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Good to hear One Nation doesn’t want our gun laws relaxed – it certainly sounded like it did | First Dog on the Moon | Opinion | The Guardian

Good to hear One Nation doesn’t want our gun laws relaxed – it certainly sounded


‘I’d like to meet them’: al-Jazeera says James Ashby wanted NRA trip




One Nation, guns and the Queensland question: what does it all mean for the 2019 federal election?

The 3 stooges a total blunder and a conspiracy theory being sold. Wake up Australia these are the three Drongos not Amigos (ODT)

Already, Hanson and party colleagues have shifted blame for the Al Jazeera “sting” to a media “stitch-up” and, they claimed, foreign political interference by an “Islamist media organisation”.

Presumably some Hanson adherents will find that plausible – the party has made anti-Muslim rhetoric part of its regular platform. Other One Nation supporters might now question the principles the party claims to stand for.

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One Nation vs the Greens | The Monthly

One Nation is openly racist, it wants to wind back Australia’s gun laws, and its short-lived representatives are a policy-free zone pushing fringe conspiracy theories. The Greens have a history of long-serving MPs, and a policy platform developed over decades that includes serious action on climate change and inequality, and which promotes acts of tolerance like legislating for marriage equality, supported by two-thirds of Australians. When Prime Minister Scott Morrison calls the Greens “a real, serious danger to Australia” he is using nicer words but saying the same thing as James Ashby who, in the first instalment of How to Sell a Massacre, called the Greens “f*cktards”. It is the same false equivalence that Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton drew in the wake of the Christchurch massacre, when he equated Fraser Anning with Richard Di Natale, and in doing so simply showed where his own sympathies lay, and revealed his own extremism.

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What Ashby and Dickson want us to believe – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Ther was amajor Qatari investment partnership with Rupert Murdoch is Ashby pointin fingers at him too? oh Dear!! How almighty crumble. (ODT)

Firstly, we are supposed to believe that the Qatari government have launched a three-year sting operation employing spies to influence the elections in Australia and, in order to exert influence over our government, they sought out James Ashby.

Sorry James, but that’s narcissism on steroids. As if the Qatari government has ever heard of you and as if One Nation will ever have any actual influence over government in this country. You can’t keep a Senator long enough for them to even get letterhead printed at the exorbitant rates you charge for your monopoly on One Nation printing business.

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Pauline Hanson’s uncanny talent for destruction

Conservatives one and all wanted to stand shoulder to shoulder with her Abbott and his media Andrew Bolt Halliday all praised her while wanting to steal her thunder from under her they defended her knowing just how unstable she was. (ODT)

Pauline Hanson is repeating history because she never seems to learn from it.

The One Nation leader saw her party implode in the 1990s and is making the same mistakes today, lifting the spirits of her many critics.

Who can resist the cheap drama of this spectacle? It has tears, tirades, betrayal and an impasse over Hanson’s ally of 22 years, NSW senator Brian Burston. She wants him out; he refuses to go. This is reality TV for political junkies.

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Secret recording raises new questions over denial of ‘deal’ between One Nation and LNP – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Further evidence emerges in relation to claims about discussions of a private deal between One Nation and the LNP ahead of the next Queensland election.

Source: Secret recording raises new questions over denial of ‘deal’ between One Nation and LNP – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

One Nation former candidates, party insiders reveal Pauline Hanson’s ‘brutal dictatorship’ – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party is accused of intimidating and financially pressuring its own candidates and senior staffers.

Source: One Nation former candidates, party insiders reveal Pauline Hanson’s ‘brutal dictatorship’ – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

NASA chief slaps down climate sceptic senator Malcolm Roberts: ‘You hold a number of misconceptions’

A senior NASA official has taken the extraordinary step of personally rebuking One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts’ claims the agency had falsified key data to exaggerate current extreme warming in the Arctic.

Source: NASA chief slaps down climate sceptic senator Malcolm Roberts: ‘You hold a number of misconceptions’

Pauline Hanson Falls To Third Place On List Of Craziest One Nation Senators

rod culleton

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is now only the third most ridiculous person in her party according to the latest rankings released today. She has fallen one spot since last month.

West Australian senator Rod Culleton was the big mover, taking over second place. Malcolm: Roberts has retained first spot.

Ms Hanson said she was disappointed with the rankings drop, but was confident she could come up with something significantly racist or absurd over the coming month to push her back up the charts.

“We are being swamped by Asian Muslim, Chinese-owned squat toilets,” she said in a statement today.

Mr Culleton said he would be working hard to take top spot in the near future. Although he walked back from that comment after Malcolm Roberts reiterated claims the Government was trying to control him through the use of grammar.

Why the radical right has failed in Australia

Pauline Hanson, Minister for Immigration in the Liberal-One Nation coalition, looks into the camera and says: “Australia is closed for asylum seekers coming by boat.” If Australia had followed Europe, this would be a plausible scenario.

Source: Why the radical right has failed in Australia

What we have is of no useful purpose. A frenzy of supposition that has divided us.

 The Cold War, and Vietnam were ASIO’s hay day they lied and made things up then. There is no reason to believe they won’t do it again coupled with the media what chance do we have in this illusion of democracy.


It should never have come to this

about recent incidents involving members of Australia’s Muslim communities. The media is not making any effort to minimise the hysteria that is developing.  To constantly speculate about aspects that have no foundation will cause great harm.

Publishing the wrong photo of the man who attacked two police officers in Melbourne’s South-East by the Fairfax media this week was disgraceful. The ramifications of such an error could have been enormous if any subsequent harm came to the innocent man concerned.

Prior to the 1990s, there was no issue in our country with Muslims. There may well have been an underlying, simmering degree of discontent in certain quarters.

dark sideThere are people among us who continually harbour a suspicion that those who are different and culturally unusual, are somehow a threat to our way of life.  Ignorance breeds contempt. Many in the community are already spooked enough.

A man paying too much attention to his iPad causes Sydney Airport’s Terminal 3 to go into lockdown. A Virgin Airlines low level fly over at the MCG on Saturday, caused an AFP officer to reach for his gun.

What has made our country so tolerant and so successful at peaceful integration in the past has much to do with our egalitarianism, the absence of a class structure and our layback approach.  Up until 1996, immigration was always managed on a bipartisan policy agreement.

It enabled a post-Vietnam War exodus of refugees to seek a safe haven here with not so much as a whimper of opposition. They came in their thousands and in a matter of a few years had established themselves as hard working, diligent members of society. It was just what we needed.Our already broad cosmopolitan make-up was richer for the experience.

hansonPrior to the 1996 election Pauline Hanson tapped a racial intensity of feeling in the electorate and won her seat even after the Liberal party disowned her.

When her One Nation Party had won over a large chunk of Liberal voters in a Queensland State election, that was the beginning of the end of immigration bipartisanship in Australian politics.

Just 5 years later, John Howard seized an opportunity to win an election with the Tampa incident by appealing to the same racially minded mentality. From that point on, to our national shame, the issue of immigration and management of refugees has become a game of political football.

But it wasn’t Asians that bore the brunt of this new degenerate attitude. Greatly assisted by our engagement in a falsely contrived war in Iraq, the fear of Muslims became a dark, festering disease covertly encouraged by certain sections of the media. Its nakedly, aggressive manner is a blight on a once welcoming nation and is covertly urged on by vested political interests.

morrisonIn 2011, Scott Morrison, as Opposition Immigration spokesman, “urged the shadow cabinet to capitalise on the electorate’s growing concerns about “Muslim immigration”, “Muslims in Australia” and the “inability” of Muslim migrants to integrate.”

And, we know the mindset of Scott Morrison. We also know the mindset of Cory Bernadi. Who else in government thinks this way? By their actions, or lack of them, we will know them. How can we possibly begin to reverse this attitude when government members are so vocal?

Democracy does not serve us well when elected representatives act in a manner that creates division. It is counterproductive. It may suit the interests of some but in the long term, everyone pays.