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John Lord is much too polite in his summary of Andrew Bolt whose career has been built on sensationalism and muddying the waters of real journalism, news, and information while trashing us as a society with a somewhat belief in universal human values and rights for years. Bolt’s even admitted to being a lazy journo and it’s why he became an obit writer. To escape the work and verification involved. Basically, Andrew Bolt has been a privileged a-licker in News Corp’s corporate world and been handed a megaphone to argue he’s “free” to be a shit and citizen who can say and promote whatever he wants in our democratic and civilised society without consequence. Yet in the same breath, he complains he’s been treated unfairly and demonised for being a champion of civilised, mannered and polite debate in leftist boganville. Bolt from his platform of privilege freely spits on Australia’s multiculture, our diversity, and even the means by which we search for truth declaring science simply another fact-less religion.

Bolt has fundamentally made it clear he hates Melbourne and lets us all know he does. Whether its fo for theatrical emphasis, showmanship or money it doesn’t matter does it? The man has spent years complaining us and Melbourne and Australia have returned the feeling. So much so that Bolt hides and even holidays outside of the country whining he and his family walk in fear. He’s living proof that hate begets hate and it shows in his ratings that aren’t really even “his” but are shared ratings with others in the Murdoch stable and they’re either shrinking or small in this land of 25 mill.

Bolt is a self-made idiot. An isolated man who dreams of retiring to an Amsterdam barge one day. There was no mention of his family in that dream. Or the fact it’s a city twice our size and the problems he claims he hates here. Basically, Bolt wants to hide from people and count his money read books written by others look at paintings and listen to opera in the bowels of a boat. It’s a very very individual thing he has going to be paid by a corporation that does much the same globally for money. News Corp has simply abandoned journalism, news and information in exchange for cash for propaganda, influence and putting lipstick on pigs.

My thought for the day

Why do we, as a supposedly enlightened society, need to enshrine in legislation the right to hate each other? That isn’t enlightenment at all. ( John Lord )

Source: Racism and all its ugliness (Part two) – » The Australian Independent Media Network