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Old Dog Thought- Matthew Guy control of his party amounts to “I never knew” and ” I totally disagree with that” “It was a back room decision”

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Matthew Guy is a veritable souffle in the sun | The Shot

Yes, Rob B is ex- Lib Premier Ted’s son. He was campaign manager for Monique Ryan’s downing of Josh at Kooyong in the last Federal Election. He is now working in the same capacity to ensure Matthew Guy loses in Victoria  By

Under Matthew Guy, the Victorian Liberal Party is a souffle in the sun, collapsing in on itself. When it comes to scandal it doesn’t get much worse than your top lawyer quitting over concerns that you’re breaking the law. Except maybe your Chief of Staff resigning over a major donation scandal. The near-constant scandals have ruined Matthew Guy’s attempt to campaign on integrity. Not that it ever had a chance. When the most common refrain that follows your name is ‘lobster with a mobster’ then you probably shouldn’t campaign on integrity anyway.

Source: Matthew Guy is a veritable souffle in the sun | The Shot

Old Dog Thought-Politics not science has brought the world to this in less than a century

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Victorian election 2022: Victorian Liberal Party’s top lawyer quits over party’s legally ‘risky’ decisions

Liberal Party state director Sam McQuestin.


The Victorian Liberal Party’s in-house lawyer has resigned, sending a damning email saying she could no longer work with the party’s campaign leadership team, who she accused of ignoring her legal advice that some of their decisions may have broken the law.

Source: Victorian election 2022: Victorian Liberal Party’s top lawyer quits over party’s legally ‘risky’ decisions

Scandals call into question Guy’s political judgment

The latest scandal again raises questions about Guy’s integrity and judgment.If, as Guy insists, the deal didn’t go ahead, why did he accept the resignation of his chief of staff? And if, as an email seen by The Age indicates, Guy was aware of the proposed contract why did it take him 10 months to act?At best, Guy is a victim of his own carelessness. But in both cases he let ambition or ignorance cloud his political judgment.

Scandals call into question Guy’s political judgment

Mitch Catlin: Matthew Guy says chief of staff received no extra money

It seems Matthew Guy is twisting what was initially reported. He agreed to the corrupt proposal and a contract was drawn up between Caitlin and the unnamed donor. However, the contract was reported to have been rejected by the said unnamed donor, and not by Matthew Guy or Caitlin. Everyone knew that the contract constituted a transgression of the rules, and whilst it didn’t eventuate the conspiracy nevertheless did. The unsigned contract remains evidence of the intended corruption. Guy should stand down. Conspiracy to commit a crime is a crime no matter if it didn’t occur.

A question remains who leaked the email to The Age, why, and just how divided and corrupt is the current Victorian LNP?

Opposition Leader Matthew Guy says his former chief of staff never signed a contract with any donors to provide funds in addition to his taxpayer-funded salary.

Mitch Catlin: Matthew Guy says chief of staff received no extra money

Minister’s letter reveals details of allegations against opposition leader

Matthew Guy does what Matthew Guy does best.

On Tuesday afternoon, O’Brien tweeted: “Sick of dodgy politics? So am I. It’s why I’ll fight for more power and more funding for our anti-corruption watchdogs.

”Coalition MPs expressed nervousness about the potential political damage that could be caused by the episode. In particular, they were worried that Guy was susceptible to attacks on political integrity because of the “lobster with a mobster” dinner, where he dined with an alleged mafia boss, and scandals as a planning minister in the Baillieu-Napthine government.

Federal Liberals were also worried if Guy could withstand any further revelations about his involvement in the proposed arrangement with Catlin.

Minister’s letter reveals details of allegations against opposition leader

Matthew Guy’s chief of staff Mitch Catlin asked wealthy Liberal Party donor for payments

According to the The Age. Matthew Guy’s judgement has fallen short when chosing his staff.

Opposition Leader Matthew Guy’s chief of staff asked a wealthy Liberal Party donor to make more than $100,000 in payments to his private marketing business, in addition to his taxpayer-funded salary.

Matthew Guy’s chief of staff Mitch Catlin asked wealthy Liberal Party donor for payments

Old Dog Thought- The dirty desperate deal done by Morrison/Palmer but not dirt cheap

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IBAC hits back at criticism of decision to grill premier in secret

IBAC Commissioner Robert Redlich has defended the agency’s handling of witnesses.

Poor Matthew Guy he wants to control his members not lead them so instead he forced Quin to jump overboard.

Guy can’t even get his facts right and Robert Redlich IBAC’s head has to explain them. Guy suggested private conversations in-camera held with Dan Andrews are evidence of his guilt of corruption. Redlich publicly embarrassed Guy on his total lack of knowledge of what IBAC was actually doing. Private hearings are for those IBAC feels there is little or no evidence of corruption. the very reverse of what Guy is saying.

But wait isn’t Matthew Guy the LNP Minister for Planning who was actually caught in the act of corruption? Didn’t he illegally help a mate in Ventor on Philip Island with a $2M property problem and got busted? Wasn’t he the Mathew GUY caught wining and dining on a freebie lobster lunch with a renowned Mafia boss? Matthew Guy more than anyone should know what real corruption is behind closed doors while talking to IBAC in private isn’t

IBAC tends to hold public hearings only if it has strong evidence of alleged wrongdoing.  When questioning witnesses in public, the commission must be satisfied there are reasonable grounds to conclude the witness has acted corruptly, or that it is in the public interest to examine the witness publicly and that no unreasonable damage will be done to their reputation.

Source: IBAC hits back at criticism of decision to grill premier in secret

Matthew Guy wants to make Victorian a manufacturing great again

Victorian Opposition Leader Matthew Guy.

Little Matthew Guy has a Liberal vision of turning Victoria into an Australian China, Vietnam or Cambodia just as Morrison is. Filling our region with an imported and casualized workforce in “factories”. Meanwhile, 2021 owners of such organizations are dreaming of becoming automated in order to shrink human labor costs. It seems Little Matthew Guy still has a 20th-century vision returning to factories like those that used to make shoes and clothes for our military but with imported labor which fits with Morrison’s scheme of an easily manipulated, exploited casualized and an imported workforce. A workforce to keep the cost of labor down to less than automated. Currently the LNP are doing just that with a Pacific nations workforce.

We used to call it “blackbirding” cheapening labor costs. Doesn’t Guy realize China has an extremely highly-skilled workforce building the most advanced equipment the world has ever seen? Is he actually suggesting his incentives be directed to the renewable energy sector? The sector Morrison has put the brakes on. If he is he sounds very Dan Andrews to me. Albo is incentivising retraining by making TAFEs free. Neither are dreaming of factories filled with the sweat of human labor.

Opposition Leader Matthew Guy wants to reclaim Victoria’s historic position as the manufacturing engine room of Australia with a $2.5 billion fund he says will create thousands of jobs.

Source: atthew Guy wants to make Victorian a manufacturing great again

Vic opposition leader pledges ‘No more lockdowns, not ever‘

With the resurgence in the EU, UK, USA bigger than the first wave, coupled with the coming of the Sth African strain Omnicron mutation Matthew Guy has planted  “a Lie in waiting”. Dan Andrew is a world-leader ahead of the game, a collaborative forward thinker and an attentive witness to what lies over the horizon. He is preparing for the worst possible outcome. Matthew Guy is on the bleachers in Dandenong, not in the City, vaccinated, bantering to the cries of a very mixed minority of the self-indulgent far-right QAnon, the Base, Proud Boys Australia Party Nazis and totally misguided extremists who aren’t all “unvaxxed”. When more than 90% of Victorians have been jabbed 60% have openly said they support Dan and the rest obviously LNP supporters do too. How thick is Mr Guy?

As a vast crowd assembled in Melbourne’s CBD to protest vaccine mandates and the Labor government’s stalled Pandemic Bill, state Opposition Leader Matthew Guy has vowed there will be no more lockdowns under a government led by him.

Source: Vic opposition leader pledges ‘No more lockdowns, not ever‘

‘No ifs, no buts, no more lockdowns’: Matthew Guy launches campaign

Opposition Leader Matthew Guy.

With 95% of Victorians vaccinated and 60% in support of Dan Andrews Matthew Guy is attempting what Custer did HIS LAST STAND. Like Morrison he sympathises with the misdirected “me” crowd. The crowd currently walking the street yelling “fuck you” to 95% of Victorians that support this state. “We” you see don’t want our hospitals over run by Pandemic lovers and spreaders. “We” who for thier sake got vaccinated so “we” won’t come running and banging on our hospital ED doors expecting to be treated before those that are vaccinated. “We” that don’t want to witness the ramping that their selfishness creates.

Matthew guy, and how many like him are simply weaponising lockdowns and vaccine mandates for political gain? How many of these limp dicks marching are are actually but secretly vaccinated. Credlin, Kelly and the 5 members of the LNP seen at a previous demonstration certainly were. Yes, Matthew Guy seems born to lose out on the fringe in Dandenong away from the centre of town were The Base, Proud Boys, Nazis, and misguided drops of water are that will over time simply evaporate leaving Victorian ocean without really altering it.

Meanwhile the EU, UK,USA are suffering a resurgence and are returning to the actions that Dan Andrews has taken and will continue to take to make all Victorians not just feel but be safer, and ensure that our Frederally under-financed Public Health System keeps working for all of us.  LNP mandated 18 year olds force and sent to Vietnam to save us and “free” us and we marched and demonstrated. This is certainly not any “freedom” march to liberate us or anyone from government oppression that’s for sure. Greg Hunt is resigning…wonder why?

Mr Guy made the promise as health authorities around the country debated how to respond to the new Omicron variant of COVID-19 and a daily “freedom” protest at the Victorian Parliament swelled to thousands.

Source: ‘No ifs, no buts, no more lockdowns’: Matthew Guy launches campaign

Melbourne’s rioters honour Trump with their violence

Melbourne protesters

Melbourne’s rioters honour Trump with their violence

Throwing away any notion of a social contract and that “individualism is just all me, no we”  a handful of basically misinformed working-class protesters took to the streets to revolt, protest, tear down the “system” and basically any notion of their part in any social contract. Meanwhile, they were doing the work justifying the extreme right’s demands to change the government who is in their lives. Isn’t it a coincidence that Matthew Guy just became leader of the opposition and needed anti-Dan on the front pages?

More than one Trump-Pence flag was seen amid the crowd, along with a red MAGA cap or two. The disparate group of unionists, anti-vaxxers, anarchists, right wingers (including Proud Boys and neo-Nazis) and general troublemakers shut down parts of a city already crippled by COVID-19. Their agenda, apparently initially sparked by suspension of access to tea rooms and mandated vaccination due to viral spread in the construction sector, was hijacked. It morphed into a general protest against authority, targeted at lockdowns, government, police and even the construction union.

Source: Melbourne’s rioters honour Trump with their violence

A chequered history: Matthew Guy’s most controversial decisions

Victorian opposition leader Matthew Guy has been caught up in a string of controversies involving Liberal party figures, donors or donations, notably in his time as planning minister in the Baillieu and Napthine governments between 2010 and 2014.

 A chequered history: Matthew Guy’s most controversial decisions


As planning minister, the Liberal Opposition Leader signed a multimillion-dollar settlement with taxpayers’ money to avoid a date in court.

  • by Royce Millar & Chris Vedelago


‘They can hide but they can’t run’: Guy flags fresh inquiry into rorts

Matthew Guy the man who wined and dined with the Mafia king pin of Melbourne, Did shonky land deals at Philip Island charged cash for access when planing Minister promises to investigate the ALP, and Daniel Andrews, Guy not only  sounds a thug and who has a record of questionable practices about him can hardly hold himself up as the standard bearer of political ethics.

1 $10,000 sash for access scandal for a meeting with a developer and Guy

2 The Lobster Dinner

3 Fishermans Bend

4 Ventnor on Philip Island

( Old Dog Thought )

‘They can hide but they can’t run’: Guy flags fresh inquiry into rorts

Australian Values? What Can I Say? – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Australian Values:  Remember when it used to be Simpson and his donkey now it’s Matthew Guy is a donkey

So, in Victoria, Matthew “The Family” Guy has announced that Victorian schools will be instructed to teach “Australian values” under a Liberal Government, as well as getting rid of all this trendy nonsense of teaching about sustainability, Asia and aboriginal history. Of course, Safe Schools goes because an Australian environment needs to be dangerous and there’s also going to be a greater concentration on “literacy, numeracy and writing.” Writing, of course, being a totally separate thing from literacy.

via Australian Values? What Can I Say? – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Antonio Madafferi in Keysborough green wedge push: The Lobster Lunch

Antonio Madafferi, a major property owner in Keysborough, was a key figure in the lobster dinner and political donations affair involving Opposition Leader Matthew Guy in April.

Source: Antonio Madafferi in Keysborough green wedge push

Toxic groundwater study launched years after Fishermans Bend rezoning announced: Matthew Guy’s Legacy

Helen Halliday and former Port Phillip councillor David Brand, from the Fishermans Bend Network group, outside contaminated land in South Melbourne. They want better planning for the new area.

Helen Halliday and former Port Phillip councillor David Brand, from the Fishermans Bend Network group, outside contaminated land in South Melbourne. They want better planning for the new area. Photo: Luis Ascui

Toxic groundwater will be investigated in the industrial area of Fishermans Bend – which is to be redeveloped as four new residential suburbs – almost three years after a secret state government report detailed soil and water-table contamination.

The report, kept confidential until recently, was completed just before the now Opposition Leader Matthew Guy announced the rezoning of the Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area.

The rezoning doubled or even tripled land values overnight, but failed to set aside infrastructure like parks  that could cost taxpayers hundreds of million of dollars.

An aerial view of the land that will form the new suburbs of Fishermans Bend.An aerial view of the land that will form the new suburbs of Fishermans Bend.

Now, the Environment Protection Authority has launched an investigation into toxic groundwater across the massive site, used since the mid-1800s for some of Melbourne’s most intensive industrial activity.

Abbatoirs, rendering  works, bone mills, manure and glue factories, and soap and candle makers were all based in the area.

The EPA investigation comes ahead of new plans expected to be announced by the Andrews government for the Fishermans Bend area, which encompasses 240 hectares of Port Melbourne and South Melbourne.

Former premier Denis Napthine (right) and now Opposition Leader Matthew Guy unveil the initial plans for Fishermans Bend in 2013.Former premier Denis Napthine (right) and now Opposition Leader Matthew Guy unveil the initial plans for Fishermans Bend in 2013. Photo: Penny Stephens

The area was rezoned in July 2012 by Mr Guy as planning minister, from a mix of industrial and commercial uses, to a capital city zone that he controlled.

Mr Guy went on to approve 11 apartment towers – all taller  than 30 storeys – and to propose a new underground rail line through the area.

But in a sign of how rushed the plan was, the EPA has now commissioned a study to better understand the potential risk of contaminated groundwater.

It follows a preliminary land contamination study by engineers Golder Associates, completed in mid-2012, that used only “drive by” assessments of individual sites.

It warned of a variety of contaminants including heavy metals, petroleum waste, large quantities of solvents such as kerosene and turpentine, and acids from animal product processing.

And it identified 20 “high-risk” sites that would likely cost more than $6 million per hectare to clean up. Two of these sites, the report said, “had an approximate contamination cost in excess of $10 million per hectare”.

There are a dozen outstanding permit applications for high-rise towers in the Fishermans Bend area.

No major residential project in the area has been approved since late last year.

Some planning applications, like those submitted for 60 Johnson Street in Port Melbourne, have been awaiting approval for two years.

The planning minister’s spokeswoman said there were many unresolved issues at Fishermans Bend.

She said the government was preparing its promised review of Fishermans Bend plans, to give greater certainty to residents, businesses and developers.

Helen Halliday is convenor of community group the Fishermans Bend Network. It has been lobbying for better and more transparent planning for the new suburb.

Ms Halliday said planning of the new suburb for 80,000 people had been a “developer’s paradise”, but that community input had been locked out.

“In 2012, we went from a draft vision that had a lot of good intentions … straight to high-rise podium developments, most in excess of 30 storeys, in areas that were designated for eight or 16 storeys,” she said.

She said the contamination identified in 2012 by the previous report didn’t seem to have been acted on despite many planning applications having been approved.

She said the Andrews government’s promised review would hopefully improve how the area was developed. “Nothing could be worse than what we’ve got, because it has been a developer driven planning process,” she said