 10 years, writes Trevor Cobbold.

Source: Private school funding rises five-fold while public school funding stagnates – Michael West Media

Defamation disaster: bid to muzzle journalists, teachers, no more than a lawyers’ fee-fest – Michael West Media

Meyer Vandenberg, defamation

A Google search of the parties to this case reveals five pages of results. To date, the case of their aggrieved client has been reported across most of Australia’s major media outlets, including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, news.com.au, NCA Newswire, and News Corp websites in every Australian capital city. It even garnered international coverage in The Economist and South China Morning Post. This might not have been the expected outcome for their client, but for Meyer Vandenberg its failed campaign of defamation threats ended up delivering the firm billable hours which would have run well into six figures. Any embarrassment to the firm’s partners has been well and truly cushioned by the fees. What began as a lawyers’ picnic eventually turned into shark-like fee feeding frenzy, with a total of 13 lawyers from both sides feasting on the carcass of Meyer Vandenberg’s ill-fated attempt to silence critics of the Morrison government. The question which hangs around is exactly who footed the bill?

Source: Defamation disaster: bid to muzzle journalists, teachers, no more than a lawyers’ fee-fest – Michael West Media