Netherlands innovates with Floating Solar Panels in Sea, Locally-owned Wind Farm Cooperative

Andrew Bolt lays claims to being Dutch and dreams of retiring in Amsterdam. In the meantime he makes it clear he hates Australia and in particular Melbourne which is far too progressive for his tastes. What’s that make him other than a hypocrite and of the worst kind. Amsterdam where he dreams of retiring on a barge to write a book has twice the population of Melbourne. Is far more multicultural, multi-ethnic and has a far greater Muslim population. The city is far more progressive and leans more aggressively left politically, culturally and economically. All the characteristics he whines about here, The country on the whole is even much greener. It seems they wouldn’t want Bolt. He’s simply not Dutch enough for them.

Reuters also reports on Oceans of Energy’s offshore floating solar array. Solar panels are bulky and take up a lot of space, which is at a premium in a densely populated country such as the Netherlands. Putting the panels offshore resolves that problem, since the Netherlands has plenty of sea coast. The Oceans of Energy program deployed a floating solar array in rough waters and high winds in 2020, and it has functioned fine. They have plans gradually to expand it to a megawatt this year, and then 15 megawatts in 2023.

Netherlands innovates with Floating Solar Panels in Sea, Locally-owned Wind Farm Cooperative

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